Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi – 02


Howdy! Yup yup, I’m in a great mood these days. Well, my English class had a debate as group project and I’m a pro-pornography and pro-premarital sex, which is sad, since I’m actually not into pornography and stuff involved that *remembers childhood trauma*. Good thing my group was able to pull it off. Yup, my group won the debate with a shining 91! It’s a B+, but at least we won. Yay! And as for my individual grade, I got a 96. An A! This will definitely save my English grade (yeah, my grade for English dropped from B+ to C. New teacher and stuff)!

But enough about my school life, and let’s talk about our weekly smut yaoi. SIH episode 2 is really intense, even at the beginning too. Seriously, a kiss scene as a dream!? Yup, our “jaded” uke Ritsu had a dream about his job. He’s so obsessed with Literature that he even freaked out when the literature books in his dream turned into shoujo manga. I would freak out too if my yaoi turned into yuri. Takano is in Ritu’s dream too by the way. Yup, suddenly Takano appears out of nowhere and kisses Ritsu in his dream. I guess Ritsu does have wet dreams too.

Those mangas look more like hentai to me

Ritsu’s wet dream is so mild.

Irony of this world, because Takano is Ritsu’s boss, he ended up working with him alone that day. A mangaka is not finished with her chapter, and Takano has to be there for her. Since Ritsu’s the only one who’s doing nothing, Takano decided to drag him along.


The mangaka’s nervous and freaking out right now. Unfortunately, Takano’s sadistic and mean attitude isn’t helping at all, since he just makes the mangaka lose her confidence. Unable to stand Takano’s attitude (who would?), Ritsu decides to save the day. After getting his compliment on her manga, she gains her confidence back and starts working on it with new found energy. Yay! Oh, and Takano already pushed back the deadline to another day, so he also saves the day too. Yay! Maybe he’s not that bad. Maybe

Takano doesn’t want the mangaka to draw yaoi this month

After everything has been done for and given to the printing section, Ritsu and Takano decide to take a break in their office. Suddenly Takano turns into an angel and praises Ritsu’s hard work by giving him coffee. Smitten by Takano’s smile (who wouldn’t? *secretly takes out knife*), Ritsu talks a little bit about himself. Suddenly Takano comments that he hasn’t changed even after so many years. Ritsu becomes more confused when Takano pushes him and kisses him. What’s going on?

Making out on the office’s couch. HELL YEAH!

Horror struck, Ritsu is finally told by Takano the name he used in high school.

I held my breath when I watched this part


Pissed at used-to-be-Masamune Takano, Ritsu demands an apology for playing with his heart. But Takano wants an apology too, since Ritsu kicked him and disappeared for no reason. Ritsu sees no reason for apologizing because he’s not the one who laughed when he asked him about Masamune’s feelings for him; Ritsu was serious! *serious face* Takano sees no reason to apologize for laughing out of embarrassment that day too. Oh, it’s a misunderstanding. WHAT A MISUNDERSTANDING… -_-

Ritsu: “Aplogize for all the kinky things you told me to do! I never get laid now because I’m scared of sex, thanks to you!”

Thinking that the misunderstanding is already solved, Takano gives a bold declaration to Ritsu, which can be seen here:

Which Ritsu doesn’t take too well

I smell drama

And guess who’s Ritsu’s new neighbor?



Ritsu found the right porn for himself

For some unknown reason, I remember Sengoku Basara. Edo Period?


Even Ritsu doesn’t like Hen Zemi. Just look at his face as he’s watching it.

Takano: “Great! Now that we’re neighbors, we can have sex every day!”

End Thoughts:

Maybe because I watched this right after work, my mood brightened as I watched this episode. If episode one is good, then episode two is better. It’s more dramatic than the first one, but that’s not a problem. I don’t know if it’s the animation or not, but I was able to feel Ritu’s shock when he found out who Takano really is. I went “ouch” because of Ritsu’s expressions when he found out about Masamune and remembered the past. And is it just me or Takano is getting sexier and sexier? I virtually have lots of nosebleed every time I see him on the screen. And that killer smile of his…*melts* And so far Studio DEEN hasn’t screwed up with the animation like they did for Vampire Knight, which is a good thing.

The only problem I have here is Ritsu. I CAN’T STAND HIM. I JUST CAN’T. Ritsu calls himself as a realist, but he’s not. He’s a freakin pessimist. AND I CAN’T STAND PESSIMISTIC CHARACTERS. Seeing the negative things in every situation is fine, but don’t call yourself a realist because of that. Call yourself a realist when you can see both the positive and negative side of everything.  Ritsu acts as if he has the most miserable life in this world. Wtf!? Also, his pride. God, I can’t stand his pride. Just admit that you’re also in the wrong, okay? Don’t act so stubborn! SIH has more than five volumes thanks to this stupid attitude of yours! It was supposed to be three! D:<

*pants* Oh well, I won’t stop watching SIH just because of Ritsu. He’s going to be in every damned episode, so might as well get used to him. I hope. Besides, Ritsu’s existence is nothing compared to the years I’ve been waiting for yaoi anime to come out. And like I said before, I think episode two is better than episode one, and I hope each episode will be better than the previous ones as the anime progresses.


It seems like someone I hate more than Ritsu will appear in the next episode. Voiced by Nakamura Yuichi by the way.


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4 Responses to “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi – 02”

  1. Namika says:

    I am loving Ritsu’s expressions to the tiniest bits! And his reaction when he found out who was his next door neighbor was just priceless!!! xD
    So far I’m enjoying this. Very much. An Ritsu’s not annoying at all, he’s just too embarrassed to admit….. some things :3
    O’tanoshimi da waaaa~

  2. Hime says:

    FUUUUUUU~So much cuteness this episode.

  3. Moni Chan says:

    did some one say MOAR YAOI

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