Steins;Gate – 10

Groping and flirting in every timeline imaginable

Now that E3 is over, it’s time to go back to my regular anime posting schedule. Watching conferences, trailers, and gameplay videos is surprisingly time-consuming. We’ll hit you guys up with at least one more E3 post too, so the magic isn’t over yet! Then again, some of you might be taking shelter here from the onslaught of VIDJYA GAEMS on the front page. Whatever the case, you came here asking for Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate you shall receive!

It’s not a horrible nightmare, all the moe has disappeared, including Mayuri’s part time job location May Queen Nyan Nyan. Apparently they met Feyris during the Rai-net tournament when Okarin and Mayuri filled in for Daru (he got sick from potato ramen). Mayuri, with her powers to make every and any girl fall in love with her, got on Feyris-tan’s good side and befriended the pink-haired cat girl.

But why is all the moe gone?!

Everything else seems normal, except, uh, Ruka is a girl now. Okarin makes even more of a fool out of himself by trying to grab Ruka’s junk and getting abused by Kurisu. Everyone else knows that Ruka was always a girl except Okarin, who is used to Ruka hiding a little package under those feminine clothes. After a lot of explaining and torture, he sulks with Suzu outside.

For justiiiiccceeee!!!

The part-time warrior manages to convince Okarin to bike ride with her so they can talk a bit. Not so much about Okarin’s issues, but about why Suzu came to this city. She’s looking for her dad with only two clues. 1. he left behind a badge. 2. He will appear tomorrow at a certain place. If she can’t find him by tomorrow, she admits that she’s going to pack up and leave town. Okarin, having a soft spot under that mountain of lunacy, offers to make her a lab member and send a D-mail to her dad. If not, she should at LEAST come to the lab later tomorrow whether or not she finds her dad so they can either cheer her up or celebrate.


The other lab members all agree to make a nice little banquet for Suzu. This seemingly quaint development is destroyed by a text Okarin receives saying “I’m watching you.” with a picture of red jello to serve as some sort of death threat. Okarin is paranoid and jittery the entire time he goes shopping with Mayuri. Only calming down slightly when she stops and has a chat with him. It’s in the middle of a dark street that she reminds him of the time he got a high fever and she used a shooting star to pray he wouldn’t die. More importantly, this fever is actually when Okarin developed his Reading Steiner ability.

This episode is high on the sentimental spectrum, offering a nice Kurisu and Okarin bonding moment as well. As if bonding with Suzu and Mayuri wasn’t enough. The girls get so into cooking that they start fooling around with the lab gadgets until they create a blackout. As the rest of them look for the breaker, Kurisu admits how much she really needed a friend and how she treasures her time in Okarin’s lab.

Suzu never comes to the lab, so Okarin sends everyone home. A while later he gets a text from her saying “goodbye.” He races out in the rain to try and find her but fails. Except he doesn’t, because he has a TIME MACHINE. He just texts himself a message that says he should follow Suzu and poof – he wakes up the day after the party with Suzu. She never did find her dad, because he never attended a certain time travel forum IRL meeting. The same one Daru missed out on. Suzu’s dad is Titor. Barrel Titor.

Banquet Leftovers:

Where did Ruka’s gel-banana go?

Cherry-flavoured Apocalypse…coming soon to a theatre near you!

…Nevermind Okarin, it’s an airplane. Forget everything I just said.

Call me yandereshii nyan nyan~

End Thoughts: It has taken a LONG time to finally get to where we are now. Things are really starting to take off, although it’s still a bit slow for my tastes. Nonetheless, two major events occur regarding the timelines. 1. Ruka is now a girl. 2. Okarin altered time yet again to keep Suzu in town. As for Ruka, she most likely became a girl from that vegetable text since she looks the same as a boy and as a girl. Feyris’s text might have done it too, but I don’t think it would change the whole city AND make Ruka a girl. Don’t ask me how the woman eating vegetables changes ANYTHING since gender is dependent on sperm.

As for Okarin, he needs to stop using the goddamned time machine like that. He knows it works and that each time he uses it, things are irreversibly changed, so why keep impulsively sending texts? He keeps fighting away his logical side, because responsibility seems to terrify him. Instead, he just wears the mad scientist mask and faces the world with a crazy grin because it’s a lot easier. Something tells me his text to himself to follow Suzu may have led to more than just her staying in town. Let’s not forget that before the timejump the satellite was in the building but afterwards it was gone. Is Suzu or her dad connected to the satellite somehow…? Furthermore, what IS the satellite? I’m seeing speculation here and there that it’s a time machine, but how do you use a satellite to travel through time?

More on Suzu’s father, at first I thought he might be Okarin, but then I realized that Barrel is not John, so that doesn’t work. Terrifyingly enough, I’m starting to think her dad might be Daru. Same hair, he also is part of the time travel forum, he’s a Titor fan, and he didn’t get to go to the meeting because Okarin stopped him. It’s just a crazy theory, but he’s the only one we know to be part of the forum that didn’t show up despite the fact they were supposed to be there. Yep, you know you need to stop speculating when you propose Daru actually found a 3D woman.

As for the next episode, I hope the whole “YOU’RE BEING WATCHED” text is addressed. Maybe it’s some creepy Organization text, or something sent by SERN. Whatever it is, never has a photo of red jello been so capable of instilling fear. Let’s not forget the butterfly at the end of the episode. That’s not just to be pretty, it means something big has changed. At least, I hope. Keep it up, Steins;Gate. Give us more drama (and the occasional crotch grab) in the episodes to come! El Psy Congroo.


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26 Responses to “Steins;Gate – 10”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    On the Daru speculation: Suzu didn’t say her dad was a member of the forum, she said he would be there. Daru said that there would be a guest lecture that night by some author. For all we know the author was her dad, and he never showed up.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, her father could be anyone at this point, I’m just getting a bit ahead of myself with accusations. We don’t know anything else about the meeting or the author, so someone else like the author might have skipped out on the meeting.

  2. Elyon says:

    I swear sometimes this show lays on the science and I think “damn, the creators must be REALLY smart.” Then they go and have Ruka switch genders because her mom ate vegetables. -_-

    • Overcooled says:

      I will rage if they leave the vegetable text as the reason Ruka swapped genders. There MUST be another explanation!

  3. amado says:

    actually I think ruka didnt really change gender.
    heres what I think:
    ruka’s mother was giving birth to twins. the other twin died and thus the remaining one was named ruka. ruka never knew about it.

    eating vegetables didnt change the gender of ruka but still made some changes with how the timeline went, ending up with the other twin to survive.

    • Carla says:

      Whoaa, what a hypothesis…
      Well, I don’t know what to say about this, but if Ruka changed his/her gender because her/his mum ate vegetables, I’ll be REALLY dissapointed with Science XD

      • Overcooled says:

        That would make more sense, although if that’s enough to change which twin survives then what are the chances the babies will turn out EXACTLY the same? Also, if they were different genders they would be fraternal twins and shouldn’t look any more alike than regular siblings and yet they look exactly the same. Then again, this is about time travel so I guess we can’t expect 100% accuracy. Hurr.

        • amado says:

          this is anime.
          fraternal twins will look the same despite being opposite genders.

          • Joojoobees says:

            Then again, you could also say, “This is anime. Eating more veggies causes female babies”.

            I’m just gonna let this one pass, because I doubt they can come up with a satisfying reason.

  4. Jrow says:

    Barrel Titor only adds more WTF on top of the pre-existing WTF. What does that even mean? Questions are piling up. I’ve generally liked the slow pacing, but I think with so many questions being posed now, this and the next set of episodes will be infuriating yet “good in a way”.

    I liked a couple scenes like Okarin getting the text and him as a kid. I think it would be really funny if each time change flips Ruka’s sex. Okarin sees Ruka walking into the Men’s Room next week… “What are you doing!!!”

    • amado says:

      yeah, that would be hilarious.

      oh and Jrow, I found out that watchanimeon has uncensored versions of seikon no qwaser. there also animeready.

      • Jrow says:

        I watched up to episode 14 of the first season and felt that I’d gotten enough from it to not watch anymore.

        • Overcooled says:

          I watched up to episode one and wanted to kill myself.

          • anaaga says:

            I am watching the second season

            • amado says:

              me too.
              its actually got a serious plot there. some cool fights also happen like once an ep.

            • anaaga says:

              it has a plot ok, but I don’t like how the girls keep having sex every 5 minutes. And boobs that shoot laser beams? D:

              I think season one is waaay better than the second, plot-wise

            • amado says:

              dude, your going a bit far fetched there.
              none of the characters ever had sex. just boob sucking to the extent and some naked scenes.
              if there was sex, it wouldnt be aired.

  5. Reaper says:

    Argh, who’s Barrel Titor? So much confusion from this, especially whenever Kyouma sends a d-mail; we don’t get to see the time that he skipped between the event he wanted to change and the d-mail…GAR, so much angst! Want next ep now! 🙂

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha, they keep the tension up by only revealing little glimpses. I would have liked to have seen Okarin bringing Suzu back too…Who knows what happened.

  6. MikADo says:

    ahahahahaha the plot is rising! but more questions to be answered 🙁 hope 24 episodes can cover all questions suggested 😛

    • Overcooled says:

      I think it will be a crazy rollercoaster until that last episode, but they should be able to cover mostly everything. I hope. o.o

  7. anaaga says:

    Damn it Okarin, man up!

    and Daru probably will marry hatsune miku. or a video game. you know, that otaku in japan who married a video game…

    • Joojoobees says:

      If Person A “marries” a video game, and Person B plays with a different copy of the same game, did the game cheat on Person A? < — Uh oh. I think I just predicted the plot of at least 3 shows from the 2012 Anime seasons.

      • Kyokai says:

        LOLOLLLLL! The tagline would be: “Betrayed by your favourite otome, are you feeling it?”

  8. Kyokai says:

    The gender flipping of Ruka just pissed me off. Butterfly effect does not change a person’s gender but oh well; it’s still anime.

    Seems like things are going to shits more now that so many D-mails have crisscrossed the timelines. More chaos to ensue? Bet on it.

  9. […] Suzuha will be the daughter of Daru in the future). No. No no no. I refuse to believe this. Here is Overcooled positing the theory on Metanorn: Terrifyingly enough, I’m starting to think her dad might be Daru. Same hair, he also is part of […]

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