Beelzebub – 09 & 10

Girl Trouble~

Hey guys! Have you missed Beelzebub? I know I have. I’m glad to have my weekly dose of Oga’s unique parenting, our closet trap Furuichi and Hilda’s badassery back in the blogspot. It’s been another busy few weeks for me but I won’t bore you with the details. Onto Beelzebub!

Episode 9 starts out with Kunieda’s two lackeys worrying over her infatuation with Oga, and questioning whether she’s forgotten her sacred vow.

While Oga is just about as impressed with Kunieda as she is with him, but for different reasons. Since Kunieda’s powers mean she’s a good candidate for caring Baby Beel.

Unfortunately this goes against her vow to . . .

. . . cause that’s not lesbian. Nope. Not at all.

A fight breaks out between Oga and the MK-5 guys, this in turn leads to a fight between Kunieda and Hilda. It’s actually not as cool as it sounds; it’s brief, blandly animated and ends abruptly with no resolution. But, hell, we haven’t seen much of Hilda in a while so I’ll take what I can get.

Kunieda’s lackeys have been attacked and apparently Oga’s the culprit (oh, yeah, I believe that), so Kunieda attacks Oga who isn’t fighting back for some reason. They duke it out on the roof, and the clueless Oga is still trying to pawn off Beel. For chrissake, why can’t they let this plot point die? HE’S NOT GETTING RID OF THE BABY.

Obviously Oga wasn’t the one who attacked Kunieda’s lackeys and it’s all been a trap to tire Kunieda out so that fem-boy who was hiding in the shadows last episode can take her out and become Queen.

So Oga kicks his ass, naturally, Hilda overhears Furuichi’s yaoi fantasies and Kunieda embraces her rabu-rabu fangirl side.

Episode 10~

Beel is jealous of a little cat they’ve picked up, since it’s very attached to Oga. Cause he’s a real kind soul, yano . . .

The cat starts to charm everyone, this of course completely infuriates Baby Beel.

So its The Son of Satan VS a kitten!

The kitten owns him.

Oga takes Beel (and cat) to playgroup in the hopes of Beel making friends with kids his own age. He meets Kunieda there, but doesn’t recognize her in her casual wear. IS EVERYONE IN ANIME BLIND?!

Meanwhile …

That’s what you get for leaving your demon baby unsupervised.


What you didn’t know is that Kuneida was an extra in Twilight


epic pose of the day

“Do you want to be in my harem?”…”No.”

Bishi Oga, lol

OH HAI GUYS!                                                                                              WASSUP?!


Continuing from 8, 9 is all about Kuneida and her sudden crush on Oga. It’s funny to see her freak out, or in some cases try to lie to her friends about how she feels. And her misunderstanding what Oga’s trying to say to her is always funny. Hilda was awesome as usual, but I do wish her fight with Kunieda could have been longer or even just a bit more exciting. But what do you expect with animation this bad.

I’m serious, in the early episodes it wasn’t anything great but at least it was competent. And competent entails no odd faces, weird limbs or lazy shading. This episode had all of this in spades, and it’s been like that for the last few episodes. If you’re lucky you’ll get some nice animation on one character when the attention is focused on them (like when Kuneida powered up) but other than that it’s just awful and cringe-worthy.

STEP UP GUYS! Especially when you’re back using the unfunny electrocution jokes.

Besides that I did really enjoy episode 9, 10 however …was just fucking weird. I honestly don’t even know where to start. Well, it was clearly pointless filler, for one thing. I’ve heard good things about the manga so I really hope it wasn’t featured or all hope of me reading it is dead. It was just so …NOTHING. It wasn’t entertaining, it wasn’t funny and it didn’t have a point. So, yeah, it probably wasn’t worth the wait. But, I have hope for the series yet with Himekawa’s return!


It’s Himekawa being awesome, need I say more?


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8 Responses to “Beelzebub – 09 & 10”

  1. Namika says:

    Uwaaaaa~ The fighting scenes should get more attention =3= I want to see more awesome and epic fights, dammit! Though, Oga’s parental love is just enough to make me grue my eyes to the screen and ears to the phones :3
    Baby-Furuichiiiiiiii~ *,* ME WANNA PET HIM !!!!
    I didn’t mind the freezing point in the 10th episode’s plot though :3 It was amusing, so I’m still content ^^
    Himekawa is an idiot ==” There’s that one guy we got barely introduced to, but he hasn’t actually appeared in the anime so far. >.> Now that’s whom I’m interested in O,O

    • Namika says:

      1st comment :3 nyaaaaaa

    • Hime says:

      Yeah, cause the fight scenes are awesome, it’s just too bad they are so quick. 10 was weird but it was so cute to see Beel jealous and wanting Oga’s attention! =^^=

  2. Junko says:

    Kuneida is one of my fave female archtypes. The ‘misunderstand everything as a come on then realise you’re a dumbass’ type. I’d take that over a tsundere any day XD

  3. Dan-go says:

    who want’s that frog toy!???

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