Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA

The finally-uncensored sex toys in the opening song are HELLA SCARY

My favorite student council is back! It’s not a second season, but at least there’s an OVA of them. And since it’s just an OVA, there’s no proper plot here; just some random gag.

But at least there’s some introductory story here. New term finally starts, and Kotomi is finally in high school. Like all opening ceremonies, the student council president has to do a speech at the opening ceremony. Surprisingly, Tsuda sees the President all nervous for a while. At this moment, Tsuda realizes that the President it just a normal human being who can get nervous. After all, who won’t get nervous? Right? RIGHT? But no. The president is actually thinking of flapping her skirt in order to do something indecent at the ceremony.

She’s thinking so hard about flapping her shirt to the point where she sweats her legs off

And since Kotomi is new to the school, the president offers to give Kotomi a tour of the school! Aww she’s so nice. Unfortunately, her tour is pretty useless since she shows Kotomi the nurse’s office, the girls’ changing room, the empty classroom, the gym storage room, and – of course – the music room. You know, those places where yaoi sex usually happens…


And the clubs are trying to get new members too with the new term and all that. I’m actually interested with the robot club. They have their inventions censored with mosaic and their promotional lines censored with stars…


The president of the robot club is also Suzu’s best friend. Her lower mouth vibrates on a daily basis…


New term, new things. The student council has new chairs to use. But Suzu isn’t too pleased with the new them…

Simplified Busby’s Chair

Oh, and Hata from the newspaper club interviews Kotomi, Dejima-san, and Toki (Kotomi’s new friend).


Heels can actually be used for amateur ukes now

Nominated for the Most Retarded Question of 2011

On the way home, Tsuda and the President meet her old friend, Amano. Since she was the Vice President in grade school, Tsuda and Amano share the same fate: taking care of the President. Finally, Tsuda has someone who can understand his suffering.

That’s right, they’re talking about you.


She must have sharp eyes, knowing when something that’s covered is bulging

Finishing off people’s sentences: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG

Any argument against this statement is considered invalid

Thank god, I don’t take bubble baths and eat sushi


End Thoughts:

Man, I just love SYD. SYD allows my dirty side to come out without making me feel like a pervert. The anime itself is a dirty anime, so you can’t really blame one to act like a pervert, while watching this anime. It’s like letting one’s inner instinct to come out. Anyhow, I guess the one thing I love about this anime is its dirty jokes. It makes the monotonous school life exciting. AND the student council members, especially Shino and Aria, really remind me of my two best friends. Their way of thinking is like a mirror of my best friends. So, you can’t really blame me for being such a pervert.

I know I know, I sound like a pervert. The jokes are all dirty, but I like how “mild” their dirty jokes are. With some anime who have similar story with SYD, SYD is considered normal and “mild” *coughcoughHenZemicoughcough*. Since it’s just one OVA, there’s not much development on the characters’ relationships with each other. But for those who watched the series already, it’s obvious that the President and Tsuda have a thing for each other. But wait, there’s more! Mitsuba, judo club’s president, and Tsuda also have a thing for each other! Man, seems like Tsuda is a pimp after all! But I guess it’s normal for a normal guy to be loved in a corrupted environment. Especially the student council body.

Since the OVA is full of random jokes, obviously I didn’t put all of the jokes here (such as Toki as a klutzy delinquent, sketching competition, experimental broadcasting, etc.). If I put them all in, this post will be more like a pic spam rather than a review. But for those who haven’t watched SYD OVA and the series, please do watch them. SYD is hilarious, it won’t disappoint you at all. Their animation isn’t the best, but the jokes are worth it.

Oh, and here are the scary sex toys

That’s fuckin scary right there


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6 Responses to “Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA”

  1. amado says:

    kotomi is gonna be the next student council prez. no one else can replace her except kotomi.
    and I liked tour, goes to show that tsuda got it all wrong last season.

  2. Reaper says:

    Ah, SYD, I remember the lols I had from the not-so-discrete sexual references. I remember hearing something of a second season (which would be awesome!) but that’s only a maybe. Wish it was a definite.
    Yes, scary sex toys are scary…but the most terrifying thing is, they had to be based on something in reality right? *wraps arms around self, insecure of terrible realisation…
    Anyway, hilarious OVA, hoping for more antics (heheh) int he future!

  3. MikADo says:

    new character! and a whole load of sex jokes XD
    enjoyed this OVA

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Lmao SYD such a great show, yes the over the top sexual jokes crack me up season two do want! Hopefully they do something xD

  5. […] “Man, I just love SYD. SYD allows my dirty side to come out without making me feel like a pervert. The anime itself is a dirty anime, so you can’t really blame one to act like a pervert, while watching this anime. It’s like letting one’s inner instinct to come out.” – Metanorn […]

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