Beelzebub – 16

War Time   Pool Time

Furuichi’s relaxing on an island beach wanting to chat up some girls when Alaindelon chases him back to Oga. Tough luck, Furuichi but duty calls. Oga’s lonely and YOU are his BFF.

This is hilariously adorable to me

While getting a drink he runs into Kunieda’s lackeys and hijacks their table. Kunieda is off doing her “Warrior Meditation” in the mountains somewhere.

Oh, but she isn’t! Kunieda is actually sneaking about embarrassed by her swimsuit.


A bunch of lechers that Furuichi once knew (surprise, surprise) start hassling the girls and Furuichi actually stands up to them! Pouring his soda on the leader. Which of course backfires.

The soda can is mightier than the fist!

Looks like this guy got Furuichi good in the past for showing off to girls.

Things have changed since then however and no one has told these guys that Furuichi is now a BAMF

Well, until he bails . . .


Naturally this also backfires and he’s surrounded. He can’t rely on Oga this time, and I think it’s time for a homoerotic water fight.

Unfortunately I’m not writing Beelzebub and instead Furuichi just makes Beel cry, shocking everyone down. Oga is not happy about his nap being ruined however.

Nope. Not amused.

Meanwhile Kunieda is being moe.

And Tojo also makes a brief appearance, beating the crap out of the thugs at the end.

“Well, hello there…”


You all know how much I love Furuichi by now, so for him to be given his own episode was definately a welcome surprise. And while it’s great to see him and Oga’s relationship on screen it was cool to see a little into his past. Furuichi’s not as strong as Oga but that doesn’t mean he’s weak. It was a little hypocritical of him to stand up for the girls when he himself was kind of hasseling them, lol, but it took some balls since there were more of them than him so I’ll let him off. What was even more satisfying that having Beel shock them was to see Tojo deal out his rough justice. Beware of burly men selling ice cream, they could just be waiting for an excuse to hit you!

I don’t know if I should class this as a beach episode since it was a pool but if I were too it would definately be among the best. It actually had a point and advanced a character, I applaud this beach episode! Now that’s not something I ever thought I’d do. Poor Oga though, he’s so dense sometimes and because of that he spent most of this episode in a dead slump, lamenting. D’aww. Surely they could have just got the mustache guy to transport the three of them back to the island? See, if only they’d of come to me, I’d be a great travel planner.


Next time; demon hobbies. For those who enjoy an element of danger to their pastime.


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6 Responses to “Beelzebub – 16”

  1. Dan-go says:

    Aloha! rofl an actual hint of a serious shipping with furuichi dono? OH NOEEES!!!

    • Hime says:

      Oga’s delusional “Alohas” were so funny xD He needs a vacation…

  2. Snowley says:

    Haha one of the funniest manga chapters got animated!

    • Hime says:

      I’m staving off reading the manga so I don’t spoil the anime, but I’m looking forward to reading this one 😀

  3. Kyokai says:

    I finally caught up to Beelzebub and the funny sure has become better than previous episodes. Hot damn, Furuichi got so much respect from me but would that creeper stop creeping him out; though, their interaction always leaves me with peels of laughter. xD

    • Hime says:

      He sure is epic in his own way. Oga shoulda turned up and told that creep to take his hands off his Idiot Furuichi, though.

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