Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 19

There is never a wrong time for tentacles

Enjoying Valentine’s Day, everyone? Well, it’s not quite V-day over here yet, but with the pink site it sure feels like it. (But it’s not like that’s all we have in store for you~). Guess who my date for Valentine’s day is? A BIOLOGY MIDTERM! YAAAYYY!!! …Yeah, I know. I need a better date =/

Lawrence tries to convince Lag that some well-placed hatred can take you far, transitioning into a “join Reverse” pitch as fast as Kyubei tries to make contracts. His trump card is mentioning Lag’s mother, which sufficiently rattles him. He only manages to break away from Lawrence when he sees Cabernet suddenly fly towards Zaji’s fight with Jeel. OH YEAH, HE CAME HERE BECAUSE ZAJI CALLED FOR BACK-UP. WAY TO HELP, LAG.

All of Zaji’s malice-infused shots didn’t go to waste. All that heart clinging to Jeel’s body attracted the Cabernet, who promptly snatches Jeel up and then flies away like nothing ever happened. Lag meets up with Zaji at what they think is the end of the battle…until Jeel’s memories start to play. Jeel was another experiment who couldn’t become spirit, facing the watery graveyard that we saw last episode. He made it out with another survivor…but it was a girl who was perpetually petrified (alliteration!) as wood. Reverse was conveniently there at the time, so they directed his hatred towards the government.

Manly tears are shed, followed by jumping off a cliff onto the giant dragonfly. Because what else do you do after a good, manly cry? Zaji forcefully frees Jeel from the tentacles and they safely ker-plunk into the water below. Instead of getting Niche to do anything or even follow, Lag makes her stay put for no reason and fishes Zaji and Jeel out.

I guess we’ll find out if tentacles float…

Jeel nearly kills Zaji when he wakes up until he finds out he was saved by him. They’re all pretty much in the same boat now, so they form a sort of mutual bond as they climb the climb. Jeel saves Zaji twice: once when he falls and once again when a giant boulder spontaneously decides to try and bowl them over. Yeah, that boulder is a real douche. Lag tries to make everyone get along, but fails. The two of them are too set in their ways…even though they’re saving each other.

Save Lag from the boulder? Nawww, he’s a good 40 centimetres away, he’ll be fine!

All of the main Marauders are crowding around the cliff at this point, waiting for Jeel to come up. They really didn’t need that kid to sniff him out if he was right THERE. As soon as Jeel reaches the final ledge, they scold him for not killing Zaji earlier. Time to fix that by an old-fashioned punch-you-off-a-cliff move. Luckily Niche and Vashuka (who should’ve just followed them in the beginning) are there to break everyone’s fall.


Somehow everyone is at the bottom of the cliff now, and raring to go. Niche takes on Garrard’s dingo while Zaji and Lag (as the tag-along) aim for Jeel. Zaji’s final faceoff with Jeel ends pretty quickly. Just one shot into his chest and he falls to his knees. Zaji’s shot was filled with LOOOVEEEE the sadness of having to shoot a friend, signifying the pointlessness of the fight. Just as Zaji is about to say something meaningful, Garrard shoots him in the chest and he collapses.

Garrard wastes no time in going to shoot Lag, who is protected by Zaji. They hide behind a rock, rendering them INVISIBLE, so Garrard leaves them be. Zaji gives Lag another pep talk to spark his dampened spirit and sends him off to deal with Reverse and Cabernet. Zaji, battered up more than he’s ever been before, just stands sadly over Jeel’s body ;_;

This is V-day…but this is NOT a confession scene!

Lag tries his shindan again, but it fails. Lawrence tries to win Lag over again, but Lag refuses to resort to hatred. He pulls out Noir’s gun from his bag, and it ends up resonating perfectly fine with his spirit amber eye. He shoots Gauche, and the blast is reflected onto Cabernet at the base of the wings, rendering it flightless. After accomplishing this feat, all of the Marauders disappear without a trace.



Lag’s ass starts glowing and saves the day!


Zaji of the week. Look at those eyes…JUST LOOK AT THEM.

End Thoughts: I don’t know about you, but I’m really getting into the anime original of Tegami Bachi now. This was another solid episode, although it did have a few things that were off about it. Zaji and Jeel have great chemistry (n…not like that!) as two characters who have the same goal, the same feelings, but have to fight due to their circumstances. The mix of respect and determination to fight one another was really well-done…

Just as I thought the meaningless fights would stop, Garrard ruined everything. If I didn’t hate him before, I HATE HIM EVEN MORE NOW. For every second I start to think Reverse has things right by sticking it to the government, that asshole turns it all around. =_= Really, he’s no better than the government.

I know Lag was out of commission this episode since he couldn’t fire his shindan, but…he was atrociously useless. Why didn’t he bring Niche with him when he’s clearly defenseless right now? Lag didn’t even dodge the BOULDER for christ’s sake, he just sat there. Meanwhile, Zaji is jumping off cliffs, being punched off cliffs, climbing up cliffs, and fighting for his life. Lag did manage to weaken Cabernet, mind you (is it dead?), but I’m hypersensitive to incompetence…I can’t stand characters who don’t do their job and just sort of muck about. GET IT TOGETHER, LAG!

I’m glad Lag got his shindan back…Otherwise, can you imagine how useless he’d be? Zaji would practically usurp his position as lead character. Might as well give him Niche and call it a day. Seeing how the other side-characters defeated Cabernet in the manga was really amazing, so I’m a bit sad that’s not going to be in the anime…I mean, it can’t fly anymore even if there’s an off-chance it’s still alive and wriggling down there. =B I can bet we’ll get something else awesome to make up for it though.

Preview: Lag and Niche see Connor’s dog which leads them to….Connor! He’s been in that Church place all this time, isn’t it time for him to join the fight?


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11 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 19”

  1. Hime says:

    If there ever was a time for tentacles it would be V-Day; satisfying lonely singles everywhere.

  2. alex says:

    LIKE A BOSS haha

  3. Sebz says:

    Though I feel like if this episode was supposed to be Lag’s darkness before dawn take, I’m really disappointed.

    • Overcooled says:

      I was glad they got over his “baww I can’t shoot heart bullets, I think I hate people but don’t know who to hate!” because we all know that Lag would never succumb to that hatred. It’s just against his character, so I don’t mind that taking a backseat in this episode and being over quickly.

  4. Tofu says:

    You know what… I think I’m slowly loosing my grip on Tegami Bachi… it doesn’t seem that interesting anymore, it’s all a bit depressing and slow :\ But either way I’ll still be watching this till the end.

    Anyways, happy valentines everyone! And what a way to spend it with many tentacles in this episode LOLS… I was surprised how little Niche was used throughout this episode, I mean, you face these bad dudes and they hardly do anything besides saving Lag once when he fell and having a face staring contest which lasted less than a minute with that other dingo…

    I think they just rushed it way too fast in this episode… something like this with more meaning could of lasted 2 or 3 eps, depending what extras they want to put into it… sigh… oh wells, let’s see what next episode has in store for us shall we?

    • Overcooled says:

      I am obviously working at the REVERSE of everyone since I’m the only one getting more exciting. You say it’s slow and then you say they rushed it? Which one is it? O_o I didn’t find it rushed, to be honest. I would not want them stuck at that cliff for 2 or 3 more episodes just so Lag can waffle between hatred and finding his true heart =.= I prefer the fast-pacing that had things continuously keeping me on my toes.

      My only big problem with this episode is that Lag didn’t use Niche for anything when he was UNARMED. Niche needed more screentime.

      • Tofu says:

        LOLS aww OC we can never agree on anything together ay? xD Dw about the slow and fast thing… it’s too hard to explain 😛

  5. Kuroneko says:

    So I am the only one who liked it? I think it was a pretty good chapter. Even though Lag was quite useless… I don`t hate him or anything… But it was COMPLETLY useless here. Well, look at the bright side: It was a Zazie episode. And we all love Zazie. And yeah, I think it`s better that he could shoot the Shindan in this episode… I don`t like when, in an anime, they stand there, for hours, talking about what´s good and bad.
    But… I don`t know if i can survive to a Connor-centered episode -.-

    • Overcooled says:

      No way, I liked it too XD Lag was…pretty much an inanimate object for the entire episode until the end…At least he didn’t get in the way of anyone <_< I'm also very grateful that he got his powers back QUICKLY. but really, all of Lag's failures were compensated by ZAJI BEING THERE. Connor is pretty "meh" for me too, but I don't think it will be that bad.....I...hope...<_<

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