Ao no Exorcist – 11

Anime studios should never do a beach episode, EVER.

Hoshi: Another Sunday has come and gone, folks, and in this episode’s case, THANK GOODNESS…

Hime: I’M BACK, but my internet still hates me. I totally missed AnE’s coronation into double digits last week. It wasn’t a particuarly thrilling one, but Kuro (I am NOT calling him Blackie) was so adorable that it wasn’t all bad. But this week…*JAWS music*…it’s the …the …BEACH EPISODE! *screams*

Hoshi: The unlikely combo of Rin, Shima, and Izumo appear at a beach, ready to hit the water, but instead are forced to manage a fried squid stand instead as a ‘mission’. While the boys watch the stand, Izumo heads to the water to relax. She suddenly has a leg cramp, and her cries catch the attention of a boy swimming near by. He goes over to help her, but he accidentally touches her breast, making her fight back against him. With one headbutt, he knocks her out. Izumo comes to just as he puckers his lips to give her mouth-to-mouth. She returns the headbutt so he can back off, which he does and the two immediately start arguing.

EXTREME headbutt 2!


Rin and Shima finally appear, but as they see people running, the three decide to follow. Upon arriving at the lighthouse, they see the ocean turning black. An old man next to them tells them it’s a demon, specifically a squid. Later they run into the boy again, and show him the way to the pet store, where he tells them that it was his father that sailed out six months ago to face the demon, but hasn’t come back yet. He believes the demon took him away and is determined to defeat it.

The next day the sea has turned black once again, and the kid, Yohei, is nowhere in sight. Izumo decides to check on him alone after they were given orders to watch him and make sure he doesn’t do anything rash. He ends up just looking out all day. Towards the evening the squid finally appears and Rin and Shima decide to defeat it themselves before Yohei does. Shima tries a hymn, but when it fails, Blackie in its larger form attacks it. However, once it takes a bite of the raw squid, it becomes sick and transforms back.

Izumo comes by, asking if they’ve seen Yohei pass by. When seeing the squid right in front of them, she tries to summon her familiars, but with a splash of water, the papers are useless. Suddenly, something is shot at the demon. In the water is Yohei, standing on a speed boat holding a harpoon. Rim immediately goes after him, trying to stop him. Of course, he tells him to stop getting in the way and jumps in the water to shoot again. Once hit, the squid flings the boy back and he starts sinking to the bottom of the ocean just as Rin pulls him back up. Luckily the squid is big enough to cover Izumo and Shima’s view, so Rin finally opts to taking out his sword. Suddenly however, a man on a raft appears, calling out Yohei’s name. The man turns out be his dad, finally back after six months.

Yohei’s dad tells Yohei about living on islands and drifting on his raft for those months. He even explains that he and the squid were looking for Japan together, that it had a changed for the better. It turns out Mr. Tsubaki had brought the three of them to learn that demons can have a change of heart. They get ready to leave the next and as they wait for their ride back, Yohei comes by with his dog. Izumo immediately goes over to him, only to find out his dog has the exact same eyebrows as her…~

End thoughts~

Hoshi: Oh goodness, where do I START? You already can tell that I’m extremely displeased with this filler episode. I hate fillers in general, but this one was just…baaaaaaaaad. It’s like they took ever possible anime/beach/summer cliché moment that would work and mashed them into one very muddled, anti-climatic, bland episode. The ending was so effort-less I wanted to cry; “The demon had a change of heart” HOW CONVENIENT. I guess can understand that their teacher was trying to “teach” them that demons can have a ‘change of heart’ but come on, really? That’s so…lame. And then there’s that thing Izumo had for Yohei. Was I the only one who felt a bit concerned about that? (I’m probably the last person who should be saying this actually HA) It felt very odd to me, like they were trying to force Izumo to have some sort of ‘romantic’ moment at the beach. One thing  I actually enjoyed was when it turned out Yohei only thought Izumo was cute because she had the same eyebrows as his dog. HIS DOG. I busted up laughing at that scene. KARMA WORKS IN ANIME TOO, IZUMO~

There were just so many faulty things with this episode; it kind of pisses me off. I hate when they do something this lazy. At least put SOME creative effort if you’re going to waste a WHOLE episode and 20 minutes of my life on a stupid, pointless story like this. They could’ve done so, SO much more with this, maybe even add some ACTUAL action or Shima and Rin shirtless OR MAYBE EVEN CHAGNE THE SETTING! I think setting this at the beach was what caused this disaster. There’s not much you can do with Exorcist’s storyline, being the way it is, to set some sort of episode at the beach. A-1, you guys don’t HAVE to do a beach episode just because it’s a shounen and it’s summer. That first filler, episode 6, was actually quite entertaining and I loved it! But, what in the world happened this time around?! Oh well, thank goodness we’ll be back on track next episode. I’m going to have a major bitch fit if I have to sit through another lazily written story~.

Hime: An episode with no Yukio? Unacceptable! Unforgivable! Down right ludacris! Almost as ludacris as Izumo’s romance with a ten year old. It’s in the same vien as having a tencacle monster show up without any tentacle rape. God was this episode stupid. I have never known Blue Exorcist to so totally miss the mark in what is entertaining. I mean, a beach episode is bad enough, right? But this? This? If it was just to shamlessly showcase Izumo in a swimsuit then CONGRADUWELLDONE, it worked. There are now slews of fanart raping my eyes whenever I go onto image boards. THANKS A-1, THANKS A BUNCH. Oh, but maybe centering the episode around her (AGAIN) was for character delevopment? DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH. All it did was reiterate that she’s a useless bitch with a shota fetish. Seriously, the amount of time she spent flustered and blushing around that kid was disturbing.

Shima also doesn’t have much going for him at the moment, he’s the archetypial “horny guy”, and while I like him femboy pink hair he goes on about girls ALL THE TIME. He needs a twin like Rin, he didn’t spend all episode chasing tail. Probably becuase he’s already got one kekekeke…Okay, that was bad. BUT CAN YOU BLAME ME? This episode was horrible. It wasn’t exciting, it wasn’t funny. It wasn’t anything! And WHY O WHY was that squid thing even there? Seriously, all the build up…and the damn thing is friendly? WHAT. URGH. WHY. I JUST DON’T EVEN. WHAT WAS THE POINT?!

Don’t even get me started the self-congradulatory little speech at the end. Srsly, is A-1 trying to justify their own little romp here? When Izumo is commenting on just how STUPID this episode was, (for once I agree with her) but then goes on to say that no, it was fun. FUN? FUN?! WHAT FREAKING SHOW WERE YOU WATCHING? HOW DARE YOU TRY TO TELL US WHAT TO FEEL AFTER SUCH AN ABOMINATION OF ANIMATION. THINK OF ALL THE TREES THAT HAD TO DIE FOR THIS EPISODE TO BE CREATED. IT WASN’T WORTH IT MAN. I’M WITH THE OZONE LAYER ON THIS ONE. SAVE THE RAINFORESTS. LETS JUST ALL WATCH JERSEY SHORE AND -slaps self-…Okay, that’s too far. But you see where I’m coming from right? I would rather watch ALL of Dragon Crisis! again than watch this one episode a second time. THAT’S how bad it was, people. Boring, stupid and the complete anti-entertainment. So, yano, the same as every other beach episode done by any anime ever.


Oh, an amusement park location! Looks fun, but hold up, will Amaimon finally want to play with Rin and makes his appearance to the rest of the Esquires?…Shiemi! Why you wondering around alone?! Until next week then~!!


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28 Responses to “Ao no Exorcist – 11”

  1. Nova says:

    I agree Izumo was particularly annoying in this episode, but she was totally ooc… it was so weird O_O. But izumo isn’t useless. She plays a somewhat large role later on. they just portray her hooooooribly in the anime. And shima.. its annoying how everyone loves him bc he’s cute, but in reality he’s one of the most useless characters in the manga. He’s basically only there for comic relief.

    • Hime says:

      Well he’s provided neither comic nor relief so far, I AM FILLED WITH CONFIDENCE.

      • Nova says:

        You’re right. but he tends to get them in more trouble rather than actually do much help. It is disappointing that he’s not very important, but its true. 🙁 But thats what was sad about this episode. Instead of Shima, it should’ve been Bon since he’s such a major character. The only reason shima was in this episode was for fanservice i suppose…

  2. Orange-sama says:

    I don’t like filler episodes either way, but each one has it’s own interesting parts I guess.

    And I don’t think Izumo is any different…tsunderes will always be tsunderes.
    The eyebrows part was a highlight in the episode LOL

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Well, uh… This episode was below average and bittersweet. Rin is cool as always, with powers or without. At least they showed that Izumo has traces of a heart. She’s a real cold Tsundere, but she does look nice in that swimsuit. Gotta give the kid props for taking on the squid like that. I don’t know whether he’s got guts or just being brainless.

  4. berrish17 says:

    dawwwwww kuro’s so cute <3
    yup, i dont call kuro "blackie" either XD

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Well most series that fit into this type of anime will sadly have these lame ass episodes, bleach even had a beach episode LOL But these episodes tend to build up certain characters this probably was a way to show Izumo has some feelings in her somewhere.

    Squid monster was retarded! It looked awesome but didn’t really do anything at all this was more of a LUL episode and a chance to see how Exorcist handles fanservice xD I would have rather have Shiemi on the beach <3

    Next week! Shiemi in a different uniform HORAAYYY!!

    • Hime says:

      At this point, I would rather see Shiemi at the beach too.

  6. Joojoobees says:

    Count me among the haters. I had to force myself to remember that there HAVE been decent fight scenes in this series, so it MIGHT happen again. Otherwise it is going to turn into, “gosh, it was all a big misunderstanding”! Now let’s cook / drink wine with the cat / chill with our new squid friend.

    Seriously, is this show gonna end with, “Oh, Satan just wants to be our friend. He Loooves his son, and just wanted to be with him.”?


  7. Moni Chan says:

    the only thing that would have made this a good episode is is i saw shiemi in a bathing suit. but NOOOOOOOOO a yaoi fan cant have a little fun with girls ;(

  8. Moni Chan says:

    ” Shut up my dad said a guy can be small if he’s big down there ”
    and who the fu*k is ur dad exaculy

  9. Alynn says:

    That giant squid actually looks really funny. And I love Kuro so much! Every emotion on that cat’s face is so damn cute!

    Sob I hate beach episodes in general. D: < GET BACK TO THE STORYLINE, AO NO EXORCIST!!! I WANT TO SEE SHURA, THE PEG LANTERN & MOTHS, AND THE SHIMA BROTHERS. Sob I wlsh the manga updated faster.

    Shiemi in the actual school uniform? Oh boy! Finally some drawing refs! Also tired of seeing fanart of her only in her kimono thing.

    • Hime says:

      Kuro makes me *squee* every time I see him. Sooo cute <3

      Beach episodes really should be banned, they are like in the top 5 BAD anime cliches.


      Shimei looks so sweet in the school uniform x3 I love the girls' big bow-tie things.

  10. Amutofan123 says:

    This episode was just plain boring to me. I couldn’t wait for it to finish. And Izumo creeped me out. She was totally starting to crush on that little kid. Of course, I fangirl over Ciel, but that’s different, x) The dog part did manage to make me laugh though. I just hope next weeks episode is more exciting and has plenty of Yukio. Oh, Yukio~ <3

    • Hime says:

      Ciel is totally different, he’s a classy shota Izumo needs some sense slapped into her, she’s just such a bitch They definately need double the Yukio to make up for the fact he didn’t feature in this episode at all. FOR SHAME A-1! FOR SHAME.

  11. Kabitzin says:

    I guess it should be good that Izumo and Shima got some screen time, but this filler was pretty terrible. The idea of saving someone who is in a freaking inner tube in calm waters near shore is pretty absurd.

    The one part I did like about the episode was the ear/fin thing about the squid.

    • Hime says:

      I KNOW. It wasn’t like she was in open water? What a moron child.

  12. Elyon says:

    I always took Izumo as more of a lesbian than a peterfile, but now I just don’t even…


  13. Yohei-kun says:

    Don’t you think that guy Yohei is very cool.I would love to see him in the real storyline. He is the coolest character in ao no exorcist.

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