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Overcooled: I off-handedly mentioned that I might have something special for you in my next post, and I wasn’t lying. Do you like tag team posts? Multiple perspectives in one post? Names that start with the letter J? If not, I’m afraid this isn’t really something special and you will have to leave now. For everyone else, you get to enjoy some Jrow goodness down yonder in the end thoughts section.

Did you miss Feyris-tan? Well within the first few minutes of the episode she overhears Daru and Okarin talk about D-mails in the maid cafe and easily extorts info from Daru. Looks like she’ll be a new lab member soon. As for now, Okarin has his hands full with his current team of oddball lab members. He spots Kurisu having a very emotional phonecall on the roof, and she later denies the fact she was crying. Okarin comforts her the best way he can, by laughing heartily at her misfortune.

Harem undertones you say? Nonsense!

Okarin’s next great idea is the physically send someone or something across time successfully. Kurisu is quick to point out that if they can’t even send more than a few characters in a text, how do they expect to send an entire person and have them end up in a NON-gelatinous form? If SERN couldn’t do it, how could they? Still, Okarin thinks they can do it with time and effort as long as they keep up the work. Too bad the IBN 5100 is missing.

…aaaand the harem takes an unexpected turn for the worse

Apparently after the timeline jump from either Moeka’s or Ruka’s text, Okarin and Kurisu never brought the IBN 5100 from the shrine. In fact, it’s not even at the shrine anymore, and Ruka has no idea where it went off to. And thus, this series shows another example of the butterfly effect where changing one decision ends up changing a whole lot of things in the long run.

Doggedly chasing his next lead, Okarin heads to Feyris’ house with Daru and Mayuri. Afterall, her father should ahve given the computer to the shrine. On the way he hears Shining Finger mumbling about the aforementioned computer on the street and he chases her down into an alley where she has collapsed. FB gave her info about where to fidn the IBN, but she couldn’t find it. She asks Okarin if he know where it is, and he obviously doesn’t, so she leaves. To add to the shock factor, Ruka’s vegetable text was enough to change the timeline to one where the other lab members has met Moeka again.

Time to get back on track and go to Feyris’s posh apartment…with a butler. She’s actually a rich kid whose father owns all of Akiba. She’s the one responsible for bringing moe to the city! What a godsend. She asks to send a D-mail, to which Okarins stupidly agrees to if she becomes a lab member. She won’t even let him see the text! AND SHE WON’T STOP NYA-ING.

He calls Kurisu and manages to (eventually) get her to turn on the Phone Microwave so Feyris can send her selfish little whim to someone 10 years in the past. She presses send, the timeline changes, and all of a sudden Okarin is standing in her apartment with her…dad? As he leaves, Mr. Feyris Nyan Nyan (that would make a killer business card) tells Okarin he gave his computer away, but not to the shrine.

On the way home, Okarin contemplates how much things have changed from the original timeline. It’s probably impossible to go back now. His train of thought is broken by Mayuri, who tells him she has to go buy a doujinshi. He tries to tell her the store should be right there, only to realize that all the moe, otaku stores are gone. All of them.

Bonus Screenshots:

Something tells me that Mayuri is very very good at her job

So I heard you like Mayuri, so I put a Mayuri in your Mayuri!

Those seductive, bedroom eyes that only appear when she’s insulting someone.

My next plan? Paint all the white buildings pink.

End Thoughts:

Overcooled: You definitely picked a good episode to join me, because it was probably the most eventful episode in a while

Jrow: Yeah. Maybe a tad slow in the start, but definitely picked up in the second half. I like how they did the ED theme this week. Added to the surreal-ness of how much time traveling changed this week.

Overcooled:Oh, that ending scene was incredibly dramatic with the way they faded into the ED theme. I haven’t felt that excited about steins gate in a while

Jrow:You’ll definitely have to use the subtitles in the scene with Makise speaking 2chan language.

Overcooled:I did a double take when kurisu started talking in memes lol

Jrow:Haha! I rewinded it a couple times myself just to make sure. I thought someone hacked Crunchy’s subs or something.

Overcooled:I thought they were troll subs too. I guessit’s true all scientists are nerdy

Jrow:Yeah. But since Okarin’s a mad scientist, that doesn’t really apply to him. Upgrade to creeper?

Overcooled:Lol, I don’t think he actually knows very much about science, he just researches crazy things on wiki. Okay, so I really want to know where the IBN is disappearing to…

Jrow: Yeah, that was really strange to me. It’s not at the shrine, Feyris-tan (or her pops) doesn’t know where it went. WHO HAS IT! Maybe Shining Finger knows now that she’s back…

Overcooled:I had originally thought Moeka stole it after her text, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Oh, you know who’s missing this episode? Suzu.

Jrow:That’s a good point. Weirdly absent this week. I wonder if the timeline is creating any effects on her.

Overcooled:She might have stolen the IBN…But it’s hard to tell at this point. As you said, we haven’t seen how the timeline’s affected her so I wonder if she still has the part time job…or if the change is even bigger

Jrow:Well, if your theory holds true and she has stolen it, she’s probably at some hidden location setting it up for something… or someone…

Overcooled:That Titor fangirl..I still don’t know if she’s good or evil

Jrow: Such murderous intent in those eyes… I don’t trust her.

Overcooled:Same o_o Her fixation on Kurisu is scary and she’s just far too psycho for me to take her seriously

Jrow: Unless Suzu’s a time traveler and she’s there to save everyone from Kurisu. Far-fetched much?

Overcooled:I don’t know. I think Suzu is from the future but I don’t know what the hell she’s up to. Kurisu isn’t even doing anything bad yet, I don’t know why Suzu’s not more worried about Okarin

Jrow:…all the more reason to be concerned. Like who was she talking to on the phone earlier. I think it’s really the only time we’ve seen Kurisu alone.

Overcooled: True. It’s probably one of the most suspicious things about her

Jrow:I feel like we need to go character by character in trying to make sense of the mess the Phone Microwave is causing. Everyone now knows Moeka again, and she said something about FB telling her it was there.

Overcooled:Yeah, maybe she’s part of FB. The FB being some sort of organization involved in time travel somehow.

Jrow:Avoiding the obvious joke, perhaps a rival to SERN?

Overcooled:Haha, probably. Although they probably want to time travel for selfish reasons too. Just..different ones than SERN

Jrow: Alright, so after Moeka sent a D-Mail, Ruka sent one also last episode.

Overcooled:Yeah, the vegetable one which somehow changed things

Jrow: And then Feyris took a shot at it. And now the world isn’t an “Otaku Haven” anymore.

Overcooled: I really want to know what she wrote because she changed a LOT

Jrow: I’m confused. One idea is that her wish was something related to the city and now that’s changed. It could be family related.

Overcooled: It’s so hard to tell. I think it might be related to her dad since he was in the apartment and that’s…the only lead I have…lol

Jrow:If anything, I’d seen for so long on MAL that this was listed at 24 episodes. They should change it to 12 eps.

Overcooled:At this pace they could probably dick around for 24 episodes, but it’d be nice if they could wrap it up at 12.

Jrow:I’m thinking it’s gonna be 12. With significant plot development for pretty much most of the characters, a missing computer and a change in the cityscape, we’re going to see S;G be more eventful in the weeks leading up to the finale.As I’ve been watching Steins;Gate, I actually liked the slower pacing of the series. I kind fear that in the end, too much will be going on too fast and that the show will start to collapse on itself.

Overcooled:I think there’s a lot they could cut that would actually improve the series by quickening the pace, but yeah, I can see it ending on episode 12. If it does, I’m going to be a bit disappointed though unless things suddenly get a whole lot more…grand.

Jrow:Well, there’s the chance that something “grand” could happen and somebody could be lost in time or that SERN could finally step in and maybe kidnap someone; maybe a death here or there.

Overcooled:Maybe kurisu will die again :3

Jrow:Ah yes, history does have a way of repeating itself.

Overcooled:Alright, Jrow, let’s wrap this up with some final thoughts!

Jrow: This episode moreso than any other in the series really opens up the forum for what could happen in Steins;Gate. The whole time travel thing is getting almost beyond control, as Okarin states at the end of the episode. We’re seeing that the world line is being affected bit by bit, with the most recent wish from Feyris having what could be the most significant effect as the city is turned into something much more ordinary. We mentioned that Suzuha wasn’t seen once this episode, so her appearance next week (gotta assume) can hopefully shed more light on the whereabouts of the IBN and what’s really happening with these time changes.

Overcooled: Quickly echoing Jrow’s sentiments, I’m quite pleased that the piddly little experiments from last episode actually had a much bigger impact that first thought. Without there being any consequences for playing God and rewriting time, things were getting a little stale. This fresh direction should be enough to bring things to a climax and keep me guessing. Why did some texts alter the timeline and others didn’t? Is it dependent on something else like how strongly they want it to happen? WHERE THE HELL IS THAT IBN? Anyways, until next time. El Psy Congroo.


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27 Responses to “Steins;Gate – 09”

  1. Reaper says:

    Obvious troll is obvious…stupid subs…
    Aside from that (2channer! Mudkips!), great episode, definitely from the shock factor. So glad to see Feyris-tan with my suspicions following the plot (chuckles in dark corner :)) I’m definitely happy that they are following a smooth plot, like the whole Butterfly Effect, from small actions causing great consequences, like a trap turning into a…I don’t even know how to describe it…non-trap? Legal?
    Anyways, the whole Akiba shift was definitely a great way to show off the Butterfly Effect, Show ▼

    Ooooooh, can’t wait for the next episode! 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Great episode this week finally some big developments with time are getting changed! And Agreed with Reaper I think Feyris missed her father due to his work now that she took away the stores she can hang around him now.

      Best ending so far! Now to see how much was actually taken away.

      Great end review you two 😀

      • Reaper says:

        Oh, and I can’t remember exactly where but I felt Okarin really should have pulled a Battler; ‘Dameda, zen zen dameda!’ It would go so well with his ‘Mado scientisto!”

        • Kyokai says:

          If there was a like button, I would be liking this comment. xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Hurrrr subbers have way too much fun sometimes.

      The last time I felt this shocked was when the gel banana disappeared from the microwave and joined the bunch. Finally, another decent twist! If things continue like this, I can only HOPE they ramp things up from now on.

      I think Feyris sent a family-oriented text too..afterall, the only difference I could see aside from the city was that her dad was actually in her apartment.

  2. amado says:

    NOOOO! the stores are gone!
    /otaku’s despair.

    anyways, things are now really going interesting. the previous eps were good but this one was really thrilling. its almost as exciting for me like oretachi has.

    • Toori-chan says:

      To be honest, oretachi’s few beginning episode did make me want to stop. But now that the story is finally moving on, i sincerely am relief that i never gave up on it.

      • amado says:

        yeah. its definitely my fave this season.
        I love how despite all the craziness, wackiness and fanservice, theres some really great drama and troubles for the main characters.

        • Overcooled says:

          I never even touched oretachi…Anyways, I’m hoping all this waiting and building up pays off! It’s a good show, well-constructed, but very frustrating to watch. You really have to get into the right mindset to enjoy it. Other than that, Steins;Gate is pretty awesome.

          • amado says:

            yeah. I like steins gate and all the things it throws at us but I prefer oretachi than this one.
            not for the fanservice mind you.

            I like how it can easily change your impression of a character. like garuda. if you watch ep 6-7, you’d know what im talking about. your impression about him will change 2 times.

            anyways, back to the topic.
            steins gate is great in lampshadding the tropes used. like super hacker, crossdressing, yuri field, etc.
            theres the deep problem in time travel and the character changes but again im more thrilled in oretachi. the dangers of time travel is just not hard to see so I dont feel much excitement just surprise in the changes.
            the lesyay also attracts me to this.

  3. Toori-chan says:

    This episode is a really big OOOMMMMGGG. Loved the way they end the episode (pretty much hate the suspends as well). Shock when Akiba turned into a normal electrical store city (like how it used to be in the long past). We can probably figure out what feyris nyan about in her d-mail. Its abit scary to know the ending, plus with the ending theme song giving the fearful atmosphere (its the choice of Steins Gate).
    My favorite best plotted anime for this Spring.

    • Overcooled says:

      Steins;Gate for best plot hands down! That ending song part where the city changed was beautifully done. Can’t wait to see more of the aftermath

  4. Mad Chemist says:

    Hmm, I don’t know if I can see the show ending at 12. We still don’t really have a conflict, and it kind of feels like we’re only just leaving the buildup stage. Still I like the direction the show’s taking now that the D-Mails are starting to have more serious effects. Now I’m curious why each message has had such huge effects on the world lines, and how much further they’re going to diverge.

    As for the person that The Zombie was talking to… maybe it was her father? Christina’s mentioned him before, and if I remember right he made some huge time travel based mistake in the past. I can’t help but think that he’s going to play an important part in all of this somehow.

    • Overcooled says:

      As I said, if it ends at 12 I’d be disappointed, but it could happen :/ I’m kind of expecting things to get a lot more crazy before the finale though, whenever that may be. It’s definitely on the right track by showing the effects of the D-mails though.

      Ohh, maybe! Either her dad or maybe a member of some sort of organization. Her dad sounds more likely though, since she was emotional just mentioning him to Okarin. Seems to be a soft spot.

    • amado says:

      apparently its gonna be 24 eps(thank random curiosity for the info).

      btw, there are several typos in this post. try searching it.

  5. New Kid on the Block says:

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one whose sent on a head spin right now but is it weird that Moeka and Feyris said the exact same line? Also is it weird that I noted that ‘Moe’ka’s fixation on texting is similar to Feyris’s? I dunno, maybe I’m way too suspicious on some theories.

    • Overcooled says:

      I didn’t notice that they said the same thing or that Feyris was fixated on texting. This is the only time I’ve seen Feyris text someone, and it was because that’s the only way the time machine works.

      I’m suspicious about everyone and everything…I know the feeling!

  6. MikADo says:

    OMG the story is gaining momentum by the minute!
    I want the next episode now!!!!

    suzu is definitly from the future :3 and Kurisu probably caused a lot of pain to the future people by becoming a key member of SERN (intented or not, doesnt matter)

    Feris’s dad probably died in an accident of some kind, and she sent a mail to herself to prevent it

    and no way this story can fit in 12 episodes! the main story starts now! if you include other routes from the game or the details, even 24 episodes wont be able to cover it all!

    • Jrow says:

      I was thinking a similar thing later on about Kurisu causing pain to the future. Touching upon a theory MadChemist stated, maybe there’s some correlation with that idea and what Kurisu’s wish is that really makes things go haywire.

      My comments about the series being 12 episodes are really based solely on the fact that Chaos;Head was 12 episodes and that ANN is listing only 12 episodes. If you asked me what I wanted today… I’d probably ask for 24.

      • MikADo says:

        erm i dont know about ANN, but it is official that its going to be 24+ episodes :3 the staff even said that episode 12 will be the turning point (which i guess is chapter 6 in the game) not the end 😛

  7. Tofu says:

    Overcooled, how long does Steins;Gate go for? :O

    If it’s a 13 episode length… I hope they don’t focus on getting the IBN back for the rest of the episodes…

    I’m actually lost to what Steins;Gate was about. They’ve got the microwave time machine thing solved but what next other than finding the IBN? Everytime Okarin time travels, it gets worst… D:

    Other than that, I must say if Steins;Gate didn’t have Okarin, this show would of died T__T


    • Overcooled says:

      As Jrow said, ANN only lists 12 for now, and they’re as official as things get. I wouldn’t be surprised if they release news for a 24 episode season though.

      It’s all about finding the IBN, trying to use the time machine for their benefit, and fighting against SERN. It’s also about finding the hidden motives of all of the characters. It’s about a lot of different things!

      • Tofu says:

        Oh my god… I completely didn’t see that part! D: What is wrong with me!? Sorry Jrow and OC

        Hmm… I might of put my expectations a tag bit high…

  8. I never knew that you can send D-mails into the past without having the cellphone be in the same room as the Phone Microwave.The lab members must have done something good with the microwave during all that jumping around the world lines.
    With the content I’m seeing now I can see Steins;gate going either way (12 or 24 episodes), because they can end it short and sweet, but also expand on every person, which would also be good.

    I loved how all the anime culture places got replaced with fan shops at the end. Which made me think of this question: If this were to happen in Canada, wouldn’t FanExpo be an expo for Electrical fans? hahaha

    The cast of characters in this story still going strong. Awesome review, you two 🙂

    • Tofu says:

      Maybe it was because we keep seeing Okarin sending mails INSIDE the room that we then create a fact in our minds that the messages can only be sent in the room but in fact, they never said anything about where it had to be ;D

      I guess as long as the phone you’re sending the message to is hooked onto the microwave then it doesn’t matter how physically far you are deshou~? :3

      I think they’ll drag it to 24 episodes… but I could be wrong.

      You made me crack up laughing regarding the Electrical Fans Star~ xD

    • Jrow says:

      It is pretty neat that the “messenger” doesn’t have to be in the same room to send the text; I always just presumed that the crazy electrical animation from the machine played some part in it instead of just looking cool. Or, perhaps the distance that the radio wave travels creates a bigger effect on the timeline.

      LOL, I’d guess that’d make FanExpo attendees a fan of fans! I was just looking at some yesterday; those Dyson fans are pretty expensive.

      • Overcooled says:

        I was under the impression the text can come from any other phone, anywhere, as long as there’s a phone hooked up to the microwave to receive it. That just seemed like a natural thing, does distance really matter? I’m a bit skeptical that it’s a big factor in how much it changes.

        Anyways. dem fans.

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