Gosick – 10

Don’t be takin’ ma girlz or imma bust yo ass

Oh god I’m so tired right now. So much to do, so little time… plus I just found out I’m going to be gone all weekend. Blast.

On the off chance that you guys weren’t already aware of this, Gosick is actually a 24-episode series, so it’s not ending anytime soon. Whether or not this is a good thing is yet to be seen, as most people either love or hate the series. Personally, I don’t particularly love it because of its rather simple nature, but hey, it still has a few episodes before the spring season starts. If it somehow picks up before then, I won’t mind continuing to watch it, but otherwise it’s going to be dropped hard in favor of other wonderful shows like Hen Zemi and Lotte no Omocha. That’s right, at this point, I’d rather listen to Rie Kugimiya.

You’ll recall that at the end of the last episode, Kujo got his useless ass abducted as he was calling Victorique for help. We find him in a carriage, strangely devoid of his kidnappers, along with that crazy girl we saw in the last episode. They talk a little bit, offering the viewers (but not Kujo, apparently) some insight on what the deal is with that girl.

Seriously, there’s only one possibility of what this could be.

Kujo seems to have just… left the carriage somehow, despite the fact that he was abducted. What the hell? Did his kidnappers even care in the first place? You’re pretty bad at kidnapping if your target can just walk away. Anyway, after a brief scene where we find out that the creepy red-haired Dark Magician is actually the creepy red-haired Brian Roscoe (who we probably won’t learn more about for like, 5 episodes), we discover that the crazy girl ALSO just walked out of the carriage. What.

This is such a brilliant solution to a mystery case!

After talking things over with Grevil, Kujo unfortunately contacts Victorique again, who happens to already have solved most of the case via old newspapers.

What follows is perhaps the most badass part of Gosick yet: Grevil and Kujo, along with the police, basically bust into the department store with excessive force to locate the missing persons and the black market auction. They use something called “Blue John,” which is basically just a glowing substance whose name is absolutely irrelevant but repeated over and over again, to locate the mystery room via outside windows.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Kujo reaches the room and does absolutely nothing. Shortly afterwards, the real men show up to clean things up.

And everyone lived happily ever after.


Straight out of Conan.

what is this i dont even


I guess the arc was more interesting than, say, that garbage in Horovitz, but the so-called “solution” was so obvious that it was hard to enjoy the episode. I even mentioned the thing about the real diamond not shattering as it hit the ground in some side comment, so you can imagine my disappointment as they reveal that that little point was this episode’s shocking reveal. Like I said before, if you go into Gosick expecting an engaging mystery, then you’ll absolutely hate it, so for now I’ll focus on the positive stuff that have nothing to do with mystery.

It’s always nice when the good guys win, especially with such ruthless, arrogant villains like the department store owner. That guy had such a smug smile on his face that I just wanted to punch his lights out and kick his balls every time he appeared. And that woman by his side is obviously performing “favors” to stick around there. Fortunately, they both get their asses handed to them at the end of the episode by a freaking army of police. I don’t know why Grevil bothered to give Kujo an important role in finding the room though. He’s never demonstrated any capacity to be useful, and he didn’t show it here, either.

It’s a shame that we’ll probably never see that… Ryuuji? Luigi? That kid ever again. The show would be so much better with him and Grevil busting criminals’ asses together. Unfortunately we are stuck with the dumb useless Kujo and the annoying Victorique for a long time. Their relationship seems to be improving as well, but I swear that if it turns romantic this series is so dropped. I really don’t see why people like Victorique. Is her attitude problem supposed to be cute or something? Or her loli body? Or her 10-year old mannerisms, despite supposedly being the same age as Kujo? Think about it.


That Jacqueline woman shows up again, but who knows what the next arc will be about.



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9 Responses to “Gosick – 10”

  1. Hime says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if Conan showed up and was just like: “You guys are morons.”

    I’d watch that.

  2. Namika says:

    My hopes are getting lower and lower every episode.
    My irritation caused my certain characters *ahemvictoahemrique* grows more and more…

    I don’t even know, if I should not drop this…. ==”

  3. umi_no_mizu says:

    This was probably the most disappointing arc-y-thing for the show so far… if the viewer can solve the case before the characters in a mystery, then you have a really bad mystery =(

    Although I say that, I shall still persevere until I see who the heck that weird mad-scientist-esque guy who kidnaps(?) Victorique in the opening credits is… If his identity is anti-climactic-worthy I shall be disappointed T_T

  4. Reaper says:

    I liked the idea of the story arcs…but they are pretty simple, nothing like Kara no Kyoukai chapters 🙂
    Ever since the first episode, I’ve adopted the ‘take it as it comes’ view on the series, meaning I won’t have any expectations, so if it flops, I won’t be disappointed. However, if it flips upwards, then I’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂
    Still, some of the bits int he arc was confusing, like the Blue John? How does a certain substance pick out one window out of the others? Why was that? I mean, weren’t they all made of glass, hence it’s name called glass? It’s just the little things like this (and like the whole ‘subtle’ clue at the beginning with the dropped diamond) that does the show no favours. Enjoyable but not memorable.
    As for that red haired guy…if only the magician was actually Touko from KnK, then yes, I would continue watching for the sake of why she would have a doppelganger of Victorique in a box. Sounds rapey to me…

  5. Moni Chan says:

    i love this episode it toke years ( in okaku time ) to sub this conan would be so pissed off if he saw this. btw is that little boy with the blue eyes Greil son or something cuz there was a part at ther end to teasify that

  6. Starry says:

    I loved the busting scene near the end. But I hated it too. I mean. I thought that the cold looking woman would put up more of a fight than this. She was beginning to look kinda awesome too. =/

    Oh, and I think that Jacqueline is Grevil’s fiancee or lover 8D I like her, she has a pretty awesome personality.

  7. texasroper says:

    Do you guys think and hope that victorique and kujo will be come a couple by the end?

  8. texasroper says:


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