Beelzebub – 11

It seems Himekawa took bad guy lessons from Dr. Evil~

Well, the Spring season has started and so far…it’s rather scary. *cough* X-men *cough* LOL, whut? Anyway…

…to start off Episode 11 we have a sexy new opening by ON/OFF! You might recognize their voice from the Vampire Knight OPS, and DRRRR!’s second ED. I’m not sure it fits the badass tone more than the Da Da Da anthem but it’s still cool.

Himekawa is plotting…and failing. What a big surprise. After trying to poison Oga, he instead decides to take Baby Beel hostage. He gets a lackey to dress up as a anime mascot that Beel is smitten with but the two see through it and send the imposter into the stratosphere.

Your nightmare fuel for the next two weeks

In Himekawa’s third attempt to steal Baby Beel, he tries to exploit Furuichi’s weakness. GUYS IN DRAG. Uh, I mean…women. He sends a hot woman out to seduce him and get him to hand over Beel but Mustache Guy shows up revealing that it was just another of Himekawa’s ploys.

It’s a TRAP!

Shame on you, Furuichi.

They all get sucked into his internal vortex except Oga and Beel, who remain oblivious to the madness as usual. They dump Himekawa and his bunch on a desert island to remake Lord of the Flies and take off. Himekawa tries a couple more times to get Beel but is thwarted at every turn, until he bumps into another gang trying to take out Oga. They have a little fight and Himekawa wakes up to find Kanzaki looking out for him. D’aww, that’s so sweet.

The new ED is kind of…odd. The style completely changes, and I can only guess they’re parodying something. I’m reminded of a few Bleach openings…but anyway it’s Hilda and Kuneida shojo dancing. It’s not that bad, but I prefer the first one.


Someone’s over-compensating…



A glamour shot of our lovelies

“Well, I’m done.”

Oh no, wait, THIS is your nightmare fuel right here

Aaaaand just for cuteness~


Aw yeaaah, there’s nothing more refreshing than a new OP & ED to start the season. I’m a big fan of ON/OFF anyway so it’s great to hear them in an anime I’m covering. I can prod you all until you go onto Youtube and stare at their sexy twinliciousness. They can’t dance though, just saying. The animation was pretty nice this time around as well, finally, I can stop bitching about it for once and actually praise it.

I didn’t really like Himekawa in the beginning because I thought he kind of sucked, but I’ve warmed to him and it only took an entire episode to make me see how awesome he really is. I enjoyed all his mad plans to steal Baby Beel from Oga. They were hilariously failtastic and weird. Also, him and Kanzaki at the end…awww it was so cute, the fangirl in me found a new pairing…Nah, I’m only kidding. I did majorly lol when he gave Kanzaki all the yogurty at the end, so that he wasn’t indebted to him.

So, after me being kind of harsh on Beelzebub these last few weeks, it’s somewhat redeemed itself in my eyes and I’m looking forward to next weeks episode once again. The better animation and more straightforward story and pacing of this episode worked a lot better, I think, than some of the previous episodes. The ones where they would jump around a lot more with set-piece jokes. So, Beelzebub is looking up! Let’s hope it stays that way.


Next episode; Sleep deprivation is funny.



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3 Responses to “Beelzebub – 11”

  1. Junko says:


    I was looking foward to hearing my fave OP of the season but nooo ;__;

    But it’s okay, the episode delivered and new ED with crazy good animation (WTH..) was..entertaining?

    TL;DR I like this show XD

  2. Dan-go says:

    does lackey cosplayer remind anyone of kuranosuke?

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