Tiger & Bunny – 04

My ice might be a little cold but…BUY PEPSI NOW

What better way to celebrate easter than with some Tiger & Bunny? …Okay, I guess it’s not exactly the best way to celebrate easter given the lack of bunnies or eggs. Bunny-chan isn’t even a prominent character this episode. Tiger & bunny, you’ve failed me! Well, I guess you can eat your chocolate while you watch T&B anyways. Anime needs no occasion to be enjoyed!

This week’s Hero TV special is a little less on a grand scale than trying to blow up an entire building. It’s a criminal escaping in an armoured car. Kotetsu manages to stop the car by recklessly jumping on it, spooking the driver and then blowing out one of the tires. Although immobile, it still has a machine gun, so Kotetsu can’t do much more but run back to Barnaby. Blue Rose tries to go in for the kill, but gets shot at mid-catchphrase and saved by Barnaby. Dragon Kid ends up capturing the criminal, while T&B just get bonus points for saving Blue Rose.

Blue Rose doesn’t take too kindly to Kotetsu’s attempt to lecture her and even seems pissed that Barnaby saved her. She’d much rather be a singer, like the company she works for promised her, than be a hero. She sees no point in risking her life just so Pepsi can get filthy rich, as if they weren’t already. She already has to balance school and her part time singing gig at a bar, so she figures she might as well quit being a hero.

But why, why won’t you let me sing my rap music?!

Kotetsu is quite concerned with Blue Rose and her lack of commitment to being a hero, and chases her down at every opportunity to try and talk some sense into her. Except she’s a bratty teenager and blows him off at every attempt. In the gym, she just insults him and walks away after his very succinct “I fight for myself, not for anyone elses appreciation” and even BARNABY agrees with Tiger-kun on that point. Kotetsu manages to break through a teensy bit when he approaches her again after her singing job and gives her money. OH, MONEY, OKAY, I’LL LISTEN TO YOU OLD MAN.

As sweet as his words were and all, Blue Rose is still unsure of what to do. Her dad seems alright with her quitting as long as she has some other ambition to fall back on, but Kotetsu and Barnaby’s words still echo in her skull. That’s when she gets two phonecalls: one for another bar concert and another to rescue someone on a burning oil rig.

I wonder which one she picked…

Barnaby and Kotetsu rush into action for the sake of justice (and hero points), searching for the one worker everyone else on the rig left behind. He must have been the asshole at the workplace. You know the one. Anyways, all the heroes get him out from under a massive pipe so that Sky High can move him to safety. Once they let go, the whole thing falls apart and almost crushes them. It would have too, if Blue Rose hadn’t changed her mind last minute and saved the day. Looks like she’s not quitting her job wearing that super revealing ice mistress outfit just yet. :3

Bonus Screenshots:

Moe middle-aged men…it’s happening.

If they were able to put cameras in all the hallways, why couldn’t they search for the guy themselves..?

Sorry, I need to go home and write some sick beats. You white girls wouldn’t get it.

Flaming in more ways than one

End Thoughts: This was an okay episode, although probably my least favourite so far. Kotetsu and Barnaby are my favourite part of the show, and replacing their screentime with that of a prissy little girl isn’t a step up. I thought Blue Rose would be a bit older and mature (based on her outfit) but she’s pretty young. Juggling school, being a hero and a singer is hard work. She’s so talented and yet she’s a bitch to anyone who even tries to give her advice…What a turn-off. I don’t mind a jaded teenager willing to question why companies see their lives as nothing but an asset, but the issue wasn’t really pressed forward enough. She could have really been a good vessel to show how corrupt the companies are, but I guess it just ends there for now. I should probably give up hope on any really deep statements for now…

While I didn’t care much for Karina’s drama, which I couldn’t even bring myself to care about because it was so forced, at least we got some hero development. I like seeing the heroes out of their suits and wandering about, and Tiger & Bunny is usually good at making their personal time as interesting to watch as their action-packed hero time. It fell a bit flat this episode, but luckily there was action to back it up.

Also, Fire Emblem IS HIS OWN BOSS. I know it’s hard to take me seriously when the man is wearing spandex in a gym, but maybe he’s a very successful business that. Oh, how I’d love an episode dedicated to his fabulous, multi-millionaire company and how he runs it. Once I slowed down and listened to how deep his voice was underneath the flamboyant tone, I realized he was voiced by TSUDA KENJIROU one of my top 5 male seiyuu! That’s right, he’s voiced by the same guy who does the voice of Seto Kaiba. SETO KAIBA. IT’S JUST SO FABULOUS, I CAN’T HANDLE ITTTT.

As for T&B, are they bonding during the week we wait for each episode? How did they get so close all of a sudden? I would like to believe this isn’t just me being a fujoshi and that they’re actually just starting to act a lot more like bros. I think we’re at a sort of neutral level of resentment here where they don’t mind each other’s presence any more. It’s probably mandatory, but they work out together now! That’s so sweet! They showed a lot of teamwork this episode too during the oil rig thing. I think Kotetsu is starting to rub off on Barnaby…He’s even saying the same things. I can only hope Barnaby adopts Kotetsu’s crazy faces to double the amount of lulzy expressions.

Preview: Happy Birthday Barnaby! As a present, you have to stop a bank robbery. I predict more insight to Barnaby’s less than cheerful childhood.


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20 Responses to “Tiger & Bunny – 04”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    I found this to be a pretty nice episode. Its also nice to see Kotobuki star in a some what mature role.

  2. Hime says:

    Moe middle aged men is TOTALLY where it’s happenin!

    Next episode preview looks like an 80s era gay work out video. Can’t wait! lul.

  3. Renn says:

    “Moe middle-aged men…it’s happening.”

    Next will be the grampas (or grandmas). GILF, anyone? o.0

    Actually, while I love Kotetsu, I could take or leave Barnaby. He may have a pretty face, but I’d prefer Karina any day, and I don’t just think it’s cause I’m easily won over by her assets. Well, at least, I don’t think so… >.<

    • Overcooled says:

      Okay, no. Never. Oh God, why, why did you make me picture that?

      Barnaby I’m a bit “meh” over, but I’m really curious as to why he’s such a royal pain in the ass, so I don’t mind him sticking around. I think we’re both subconsciously won over by their looks though OTL

  4. Joojoobees says:

    I don’t think this was the best episode either, but I think the basic concept was sound.

    “She could have really been a good vessel to show how corrupt the companies are, but I guess it just ends there for now.”

    I think she did a good job vocalizing the shallowness and corruption of the whole Hero Show concept. What happened next, though is that, instead of smashing the system, she learned that the heroes (true heroes) don’t give a damn that they are being used. In a way this reminded me of Planetes; Ai Tanabe shows up thinking her job is going to be glamorous, but finds that nobody respects “half section”. Ultimately she learns that her co-workers risk their lives to do a job worth doing, but that the world isn’t fair. Others are not going to see them as anything but tools and losers, despite the personal courage, competence, and dedication they exhibit every day.

    • Overcooled says:

      The whole episode was about her disdain for companies using her only for money, but it didn’t seem to drive the point home hard enough. The only time I felt they were really pushing the issue was during her meeting with the company head. It seemed more intent on trying to shock you that she was quitting. I didn’t feel it enough. Still, a decent episode overall.

  5. Mad Chemist says:

    In Karina’s defense, she does have to deal with guys who shoot at her and a costume that gives her no bullet protection when she’s on the job. Still kind of a jerk, but I’m willing to give her a bit more of a pass for it than I usually give angsty youths.

    • Overcooled says:

      She has a bit more reason to be a bitch given her circumstances, but I still don’t have to like it XD She could be MUCH brattier though in theory, and I’m thankful for the level they settled on.

  6. cassi says:

    Honestly this episode was a bit boring. It’s nice that they try to give the other heroes screetime. But it was simply too predictable that Karina would either change her mind and stay being a hero to save people or she would be gone. The episode also didn’t offer a lot of great Burnaby Kotesu moments. But Fire Emblem being his own boss was unexpected and awesome! I really want to know more about him. Besides Kotesu, Burnaby,he is definitely the most interesting character.

    • Overcooled says:

      I like when they develop the other heroes, but Karina’s story wasn’t the most gripping of tales. :B I actually liked the few moments of Kotetsu and Barnaby that were there. Barnaby wasn’t too douche-y this episode!

      But seriously, I’m all for an entire episode about Fire Emblem running things. It would be FABULOUS.

  7. MikADo says:

    lololol the usual tsundere character’s debut time XD
    i guess it will introduce every hero like this per episode
    than at the end they will show us the villain that killed
    banaby’s parents, and the whole city gets in trouble, then the duo with everyone’s help rescue the city 😀

    • Overcooled says:

      They might skip out on the less cool characters, but who knows? Maybe Origami Cyclone will get his time to shine one day.

      The final arc will be an important one with a major villain for sure though. I think I caught a glimpse of him in the OP.

  8. Anya says:

    BADADADADADADADADADADADADA http://twitpic.com/4oxtfw/full

    It’s a shame Blue Rose’s story developed so crappily. I thought they were gonna have stuff about the downsides of capitalism, but it was very half-assed.

  9. […] “While I didn’t care much for Karina’s drama, which I couldn’t even bring myself to care about because it was so forced, at least we got some hero development. I like seeing the heroes out of their suits and wandering about, and Tiger & Bunny is usually good at making their personal time as interesting to watch as their action-packed hero time. It fell a bit flat this episode, but luckily there was action to back it up.” – Metanorn […]

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