Bakuman – 25 [END]

Everybody’s playing cards and crying~
(Caps Lock Heavy warning)

~I thought I’d give one last crappy doodle in celebration of the last episode of Bakuman, though I made it a bit more depressing than I should have (I apologize for the crappy coloring and desk lulz). Anyways, this is IT you guys; FINAL EPISODE -sob- Without further ado, let’s get through this last summary.

After many trials, work-music montages, heavy doses of Enthusiasm Injections, and frustrating slow episodes, our boys of Ashirogi Muto finally have one of their works in the Jack serialization meeting, but not without some tough competition including Nakai, Aoki, Fukuda, and a new ‘genius’ man who just suddenly up and decided to become a mangaka one day on the subway.

As for Saiko and Shuujin, they sit around nervously waiting for the results, coming up with the most negative thoughts. Even the editors try to pass the agonizing time by playing cards.

Finally, after almost five hours, the boys get a call and…

Hattori only says “Congratulations” and the room erupts into celebration, along with some good ol’ thankful bromance.

As for the others, Nakai and Fukuda both end up not making the cut, but, with no hard feelings at all, Fukuda calls to congratulate the two. Even Niizuma takes the phone to tell them congrats.

Saiko decides to put off celebrating and goes home to tell his mother the news. Later into the night, he realizes Azuki still hasn’t messages him back, and in the spur of the moment, takes off running towards her old house, where he also gives his thanks to his uncle, Shuujin, and Azuki for his dream.

As he stands by her old house, reminiscing back to the first episode, Saiko suddenly gets a call from an unknown number. It’s none other than Azuki, who first apologizes for hanging up on him in the past episode, then gives her congratulations. The two lovers surprisingly continue to talk.

This is actually a messed up screencap I took, but I thought it fit well for this…-starts sobbing-

A day of congratulations, and then it’s back to work as Saiko and Shuujin set up the apartment for Hattori, who will discuss more about serialization. However, when they open the door, another person is their accompanying him.

Hattori then drops the ball by saying this editor, Miura, will be THEIR new editor!~

Final Thoughts: HATTORI WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! I can’t believe they ended it RIGHT THERE. I feel a bit trolled. What the hell J.C Staff?! Trying to torment my poor fangirl heart, as if I haven’t sobbed enough throughout this whole last episode. All in all though, this whole episode has been such a roller coaster ride of EMOTIONS.

At first it was going really slow, so I was afraid I would have to deliver the bad news of it being too boring for a final episode, but in those last minutes, this wave of enthusiasm and excitement totally trumped that. They did such a good job of just spreading out that meeting, because they dragged it on so much, created so much tension, I was about ready to shoot somebody if they didn’t announce it yet. I was so anxious I started slapping my knees because the tension was killing me. Then once Hattori called them, I EXPLODED into happiness. It literally felt like I just received the best news of my life as well x’D AND THEN AZUKI ACTUALLY CALLED MASHIRO OMFG. I completely lost it when once she did. I started screaming, “SHE CALLED HIM SHE CALLED HIM!” and sobbing at the same time x’D. IT WAS TOO SWEET.

I swear, Mashiro and Takagi are such drama queens. Poor Kaya was trying to make them feel better but they kept acting all bitchy and pessimistic. Their expressions though when they found out they would be serialized were priceless. I especially freaking loved Kaya’s and Takagi’s reactions xD Honestly, I’m such a happy fangirl right now; I ended up getting my last ounce of Bakuman Enthusiasm Injections ;A;

As for the series as a whole? Well, while Bakuman did have a few bland episodes, it always managed to totally turn the table and give us something to get excited about with the boys’ enthusiasm and the nail-biting tension accompanied with those classic intense situations. It’s actually very inspiring series because of their determination to go and accomplish their dreams. Hell, even I would get pumped to keep practicing my drawing and put in more effort to be a better writer despite how incredibly lazy I’ve been this last year of high school! Because of my new found attachment to this show, I honestly can’t find anything harsh to say about it other than for those few boring episodes and those annoying Mashiro moments. I love this show to bits, and I’m actually starting to tear up AGAIN. NOW MY SUNDAYS WILL BE ENTHUSIASM INJECTION-LESS. I must take off for rehab now, then prepare my plan of escape in the Fall.

My dear Bakuman, it’s been hella fun ever since your fantastic elastic first episode, despite the mini problems I had with you. I’ll probably end up missing you so much, I’ll go take a sneak peek at your manga, then be slapped on the wrist for doing so. Let’s hope my withdrawals won’t be that bad. Love, your crazy fanatic Hoshi. (P.S I will miss Takagi most of all because glasses are freaking sexy)

Second Season Preview?!:

(HNNNGGG THEIR NEW OUTFITS~) Two new editors, a new rival, and…an otter man? Plus, how will our boys do with their serialization? It’s gonna be a long wait, but somehow we’ll survive! I look forward to this second season, which I believe will premiere in Fall. I’LL COME BACK FOR YOU TAKAGI ENTHUSIASM INJECTIONS! Well, that’s it for Hoshi here. Until Fall then~!


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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21 Responses to “Bakuman – 25 [END]”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    While I wasn’t quite as impressed with Bakuman overall, I do agree that they did a good job bringing things to an end. In fact the story running up to the conclusion has been pretty much what I wanted from this show from the beginning. I certainly will be checking in in he Fall to see how the story continues.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yes the ending was pretty solid, like the beginning episode; I had no complaints except for the fact Hattori is not their editor anymore.
      I’ll look forward to more of your comments in Fall!

  2. Alynn says:

    LADJHFLAEH I guess I have to wait until fall sigh.
    Dying right now.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~HATTORIIIIIII ;A; We will miss your editing skillz.
      I don’t think I can even wait anymore…I’ll probably default to the manga soon.

  3. bakuhasu says:

    Hey Hoshi! I have not commented in one of your posts since the Togainu No Chi days, and decided to congratulate you on your Bakuman Series completion! *throws confetti*

    But yeah AS I F*&King thought! This is exactly how I thought the first season of Bakuman is going to end. SIGH* It would’ve been awesome if they end it with this strip in the manga , I think it would be a much more powerful scene rather than just a cliffhanger. Also another gripe is the animation in how it just doesn’t do it justice with Takeshi Obata’s art. It just looks bland..

    But on a brighter note, since I have more confetti to throw, congrats again in completing Bakuman the first season and START WITH THE GODDAMN MANGA DAMMIT DON’T BE MASOCHISTIC AND FORCE YOURSELF NOT KNOWING THE REST OF THE MATERIAL!!!!!!!!

    • Dan-go says:

      the new editor seems like a total idiot in the manga

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Ah yes, yes it has been a while. Thank you!!

      OH LORD. I probably would have sobbed even more if they ended if just like that strip. Definitely would have been a more powerful scene. And yes, I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the animation. I think it’s fine, simple, but decently good. Honestly, I don’t think any studio can do Takeshi Obata’s art justice, heh.


  4. Junko says:


    Until then, I have the manga to keep me company ;u;

  5. Namika says:

    I can't believe I won't have my weekly dose of inspiration for 6 FOLLOWING MONTHS!!! I am such a depressed fangirl right now….. Takagi, Mashiro, I will miss you guys!!!! TT^TT
    On the thoughts about the show, I entirely agree with you, Hoshi. Aside from a couple of irritating 'Mashiro' moments, this is such a kickass show! *0*

    • Hoshi says:

      At least there IS a second season!

      I know! Life will be inspiration-less now! (Okay maybe not that drastic lol). I definitely will miss all the characters too.

      • Namika says:

        Yes, we can do this! *fiery eyes* we must…. TT^TT like there’s another choice, right…… xD

        Yeah, there will be inspiration, but nothing can compare to Bakuman enthusiasm injections. NOTHING TT_TT
        Though at least we have another season. If there wasn’t any, I think I would die *_*

  6. Tofu says:

    ARRRRHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe Hattori said those words…. “his your new editor” O___O IS HE LEAVING US!?!??! ARRRHH!!!!! WHY!!??!

    *ahem* Besides that… I was tearing up so bad when Miho and Mashiro spoke through the phone~ <3 <3 <3 HNNNNNNGGGG~~!!!

    I definitely felt the excitement when they got serialized! But I still kinda dislike the new 'genius'…

    I have no complaints to make for such a great ending to the first season. Sure it seemed to drag the whole 'getting serialized' throughout the first half, but nevertheless it was great! THE LAST DOSE OF ENTHUSIASM INJECTIONS!!! D:

    Finally, congratulations Hoshi on completing Bakuman. ^^ Your exciting and mind gripping writing skills continue to amaze me, especially following your Bakuman posts! I bow down to you senpai ;D

    • Dan-go says:

      afterr 10 and a half hours of viewing i feel we deserve a little more than a phone call 🙁

    • Hoshi says:


      Ah yeah, one of the best moments of this last episode<3

      Really? He seems extremely interesting to me xD I'm excited as to what kind of rival he's going to be.


      UWAH~ Don’t say such nice things Tofu; I’M NOT WORTHY! Thank you ^^ I will continue to do my best once the second season rolls around!

  7. Dan-go says:

    Bahahhaha, this was great, it’s been a fantastic journey, i’m not sure if i’m going to watch that next season though, i’ll try a few episodes…but whyyyyyyy!??!?! HATTORRIIIIII!!!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~So I’m cheating a bit by being forced to read the manga, and I think you should totally check out the second season. SO MUCH MORE SHIT GOING ON YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW…

    • Namika says:

      You must watch the 2nd season, Alpha O.O
      *~* you must watch the 2nd season of Bakumaaaaan~
      No, seriously. Is there a reason to skip the anime that gives out free enthusiasm injections??? That’s right, none XD

  8. Nayu says:

    It definitely was a fantastic (elastic~) last episode :D. It’s just too bad the first part was so nerve racking, I almost pulled every single hair out of my head waiting for the news (even though I already caught up to the manga… I forgot everything that happened, which is why I watch the anime xD).

    The separation between Hattori and the Ashirogi pair was heartbreaking to me… Like a father leaving his sons behind to some random weirdo from the editors’ department. Hattori~! COME BACK TO YOUR CHILDREN NOW ;A; !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WON’T SURVIVE IN THE WORLD WITHOUT YOU TT_TT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on your last review of this amazing series *clapclapclap* Good luck on surviving until fall without your enthusiasm injections (personally, I think I might not):D. It’s going to be a looooooooooooooooooong six months *sigh*

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