Anivision Episode 78: Gundizzle UC Thrizzle with Foshizzel

Was that enough of a tongue twister for you? This time around, our very own Foshizzel joins the Anivision guys for a very intense discussions. Yep, all about Mechs!

After I had my raging stint with Jrow, Amuro, Xcom and Steev Gundam, it’s time for Foshizzel to have his much needed mecha-love shown to the world. So, in other words you can say, Mecha fans unite! The 78th episode of Anivision is filled with discussion about giant robots and other anime related news. So join Amuro, Steev and Foshizzel as they break down their favorite Mecha designs and different machines they want to own in real life. Some show notes:

You can download, Episode 78: Gundizzle UC Thrizzle from here.

Introduction with Foshizzel: 0:00 – 4:10

News Discussion- Japan earthquake, anime and gaming: 4:12 – 18:47

Quick Hits: 18:48 – 22:59

Lawl of the week: 23:00 – 28:20

Intermission with “Unicorn” by Sawano Hiryuki: 28:22 – 29:26

Discussion/Gundam Unicorn 3 review: 29:27 – 1:12:20

Show Outro- Merry-Go-Round by Chemistry Gundam unicorn: 1:12:27

Thanks to the team over at Anivision for having Foshizzel on board for the mecha-filled episode; he sure loved it. Also, do visit their site and post some comments! ^^ Kyo-out~


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7 Responses to “Anivision Episode 78: Gundizzle UC Thrizzle with Foshizzel”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Wooooo This was lots of fun! And getting to chat about my favorite anime subject! Mecha! Big shout out to Steev and Amuro two awesome dudes, can’t wait to do more of these later in the future.

    Thanks for the photo shop picture Kyo! 😀

    • Kyokai says:

      Fun guys at Anivision, aye! My photoshop skills are always there for my teammates. ^^

      • Foshizzel says:

        Photoshop queen! LOL one day I will take some time to learn that fun program, mostly for my drawings but still nice to learn it.

        Yep very fun bunch of bloggers.

  2. Jrow says:

    Thanks for filling in for me and X. Haven’t listened yet, but looking forward to it.

  3. MikADo says:

    Guren Lagan pic looks awesome XD
    and Gundam Unicorn is truly amazing :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Always a great time for TTGL artworks! Truly awesome.

      Yessss Gundam Unicorn is amazing such high quality art and music! I must travel the interwebs to find soundtracks.

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