First Impression – Hidan no Aria

Seriously who gave Taiga guns?

Another brand new season of anime! And of course the generic J.C. Staff show, aka tsundere lead character voiced by Rei Kugimiya. At first I wasn’t sure on doing this show or not, but I think this might actually be kind of fun to follow. It’s time to put our guns on! With Hidan no Aria! Let’s rock.

Plot begins with our main hero Kinji who on the way to school has a bomb strapped to his bike, yes much like the plot to SPEED it will blow up if he slows down. A young transfer student named Aria comes to his rescue and later he returns the favor and saves her. Naturally the two are paired up and live together.

Students travel by bike or parachute in this city!

Is this the long lost child of Dante? Guns look like Ebony and Ivory.

After that explosive beginning we jump to a few hours before with Kinji waking up for school and gets a visit from a friend named Hotogi Shirayuki. She warns him about a bomber that has been targeting students from Butei High school, where they train mercenaries. Sounds like the plot of Wanted to me. Anyways, Kinji leaves to catch the bus, only to become the target of the bomber and to get saved by Aria.

Hey, Ayumu, whatchoo doin’ in Aria, man?

Shirayuki- “Hey, hey! Notice me! Ahhhhhhhh!!”

Yep, he totally notices, you know childhood friend character who cooks.

Kinji- “Oh damn! Save me Keanu Reeves!”

After being saved by Aria, Kinji wakes up in the school’s gym with her on his lap. Yes, great idea, sit on his lap! And naturally the Tsundere wakes up and proceeds to punch him lightly. That is until the segway’s with machine guns unload on them! Yes, segways with machine guns totally attack them. While Aria shoots back, Kinji gets up and activates his BAMF mode and takes the bots out like a pro! Actually shoots his own bullets into the barrels of the machine guns blowing them up. Really awesome scene even though it was short.

D’awwww, would you look at those tiny fists of Tsundere rage?

Replace all these gunshot sounds with animals in your head! Makes it fun.

Kinji-“Well, hello, you two…”

Such a rape face there Kinji and Aria has her dere dere face going!

Kinji- “Hot damn, I make this look damn cool!”

Aria-“Now that the robots are dead let’s fight for no reason at all!”

Kinji- “Shoot, you don’t have any ammo left.”

Aria is defeated by the bad pun!

Kinji then goes to class and Aria is there waiting for him. We get to see some other students who naturally think the two were alone getting friendly with each other. After the school events Kinji, returns to his apartment only to hear his doorbell being spammed! Opening the door he discovers Aria outside with a suitcase. And you can guess what plot device is used here? He gains a new roommate! Surely this won’t be a bad choice? The episode ends shortly after that.

Hey, look, Keanu Reeves is in this anime! He is the “dude friend”.

Airhead teacher and idiot classroom chick, check and check.

Aria- “You are my slave now! Muhahhaha!”            Kinji-“SON OF A BITCH!”

Extra Ammo

Only the main characters can have different colored hair than your background students.

I have no idea how she kept these hidden!

A wild Aria appears, what do you do?! WHAT DO YOU DO?

Aria commands you to watch next week!

End Thoughts:

What a crazy episode! Not the best show ever in the spring list but still entertaining to say the least. Interesting stuff going on with the first few minutes throwing us right into the action and setting up the two main characters quite well, I think. Yes, we have our usual suspects with the lead Tsundere who already has issues with Kinji, who I really like! He doesn’t just sit around chilling and letting others save him; instead he kicks some ass himself! Unlike another lead J.C. Staff character *cough*Touma*cough* makes speeches and clocks people’s lights out.

Animation quality was nicely done! If J.C. Staff does one thing right it has to be the environment in their shows, really amazing stuff right there. The characters themselves look great, not very colorful but most of the main leads have different colored hair, which you can always expect in a show like this. I didn’t really talk much about the school’s purpose but from what I gather they train students with abilities and various guns. The ending sequence does show off sniper rifles to machine guns to swords, so hopefully we have a wide variety of “powers” and weapons to choose.

Aria seems like a fun character, yes she is extremely generic! Twin tails and an angry personality, which will probably grow old on anyone who hates that type of girl; I don’t like it but I also don’t really care too much for it. Kinji doesn’t look like he will become her punching bag however! He did defend himself without having to really do much against Aria. I really hope this can continue to flow this way with our lead being actually cool with Aria’s constant fits of rage and attacks.


Next week! Aria and Kinji form a “party”. I guess we have a team setup with the school!? Find out next week if Kinji continues to be awesome and expect much screams and yells from Aria.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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34 Responses to “First Impression – Hidan no Aria”

  1. Eri says:

    You liked it? o_o I literally dropped it after watching the first 15 seconds. I mean, it uses the same old action anime formula with a hero wannabe protagonist, a short flat-chasted loli with twintails and a side characters with huge knockers! How can it be more non-original? Do you think I should give it a second chance?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha well I always check out JC Staff shows, seems I always end up either enjoying them or just mindlessly watching them.

      True it is 100% generic like every other show with a Loli lead who happens to be a tsundere role as well, I don’t mind it to much still fun and the main guy is actually very cool.

      Up to you really, she doesn’t get to beat on Kinji to much! It looks like that will not happen here to much on this series. I liked the gun play anyway that’s probably why I wanted to watch 😛

  2. Tofu says:

    I for one really liked this episode of Hidan no Aria, definitely continuing! Tsundere characters = win!

    I found it absolutely ridiculous how Kin-chan changes into a wannabe-BAMF through hormonal excitement. The fact that he walked out in the open while still talking to Aria was ridiculous as well! To top it off, he dodges bullets and shoots down the barrels… ugh. Guess that’s anime for you ey?

    Surprisingly I enjoyed the entrance Aria made by falling down with dual pistols! Now THAT was BAMF!

    I’m also watching this show because Kin-chan has the same voice as Ayumu from Kore wa Zombie~!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep I am with you on that Tofu! This was quite fun, I don’t really like that role for my favorite characters but I think it will grow on me eventually.

      Lmao yes he was talking out of character during the first half talking about how this was like a manga and girls falling from the sky hahaha. Yeah kin-chan is great that BAMF mode probably is his “ability” yes guns and more guns please!

      Aria is cool too! Dual pistols and guns!

      Right I forgot that was Aikawa this makes it even more cool! xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, it makes it even cooler. Junji Majima voices Kinji Tohyama and Ayumu Aikawa while Rie Kugimiya voices Shana
        from Shakugan no Shana, Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire and Agnese Sanctis from Toaru Majutsu no Index II. That’s a good cast to start off with.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Almost forgot to add that she plays Aria. My bad.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yep he also voiced Ryuuji in Toradora! So they have “worked” together before on previous shows together and Shana too he was a side character somewhere.

          So they have the voice talent so far! Always fun.

  3. anaaga says:

    a pigtail tsundere loli and a double-personality dude.

    i’m so watching this

  4. Reaper says:

    Queen of Tsundere returns as…another tsundere. Derp.
    Swear they crossed Saya from HOTD and Yui from Angel Beats on this one, just throwing it out there ppl…
    I was pretty excited for this show so I wonder what JC Staff is going to do with it. Hope they do a good job after undoubtedly taking their ppl away from Index II. Never forgive them for that…
    Building a team against an unknown foe? Just thinking of Mass Effect but yeah, there you go 🙂 Though I have this feelign it might be a harem team. Can’t complain but JC Staff, could you please lay off the harem, just this once? Nothing against harems, just getting a bit repetitive. A more serious anime would be just a bit more enjoyable (like FMA. No harem, just pure awesome)
    Can’t wait for the next Hysteria Mode episode. *cough 😉

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! The queen of tsundere has arrived again complete with twin tails! LOL damn Saya she was my 3rd most hated from HoTD gaaahh could she please say stupid more???

      So far JC Staff has done good with this, high production and great voice work so far!

      Lol sounds more like IS with the “unknown” enemy, true I always have fun with most JC Staff shows 😀

      Hahaha yes I am looking forward to more.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Whoa!! I’m suddenly interested in this anime. That’s basically a public school for assassins. But putting guns in the hands of a hot tempered, Tsundere loli is bad sign for anyone who crosses her path. It looks like the main character goes into knight mode whenever his adrenaline goes up and regrets everything he said when gets back to normal.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha yes agreed there school for assassins? Sounds epic to me, hopefully there are a few more guys so this doesn’t fall into harem mode. Tsundere with guns even worse! Agreed don’t make her angry, reminds me more of Wanted when the guy had to focus his heart rate shot through the roof and gained some “epic shooter” mode.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Maybe I’m seeing things but whenever Aria flips out, it looks like she has razor sharp fangs. What is she? a werewolf, a vampire OR a maso-shoujo(Haruna)? LOL. It’s definitly hard to tell with these current lolis. And what’s with “be my slave”? Maybe she is a vampire. After all, they do have servants.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Aria flips out = Double fang all the way!

          LOL yes the be my slave should be like a Rie catch phrase! She always uses this line in most of her shows, I know in Toradora it was be my dog or something on those lines.

  6. Alynn says:

    This was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. (Considering that I read the first few chapters of this manga a while back as well)

    Will probably watch the 2nd ep to see how it goes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh so there is a manga of this, interesting will have to read after this finishes up sometime. Yes I thought it would just be pure dumb however looks actually quite fun.

      Good idea 😀

  7. amado says:

    im gonna give J.C. staff the benefit of doubt….

    • Foshizzel says:

      I don’t blame you there, J.C. Staff is always hit or miss hopefully this is a hit!

    • MikADo says:

      J.C. just sucks at action thats all, they are fine with romance and slice of life

  8. Starry says:

    When I first saw the picture of Aria and read the summery, I thought to myself, “hey. This look like the kind of loli/tsudere-ish character Rie Kugimiya would voice. ._.”

    *Checks ANN*


    But typical lolish voice aside. The plot looks pretty interesting. Plus, if I’m not wrong it was originally a novel, so the plot should’nt be too bad. 😀

    Although the whole whole kinda remind me of index, for some reason. ._.

    • Foshizzel says:

      HAhaha well if it’s JC Staff you can somewhat expect Rie to be in there somewhere, so far her record is pretty solid! She even got a small role in IndexII. Shocking she didn’t get the lead role for Index herself I could her Rei doing that role.

      Yes! She is forever a tsundere+Loli combo for life!

      Ah a novel to manga to anime? Awesome! Plot might be actually fun.

      Right special kids at school that trains them in power and skills? Very Index like indeed or more Railgun? if it was an all girls school.

  9. Moni Chan says:

    the school that they go to says that its ok to bring guns. THATS TOTALLY NORMAL. btw loli’s with guns are now on my awesome sauce scale. im only watching this show cuz i heard kujo kazuya’s ( gosick ) voice actor was gonna be in it Im so EVIL

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! Bring your own guns yes normal when you go to a school for assassins! Yes loli’s with guns is great, long as she is ok about shooting people.

      Lol Kujo gah hated that guy from Gosick so badddd oh well good stuff.

    • MikADo says:

      lolis with guns => Strike Witches, Gunslinger Girl

  10. MikADo says:

    But ofcourse im worried sick from this being an ACTION anime, and its the cursed JCSTAFF doing it….
    wtv Kugiming voice sounds so natural on Aria

    • Foshizzel says:

      Big guns! I want to see some rocket launchers or sniper rifle girls yes! Love snipers so awesome.

      Right JC Staff isn’t really known for action, then again Shana and Index and Railgun all have great action scenes so it might be more your tastes vs studio choice. For me JC Staff has a solid record with shows, most people hate them.

      Rie probably lives in the JC Staff basement hahah

  11. Moni Chan says:

    i am so going to that school. wait what am i saying ill have a constant fear of being shot in the head by a loli. this is school for Mio from MM! lolicons have to beware of guns for now on

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lmao yes sign me up as well, death by loli? Most would enjoy that hahaha

      YES Mio from MM! Would fit so well xD

  12. Yi says:

    I’m a little hesitant about this series. A kick ass tsundere loli with twin tails rescues a high school student. It sounds kind of familiar. Normally, I really like anime with girls with guns, but so Hidan no Aria still needs an extra something to make it a little more interesting I think.

    • Dan-go says:

      TRY IT, the twist here is the hero DOESNT WANT to be a hero, but has a complex that causes him to SERIOUSLY KICK ASS (he ends up saving the girl)

  13. Moni Chan says:

    I’m not sure who gave taiga guns but it was a HELLA good idea

  14. Namika says:

    I’m glad I didn’t touch this xD
    Though it seems better, than I expected.

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