Beelzebub – 17

Odd fetishes…and that’s coming from ME

Satan isn’t a completely neglectful parent it seems, and sends his son on Earth some summer vacation homework. Homework during summer vacation?! Who would be so cruel? Oh, yeah, right . . . SATAN.

Furuichi suddenly thinks he’s in Junjou Romantica

After Hilda’s de-motivational rant about the horrors of not doing your homework, they set Baby Beel to work . . . with a magic notebook. Your Death Note joke is a good as mine. Needless to say the gang create abomination after abomination.

I want one…

They go to the school where all the lonely hearts have gathered since there’s nothing better to do. They start fly-swatting everyone in sight which somehow takes down their outline for the notebook. Kanzaki and Himekawa even get it. And next on the list is Kunieda. . .

She naturally misunderstands that him chasing her around with a giant swatter is yet another confession if his undying love for her. But enough of that, time to enter the savage garden.

Beel unleashes a load of carnivorous plants on the school. The little pumpkin cat that Beel drew earlier tries to save the day but is eaten, pissing little Beel off enough to go demon mode with Oga and kick it’s ass! Banzai!


They’re doing their Watanuki & Doumeki impression from xxxHOLiC

Quite the pushy uke, aren’t you, Furuichi?

Maybe going to see “Insidious” wasn’t the best way to start the summer…

I think we all feel this way about homework

Take that, Herbology!

Nightmare fuel?


You have no idea how long I spent as a child scrawling in sketch pads hoping that what I drew would come to life. But then I also made sure to introduce any new stuffed animals I got to the ones I already had so they wouldn’t fight when I was away…so I was a bit of a strange one. Baby Beel’s little pumpkin cat was just about as horrifying as it was cute. They should have drawn a candle in it’s mouth so they could make good use of it on Halloween. I actually went “Aww!” when it was eaten, how sad is that? Haha, the Big Mustache Guy’s man lusting was quite a bit higher than usual this episode, which just means I was laughing that much harder. In that mentally scarred, awkward kind of way.

It’s always cool to see Oga go demon-badass on people – or in this case plants. Even more so since Beel was the one who incited their powers. REVENGE for the PUMPKIN CAT! I’m very worried about what I saw in the preview though, Oga and Beel’s bond is weakening? D: Say it ain’t so! We don’t get to see Oga kicking ass nearly enough as it is! Now that awesome mark is fading, too. They better not give me a reason to rage . . .

This episode as a whole probably wasn’t as strong as the last few but it was still pretty good, regardless. The jokes mostly worked, and almost all of the cast was in this episode, I think. After a few character centric episodes to get everyone together for once was fun to see. I forget how big the cast is for Beelzebub quite a lot, despite everyone being so memorable.


Baby Beel has a cold and Oga finally swaps some punches with Tojo!



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11 Responses to “Beelzebub – 17”

  1. Snowley says:

    I want to kick some plant asses too. Plant Ordination is so annoying >.>’

  2. Kyokai says:

    I don’t think anyone can steal Beel from Oga. They are a must duo. It would be hella interesting to see Oga fight Toujou though. ^^

    • Hime says:

      I hope not, but the preview has me soooo worried. I love these two! The sincere moments they have are beyond adorable. They make me d’aww so hard.

  3. umi_no_mizu says:

    “They’re doing their Watanuki & Doumeki impression from xxxHOLiC”

    that made me giggle for quite some time XD

    on other show-related topics, i loved this episode despite it having absolutely nothing to do with the plot >_< in my opinion it was one of the funnier ones in the past bit =D

    • Hime says:

      Beelzebub helps prove that not all fillers are terrible, haha.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    I am so behind! AAAAhhhh Well I will have to spam watch this along side Sket Dance sometime…

    Lol @ that popup book LOL

    • Hime says:

      “I am so behind!”

      Is that a pun on the pop up book? 😛

      Haha, yes you MUST catch up. Shits bout to hit the fan, yo.

  5. Dan-go says:

    NOOOOO THE PUMPKIN CAT!!! reminded me of the kitty that thought baby beel was his aniki

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