Fractale – 02

Cuteness overload

I don’t know how coherent I will when writing this, since all I can think about is getting LittleBigPlanet 2 tomorrow. Apparently, I’m getting it as an early present so I am a bit…anxious. I kind of just want to skip today and wind up in tomorrow with the game already in my hands so I can play it. For now, I must get all homework and posts out of the way!

Yep, a red-head really did pop out of nowhere. If that wasn’t freaky enough, she is out of her ever-loving mind. She switches from tears to happy to PET MY HEAD OH MY GOD TOUCH ME TOUCH ME in a matter of minutes, before racing downstairs to greet his parents. Worried about the sudden amount of girls coming and going from his room, they tell him to return Nessa to Phryne immediately.


Clain has no idea where Phryne is, so he starts biking towards a town with a Security office to drop the little firecracker off. Despite being a doppel, she seems to be able to touch Clain just fine. In fact, she does it a lot, insisting that he touches her. Sounds creepy in writing, but it’s actually adorable how she’s amused even by being able to touch his hand.

After the scenic bike ride, they arrive in a very quiet town. As Clain is explaining how everyone are hikikomori, Nessa runs off to a giant clock tower. Clain doesn’t manage to stop her, so they both end up at the top looking at the city below them. I don’t know about you, but heights SCARE ME, and not having a railing or anything to stop me from dying would terrify me. They’re not up there for long though. Nessa spots a trailer park and dashes off to make fun of the rednecks.

*sniff sniff* Wow, you smell purdy

A future where white trash trailers are now the new home of choice is a strange future indeed. Nessa curiously sticks her nose into everyone’s business, which causing umbrellas to rocket into the sky, robots to dance and computers to crash. It’s all good fun for Nessa until they chase after her with death threats, at which point Clain has to drag her away. He’s just about had it with babysitting for the day, and not even Nessa’s adorable smile and “my home is with you~” comment can change his mind. When Nessa sees that he can’t touch her anymore, she ends up agreeing to go to the Security office.

Clain drops her off without much thought (but we all know he’s going to come back. -_-) and heads for his bike. His bike is completely disassembled when he finds it. He is subjected to taunting by the lame villains of the show, who carry him away and into a cellar without much protest at all. o_o From there, he is questioned by the big brother of the group (who seems more competent) about Phryne and the trailer incident. He says he doesn’t know, and they let him go. Um, what? You guys aren’t very good interrogators, villains or stalkers…

They follow him home, much to Clain’s distaste, but he just ignores them. Afterall, it’s not like he’ll lead them to Phryne or Nessa when he honestly has no clue where they are. He feels lonely, so he researches “touch doppels” to try and find out what Nessa is. They exist, but were designed to be sex toy. The odd thing is, the only way to touch them is to transfer your own data into the doppel first. Clain never did that, so how could she touch him?


Clain’s parents try to discretely ask him why he’s banging so many girls all of a sudden, to which he rebels and makes them disappear. Regretting his decision to leave Nessa, he starts running back to the city at full speed until he can’t run anymore. As soon as the prayer starts, he thinks about his wish…and then Phryne appears coming over the hill running towards him. They hug, laugh, and make up instantly. It’s probably the most adorable thing you’ll see all day.

Never able to stay still for too long, Nessa bounds off towards a suspicious looking chest…and triggers a pitfall. Yes, they really got tricked by a hole in the ground. The hole is lined with a net, allowing Team Rocket to just scoop them up up and away without any worries of escape. Okay, so maybe they’re not so bad at being evil.

Hidden Data Files:


OH BOY! Let’s go to “Ryams”!

What blends in with rocks? I KNOW, LEAVES!!!


End Thoughts: Fractale feels like a slice-of-life show, even though it’s not. It’s relaxing, oddly uplifting, and beautiful. The world they’re in is nothing short of gorgeous. Did you see the little stream of water? THAT WAS THE SEXIEST STREAM I’VE EVER SEEN. The sky is another beautiful thing. Watching Phryne appear out of nowhere and tacklehug Clain during a sunset was surprisingly heartwarming despite having only met her. Fractale gives off a really unique feel when you watch it, it’s hard to describe…but I like it.

Nessa has all the aspects of an annoying character: she’s loud, childish, hyper and capricious. That being said, she somehow manages to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. She is always happy, and watching her joy is somehow really calming. You know when something good happens to someone and you’re happy for them? It’s like that, constantly, for Nessa. Except nothing happened to her, she’s just easily amused. SO CUTE, NESSA-CHAN~

Nessa also provides a good vehicle to get an outside view similar to the present day view into this strange future world. Where everyone else is like “Oh, living alone and not having a home is so convenient!”, Nessa is the only one to question it. While the technology take-over has good intentions, I really don’t know if making a doppel do everything for you is all that beneficial. What’s the point of life if you don’t experience it firsthand? I hope they go more in-depth with this topic of “how far is too far?” with technology immersion.

Another thing I want to see more of is NESSA. Not just her cute cutesy cuteness, but what the hell she is. She can not only touch people, but she can touch doppels. She came out of nowhere, and is potentially a doppel of Phryne. There is also still the mystery of who these priestesses are, how they’re related to Phryne, and what this key to the world is. As relaxing as this show seems, a LOT is actually going on! I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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30 Responses to “Fractale – 02”

  1. Bear says:

    Nessa has all the aspects of an annoying character: she’s loud, childish, hyper and capricious. That being said, she somehow manages to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen

    I’ve come to the conclusion that ANYTHING with Kana Hanazawa instantly becomes 500% cuter. Kobato and Nessa just wouldn’t work as characters with any other seiyuu.

    Overall enjoying this show. Not the standout #1 I thought it might be, but still enjoyable. Missing the purple hair promo art but I guess this works. I also find the community-deemed “team rocket” knock-offs to be quite endearing. I hate that villains tend to be ultra-sleek and ultra-suave these days. This reminds me a bit of Nadia or Ghibli titles where the villains play the role of comic relief rather than angst-bringers.

    • Overcooled says:

      True. That woman’s voice is like heaven in audio form. SO CUTE <3

      Fractale isn't a show that I would say "stands out" either, it's more like the one that runs on a separate track than the other competing series. It's just so calming! Even the villains don't have any sense of impending danger. It works really well for the show to have the villains as such endearing characters :3 Although, they did just kidnap them, so we'll see. XD

  2. Jo says:

    Such a ridiculously good looking show… especially when they were riding into town and the sunset bit at the end…

    I love the childish innocence Nessa has about her. Her eagerness to explore and the way she finds joy in everything… So fun..!!


    • Overcooled says:

      It’s so simple and yet so striking…I love it! Everything just feels so alive, it’s hard for me not to share Nessa’s admiration for it all :3

  3. Junko says:

    This show took all my love and I didn’t even know. Nessa, by my usual standards, I should hate your beautifully animated guts. But I don’t. Kobato, huh? Well, that makes sense then.

    • Overcooled says:

      Nessa should be an annoying bitch, but she somehow managed to turn out really adorable. I just want to hug her, she’s so cute. It’s probably a mixture of Kana’s awesome seiyuu skills and how endearingly innocent she is.

  4. Starry says:

    Kana Hanazawa made it an instant win for me. Hahas.

    But other then the WONDERFUL voice acting, I would agree that the animation is gorgeous.

    Oh, and that blond-haired team rocket girl is starting to piss me off. =.=

    • Overcooled says:

      Kana and Kobayashi Yuu are doing a stellar job so far XD I love both of them afterall~

      She’s not pissing me off yet, but I get the feeling she might later on. <_<

  5. Eri says:

    Nessa was soooooooooooooooooooo cute <3

    The animation has indeed some unique charm points when it comes to the environment. The side-characters could have been payed more attention to but it's alright…

    The plot came to captivate me in the end. It's becoming more and more interesting as time goes by. It may not have such a great impact as a couple of other shows this season but it's definitely worth a watch from everybody. Of course, not everything appeals to everyone.

    • Overcooled says:

      They’re really focusing on making Clain and Nessa likable, but hopefully some other characters get the spotlight too. Although, I wouldn’t mind if Nessa got all the attention though…Dawwww

      It doesn’t generate a “HOLY SNAP” reaction, but it slowly warms you up from the inside like a soothing cup of tea. (You can tell I like tea far too much). It has a lot of subtle nuances that just hit all the right places. :3

  6. Elyon says:

    I wish they didn’t have the annoying pervert accusations- they just didn’t seem to fit right :/
    I’m glad they mentioned that people used doppels as sex toys though because that’s what it would probably realistically be like. (It reminded me of Chobits, where everyone was thinking it but nobody said anything…)
    Nessa was so much better than I thought she’d be >w< I was prepared to despise her, but she's so cute~

    • Juliancan says:

      Nah, as a comic relief I felt that the pervert part was quite a success lol ~~.

      Did you know that scientists think that by 2050 or 2075, we might be able to use robots as sex toys? xD. So this isn’t far-fetched from the actual reality I suppose.

    • Overcooled says:

      It was cute the first time, but if they do it again I will officially be annoyed. =B Hopefully they keep Team Rocket on the lovable failure side and not the annoying, useless side.

      Ew, robot sex toys? That sounds…cold and unpleasant. <_< I guess they'd have a better design though, like Chobits (which I actually didn't think of...) It sounds plausible to really make it though. It sounds weird now, but hey, maybe we'll look back and say "I can't believe I didn't have a robot maid when I was younger." o_o

  7. Foshizzel says:

    this episode was so good! Nessa made this show a bit more fun with her role she is so fun to watch and cute as well.

    So I guess the main guys parents are doing their own thing elsewhere leaving him there so lame! Almost seems like a prison there.

    And the three idiot characters hahaha so good yet so bad XD they are fun thou.

    • Overcooled says:

      He’s like the only one with a house too. They think it’s weird to have a house. And that…is weird o.o

  8. Juliancan says:

    Nie episode even though I find the philosophy of “home” here a bit appalling.

    Also, I noticed here that the government here is viewed as a sort of god, to the extent that they call data collecting as “praying”.

    After this episode, I feel really bad for Clain :/. Seems as if his lack of physical contact seriously affects his growth as a human being. I mean, he’s almost like an orphan who has never seen the faces of his real parents.

    • Overcooled says:

      I wouldn’t want to live in a ghetto trailer D=

      Everything has been replaced with technology: religion, parenting, sex and even drugs. Of course this is what the government wants, they get complete control over almost every aspect of a person’s life now. It’s sad, really, because it means that kids like Clain have to live a solitary life. You could probably go an entire lifetime without seeing anyone but your parents face to face, ad people are OKAY with it… I hope the system goes haywire oneday and everyone gets screwed over. XD

  9. Dan-go says:

    does anyone else here want to make babies with that stream of water?

  10. anaaga says:

    man, nessa reminds me of kobato. oh wait, the seiyuu is kana hanazawa. so it’s basically another kobato. i was about to think that i hate her because she’s just so annoying and stupid and childish, but then the ending made me all went “d’aaaawwww.” i don’t think i can hate her now. except her dumbness. really, opening a suspicious treasure chest? =.=

    somehow i have this feeling that phyrne’s goal is to make everybody stop depending on dopplers. as in, to make everybody closer. because it seems like everybody’s depending on technology just too much. well that’s the message i got from this episode ^^;

    and everytime nessa went all “touch me! touch me! you’re warm!”, my mind went straight to the gutter xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Am I like the only one who hasn’t seen Kobato? <_< Nessa does a lot of stupid things, but I immediately forgive her afterwards. It's like a puppy! I think Phryne is probably a rebel trying to change the world too. And she's already converted Clain in just one night :3 Let's hope their rebellion goes well~ lulz secretly Nessa is actually a sex toy doppel.

      • anaaga says:

        kobato is a happy fluffy anime. it will make u feel like you wana choke yourself because it’s just too cute. it’s not your genre, i suggest you not to watch it.

        the manga of kobato is awesome though. still girls and all, but it’s kinda intense now :3

  11. Vivi says:

    At the first moment I didn’t like Nessa, but she does get cuter as the episode progresses. Also, her voice sounds awfully familiar. But you’re right, the show does seem to have a slice-of-lice quality to it.

    I don’t really like the girls’ weird mood swings. It’s like Nessa & Phryne must be in sync or something :I

    • Overcooled says:

      I didn’t like her for 5 seconds, and then I loved her as soon as she got her head pat. <3 Kana Hanazawa is in an awful lot of shows, so no wonder she sounds so familiar to you :3

      I don't mind moodswings if they're cute. XD It just..trumps everything else...ahhh

  12. Kyokai says:

    Kana Hanazawa = instant cuteness even for characters like Anri.

    I’m curious about Nessa and hopefully, we find out why she’s so special in the coming episodes.

    • Overcooled says:

      =D She’s definitely a seiyuu you can pick out just by hearing her voice. and what a lovely voice it is, at that.

      I think we have a lot to learn about Nessa here. All in due time~

  13. Alynn says:

    “and then ‘Phryne’ appears coming over the hill running towards him.” I think you meant “Nessa” here, but okay.

    I love the villain characters, they are so silly, omg. I love their airship to pieces.

    ohgod, I didn’t realize that that baby had a huge head until now…

    I’m starving for the next episodeeee. :I

    • Overcooled says:

      Not think, I DID mean to put Nessa. My bad. *cough*

      Also, I didn’t notice until I was screencapping O_O So freakish…lol. I second the “more episodes!” notion wholeheartedly!

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