Nichijou ED Single

Nichijou ED Single, “Zzz” by Sasaki Sayaka

I hope you are enjoying our Anniversary posts. And that is all the patience I have today to write. Enjoy the random music of Nichijou, the OP Single I’ve already posted. I can already see Fosh yipping. Enjoy~

Artist: Sasaki Sayaka

1. Zzz
2. Gakkoo Gakkoo LIFE!!
3. Zzz (Acappella Version)
4. Zzz (Bossa Nova Version)
5. Zzz (Instrumental)
6. Gakkoo Gakkoo LIFE!! (Instrumental)


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4 Responses to “Nichijou ED Single”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Yaaaaaayy!! This is out AWESOME NEWS! I loved the Acappella version so lovely <3

  2. MikADo says:

    the song is so adorable :3
    i want to hear it as i go to sleep as well

  3. Moni Chan says:

    YAY this song is motto fuwa fuwa

  4. Dan-go says:

    just played this over and over again,oh btw Someone get on the A channel op, spring breath! its worth sharing!

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