Deadman Wonderland – 09

Pedobear’s worst nightmare

Now that the list of summer anime is up, I’m really feeling relieved that Deadman Wonderland is only a 12 episode anime. There’s quite a bit coming out that I want to see over this show, which is probably cramming 20 chapters into an episode and skipping the best parts. Still, I enjoy Deadman for what it is, which is a mediocre little shounen that only truly entertains when people are getting cleaved into pieces. And that happens this episode, so you can bet I was all over this one.

R.I.P. Karako, who died fending off the robot and falling to her death…except not, because the preview says otherwise HERP DERP. Anyways, her valiant effort allows the group to make it to the waiting area where they simply stand there patiently for Nagi to lower the elevator from the control room. From there, Ganta can get that data chip outside and reveal the true state this madhouse is in.

Does anyone know why we didn’t just glue the two bridges together with our blood? Anyone?

Nagi is about to lower the elevator, when a little girl appears and claims to be lost. In a prison. In the control room. Surrounded by corpses. Nagi actually buys her story and walks right up to her, only noticing something is amiss when Rokuro doesn’t pull the lever to send down the elevator. Rokuro is a *gasp* traitor! The little girl named Hibana whips out a multi-segmented sword that’s bigger than she is and immediately smacks Nagi with it. And thus starts quite the bloody battle~

It’s a pretty one-sided fight at first. Hibana uses her weapon to cancel out Nagi’s Branch of Sin attacks. How? It oxidizes the Nameless Worm in the blood (the component which allows them to use their powers) which turns the blood to…well, blood. The most he can do it splatter his blood around and do his best to dodge. But try dodging a sword of that size in a cramped room. It’s not easy.

Hibana isn’t allowed to actually kill Nagi, so she decides to just torture him by slicing off slabs of his flesh here and there, revealing the muscle underneath. This kid is a pro at torture techniques after having her mom horribly abuse her for so much as wetting the bed. She became responsible for a chain of kindergarten “butcher murders” because she had to punish the bad kids to follow her mom’s example. After knowing that, Nagi just HAS to make her angry by calling her a rotten kid.

Don’t worry, it’s just a flesh wound!…..Wait….

The brat goes ballistic and tries to kill Nagi, who can somehow still dodge a bit…until his arm is half lopped off. The “half” part is important, because he fully rips his arm off all the way and chucks it at the girl’s head to distract her. While she suddenly decides to be grossed out by the hand, despite having tortured him brutally moments before, Nagi knocks out Rokuro.  He pulls the switch and simultaneously creates some Owl’s Eyeballs from his severed limb in the corner which catches Hibana off guard and kills her.

Hooray! The elevator is working! Everyone climb on! Oh boy, I wonder what’s at the surfaceeeAAHHHH NO BULLETS EVERYWHERE. Honestly, you didn’t expect an ambush? At all? The Scar Chain gang is faced with the Undertakers once they reach the next floor, and almost all of them are torn to pieces. Only Ganta and a select few remain. Genkaku would have exterminated them all if he didn’t have to suddenly leave. He promises to return to finish them off, leaving them locked in the room to panic.

Nagi is somehow able to use his tooth-walkie-talkie to try to send a message to anyone who just so happens to be sitting in the Scar Chain gang hideout. A strange boy happens to hear it, and then relays the news to Shiro when she haphazardly walks by. OH, COINCIDENCES. Instead of taking the life-risking, robot-filled, Undertaker-ridden route the Scar Chain gang took she simply crawls throw another air duct and ends up in the same room as Ganta. Um, guys, why didn’t you do that in the first place? Anyways, Shiro grabs the data chip and throws it into a fire, causing it to explode. Data chips don’t usually explode. Rokuro’s treachery is further exposed through his bomb datachip, and Shiro is now here to explain everything.

Bonus Rokuro Spam:

No matter how he tried, he could never get that subtle “raised eyebrow” expression QUITE right


Baby, handcuffs are only the half of what I brought. Look up~

…my face is stuck now.

End Thoughts: Ignoring the rushing and lack of any real character development, this episode was a good one for Deadman. I tend to prefer episodes that focus on blood, gore and crazy fights. It’s a wonderful distraction from the ridiculous way the plot is panning out. I really liked Hibana, mostly because she was a loli who WASN’T annoying. She’s just a twisted little girl who didn’t have a mother who was sane. The obnoxious yandere loli who smirks at everything and laughs insanely every 5 seconds gets old, I much prefer Hibana’s content expression as she slowly mutilated Nagi. Of course, she had an obnoxiously huge sword to make up for it…but hey, she’s still pretty cool for a loli. Sadly, she dies as soon as we’re introduced to her properly.

Hibana’s battle with Nagi was less of a good battle and more of a good showcase of the crazy gore Deadman Wonderland loves to flaunt. The flesh cleaving scene was brutal, and I couldn’t believe they left it uncensored. Thanks for leaving some awesome in, guys! Gaping wounds showing tendons underneath is fine, but HEY THERE’S AN ARM NOT ATTACHED TO A BODY, IT HAS TO BE BLURRY. I understand censoring Nagi pulling his arm off, but do you really need to censor it as it when he throws it and it’s on screen for only one second? It looked like Missingno collided into Hibana’s forehead. The only thing I’ve laughed at in this show was Hibana getting hit in the head with a pixelated hand…that’s kind of sad. XD

As for the next episode, everyone is kind of screwed. They have Shiro now to somehow continue onwards, but they don’t have a data chip to reveal anything about the prison. All they can do is try to escape and live a life on the run. Whatever the case, it doesn’t look like they’re giving up yet. I’m all up for more Undertaker battles, especially if Shiro and that mysterious new Branch of Sin user enter the fray. Ganta might just find out Shiro’s secret the hard way. OH WELLS.

Preview: Karako is (apparently) still alive! I think we’re supposed to be happy about that. I’d be happier if Nagi somehow managed to live though. Aside from people coming back to life, Genkaku seems to be hogging the spotlight. Another lengthy battle perhaps?


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24 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland – 09”

  1. Karakuri says:

    …To this day, Hibana’s hair style eludes me. How much anime brand hairspray do you figure it takes to hold it up?

    • Dan-go says:

      1 can of super saiyan hair gel, 2 hair rubbers, and a cute little bow

      • Overcooled says:

        lol I just assume it’s some sort of living parasite on her head or a cardboard cut out to make her look taller. I dunno man, anime hair is pretty whack.

  2. Elyon says:

    Nagi ;_; R.I.P Unless he ends up living…somehow.

    • Dan-go says:

      with his arm cut off and without his skin? i’d rather die, but it seems like they wanted to keep him alive for some reason

    • Overcooled says:

      If he survives, it will be creepy. VERY VERY CREEPY. And yet I wouldn’t put it past the anime to have him suddenly be alive at the end >_<

      • Elyon says:

        I could see them making him like a cyborg or something and brainwashing him to obey Tamaki.

        ….BUT I DO NOT WANT THIS. ;_;

        • Dan-go says:

          why else would they want him alive?

          • amado says:

            uh cause genkaku is one of the two yanderes in this show for nagi.
            shiro may or may not be considered a yandere.

  3. amado says:

    *sigh* I wonder why people keep on getting mixed up about character types.
    no, she is not a yandere again. she’s a yangire. theres like no yandere there at all.
    unless you count genkaku’s obsession with nagi.

    • Overcooled says:

      *sigh* and I wonder why someone is so picky. I never said she was a yandere, just that I dislike the stereotypical yandere loli and afterwards breathing a sigh of relief that she wasn’t like that.

  4. MikADo says:

    no story movement but there was blood flow so its all good for this episode 😀 im satisfied

  5. Alynn says:

    Deadman Wonderland is like my weekly fix of sadism and blood.

    Hibana! I love her already. Her sword is so crazy. (How does it even work?

    Genkaku with his hair tied back? Oh yessss I WANT.

    • Overcooled says:

      It satisfies the sadistic side of me too :3 Little girl with a crazy sword? Sounds good.

      Yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who secretly was excited for Genkaku + ponytail.

  6. Foshizzel says:

    Karako! You will be missed she was so awesome <3

    I could have sworn that little girls voice was Index or Squid girl! It sounded so familiar, but naw it's Mei from Yumekui Merry it so should have been Squidgirl.

    I loved that weapon of hers even thou it's a rip of Renji's from Bleach, damn Owl such a bad ass! I will miss that guy.

    • Overcooled says:

      I think she’s coming back…lol

      Gah, squidgirl, no! I’m glad it wasn’t her de geso…

      Hey man, segmented swords are everywhere nowadays. Even in Sengoku Basara. XD

  7. Hime says:

    It really bugs me that the story has been portrayed so laughably bad. Maybe I’m alone here but I thought the manga story was great because it WASN’T just about supplying fan service for sadists. No show should be purely for the sake of fan service, it’s weak and not an excuse for bad writing, art or characters. When people say “I’m not here for the story but for the gore!” Well… It’s like they’re encouraging that weakness in franchises. It’s fine if something is just bad, but putting no effort into making a well rounded product, I.E just focussing on gore (which isn’t even that good btw, if I’m honest because we can’t see anything) is just doomed to failure. I think we should up our standards a bit. Blegh, the reason I’m getting so annoyed is cause I really loved the manga and had such hopes for the anime. It really, really should be more than a mediocre shounen bloodfest. That being said, taken separately the anime isn’t awful, but like Merry, if they’d just made is closer to the manga it would have been amazing. Source material is pretty much always better. And I’m rambling…urg…lack of sleep makes me cranky!

    Rokuro I absolutely adore though cause of Jun, and he has a good crazy face. In the manga I was pretty meh about him. The next episode looks promising, Karako survived by the pure awesomeness of her halter neck top!

    • Overcooled says:

      I have the exact same problem as you with this show. It has de-evolved from the manga which, from what I’m told, has an actual plot into just blood fanservice. When it so much as tries to squish in some plot from the manga, it does it all wrong, and so badly that you wish they’d just stuck to mindless fanservice. It’s the only time where I want them to just give up on the plot and give MORE MINDLESS GORE. It’s sad. The only way I can enjoy this show is by completely discounting what’s going on and waiting for battles D: Merrrrr.

      Definitely reading the manga after this to restore my faith in mankind.

  8. Kyokai says:

    I’m expecting a conclusion soon as only 3 episodes are left but the animation has sure taken a dive. Not to mention, the story has seriously gone mindless. I hope some quality next time. >.>

    • Overcooled says:

      They have no choice but to wrap it up now. Gah, the art was never very good to begin with D: *sniff*

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