Beelzebub – 19

So I heard you like Mudkips?

Whew, I just got back from my second trip to England in 3 months, and I’ve got to go back in early July. On the plus side, I AM NOW A COLLEGE STUDENT. Hurrah! I have many days of stress headaches and overdue papers in the future, though hopefully I also have the making new friends and having fun in extra carticulars, too. x3 I am excited about it. I had to leave school when I was 16 due to health problems, and truth be told I’ve always kind of missed it. Not for the work though, god no, but for the people. Haha, anyway, enough of my cheesy news, time for more Beelzebub!

In the aftermath of Oga’s pummelling by Tojo things are looking pretty grim for our hero. Oga goes home to find Hilda waiting to dish out some divine punishment. In the form of …blobs? The blob is in fact a doctor, and along with his tiny pink haired assistant with an attitude, he’s here to help.

This could be edited really badly for Oga … C’mon fangirls! Don’t let me down!

We find out that Beel’s fever was a result of him becoming too powerful for Oga and cut ties with him because if he hadn’t Oga would most likely have died. Whooooa! Damn, Oga, that’s gotta sting.

We get a flashback of how Tojo ended up with Beel; it was just a case of mistaken identity.

Even Tojo has a moe side …and it’s frightening

Meanwhile, it’s time for Oga’s Tetanus shot….

In order to repair the link between Baby Beel and Oga, Lamia fires Oga into his own mind, which looks more like Wonderland, saying that unless he finds what he needs he’ll die. So just like your usual visit to the docs then.

It’s pretty fruity Oga, I have to say …

He meets weird incarnations of people he knows, such as a buff Furuichi and Himekawa and Kanzaki as flowers.

How fitting: they are pansies

It’s then Oga runs into a very scary, very peace-loving version of himself. Who he promptly punches in the face.

Stop hitting yourself

God the puns are just flowing out of me today… Oga’s punching seems to have a hydra effect, making more of himself appear until they dog pile him. He fights his way through though until he finds Baby Beel.

Meanwhile … an alliance is being formed…


Oga’s “Why does this always happen to me?” face

This was quite a HildaxOga episode…in their abusive kind of way

Hilda was pretty cool here 🙂


I’m glad they managed to bring the humor back up from last weeks punch to the gut, but this episode was still pretty flat. It wasn’t so much funny as it was …odd. Why does the inside of Oga head look like a bad 60s music video? Why was the doctor a Pokemon? Did we really need to see Oga fight through mincing versions of himself to re-link the bond between him and Baby Beel? In short: WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS ENTIRE EPISODE!? We’re coming to the final stretch of, at least the first season, of Beelzebub. Is it really so much to ask for just some straight plot? Sigh.

Aside from being weak storywise, the characters also felt very bland this time around. Oga was surprisingly boring, he seemed very blasé about everything, even his horrified expressions weren’t anything special. Lamia was forgettable as was the Mudkip doctor. Tojo’s sudden shift into an Otoman was more creepy than funny, it didn’t really seem to have a place outside of just giving him a reason not to throw away Baby Beel.

Hilda was only character that was consistent and seemed to give a damn this episode. Since my dear Furuichi wasn’t in this episode, outside of his steroid-abuse counterpart in Oga’s dream, so I can’t do my usual fangirl rant about him. Sigh. The preview for episode 20 looks promising, however. It seems everyone’s going to be there for a Spartan-esque battle. Oga seems to face off against Tojo solo, too. Don’t worry Oga, just chuck a cute kitten at him and he’ll crumple into a pile of sparkly goo.


Next Time; Its War!


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4 Responses to “Beelzebub – 19”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Lamia! Such a fun character she really wanted Oga to die! Hahaha I loved the whole gun thing with her, damn that was a huge ass bullet.

    Things are getting interesting finally! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Hopefully we get some amazing battles!

  2. Kyokai says:

    Holy shit, Oga, were you…. Ahem. Things are finally reaching the climax I see~ Also, Tojo, NEVER EVER make me see that smile again. >.>

    • Hime says:

      He totally was….

      Where’s Furuichi when you need him!

      is shot

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