Beelzebub – 18

Oga joins Fathers for Justice

This week Oga is suffering from some intense summer heat….radiating from Baby Beel. Unfortunately he has a summer fever with the glowering intensity of a thousand suns. They try to cool him down by putting him in the pool but he just boils the water. 

After a while the heat stops escaping his body, this equals bad news since it means it’s boiling his insides instead. Oga doesn’t seem to care as Beel gets worse and his Zebul Spell mark disappears. Hilda gets pissed at his disregard and kicks him out, where he’s set upon by Tojo’s right hand man. Douchey McSunglass At Night.

Wait…Oga actually gets beat…? Maybe it really is the Rapture…Well the fight doesn’t conclude as much as the guy just walks away. So, Oga goes home and in the morning both Hilda and Beel are gone.

My split screen hates you…

Oga is still professing not to care but Furuichi sees through it, and the two go to the river where Oga first found Baby Beel. Tojo is waiting for them …with Beel on his back! OH SNAP. Tojo challenges Oga to fight, and punches him into the river with one hit!

Punching = Tojo’s version of foreplay

Oga manages to get a hit in himself though, and as they fight more they find that they’re just about evenly matched. Well, until Tojo sends Oga flying higher than Team Rocket. DAYUM. That’s gotta bruise more than the ego…



Furuichi can’t understand why he’s the uke in every fanfic about him and Oga…

The Answer: He’s Just Too Easy To Rape

Tojo just likes to watch


Holy shit, this episode was heartbreaking! I’m such a sucker for the cuteness of Oga and Beel’s relationship, even if Oga was being a total jackass this episode by pretending he didn’t care. YEAH, WELL. IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT HE WENT OFF WITH TOJO, OGA YOU BAKA. Ohohoho, but when he saw Beel with Tojo for the first time by the river he was quick to put on his srs bsns face. What I don’t get is why Tojo had the Zebul Spell mark in previous episodes. I would say that Oga’s transfered to him when Beel was sick and latched onto him, but we saw he had it before he ever saw Beel. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Anyway, it was great to finally see him and Oga fight, and I have to say how surprised I was to see Oga loose so thouroghly. I mean, sure he landed some punches himself, but to see Tojo walking away with Beel at the end was a worse hit than any punch Tojo landed. I can’t have been the only one BAWWW’ing. That shit was sad. It was also pretty cool to see Hilda finally loose her temper and just shout at Oga, too. She has a lot of patience to put up with his constant shirking of parental responsibilities!

This episode wasn’t really funny, per say, which was fine as the drama proved to be just as entertaining, but it had it’s moments. The little segment before the OP credits with Furuichi in the cafe was great. Oh, I’ve been there man! Thinking someone lovely is waving at you only to find they were waving at someone ten times more fabulous, complete with pink sparkly-love cloud standing right behind you. Sigh. We’ll form a losers club, Furuichi! Where we can lick our wounds and whatever else ends up covered in jello…


Next Time; Oga in Wonderland? Well, alright, it’s your acid trip.



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6 Responses to “Beelzebub – 18”

  1. Aro says:

    he had the zebull spell because I think somewhere along the way Hilda mention the zebul mark being given to particularly strong people… something about only a handful of people ever receiving them and as far as I remember she didn’t mention anything about them all raising demon lords….

    So I THINK that zebull mark was just a mark of Tojo’s strength. Show ▼

    Ah but I read the manga I shouldn’t say anymore =p

    Could have done with a few more screenshots of Oga’s “trying-to-look-like-I-don’t-care” face. It was quite priceless.

    • Hime says:

      Oooooo, that makes sense. And I was looking forward to seeing Tojo’s chibi demon! Haha. That would have been odd.

      As tough as it was to see Oga get his ass handed to him, he kind of deserved it, if only he wasn’t such a tsundere.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Well I got through 11-13! Damn things are getting fun, gotta say that new ending is so fun to watch! Animation was like WHAT?! So good! Time to speed up to the rest of the episodes xD

    • Hime says:

      The ending animation is so wtf xD It is fun to see Hilda and Kuneida all shojo though.

  3. Dan-go says:


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