Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 02

Makoto and his new crazy friends

Fosh:: Welcome to episode two of Denpa Onna! Hope everyone is enjoying this spring season so far, there have been a few hits and misses as far as this season goes. Denpa is slowly getting interesting for me after that first episode; let’s see how things play out this week! On another news, finished Madoka but I won’t spoil it but damn, that was a great ending. Anyway, time to take on the review for episode two! Tag review with Ness again.

Ness: Man this past week has been a mix of craziness, shitty-ness and laziness. Yepp. But here we are again for Denpa Onna, and things are slowly building up in this series.

Fosh: Plot this week introduces us to a few of Makoto’s classmates: Ryuko who is short yet a strange girl and Maekawa, a tall girl who likes to dress up in strange outfits, like a sandwich. We also learn the reason behind Erio’s strange obsession with aliens.

Erio-“You smell funny… you got any food?!”

Erio- “WHAT?! My singing voice is terrible? I HAD NO IDEA!”

We jump back into where we left Erio and Makoto as they sit together to have some dinner, where Erio explains about various experiments the mysterious aliens have been doing around the city. Makoto basically plays along, not that anyone can understand Erio that much anyway; I know I can’t. The next day Makoto has a random encounter with Ryuko before leaving school.

Ryuko is just so damn cute! Maybe it’s the oversized sleeves?

Orange juice! It’s the fuel of hyper moe girls.

Mattress- “Hello, human animal.”                     Makoto- “We’re doing this again? Really?”

The following day, Makoto meets yet another girl in his class. This time he meets the tall Maekawa,  who gets dizzy easily if she holds her arms up for longer than ten seconds. Yes, another strange girl indeed, but she is really nice to Makoto. Now I’m wondering where the usual tsundere character comes in? Unless you, count Erio a tsundere? She does throw fits all the time, hahahha.

Maekawa-“Don’t stare!”                       Makoto-“You just look too normal to be in this show.”

Maekawa-“I think my arms got stuck!”

After school, Makoto takes Erio out to search for more aliens. Using her as a human GPS system, Erio ends up leading them to the beach. That is until Erio decides to take a swim and gets saved by Makoto. He has to keep an eye on that girl; she’s too crazy to leave alone. Before heading home they bump into Maekawa again wearing a strange costume!

Agreed with Tofu, I love these chibi character drawings!

Erio makes a great alien-gps-chan!

Makoto-“What are you??”                Maekawa-“OH? I am a hero sandwich; the local superhero!”

Once Erio calms down, she goes to sleep and Makoto learns the truth behind Erio’s strange alien obsession thanks to Maekawa and Meme. He finds out that Erio went missing for half a year and when she was found, she thought she could fly! And she ended up getting into a bad accident breaking her leg. After being in the hospital, she began to act differently and started to wrap herself in blankets due to the traumatic accident.

Meme has that look in her eyes! And it isn’t hunger.

Erio was into some extreme sports, yo! Look at that air she got!

Erio- “I should have tried using a skateboard instead.”

Extra Aliens

Erio, you should stop using glitter shampoo

This girl is too cute! Giving us all Moe heart attacks, also dem sleeves!

Ryuko looks somewhat like Yui from K-on! Oh man, who decided to clone her?

Makoto-“No one told me this was going to be a harem anime?! Can I leave then?”

End thoughts

Fosh: Not a bad second episode this week! More laid back and fun this time as well. The introduction of both Maekawa and Ryuko was great! Although both girls are equally strange and they fit quite well with Erio and Meme.  I guess Shaft does animate some oddball girls in almost all of their shows so far, not sure on Madoka, the only I would call weird would be probably Kyoko, as you can’t forget her eating habits. It was nice to see Erio outside of her mattress for a bit, and have some of the pieces coming together about her alien thoughts and mattress wearing habits.

Ryuko seems to be a hyper Yui-clone, much like both Yui’s in K-On! and Angel beats!, so she will probably become my second favorite next to Erio. However, there are more episodes to go through, we might get some more characters. Hopefully, this doesn’t become another harem themed anime. We already have way too many harems out there anyway. Now we wait to see if he gains a guy friend or not? So that we can get our typical two-guys, three-girls setup. Unless Meme wants to be in the harem too?! Oh man, better run Makoto!

It was cool to see the bike flying in front of the moon! I think everyone who has seen ET instantly saw that from a mile away. Maybe that is Shaft’s way of paying respects to an old classic? Probably. I still want to find out why Erio thinks she’s an alien, maybe she really is one? I guess we need to see some powers before assuming anything. I have a feeling she is one but isn’t quite good at explaining it to Makoto? We shall see!

Ness: So it seems that Makoto is slowly building up his harem. The first follower is Erio who Makoto has somehow put it on himself to care for her. As well, Makoto dug his own grave in the end of episode 1 by thoughtlessly agreeing with Erio on being an alien. Thus, Makoto has to go through listening to Erio’s rambles about extraterrestrial things to the point of annoyance.

As well, the introduction of the next person in Makoto’s harem just has to be the weird moe girl, Mifune. Listening to Makoto’s inner monologues are sometimes humorous but yet can be annoying. Makoto seems to be one of those go with the flow guys without any big thought in the outcome. An example is when running into Mifune, he started to copy her way of saying things and gestures. Poor guy, thought that he could keep up on his kiddy run-down bike. As for the third girl to enter Makoto’s harem, this is probably by accident. Well, poor Maekawa has to deal with her height and mean Makoto is already making fun of her. Though, I don’t see anything wrong with Maekawa, she is somewhat attractive with all those zoom in shots they give her.

The late night bicycle ride was somewhat amusing. This leading to the beach and Makoto’s childish reaction on the sand was something. But to add to this, Eri thinking she can float in a mattress was quite funny. The run in with Maekawa who seems to be working a late night part time job but not really saying it is so was amusing. I think Mifune has nothing on Maekawa with her safety helmet against a girl who wears such costumes. But we all know that Erio tops them all off with her own eccentric behaviors. But finding out the reason behind Erio’s belief in aliens was somewhat sad. I dunno WTF is wrong with Meme, so uncaring on the matters. But we finally have some piece of information that helps move the story along. Anyway, I’m probably at this moment spewing a bunch of random shit out of nowhere. So I’ll stop here. Catch you guys next week~


Erio, what are you going to do next?! Find out next week! And what will Maekawa wear next too.



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22 Responses to “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 02”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    Ryuko is pretty cute but I keep hearing the Kyubey voice at time -_-;
    Ryuko ~ “Make a contract with me if you want to sleep with me, Makoto :3”
    Makoto ~ “WHAT!?”

    • Foshizzel says:

      OH? they share the same VA? Hahahah NICE

      LOLOL Damn let’s hope we don’t have to hear that happen 😛

  2. Reaper says:

    I agree, Ryuuko is the moe character in this, just too damn cute to do anything but love 🙂 Whilst Maekawa…it think the whole serious girl archetype has been turned onto its head with the dual personality she has, since it’s emotionless in the day and…stranger at night? Heheh, pun XP
    I’m not sure what to think about the truthfulness of aliens in this now since Meme (shock!) actually acted sort of a mother and reminisces about the events where Erio said she could fly…but didn’t successfully land back on solid earth. I mean, there’s also Maekawa again with the whole arms up for denpa signals, and Ryuushi (don’t kill me!) being maybe just a little too cute. I’m just wondering where all this would lead…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep Ryuuko is very cute! She can have a moe battle with Erio yes sounds like a perfect match.

      Maekawa is just “strange” but in a good way! The costume thing is just perfect for Shaft after all they had similar things in Arakawa xD

      Maybe Meme is an alien too?! Muhahahah!

      True it could be that everyone in the town are actually aliens? Then again no idea how things are going, Hahaha no problem Ryuushi is to cute XD

  3. Tofu says:

    I know it’s wrong to think like this but Fosh, if you have a look at the chibi screenshot you’ve taken, does it look a tad bit wrong? 😛 Hint: try thinking dirty AHAHAHAHAHA!

    I didn’t notice the resemblence of Yui and Ryuuko, probabily one wants to be a fruity girl while the other wants to be a cake lover, oh wait they already are.

    Erio will continue being my favourite character and I have stated in my own denpa post that Erio’s initials make up ET (quote from Kiiragi) which does make you wonder if that name was hers to begin with or it was on purpose since she really is an alien because I’m sure everyone know who ET is right?

    I really don’t care about Meme, she’s like… nothing.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lmao yes I can see what you mean xD So evil!

      Oh it’s probably the short hair and the personality to me anyway Yui from K-on was always “strange and overly happy” that’s really the only things similar.

      Erio is fun and cute I don’t mind her anymore guess her odd mattress speak is growing on me, ohhh they do hahah nice! Guess they are really going for a overall alien feel.

      Meme is alright just another terrible mom character who is just like Ooooh right I have a kid that I don’t care about.

  4. bobbierob says:

    Last ep: Erio Hnnnggghh.

    This ep. Ryuuko HHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHH. And I totally didn’t notice she had the same VA as QB until now.

    And don’t even mention Sandwich Woman. That was…creepy.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol lots of HNNNNNNNNNNGGNNN going on this while episode! Yes same here I had no idea she shared VA’s for Kyubey until I looked! So cooool!

      ahh yes sandwich cosplayer lololol

  5. MikADo says:

    EVERY character in this anime is messed up XD
    something wrong with their mentality :3 but i like that!
    SHAFT made my day XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Everyone is a bit strange! But that fits well with Shaft, I think all the people in the town are actually aliens that would be a good twist haha

  6. amado says:

    it would be nice if there was no tsundere in this one. few animes do it. I dont see how this show would have a tsundere since that would be “normal”.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol yes that would be nice to skip that character type in this series, agreed it probably wouldn’t fit so well.

  7. Amutofan123 says:


    Ryuko is so freaking adorable!!! Insta-fave!

  8. Kyokai says:

    Oh God, what is up with this extra moe-ness and cuteness? The animation reminds me of Arakawa so much that it makes my heart ache but it’s a good reminder. The humour is not top-notch but the characters are growing on me. All the girls are so cute and I had to check repeatedly if Erio’s seiyuu voiced Kyuubey but it’s not. Would definitely be following this.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Great question! Not sure why there are so many cute characters, agreed there are some Arakawa animations being thrown around. Humor is a bit lame and agreed the characters are slowly growing on me too.

      Well its Ryuko that shares voice actors with Kyubey xD

  9. Dan-go says:

    i love the ed, it’s so cute, and the et reference really gets to me 😀

  10. […] “So it seems that Makoto is slowly building up his harem. The first follower is Erio who Makoto has somehow put it on himself to care for her. As well, Makoto dug his own grave in the end of episode 1 by thoughtlessly agreeing with Erio on being an alien. Thus, Makoto has to go through listening to Erio’s rambles about extraterrestrial things to the point of annoyance.” – Metanorn […]

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