Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto – 24

T-T-The East Maiden! Samekh! OVERLOAD.

Hello everyone! It’s Captain. Back from her terribly inconvenient hiatus. Forgive me for missing around 11 episodes of Star Driver. I won’t be reviewing all of the episodes that I missed (because that, I assure you, will kill me), but I’ll give you a short summary in a second.

So, what’s happened since I disappeared into a hole and died? In episode 13-14, Benio offers herself to reactivate a destroyed Cybody, and they succeed! Benio also regains her position as a Star Driver. Later, they reactivate Manticore’s broken Cybody, Ayingott, but when she pilots it she loses control – And god, Ayingott is so creepy, I swear, especially when it’s gone berserk. Then, in episode 15, Marino and Mizuno’s estranged mother returns and Mizuno tries to leave the island while she’s there, trying to avoid her, but her maiden powers stop her, only rewinding time again and again and freaking her out. Wako confronts her, finds out she’s a maiden, but the Crux already knows that. Later on, the Crux kidnaps Mizuno and breaks her seal, reaching third phase. Mizuno also managed to glimpse into the past and see how Takuto got his mark.

And then! In 16-17, we get introduced to Madoka Kei and her friend Kou Atari, whose Crux uniforms greatly amuse me. They later both fight with Takuto, Kou Atari even using her first phase of soul-switching to mess with Takuto and Suguta on Wako’s birthday. Also, did I mention that they now have “Ginga Bishonen” entrances, too? Afterwards, we find out that Keito Nichi, (A.K.A. Class President) is not only a maiden, but a good karaoke singer, and also a member of the Crux. There’s a lot of past reminiscing by Eye-Patch, and to everyone’s amazement, Head turns out to be Takuto’s daddy and the girl in the paintings he’s been seeing is all his mother, Sora. Of course, we have body fusing with robots, and the long-awaited drama scene! Which brings in Takuto’s first crush, and then… *dramatic music playing* Suguta joining the Crux as their new leader! GASP!

Back to episode 24, Takuto and Suguta enter the class, tired out from morning training, with Class President exchanging looks with Suguta because he was totally at a Crux meeting the night before, as their new leader. Takuto comments on her looking more cheerful than usual, asking her if something had happened. Of course something happened! D<

Afterwards, Suguta, Takuto, and their friend Matsuyama are eating in the canteen. The Headmaster comes to join them, telling them that he didn’t want rumours to spread just because he ate alone and together with Ms. Ishino. Wouldn’t that have been kinda pedophilic, though? The Headmaster is a pretty old guy. They talk about the kiss scene in the play, and Matsuyama asks Suguta if he was okay with Takuto kissing Wako. Suguta dismisses it as “only acting” and gets complimented as being a rather mature guy.

Outside, Wako and her very annoying friend are discussing about relationships. Her friend tells her that she might want to follow her boyfriend to Tokyo for college, and asks Wako about her own future. She also asks if Wako’s chosen Takuto or Suguta yet, which causes an awkward silence that even the pigeons fly away.

Later, Wako is in the toilet and meets the Class President. Wako comments that she’s been talking a lot of Takuto lately, but Class President asks if she’s got a problem with that. Touché. She says she isn’t like Wako or her aunt, and would always stick to the one guy she’s had her eyes on. Hmm, I wonder who? Afterwards, Class President meets Kanako in the corridor, and after exchanging a few words about the Crux’s meeting last night, Kanako and Simone both conclude that they don’t like her and that she can be scary.

Elsewhere, in the room with the very nice twilight view, Head is bent over Shingo, his friend, who’s still sleeping. Well, was sleeping. His friend wakes up, and they exchange a few words. Head asks if he still remembers his promise, and Shingo says he does. Afterwards, he then gives Head his mark, which is a “W”. And outside, everyone feels a sudden breeeeeze.

Our trio is busy watching the sunset and hoping that they could just watch the sky forever, while Class President is walking downstairs and reminiscing about the time when she first say Wako use her Maiden powers to save Suguta from the collapsing totem pole. Later that night, Class President meets Suguta at the East Shrine. And, uh, after a short moment of Suguta looking like he was going to break her seal for her, they… kiss, and she casts the East Maiden spell of eternity on him. After she leaves, happy, Suguta’s two bodyguards appear and he actually requests them to complete their task, which is to kill Samekh’s driver. Which is him. I’m happy to say they don’t.

Kanako, on the other hand, is back in her ship watching the stocks go crazy. Later, she calls the Captain of her ship and tells him that “it” may happen tonight, and to get ready. “It” refers to the seals of all the Maidens being broken, causing an instability in the physics of the island and thus resulting in a volcanic eruption. Being, well, the President, she reveals her intentions of having such a huge boat as wanting to evacuate all the islanders onto her boat if the volcanoes do erupt and flee the island.

It’s time for Zero Time! This time, Ivrogne removes her masks to show the others that she is the Class President, and also lets her mark glow to show the rest that she is the East Maiden. She goes back to the earlier memory of Suguta being hit by the falling totem pole, and reveals that she, on that day, had Apprivoise’d too. Apparently, after Wako collapsed, she ran over and did the thing that had us all thinking that she’d been raping Suguta. Back to the present! Class President says that she isn’t like Wako and that she’d given all of herself to Suguta, who also takes off his mask, and everyone’s shocked. Though seriously, the rest couldn’t recognize them just because of the mask? Who else in this show has dark green hair and blue hair..?

Class President Apprivoises into her Maiden Cybody and lets Head use his Star Sword to literally slice her in half, successfully breaking her seal and releasing Samekh! Again! But this time, Suguta’s actually there to use it with the Crux. He looks ready to Apprivoise, and… and Takuto Apprivoises too! EPISODE END. CLIFFHANGER FFFFUU—

End thoughts: Holy crap. HOLY CRAP. Star Driver’s gotten really good, I have to say. To be honest, I totally wasn’t expecting something like this to happen when I first started watching it. Everything’s going so faaast, including Keito (yes, I just called her by her real name :0) and Suguta’s little thing in between themselves. But she already has a seal destroyed! I want to know what happens next! OTL.

I really didn’t expect Suguta to join the Crux, though. Then again, I can’t tell what that idiot’s thinking. Hopefully in the next episode he does some awesome double-crossing on the Crux and helps Takuto to destroy Head. Talking about Head, does he have two seals now? I mean, he’s used the eyepatch guy’s one before, and now he has Shingo’s. I just get the feeling that he’s a little sour of not getting the X mark, really.

Preview: So… So next episode! Our Apprivoise. Everyone was shown in the preview, all looking either angry or shocked. Especially Takuto. And at the end of the preview, THAT WAS SAMEKH USING IT’S POWER AGAINST TAUBURN. Ahhh. Ahhhh. Star Driver, why do you do this to me. *writhes*

/reminded of Panty and Stocking.


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12 Responses to “Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto – 24”

  1. Anya says:

    Itsa Piiiinch!
    Head needs another mark because his first cybody was destroyed though.
    There might be a second season, since the origin of the cybodies and the entro-freakin’-people aren’t explained at all.

    • Captain says:

      Oh yeah, you’ve got a point there. He could always regenerate the Cybody, though. Doesn’t everyone do that? xD
      There should be a second season, but well, no news yet~
      And I kinda wanna know who Wako ends up with.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    CAPTAIN! YAY!! Glad to see your post!

    Ahh Stardriver 24 such a good episode, lots of awesome moments with Sugata and his new mask+crown combo looking sharp! Also that mecha at the end HOLY CRAP AWESOME!! Can not wait to see Takuto fight Sugata for real this time wonder if he will actually have to kill his friend O_O!

    Season two? OH GOD I HOPE <3

    • Junko says:

      omfg roll on season two please!

    • Captain says:

      Hello, Fosh! You’re welcome~ Aha, I’m quite happy to be reviewing this again. NEW EPISODE TOMORROW, FFFUU–

      I don’t really like Suguta’s costume. It’s not very stylish. Then again, when were the Crux uniforms stylish? *shot* Hopefully they won’t have a fight! I.. they’re friends ; A ; /denial.


  3. Junko says:

    Oh dear lord I love this anime. Sometimes, I have to try so hard to take it seriously. I mean look at Sugata, King, whatever, he looks like Lady Gaga! Infact, I’m pretty sure she designed this entire anime. And as a tribute to David Bowie, because there is so much fabulous going on!

    Back to the story, Wako remains the only character that annoys me, she GTFO for all I care. Kanako remains a badass in my eyes (and I will demand ‘I’m on a boat’ AMV’s after this is all done). But what I’m really looking foward to is how the play ties into all of this, and ‘fish girl’ too.

    PnS refference cannot unsee

    • Captain says:

      I was right, the Crux suits are quite… outstanding. I really don’t like Suguta’s costume, though. Sure, the chest part is pretty hot, but.. cover it up. It’s inappropriate!

      It’s always the girl that annoys me. Always. Stupid Wako, why can’t she just disappear and let Suguta and Takuto be together. I want Fish Girl to come back and replace Wako.


  4. Hime says:

    Yessss, more of Jun’s sexy evil voice please. As much as I love Sugata tho, that outfit . . . NO.

    I mean, it’s not like this show had much dignity to start with but COME ON. I laughed myself into a coma when I saw that peacock raping of the eyes. it’s just too much.

    • Captain says:

      I agree. Feather man with open chest! *gasps*

      With the whole libido thing, I don’t think it has very much dignity at all, no. But his outfit is really just.. /commence eye-bleeding.

  5. amado says:

    I notice that you use class president instead of using her name.
    its keito.

    anyway, I like sugata and keito but I dont really ship them. I love how they are willing to let their loved ones go for someone else and will even go to a lot of measure to make them happy like joining the kiraboshi.

    thats what I say “romantic“.

  6. stickfanatic says:

    Head can’t regenerate his cybody cuz he’s scared of dying 😀
    that and he’s creepy old. * shiver*

  7. Bluemist says:

    Oh Sugata… why should you choose that costuuume *bleeds
    It’s an epic episode, I squealed and rolled all the way, and what I want now is the 25th episode, and second season. PUH-LEAZE

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