Katanagatari Original Soundtrack Vol.2

Katanagatari Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 by Iwasaki Taku

One of my top 10 from 2010 definitely. The music complimented every scene of the series, especially EPIC were the last two episodes but you must already know that if you are checking this thread out. Enjoy the music as always~

Composer: Iwasaki Taku

1. Peacock blue eyes
2. Tetsuka Butokei Danshi
3. Douse Konna no ga Suki Desho?
4. Chidonya
5. Kairiki Doujo
6. Kiwamete Okimari na…
7. Her wish is to die too
8. Ootori
9. Bad lake
10. Hanetsuki Imouto
11. Lay back
12. Sonatine for flute & piano
13. Death flag No. 1
14. Hannyaharamitta
15. Oikakete DnB
16. Death flag No. 2
17. Watashi wa Sonata ni Horete mo Ii ka?
18. Last Battle
19. Bahasa Palus jazz’n mix
20. With best wishes

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