Hen Zemi OVA – 01-02 (NSFW)

I’m here to rescue you all from the yaoi fangirls!

Beware the NSFW tag, guys. It’s not that bad, but there’s stuff here you definitely don’t want your boss to see you looking at.

No, this stop sign isn’t for the NSFW tag. Before continuing, I have mandated that each and every one of you must first watch this video in its entirety.

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s proceed.

I’ve been looking forward to this post for a long time now ever since I discovered the first episode during my research for this music post. The first episode aired quite a long time ago last July, but I first encountered it during the winter season when we had gems like gems like Kuragehime and Kaminomi running. Everyone’s eyes were on the fact that Kana Hanazawa was appearing in practically everything, which is, in fact, not an exaggeration. After watching the pure Tsukimi being exposed to the outside world but somehow retaining her innocent quality, I watched Hen Zemi, and oh boy, there’s only one word to describe it.


Kana Hanazawa’s character’s innocence gets thoroughly violated by the Hentai Seminar. LET’S DO THIS!

After having her report rejected and subsequently experiencing what could only be described as sexual harassment by the professor of the Hentai Seminar, aka the Hen Semi, Nanako Matsutaka leaves the school in dismay. As she reflects upon her reasons for joining the Hen Semi, she encounters the aforementioned reason, Komugi Musashi, on her way home…

…fishing for panties. She is then coerced into taking her own panties off… in the middle of the street, while being recorded on her own camera phone, which ends up getting mailed to the professor. Just another day in the Hen Semi.

Mmmm… appetizing…

We then skip to a scene where Nanako is lamenting her lack of a job to Komugi when Komugi gives her the most natural answer possible: a feces farm. Among other things.

I warned you it was NSFW!

Ah, now the “fun” begins. Poor Nanako-chan is engaged in conversation with another Hen Semi member, Hishiyasu Ichikawa. The topic makes its way toward “NTR,” aka netorare (look it up if you don’t know what this is), which, coincidentally, is totally relevant to the Hen Semi these days. In fact, their current project involves netorare, where Miwako, the girl who’s dating Komugi, the guy who Nanako likes, is having a great time with Taguchi, who is currently in a strange relationship with Makiko Gregory, who has blond hair. Confused yet?

Basically, Taguchi is getting off on seeing his girlfriend do it with another guy. This is thoroughly explained to Nanako…

…who reacts accordingly.

After Nanako flees the scene, the professor reveals to the other participants that the originator of the project’s idea is, in fact, not among them. Taguchi looks like he’s about to lose a few pounds as he comes to the realizes that his precious Makiko orchestrated his participation in an NTR experiment.

In the second OVA episode, we’re introduced to Nanako’s compatriot in failing to properly complete Hen Semi assignments: Anna Katou. Her report of farting in a public place is rejected by the professor as, it turns out, she was not actually the one to do the farting.

It was actually the prodigy of the Hen Semi from last episode, Makiko. Anna confronts Makiko, the ultimate result being…

More of this, less of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi.

Ohhhh yeahhhh.

We go back to Nanako, who is having a chat with the recently single Komugi. Unfortunately, her choice of clothes… or lack thereof (don’t girls usually wear bras?)… was poor, giving Komugi some frequent eye candy.

tits golden ratio

Komugi explains to Nanako the nipple to breast ratio, which states that ideally a nipple should be a certain size relative to the breast itself. Which, fortunately, makes girls with breasts like Nanako ideal.

Why hello there.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up that section of the episode.

Fantasizing about green silly string? Oh you.

We finally get a scene devoted to Hen Semi’s best character. No, it’s not Nanako, it’s Miwako Mizukoshi, Komugi’s ex-girlfriend. Why is she the best?

Miwako has hooked her phone’s vibrate feature to a vibrator that she inserts… inside herself, and written a challenge in the stall of the men’s restroom, including the number of the aforementioned phone. She gets a call.

Miwako then asks Nanako to let her take a picture of Nanako’s nipple, which she intends to send to some random guy she talked to in the hallway. Nanako agrees to it.

We end the episode with a clip in which Nanako is mistaken as the girl with the phone inside her. Hoho.


It’s perfectly natural!

“Stop using me in your examples!”

I don’t remember what this was all about.

Nothing perverted about riding an inflatable dolphin… with glasses.

That face is NSFW.

Penguins: every man has one.


The best part of Hen Zemi is… well, the ending theme. Once you hear it once, I guarantee it will be stuck in your head for a few hours at the bare minimum, though more likely a few days. You just can’t stop! The second best part is, of course, the repeated violation of Nanako’s innocence, which is made better by the fact that I keep imagining Tsukimi as I hear Kana Hanazawa’s voice. Replace this with your character of choice (Tsukimi, Nadeko, Anri, Nessa, Kanade…) and you should be set to enjoy Hen Zemi.

While it certainly is rated R (and there are certainly minors watching this show and reading this review regardless), the comedy overshadows the ecchi by a pretty fair margin. Hen Zemi is what I’d call “adult humor,” named for humor that falls in what’s typically the “adult” realm… though with the internet these days, who knows how early you children learn these things (yes, I’m talking to you). Some of it is not so funny, but god Miwako’s perversion cracks me up so much.

And oh god, I just re-read what I wrote two paragraphs ago and realized it makes me really sound like some kind of sicko. It’s not that I enjoy the thought of violating someone’s innocence, but rather it’s so amusing that it’s Kana Hanazawa’s character starting to break down. If you like Kana Hanazawa at all, Hen Zemi is a must see just so you can hear her freak out every 10 seconds.

This is to be continued in the series post, which will hopefully be here soon!

Disclaimer: Comment at your own risk.

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  1. anaaga says:


    with hen zemi? really? try harder

    • anaaga says:

      HEN ZEMI

      you edited the comments

      what can be worse than that. you’re a shame to all anibloggers. tsktsktsk

      • sassy says:

        HEN ZEMI

        It just sort of happened by itself!

        I did warn you all after all hahahaha

  2. Foshizzel says:


    Hahahha such a random show! Good times thou lots of laughs for me xD gotta love Nanako’s reaction to everything so good.

    Random and fun 😀

  3. Namika says:


    O_O I think my brain is going to explode …….. Can anything be so bipolar????!!! So funny, but so…… obnoxious O_O

    That aside… if you’re trying to battle using Hen Zemi, then you need to try harder 😉

  4. Dan-go says:


    Oh my god, what has been read cannot be unread! i keep thinking it’s kanade!!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      HEN ZEMI

      Your brain is destroyed forever. Kill yourself nao~ xD

  5. MikADo says:


    The TVA is sooooooo milder than the OVA
    the OVA itself is like super concentrated crystal of ero-ness and ofcourse hentai-ness

  6. Foshizzel says:


    LOLLOLOL edited comments XD

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