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With the Valentine’s almost past, time to prepare the site for some more loveliness~

Time for YOU to VOTE the Best Couple of 2010!

Yes, we are fandom whores and we love everything about it. We are singles who are stuck in watching fantasy but struggled to get loved ones in real life, but that issue’s now solved with the help of how2txther, approaching someone through texting is now easier. Starting from characters, music to shipping of couples. We also believe in OTP and goddamn it’s FUN! Did you think, we’ll be done with all the rabu-rabu posts in a day?! No, sirry! We plan to continue with many falling hearts and posts and much much more till late March. So, keep tuned in, folks! Among the first few, after Hoshi’s otaku manga digest and Banner collaboration with Neonovic, now comes the turn of what you have been seeing on our polls: Favourite Couple of 2010! The technicality used here is the series airing end-date any time in 2010 and a canon pairing rather than OTPs.

I was planning to make this part of the Year-Ender posts that I churned out in 2010 but left it for Valentine’s occasion. What better day to ogle and fangirl the many favourite pairings of last year. But, don’t even ask me to do the impossible; that is, nominated my favourite because there is not just one. So, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of Metanorn readers. Also Spoiler Alert! If you don’t know a pair, just skip through as I do talk about development.

Anyway, time to vote up all your favourite pairings! The polls will remain open till 25th Feb, 2011. Without any further ado and in no particular order:

Kazehaya and Sawako

I am very biased about this pair because well, they have been our mascots for the second month running but hey, season two is airing currently after all! They are damn cute and innocent; not a combination that you find in the usual shoujo setting, where the boy and girl meet, develop feelings, confess and go into a misunderstanding spiral caused by rivals/friends. Even when KnT has all of this, the treatment of characters and their sheer innocence is what sets them apart. Of course, it sometimes frustrates the reader/watcher to no end for the protagonists to be so slow but hey, they are so DAWWW~ and will get their feelings to reach each other soon enough. So, just sit down, relax and stay tuned till it lasts.

A cute nugget from season one below; ohohohoo~ poor Kazehaya got so serious and chibi Sawako ftw~

Senjougahara and Araragi

I made a hawt banner for them, what else proof can I give for how much I like this pair? I can say that technically episode twelve aired in 2009 but hey, the series ended in 2010 and however big Araragi’s harem is; Senjougahara would always be the one topping it all and he loving her exactly the way she is with all her faults and peculiarity. It’s not that a strong bond is built when you spend some quality time together under a starlit sky but when you share your precious treasures and promises, it becomes golden. nagi’s “Kimi No Shiranai Monogatari” just enhances this moments and takes it to another level. If you have forgotten about it, let me refresh your memory:

Kou and Nino

Another adorable couple, having a unique meet up scene. In other words, Kou with his pants down, showcasing his shiny ass, while Nino being his rescuer. Their love is of a totally different kind because the odd one out actually possesses vast wisdom, while the logical one is the one learning from the whole weird setting and characters of Arakawa-world. However the situation maybe, their feelings are true and thus punctuated with many eye-opening and thought-provoking sequences.

AMV by youlSiegenReturning using, Counting Crow’s Accidentally in Love

Kanade and Otonashi

This pairing was not even apparent till half of the season was through and everyone finding out that Kanade was not actually evil. Their development took its sweet time but it was worth it with that ending scene, while the last few seconds were total WIN! It almost makes you want to believe in another life. Following video is quite spoilerish, so only watch if you have seen the series.

A promising end is trillion times better than the sad ones.

Sister and Maria

This is what you call a dysfunctional couple. If you were thinking about some Christian references here, look somewhere else because even if Sister cross dresses as a nun; he’s MANLY as hell. And even if Maria gives the vibes of an innocent shepherdess, she’s a pure S to the last T. Whenever they interact, Sister is the one taking all the heat, knowing full well that Maria does it on purpose. But, there’s loads of history and because Maria tolerates and even sings for him; it’s all kind of her affection.

Sister’s SO MANLY. He listens to all that and still loves her…

Yui and Hinata

One of those adorable couples that you DAWWW over. Angel Beats! is full of their comic moments, usually they are just playing around or screaming at each other but truth is not so flowery and we find to our amazement their unique back-stories. The climax of their story was just golden and however annoying Yui was in the series that for me redeemed her clean.

A playful pair? Heck yeah.

Masaomi and Saki

Problematic couple, anyone? It even goes beyond the RL examples of skeletons in the closet. Well, I can’t be sure in that observation because life is weird after all. The thing that made them WIN was the fact that even with all the imperfections and problems, they somehow or the other found a true meaning to their love and got over their loaded past. To me, it was more than an accomplishment.

Celty and Shinra

I LOVE YOU, HOWEVER YOU ARE. These are one of those cheesy lines that you hear in romantic movies but it applies perfectly to this pair because one of them is actually a headless horse-woman! Talk about being supernatural but she’s the most human character out of all Drrr! characters and Shinra, however devious he appears to be truly, madly, deeply, loves her, just the way she is. That is pure win to me, sirs and madams!

Usui and Misaki

I can’t stop fangirling them! A few days ago, I finally caught up to the manga and here’s the result: it is SO MUCH BETTER than anime! Of course, there are more DAWWW moments and Misaki’s dere is adorable, while Usui is always HAWT. He emanates hotness pheromones but his unwavering loyalty to Misaki and vice versa is what makes them a true couple.

Yin and Hei

Arghhh… Can I start crying now? I mean, these two are just SO GOOD together but you don’t get much of development. You know there’s more than something and you ship them like crazy, yet Gaiden makes you cry. It’s that kind of relationship after all… I guess, I love them still. ;3;

Chiaki and Nodame

One of my all time favourite shoujo pair. You will have to see Nodame Cantabile to see/read what I’m talking about. They are poles apart, yet somehow or the other they make quite a pair and end up complementing each other. There are three animu seasons and even jdorama/movies done on this manga so there’s lots of material to fangirl over and rightly so. Did I just hear Ness do a fangirl squee? I think yeah. xD

Tsukimi and Kuranosuke

One of the awesome pairs of 2010, who really left their mark behind; not only because the male counterpart is a fabulous trap but mixing it with a female jellyfish otaku was simply brilliant. From the beginning even seeing so many differences, your heart just roots for the pair and keeps on whooping, whenever some new development happens. I am SO waiting for a season two announcement but knowing Brains Base, I will keep all the good thoughts to myself.

Shichika and Togame

To be remembered forever and ever~ I’ve heard a lot of people complain that Katanagatari is very long from which I will not disagree but it all pays off in the end. It’s that kind of story that takes its sweet time in developing; not to mention, the character growth is amazing. Episode nine was the best for all the mushiness and I just DAWWW’d over all the moe faces that Togame made. This is one pair to be remembered for pure winsomeness.

AMV by mayuzero using Owl City’s “If my heart was a house, you’d be home”

Akashi and Watashi

As I said in the Banner Collab post, Tatami Galaxy needs more love and I have a reason to say it. Watashi is always running after Akashi, who seems to be a mystery onto herself. She’s righteous and has a very cute side to her as well. Even if time is quite relative for Watashi, his feelings finally reach Akashi and what is best if not the mutual acceptance?

Edward and Winry

A legendary couple is what they are. Anyone who has read the manga or seen the anime series knows that the development is quite slow because it’s not a shoujo genre but they do share more than just chemistry. When you know someone since you open your eyes to the world, the interaction is just that different. They have many memorable moments that range from hilarious to revealing and pure adorable as the cute confession in the end:

Alright, this was HARD but let’s see who are the top three pairs. Vote nicely, all, think through your votes and comment away on your choices. Results would be out before 27th Feb, 2011. Till next time, Ja ne~


1. CLEAR WINNERS! Sawako – Kazehaya (47%, 385 Votes)

2. Celty – Shinra (39%, 317 Votes)

3. Misaki – Usui (37%, 301 Votes)

4 – Tie between Senjougahara – Araragi (34%, 281 Votes) with Winry – Edward (34%, 281 Votes)

6. Yui – Hinata (29%, 235 Votes)

7. Kanade – Otonashi (29%, 234 Votes)

8. Nino – Kou (24%, 198 Votes)

9. Tsukimi – Kuranosuke (22%, 180 Votes)

10. Nodame – Chiaki (21%, 170 Votes)

11. Yin – Hei (19%, 153 Votes)

12. Maria – Sister (17%, 135 Votes)

13. Togame – Shichika (16%, 127 Votes)

14. Saki – Masaomi (13%, 104 Votes)

15. Akashi – Watashi (7%, 55 Votes) — (This makes me sad!)


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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78 Responses to “Best Couple of 2010”

  1. Tofu says:

    Can I… vote again? I’m not good with names especially since there are so many names out there and for example Mio is used throughout the fandom, there’s so many of Mio’s!! (Should be only one.. K-ON’s Mio~ <3) Kyokai, is it possible to reset my votes and allow me to vote the ones I REALLY want to vote on? ^^

    • Tofu says:

      Why isn’t Senjougahara X Araragi WINNING!??!! *fan boy rage* And what’s this!??! Yui and Hinata was one of the BEST *another fan boy rage* xDD

      • Kyokai says:

        I’ve reset your choices so you should be able to vote again.

        Btw, YES, WHY ARARAGI and SENJOUGAHARA not winning?! 0.0

        • Tofu says:

          It’s only showing up the results! D: I can’t vote! NOOO~~!!! OH THE HORROR!!! xD

        • anaaga says:

          oh so you don’t want sawahaya to win? OH I SEE, I SEE D:

        • Dan-go says:

          SENJOUGAHARAXARARAGI FOREVER YOU PEOPLE ALL SUCK (except all who voted for them ily)

          • Tofu says:

            WOOT! Senjougahara X Araragi!!!!! <3 <3 GO DAN!!! xD

            @Kyokai: You can't IP ban the great Tofu! MWAHAHAHAHA!! (Please don't IP ban me… D:)

            • Tofu says:

              yay I can vote again! Now to make arrangements! MWAHAHAHA!!!

              I voted on:
              Senjougahara X Araragi!!!!!!!!
              Celty X Shinra
              Saki X Masaomi
              Tsukimi X Kuranosuke
              Kanade X Otonashi!!!!!!!!
              Winry X Edward
              and finally…
              Yui X Hinata!!!!!!!!

      • Masu says:

        because i wanted araragi to go with hanekawa.

        • Tofu says:

          LOLS It’s Masu!! xDD Yeah, Araragi and Hanekawa would of been a good match too but I’m a fan boy of Senjougahara so yeah~ ^^ You gotta love the night sky scene <3

      • MikADo says:

        *FAN BOY RAGE* grrrr
        y Arararararagi X Senjougahara not WINNING??

  2. Namika says:

    I think I just had a fangasm over those cute pairings …… O_O
    But my absolute #1 is of course Edward+Winry. It’s my #1 anime after all 3< Also, I voted for Tsukimi-Kuranosuke, Nodame-Chiaki(SKIIIIIIII <3) and for Misaki-Usui.
    Rabu-rabu paradaisuuu~ ^3^

  3. baka_girl says:

    Aww, I’m having a hard time pick 7 couples out of 15! Almost all of them are my favourite!

    Anyway because I can only pick 7, here is my pick in no particular order, except the first! :p
    > Senjougahara – Araragi ~ The best couple ever! Me already like this couple since the beginning of Bakemonogatari and eps 12 just make me love it more and more!
    > Sawako – Kazehaya ~ Hurry up and make them a couple! — is what I’ve been thinking when I’m reading a few first volumes :)) They truly deserve each other!
    > Kanade – Otonashi ~ Sweet couple! The ending scene was SO GOOOD! *Damn you, Otonashi, making me cry like that when I watch it :p*
    > Celty – Shinra ~ If I only watched the anime and didn’t read the novel, I doubt I’ll choose this couple. But now that I’ve read the novel, especially that Lovey-Dovey Prattles, I know that I must choose them!
    > Saki – Masaomi ~ I LOVE Masaomi, but I must admit that he and Saki really make a good couple together ^^
    > Misaki – Usui ~ Alien and maid! LOL But they’re so sweet, I just wish Misaki to be more honest 🙂
    > Yui – Hinata ~ Actually I was so confused whether to choose them or Winry – Edward, but in the end I decided to choose them. That was just because of one episode! 😀

    • Tofu says:

      SENJOUGAHARA LOOOOOVE~~~~!!!! <3 It's totally the BEST couple! Then following up is Yui and Hinata for me~ ^^ Sure they fought a lot but they say fighting brings ones closer to each other (or something along those lines) and at the end how he just… KYYAAAA~~~~ I'ma go watch Angel Beats again!!

      • baka_girl says:

        Yeaaa, Senjougahara x Araragi ftw~
        Yui x Hinata got better development than Kanade x Otonashi, at least they’re fighting like a kids since the beginning LoL

  4. Alynn says:

    AKFJAKHJR I wish I could basically choose them all, but then that would be pointless haha.
    My 7 choices
    Senjougahara – Araragi
    Yin – Hei
    Maria – Sister
    Kanade – Otonashi
    Yui – Hinata
    Sawako – Kazehaya

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Woooot awesome post! Lots of tough choices in here I would go with



    YAY!!! Good luck xD

  6. anaaga says:

    you forgot anaagaXyaoi. TSK how could you!?

    1)kazehayaXsawako –> they’re perfect. PERFECT, i tell you! their relationship develops slowly, but that’s the plus point. it’s not lime those shoujo manga, where you fall in love with the person after 1 week or so. that is crap. also, there’s no rivals between them, no cliche ^^

    2) yinXhei –> i’ve known them since forever, and i’ve been a fan of them ever since the first season. yes, i don’t really care about amber. YINxHEI forever! but their story is really sad, it actually makes me depressed for a week :'( btw, i didn’t finish gaiden because i know what’s going to happen between them ;___;

    3) kouXnino –> a hilarious couple. no matter how dense both of them are, they’re actually pretty romantic with each other. i love it how something sweet always happens between them, no matter what happens :3

    4) yuiXhinata –> they always fought with each other, so i never really see the chem between the two of them until that episode of yui’s disappearance. but that episode fixed everything between the two of them. thanks to that too, i don’t hate yui now xD

    5) celtyXshinra –> a human doctor dating a headless Irish fairy? THAT’S PERFECT. even if there’s no secondary reason for liking them, that first reason will excuse you for liking them without a proper reason

    6) shichikaXtogame –> i love how their relationship develops in that 12 episode. but thanks to the last episode, this pairing is my number 6. i disapprove tragedies

    7) kanadeXotonashi –> another pairing that has little developments between the two of them. their whole “I LOVE YOU” thingy at the last episode is kinda weird for me, because i don’t really see the chem between the two of them. but hey, that episode was worth it 😀

    • Tofu says:

      What did you say about Kanade and Otanashi!?! *fan boy rage* xD Anaaga…what about Senjougahara X Araragi? :O *another fan boy rage*

      • anaaga says:

        i haven’t finished bakemonogatari yet 😀
        but c’mon, kanade was so stoic for the whole season, it’s kinda weird to see her say “i love you” just like that at the last ep >.< *cross fingers*

      • Namika says:

        You seem to ‘rage’ a lot lately, Tofu-kun …. )))

        • anaaga says:

          he’s in his angel beats and bakemonogatari fanboy mode 😀

          • Tofu says:

            awww…. I’m just playing around xD I don’t actually RAGE, I say that but that’s just me emphasizing on it xD Actually, I’m surprised how calm I am in RL. I’m not the angry person if you tease me but I’m more the depressed person if you tease me (of course I can take jokes, but if you were seriously bagging me then yes I wouldn’t rage but get all upset) That’s me ^^ Bit of a sook for a guy don’t ya think?

            • anaaga says:

              thank god u don’t live near me.
              i would bully you 24/7. hehe

            • Namika says:

              Anaaga…. don’t be mean. TT^TT
              But depressed Tofu is a sight worth seeing… O_O

            • Tofu says:

              LOLS! Bring it on Anaaga, let’s see whatcha got!! xD

              Oh Namika, you want to see me suffer, your so mean 😛 Nah I’m just kidding, I might get depressed one day, look out for it ;D

            • Namika says:

              Oh, I will, don’t you doubt that! 😀

  7. Junko says:


    Okay I’m done

    • anaaga says:

      junkoXher fav guy anime chara

      • Junko says:

        Oh you mean the entire cast of Sengoku Basara?

        …I could do that..

        • anaaga says:

          not fair, u get all the good-looking guys.
          at least leave one for me

          • Junko says:

            Oooooh alright, but I call ultimate dibs on Masamune-sama

            • Overcooled says:

              SENGOKU BASARA? *EARS PERK UP* Okay, okay…I’ll let you have Masamune…but…but I want Mitsunari and Motonari (Nari squared lulz).

            • anaaga says:

              ooow man i want masamune actually, but since the whole sengoku basara guys is junko’s harem, i can’t really take him

              NOT FAIR OC you’re taking the ones i like. choose either mitsunari or motonari, because i want at least one of them

              why are all the guys i like taken?

            • Overcooled says:

              Fine I’ll take the crazy, vengeful one and you can have the tactician….But I want two so I’m taking Motochika Chosokabe as well. LOL

            • anaaga says:

              now that’s just being greedy right there.
              u know what, i need to start making my own harem. if u can be greedy, then i can too. HAH >:D

        • Oooooooh, good choice. :3 Sengoku Basara has some great guys.

  8. Amutofan123 says:

    Sawako – Kazehaya
    Nino – Kou
    Yui – Hinata
    Kanade – Otonashi
    Senjougahara – Araragi
    Tsukimi – Kuranosuke

    My 7 couples~ No SebastianxCiel? Of course, these were the only ones that I have seen. xD Well, except for Durarara, but… only 7 choices allowed.

  9. BlackBriar says:

    Excellent post. There are some really tough choices here. REALLY TOUGH! All and all, the couple I’m hoping will win is Senjougahara-Araragi
    There are best in my opinion. WHY AREN’T THEY WINNING?!

  10. sassy says:


  11. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Wahhhhhh so hard to pick since I’ve followed every couple except for tatami galaxy and nodame.

    Togame x Shichika :'( I didn’t want to believe the last moments of ep 11 and the first moments of ep 12.

  12. Ness says:

    Yay for Nodame x Chiaki, Edward x Winry, KuraKimi, and Yui x Hinata. :3 Good options listed.

  13. Overcooled says:

    I hate all of them.

    JUST KIDDING. I don’t mind letting Araragi, Kou, Sister, Shichika and Shinra get the girls. I think Shichika x Togame steals the show for me if I had to choose just one XD

  14. Reaper says:

    Wow, Hei x Yin? I love DTB but I didn’t expect it to show up here…life is full of wonderful surprises…
    Such as remembering Celty and Shinra’s last moment in the anime…yes, I am trying to seduce you…Win!

  15. lvlln says:

    Don’t know that Koyomi and Hitagi belong on the list, given that the parts of Bakemonogatari that were released in 2010 didn’t feature them together at all. The episode that really featured them romantically was the last one that aired in 2009, and it was beautiful.

    What the hell, I’ll vote for them.

    Also, I know Narrator x Akashi won’t get much love, as The Tatami Galaxy wasn’t nearly as popular as it deserved to be, so kudos for including that pair.

  16. Anya says:

    A lot of kyaaa for this >.<
    I went with MisakiXUsui and TsukimiXKurako, and a few votes for other pairings.

  17. Kushi says:

    Love the valentine’s day post~(and the little hearts script Will ;D)
    It’s hard for me to choose the top between KazehayaXSawako and UsuiXMisaki. I feel like those two are the best couple of the group.

    oh, and BTW, Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari is a great song (amv was nice too!) ^_^

  18. stickfanatic says:


    celtyXshinra and MisakiXUsui are my favorites too <3

  19. Yvoon says:


    OMG OMG OMG!!!




    god, i can such a girl sometimes even though i hate people being all mushy-mushy in public….-_-…

    oh man, the choices where so hard, i didnt know who to choose!! so tough!!!

    Sawahaya FOR EVER, difinitely!!
    HMM…..oh yes!, and celty and shinra!!

    oh god..*faints from too much adrenaline*

    well, those were my definite ones. cant say that they were my top two at first. but DEFINITELY had to be voted in. i’m gonna leave my choices there.



    the pink layout look just lovely!

    the floating hearts are just so ROMANTIC!!

    if my friends found out about me fan-girling over valentines like this, they would think that i’m someone else…

  20. Syn says:

    For Maria…. I think you meant pure S, not pure M.
    But anyway, I LOVE THEM ALLL- (well, most) DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE. ;o;

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