Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi – 03

You get to hear Ritsu moaning this time. And Takano’s intense gaze. Fufufufu~

The third episode of our favorite yaoi of this season is here! I can’t believe it’s already the third episode. Time flies so fast when it comes to yaoi *___* Uh, 12-3=9… Oh my, nine episodes more. This makes me a little bit sad T____T But I guess we have to enjoy it more now, while it’s here.

Unfortunately, the third episode is a little bit boring in its first half. Things get “excited” at the end, which kind of sucks. But it’s understandable why the first half is boring, since Yokozawa is finally introduced. Goddamn it, he just has to be in here. And his introductory scene reflects how he is, since the first thing he does is coming up to Takano all mad about the manga being completely sold out on its first day of release. Takano, all Mighty and Perfect, gets mad at Yokozawa because he INSISTED for the manga to have 30,000 copies. But noooo, Yokozawa’s stupid boss has to listen to the voice of reasoning and makes the copy under that. Lesson from this? Always listen to Takano. Fun side of this? Watching Yokozawa and Takano arguing. You know that moment where you have fun watching people having fist fights or cat fights, right?

Yokozawa’s big mouth reflects him. He has a big mouth. To the point where it needs to be stapled.

Ritsu, being a n00b and stupid as usual, doesn’t get it. Isn’t it good that it’s sold out on its first day? Well, Mino the creepy always-happy guy tells him why: they don’t gain any profit until the reprint is done and published. That’s a loss right there. WELL, DUH, RITSU EVEN I KNOW THAT. DIDN’T YOU GO TO SCHOOL?

Ritsu’s dumb face reflects his brain

Ritsu asks Mino about the stupid Yokozawa. Turns out he is the Wild Card of sales team. Obviously. Just look at how he screamed. But damn, Kenyuu Horiuchi is doing a good job voicing Yokozawa so far.

Mino: “Yokozawa’s undies is pink”                                              Ritsu: *horror-struck*

And Yokozawa is not making any good impression either, since he insulted Ritsu right away. You know, the only son of Onodera Publishing and stuff like that. Ritsu, just bitchslap Yokozawa already!

But Takano and the others encourage Ritsu right away. It’s fine to have a good background, use every opportunity to get successful. D’aaawwww The Emeralds are so nice. Just when Ritsu thinks he can work there…


…Ritsu wants to quit again. But it’s not like he can’t do anything. Thanks to Takano, who told him to read all of the storyboards of manga titles under Marukawa; he actually knows how to be a proper Editor! Finally, there’s something good about Ritsu! About time too.

Takano: “My yaoi fanfictions. Read and learn.”

Ungrateful Ritsu, however, is just as ungrateful as before. He avoids Takano as much as possible unless it’s work-related. He believes that he’s a “changed” man, so he figures that he won’t fall in love with Takano. Heh, if only Ritu knows that there’s a countdown in the manga about his love for Takano…

Seeing this, I just realized that Ritsu is the most ungrateful person that ever existed

But of course, since Ritsu is an uke, he can’t make up his mind. He gets all pissed when he sees Takano and Yokozawa talking like buddies. And worse, TAKANO SMILES AT YOKOZAWA! I WAS MELTING WHEN I SAW THAT SCENE!  Ritsu gets jealous, since Takano never smiled like that in front of him, even in high school. You know what this means? YOU WERE JUST MASAMUNE’S SEX SLAVE. Nah, just kidding.


But since Takano is obsessed with Ritsu, Takano has to follow Ritsu home. Well, not exactly, since they’re neighbors. But Takano was staring at Ritsu the whole time they were on the train, so I guess Takano is “following” him. Ritsu accidentally leans on Takano since the train had some problems, but who cares about Ritsu anyway?

THIS IS DESTINY… or something along that line

Finally, after all of that hardship, Ritsu’s finally home. Ooh and the mangaka faxed the storyboard! When Ritsu went over it, he realized that there are lots of mistakes in it. But he’s not confident with his editing skill. What should he do? D’uh. Go to Takano of course. Faxing the storyboard to him failed too, since he threatened to come over if Ritu isn’t coming to his. Smart, Takano, smart.

Awww, that’s it? No smut? OF COURSE THERE IS. YAOI RULE #6: YAOI IS CALLED YAOI BECAUSE THERE’S SMUT IN IT. Just as Ritsu was about to leave, Takano stops him and, like all seme does to his uke (that’s Yaoi Rule #7), pushes Ritsu onto the floor. No, there’s no sex. But at least Takano has skilled hands. I mean, his hand is just awesome. It can unzip Ritu’s pants without trouble and get inside and then *the rest of the sentence is censored due to its appropriateness for little children*.


Ritsu’s shocked and feeling “raped”, runs out of Takano’s apartment while crying. When he opens the door, he sees Yokozawa about to get inside. MY DRAMA ANTENNA IS TINGLING.



I wouldn’t mind train perverts like Takano. HIS EYES . OMG. HIS EYES ARE-ARE *faint*

The answer

For everything



End Thoughts:

I actually got bored at the first half of the episode. Seriously, it’s BORING. Since half of the episode is about Emerald. Seriously, who wants to know about their work? All I need is sex and fluff! Thankfully, Kenyuu is doing a good job at voicing Yokozawa. Thanks to his shouting, I didn’t fall asleep at the beginning. You can say it’s PERFECT for Yokozawa. Just by listening to Yokozawa’s voice, everybody will know right away what kind of man he is.

Anyhow, people might wonder why I find the beginning boring. Well, I found anything Yokozawa-related to be boring because I LOATHE Yokozawa with passion. I hate him not only because he’s rude and annoying, but I’m not going to give any spoiler for non-manga readers. Ritsu is another reason why I found the half of the episode to be boring. In fact, I got pretty annoyed as I watched him getting confused and mixed up. Seriously, JUST GIVE IN. You’ve got the hots for Takano! I really hate characters who can’t make up their damn minds. I did feel bad for Ritsu by the end as that’s obviously sexual harassment. Worse, it’s by his ex. That will obviously shake Ritsu… But of course, I hate Yokozawa more than Ritsu. Yokozawa shouldn’t exist at all in the first place.

The bright side of this episode is that we get to see Takano in action pursuing Ritsu. Takano is just PERFECT. I mean, gosh, he sure knows how to confuse me! Sometimes I don’t like how he’s so mean to Ritsu, but he will always melt my heart with his actions. His intentions towards Ritsu are so sweet and passionate! I mean, just watch that train scene again! His gaze at Ritsu is ssssssssooooo intense I was actually squealing and screaming when I saw it. As a viewer, I can actually feel how Ritsu is feeling. Takano’s gaze was THAT INTENSE.

Also, the smut scene before the episode ends. Either Takano is a sex god or a sex god, but he sure is an expert when it comes to giving Ritsu “a hand.” Gah, no matter how he is, I just love Takano a lot. Why can’t he be straight? ;A; This episode isn’t the best out of the three. I still think that episode two is the best. Episode two was able to keep me entertained for the whole 25 minutes. Also, there’s not much development between Takano and Ritsu in this episode. Which is going to be a problem, since they still have to cover two more couples, and there’s only twelve episodes.  I know I’m being a worrywart here, but as a yaoi fangirl who has been waiting for a yaoi anime for years, I just want SIH to be great until the last episode.


I don’t even remember what’s gona happen anymore… I need to re-read the manga! >.<


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16 Responses to “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi – 03”

  1. Namika says:

    That’s right, keep it coming! I want Ritsu to doubt his feelings and resist more! *O* Then, Takano will lose it and-!
    Ahem.. ^^” Anyways. I want moar of Ritsu’s funny faces! *O*

  2. Hime says:

    Bwahaha, the answer for everything IS rape. In yaoi this is law. This ep was kind slow until the end, then HOLYSHAMOLA-da sexing. it got to da sexing =D

    I dunno why Ritsu freaked out so much, he doesn’t seem like the type type to turn into a prude when someone hot is feeling him up, especially when they used to date anyway.

    I do love the seme-uk-seme love triangle. Threesome, anyone?

  3. Kyokai says:

    At least your wish for more than a kiss got fulfilled! xD

    I’m now waiting for the third pair, who I know nothing about and if the seme is voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura that would just equal to WIN!

    • anaaga says:

      you know how people get greedy if they get something? well now I want more than kiss >:D

      I just found out that Hatori x Yoshino is actually drawn in the magazine, but they’re not being put in the tankuobon 🙁 also, the translation for the novel is friend-locked (>.<)

  4. Elyon says:

    THE COCKBLOCK! THE COCKBLOCCCCK! You know if Yokozawa hadn’t barged in, Takano would have totally chased that uke down and raped him D:<
    I love how aggressive Takano was with Ritsu in this episode~ Clearly he realizes it's time to cut the crap, so why can't Ritsu just submit?! IT'S SO FRUSTRATING!!! ARGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
    //rant over. XD Anyway, I definitely agree that the second half was better. I don't even remember what happened during most of the first half- my mind is too full of the smut that could have been…;w;

    • Anya says:

      Scary fujoshi ;w;

    • Namika says:

      All that -perverted- we can(or want) to remember is Takano’s attempt to rape Ritsu in the second half. Almost nobody is actually interested in anything besides the smut.

      Eh……. 🙁 We’re SO fujoshi TT^TT

      • anaaga says:

        it-it’s ok! don’t feel so bad! that’s the whole point of yaoi isn’t it? SMUT >:D

        • Namika says:

          xD Yeah, more or less. Though I’m also looking at the plot too, some of the yaoi I’ve read had really cute and sentimental storylines.

  5. Hoshi says:

    ~TAKANO’S SMIIIIILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE A;LSKDJGALKFSGJFKGF! How can anyone NOT melt over that?! And my lord, the subway scene *A* I melted over that too<3 I love cute, accidental stuff like that.

    I'm such a manga otaku; I actually LIKED when he was explaining about Emerald and all that manga editing business |'D Takano can explain things to me any day HURRHURR But of course, nothing beats smut for this manga otaku, heh.


    • anaaga says:

      probably the reason you liked it is because Takano was the one explaining it


  6. Sabine says:

    Can´t wait to see the other couples >///____< *sigh* Miss good yaoi animes, bring on the sweetness : <

  7. Mina says:

    the manga I read was not finished, also I didn’t even know there were other couples, but when I saw it in the OP I was quite happy, because I like it how there is love everywhere near them (like in junjou, that’s why I loved junjou)
    but one thing I remember about the manga is, that Ritsu will need a LOOOOONG time realizing that he is in love… *sigh*

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