Tiger & Bunny – 08

I mustn’t run away! I mustn’t run away! I mustn’t run away!

Wow, this episode is incredible heterosexual. I think we’ve reached a high in terms of how manly and straight this anime can get. It’s just reeking of testosterone and men lusting after hot woman. I mean, not even a fujoshi could turn this kind of thing into yaoi, it’s just….Yeah, okay, the bromance is getting kind of ridiculous. Guys watching this, feel free to let me know if this is just my crazy imagination.

People are starting to really get into Lunatic, calling his criminal-slaughtering ways superior to those of the heroes. All the sponsors have a meeting to discuss what to do about this, and settle on regaining the trust of the city by having the heroes do a whole lot of community service. Pick up trash, visit old people’s homes and in the case of our leading males – visit a Hero Academy and give the aspiring young heroes some advice.

Kotetsu, Barnaby and Origami Cyclone (Ivan from hereon in, because he’s not even in his costume) aren’t exactly thrilled at spending their entire day giving a false sense of confidence to noobs. Ivan is practically melting in depression over having to be there and teach even though he’s the lowest-ranking hero. The prinicpal comes in and greets all his ex-students (although Kotetsu never went to the academy, interestingly enough) and then sends them out to give lessons.

Ivan doesn’t even need to shapeshift to copy Barnaby

As you can imagine, everyone has their own teaching style. Ivan’s is getting bullied for not knowing anything about being a hero at all. He sulks off after his failed lesson and sees the prospective heroes wooing over Kotetsu, who smiles awkwardly at their borderline useless super powers. Sweating buckets? Shedding hair? This SHOULD make Ivan feel better about himself and his MUCH better power, but instead he recalls his days at the academy where he was always at the bottom of the class while his friend excelled.

Ivan shows his shapeshifting ability to Kotetsu, who praises him at first…except how the hell can you use that to save people, except in very specific circumstances? Ivan mopes again (SOBS, even) and eventually just leaves. Kotetsu asks the principal what his deal is, and he explains that Ivan’s friend Edward was a student with a huge amount of potential. Ivan feels inferior to Edward for being so strong…and to make matters worse, Ivan didn’t help his friend when he tried to save someone, which ended up in Edward shooting the hostage and going to prison.

The fun part to the story is EDWARD RECENTLY ESCAPED FROM PRISON! Cue scream from Ivan as he’s attacked by his revenge-seeking ex-friend. He’s only barely saved from having his lungs filled with sand by Kotetsu and Barnaby’s fast reactions. They pull him out of the sand and give weeaboo emo boy a pep talk that convinces him to try and set things right with his friend.

Playing in the sandbox gone wrong

Ivan does a splendid job of falling into Edward’s sandpit again and going back to square one. You really start to see his good luck in action when Lunatic arrives and starts shooting at his friend. Couldn’t get any better. Ivan tries to protect his friend by shapeshifting into him, but Lunatic knows that no criminal would willingly give themself up to repent for what they’ve done. Ivan ends up taking the old-fashioned route and stands in front of his friend as a human shield.

The arrow of fire misses them by a hair thanks to Kotetsu’s high speed tackle. Tiger and Bunny can take care of things from here. The two of them fight on a roof, questioning whether Lunatic is a part of Ouroboros. He just kind of chuckles and provokes Barnaby into charging blindly to attack him. In one breathtaking moment, Kotetsu sails through the air and takes the hit instead of Barnaby.


Like the gorgeous goddamned beast he is, Kotetsu springs into the air and punches Lunatic in the face at the very same moment he receives A SCORCHING PUNCH TO THE JAW. Feeling this was too awesome and too manly, they followed this up with Barnaby putting his hand on Kotetsu’s shoulder and then having him hold it and basically say “shh, baby, it’s gonna be okay.” Fangirls everywhere fainted, fanfics were written instantaneously, and somewhere within a 10 mile radius, someone turned gay.

Uh, right, back to the fight. Lunatic leaves since he doesn’t want to fight with heroes and because his mask is cracking off. T&B can’t follow given their weakened state and inability to re activate their powers until a few hours have passed. They give up, and Kotetsu leaves in an ambulance while Edward leaves in a police car. He does thank Ivan in the end, so I guess they sort of made up.


Lunatic is Yuri Petrov. *GASP* REALLY? How shocking. Lack of shock factor aside, dude seems to be doing some serious research on Kotetsu and “Burnaby.” Please spell your own character’s name right, you guys. Meanwhile, Barnaby is confused. Why did Kotetsu save him after he was such a jerk? Why did he take home the scorched sash that fell off Kotetsu when he was hit? Why are they not married yet?

Hero Academy Yearbook:

I just switched to a new deodorant and my armpits no longer smell like onions! Smell them!

Barnaby was slightly crushed that Kotetsu never heard about his school life or being Prom Queen

The perfect arena for the perfect battle…RUNWAY MODEL WALK TO THE DEATH!

And with each episode, Cool finds it harder and harder to contain her fujoshi outbursts


End Thoughts: I was looking forward to this episode for Origami Cyclone, but ended up loving it for almost everything BUT emo mcwhiner. I absolutely loved this episode. There wasn’t a lot of humour, but it still worked as a great self-contained little story about Ivan. The best part would have to be the sudden spark in development between Kotetsu and Barnaby. There’s nothing I love more than slowly building, well-thought out development between two characters. (Also, yaoi possibilities.) It might not be evident right away, but these two are getting a lot closer. Don’t expect Barnaby to be any less of a dick, of course. Just expect him to start actually trusting Kotetsu. If someone jumps in front of a column of flames for you, I’d say they’re pretty reliable. It’ll take a while for him to rewire his brain to let someone in, but who else does he have to help him catch Lunatic?

The whole “I will jump in the way to save you!” is so overdone, and yet Tiger & Bunny still manages to get me excited over it. It’s probably because I’m more emotionally invested in the characters, especially Kotetsu. There was a lot of cliche for Ivan’s story too. Having someone as ridiculous as Ivan be the token emo character really didn’t work for me…I’m not sure I even LIKE the little runt any more given his negative attitude. I wasn’t really touched by his plight at all given how he was sad over EVERY LITTLE THING, but I did quite enjoy seeing Edward get convicted of murder. That little backstory was a lot more original than, say, having your parents get murdered *cough* Barnaby *cough*.

As much as I fricken LOVED this episode and the glorious fight at the end mixed with enough fujoshi bait to make me want to cry, I have my complaints. I already bitched about Ivan, but I need to bitch about Lunatic now. He’s a bad villain. Let’s face it. He’s hideous, his identity could be figured out by a 5 year old, and the reaction of the public to him is weird. I understand they’re going for a Light Yagami sort of thing where some people agree with his methods and others don’t, but this guy is just bonkers. He’s not in some moral grey area, he’s just one crazy guy making criminals combust in a pillar of flames as he sees fit. Not only is he crazy, but it’s not like the heroes aren’t doing an amazing job catching criminals. I’m not going to lose faith in someone who can turn an entire river into ice to capture someone who tries to mug me just because some other guy can kill said criminal. :/

Preview: HOLY CRAP THERE IS A BABY IN THIS EPISODE AND THE HEROES HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF IT, OH MY GAH. Excitement for obvious reasons aside, you have Dragon Kid, some new villain (probably a NEXT) hi-jinx, and maybe even the baby possessing some NEXT powers. Prepare yourselves!


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22 Responses to “Tiger & Bunny – 08”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Emo cyclone is emo! At least we got to see some other characters pasts, and wow mimic power does suck! Well he did find a great use for it lol….

    Also they kind of sucked at hiding lunatic’s secret identity, hell that dudes tie gives it away! But this is fun stuff so far really addicted to the characters.

    Nice to see Tiger and Bunny getting along, well sort of getting along lol…

    Yes! Lightning girl next time I am curious about that character and a few others as well.

    • Overcooled says:

      That he is. I wonder if he’ll ever get to use his powers again for Hero TV…XD

      I’m also excited to see Dragon Kid next episode, she looks like a fun one~

  2. MikADo says:

    as expected they are highlighting independent heroes with some hints about the bigger plot and the Urobos, but that’s fine since its normal to go that way anyways :3

    Man Tiger really is strong, as in his mentality! Unlike Bunny, who has a lot of trouble keeping himself all cool headed and stuff, Tiger can go berserk, yet still don’t let go of his philosophy :3 though probably at the end Tiger will have this moral dillema and Bunny is going to help him instead XD

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s a good balance of oneshots and one big overarching plot. It will probably go like this for a while.

      Bunny is pretty darn strong too, he just gets all riled up around Lunatic…Or anyone with any connection to Ouroboros. It’s pretty amazing how Tiger is the one keeping Bunny under control though. Haha, I’d love to see Barnaby actually show a kind side to Kotetsu for a change, let’s hope that happens~

  3. Blackholeheart says:

    I’m a straight male and this show has me cheering for the inevitable Tiger x Bunny hookup. That aside I really Like how Tiger is starting to get props for being the stand up guy he is instead of being derided for being a screw up(which admittedly he can be).

    Looking forward to next week!

    • Overcooled says:

      That is good to know XD It always makes me smile when Kotetsu is actually recognized for his many feats. Sure, he racks up a lot of fines, but he still gets the job done. The principal paid him a really nice compliment :3

  4. Renn says:

    “Why are they not married yet?”

    I probably won’t look for doujinshi, but I’m wondering the same thing sometimes, haha. They’re becoming a fun pair to watch. It used to just be Kotetsu, but it’s kinda fun to see the nice, confused side of Barnaby’s tsundere. Just mentally replace all these manly men with cute girls, and you have a perfect KyoAni show.

    I like the contrast between Kotetsu and Lunatic, but like you I’m not interested in Lunatic as a character. Then again, I felt the same way about Kotetsu and Barnaby at the beginning, so finger’s crossed! 😀

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t think guys should look up yaoi doujinshi lest they want to be scarred. XD Barnaby is finally reciprocating with his dere dere side! I would so watch a superhero show about cute girls who only save people half the time and end up eating cake the other half.

      Lunatic’s moral code is a good concept to work against Kotetsu and the other heroes, but as a character, yeah…he’s pretty meh. Renn, don’t forget Barnaby is fabulous, and that kind of makes up for everything…Lunatic is just nightmare fuel.

  5. Mad Chemist says:

    I dunno, I have to disagree about Lunatic. I’d be disappointed if I thought they were trying to make him a morally conflicted antagonist, but he seems more like the kind of violent antihero who flooded the comic book market during the 90s, put in a city filled with traditional capes at best and glory hounds at worst. As for public reaction, it kind of seems like a take on American comic book fans and companies throwing aside old heroes for cooler looking and more trigger happy counterparts because seeing heroes kill regularly is new, shocking and pretty much the coolest thing ever at first. I can see this going double in a city like Stern Bilt, where the crooks are particularly well armed and motivated.

    I think we liked the same things about the episode, though! There’s been gradual buildup to Kotetsu and Barnaby really working as a team, and that’s really starting to pay off for them. As manly a man as I am, I enjoy seeing their bromance in action, especially since Barnaby’s more interesting and likable than he was in the first two episodes. And Kotetsu and Dragon Kid babysitting could be the funniest episode since 5.

    • Overcooled says:

      Huh, interesting comic book comparison. The more “badass” heroes tend to have more appeal than the straight-up, justice-loving ones for the public. Makes sense. But personally I just can’t grow to like Lunatic. He looks ridiculous and while I don’t want him to be wishy-washy and conflicted, he’s far too rigid and set in his ways for me to be interested in him. he is someone who kills criminals, and I have yet to see anything resembling a personality for me to attach to. :/

      I am happy to have manly manly men reading my posts ahaha. The bromance makes Barnaby a lot more likeable, that’s for sure.

      Boy am I ever excited to see Kotetsu handling a baby. He was a father, yeah, but…KOTETSU + BABY = LULZ.

  6. Kyokai says:

    I’ve finally caught up to Tiger and Bunny.
    Nobuhiko being an emo for a change was good. Not that I ‘like’ him being all teary… ANYWAYS, this is such jailbate for fujoshis. I mean, hold my hand and be worried about me. AHHHH. Eating flames for me? AHHHNNN. Get injured for me. *insert some dokidoki here* Damn, Bunny got nowhere to run now. xD

    Also, the bad guy is not really a bad guy and they are playing on the vigilante front just too much but everyone knows who Lunatic is right? You don’t even have to recognize the seiyuu that much.

    Btw, was I the only one who screamed MEZZOFLATION when that flame attack was underway?

    • Overcooled says:

      I love him in roles like Rin the best as opposed to emocyclone. I like hearing him scream and get excited XD Heck, there was even EdwardxIvan if you squint, this show is just dripping with homolust. Bunny-chan is giving in to his feelings…!

      ahaha I forgot about C, I’m an episode behind, methinks XD Lunatic should try the financial district, fufufu.

  7. Joojoobees says:

    And am I the only one that thinks Lunatic looks like Lady Gaga?

    I was a little disappointed that Ivan was so whiny, but they did properly explain why he just appears out of nowhere for the cameras. Hopefully he’ll be able to fully participate now that he got some advice from Kotetsu.

    • Overcooled says:

      I think EVERY crazy animu characters looks like Lady Gaga. o_o

      I didn’t expect the comedic relief character to be so down in the dumps either…I don’t know how he’s going to find another situation to use his powers again, but maybe he’ll charge in recklessly or something? At the very least, his confidence is up.

  8. Son Gohan says:

    Origami’s power is unsuitable for attack but it could be really useful for infiltration. I don’t understand why they even considered him for Hero Tv! He should be an undercover agent.
    Am I the only one who just sees Kotetsu and Barnaby as two good friends? Really, Naruto and Sasuke are more gay than these two…

    • Overcooled says:

      Yes, he should be in anything BUT Hero TV. That power is useful for like everything else ASIDE from rushing into battle and saving people.

      I don’t know man. But then again, I’m tainted from pixiv so I don’t think I can say much. In the beginning I didn’t see what the fuss was about either ^^

  9. Junko says:

    so much implied-impending-possible-yaoi this show is torture! Grah! Baby for next episode looks painfully cute and OMG Dragon Kid, I’m excite 😀

  10. Hime says:

    Lol, this episode was so gay. It was awesome. I love Ivan despite his mopey emoness. His design is just too pretty to not appeal to my fujoshi. Barnaby and Kotetsu UNF-FLUFF was pretty high as well. No wonder there’s so much pornfanart of them.

    • Overcooled says:


      Yeah, Ivan is so cute it’s hard to hate him. I’m mostly just disappointed he wasn’t more likeable, it’s a waste of a cute boy.

  11. Elyon says:

    I love how much Barnaby x Kotetsu porn there is out there…n-not that I looked for it or anything >.>

    I couldn’t stand Ivan, and I usually go for the little emo ones. He was just too annoying and self-pitying that that I wanted to punch him.
    Barnaby has finally grown on me though, even if his Sasuke-ish backstory is lame.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s a given that we all have a T&B porn folder now…*cough*

      I will join you in punching Ivan until he cheers up. IT’S THE ONLY SOLUTION.

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