First Impressions – Beelzebub

The destroyer of humanity and his two dads

Hime: The winter season is shaping up to be better than I thought. *tries to kick cynicism back into it’s cage* But see this here, Beelzebub, this premise is just…MAD, I mean, it’s so mad it just has to be good, right? A delinquent taking care of a baby, but that baby is the son of the Demon Lord? Sure. Okay. Ya got me. Call it morbid fascination or just a desperate need for lulz. I’ll watch your first episode.

sassy: So Beelzebub was one of those mangas that I was meaning to check out because it was so popular. The problem was that it seemed like such a mainstream genre that I kind of lost interest in reading it. As a result, I never read a single chapter of it. Shame on me. But here’s my chance to redeem myself by watching the anime!

Hime: There’s a storm a brewing over Ishiyama High School, where the resident “killing machine” Abe and the “rampaging demon ogre” (dayum what a title!) Oga are about to fight. Water suddenly starts streaming down Oga’s face and the group surrounding him thinks he’s losing his nerve. But it’s not sweat, oh no, one guy points out that there’s a baby on Oga’s head and it’s pissing on him! Abe takes the baby from Oga, causing the baby to become upset. And in a move that makes Ginji from GetBackers look like a spark plug, electrocutes everyone into very crispy delinquients!

After the Op, we’re on a roof where Oga is telling his friend Furuichi how he got the baby. Basically, Oga saw a big dude floating down the river and split him in half (WTF?) and inside was a baby. Aw, it’s like the story of Moses, except much more…insane. Anyway, after seeing that the baby was “born” I guess, the big guy jumps back into the river and dissappears leaving him with Oga. After making some faces that would have most babies in tears, he gives Oga an almightly glomp and won’t let go, taking us up to present.

After Furuichi upsets the baby, it’s up to the two to entertain him and stop him frying them and the rest of the school. It doesn’t go so well…

A hole opens up in the sky and out flies a goth girl riding a giant evil parrot. Meanwhile Oga and Furuichi are still trying to figure out what to do with the baby, and what he is exactly. Oga tries to pawn him off on Furuichi but the kid will have none of it. He’s completely attached to him.

Que Hildegarde. She’s the goth from before, and she’s here to take back her bocchama. She reveals she’s the child’s demon maidservant. Sweet! And also tells the two that the baby is Beelzebub, a Demon Lord. Basically, the son of Satan. He was put here in the stead of the Great Demon Lord to destroy humanity because he was too busy playing his psp.

Oga still refuses to look after the baby, and so Hilda tries to kill him. Yeah, fair deal. She pulls a sword from her umbrella and the three make a break for it. Calling on her giant parrot to stop them, Oga kicks it IN THE FACE, proving once again that he pwns the world.

A group of delinquients from the school standing by a power supply tower spot them running from Hilda and decide to help the demon. They don”t get the chance however because Hilda cuts Oga, causing Bub to have a temper tantrum, which shocks them all. HAHA. Get it? Puns…

Oga manages to calm him down, but still refusing to look after him, starts walking away. The electricity Bub was spouting had weakened parts of the towers though and one of them breaks, threatening to fall on him. Oga dives in to save him and the two resonate, giving Bub the power to disintegrate the tower and stop it falling on them.

Oga wakes up at home to find Hilda and Bub waiting for him. No luck, buddy. It wasn’t a dream. And there’s no getting out of it. BWAHAHAHA.

Extra Screenshots: It’s the circle of life~~

Zero, what are you doing here? Get back to Vampire Knight *kicks*

“Quiet, Mum. Daddy is thinking…”

The lunch lady is my favorite character so far

Subway’s newest spokes model?

Pass me a slice of MANCAKE plz

Proving that Oga is half shark

End Thoughts

sassy: Delinquents are hilarious. In fiction, I mean. They have this badass attitude, but they’re also complete idiots at the same time, which means you get tons of amazing “WTF?” moments. So far, Oga completely fits into this stereotype, and while he seems like a cookie-cutter (anti?)hero at first, I’m totally fine with it. I’m going to treat this series as more of a comedy than action so I don’t go insane, and I don’t watch comedies for originality or depth. I watch them to laugh my ass off.

That’s not to say that Beelzebub doesn’t have originality or depth. While demons and devils are pretty common characters here and there, babies are not. I’ll give the author credit for that. I just have one problem with this, though. I hate babies. I haaaate babies. While a lot of the laugh factor in this series is probably going to be from Beelzebub himself, I have a feeling I’m going to hate that kid by the time we’re finished. As far as I’m considered, I’m watching this for Oga and Hilda. Don’t let me down, buddies.

Overall, I got a good impression of this series from the first episode. The lightning bit got old, and hopefully they don’t reuse that joke over and over and over and over again, but like I said, delinquents are hilarious. Oga reminds me of a cross between Gintoki (Gintama) and Shinagawa (Yankee-kun), while Furuichi is his straight-faced Shinpachi (Gintama again). I will always laugh when someone says something ridiculous with a straight face. It will never get old. Never.

Hime: Beelzebub won me over, I have to say, because after that first gag about pissing I was like “OH HELL. I’m going to hate this.” It just made me cringe. I didn’t find it funny at all. And that’s pretty bad in a comedy. But, luckily, I found the rest of the episode completely adorable and hilarious. Oga is fantastic, I have a soft spot for his type of protagonist and he just takes the cake. Furuichi is surprisingly funny, too. The whole school is great, with Oga just punching his way through folk and wars starting over sandwhiches.

I’ve heard this show likened to Gintama more than once, and like sassy said there are similarities in characters. Gintama is awesome though so that’s encouraging! The animation was pretty good as well, though I didn’t think it was anything to shout about. Very shouneny/Bleachish which I find kinda bland but I won’t let it bother me. In contradiction to above though I love Beelzebub! I find him completely adorable, and his interactions with Oga are too cute.

This is one of my favorite type of shows. Seeing as how I haven’t read the manga I have no idea where it’s gonna go or what their going to do. I’m interested to see just how far they can push the joke the series is based on. Anyway, that’s Beelzebub. I enjoyed it, it fills the comedy void well.


Meet the Grandparents: looks like Oga takes little Bub home.


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24 Responses to “First Impressions – Beelzebub”

  1. Namika says:

    This is probably the anime I will enjoy the most this season.(besides KnT2 of course) I said this on the Winter season post and I’ll say it again: a Guy+Baby combo is something that never seizes to make me fangirl, in anime OR real life. ^^” This anime totally won me over! I was laughing my ass off while watching it (the pissing scene at the beginning was a bit overboard….. but I laughed so hard!)
    Yeah….. as messed up as it is, Beelzebub is still HIGHLY enjoyable. Yeah. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUB! ^____________^
    Can’t wait to see the next episode~ ^3^

    • Hime says:

      I’m with you on the guy + baby combo, there’s just something about it xD good for lulz and d’awws.

  2. Kyokai says:

    The image captions made me go LULZZZZ. This is definitely one of the shows that actually made Winter bearable. Before this NO SHOW impressed me (KnT S2 does not count because it’s not technically aired yet). Now that Level E and Korewa Zombie have aired, I have SOME hope for this season.

    Good review, you two. Also, I swear, he’s a distant relative of Kisame.

  3. Amutofan123 says:

    I originally had no interest in this. I’m honestly not sure what possessed me to watch this; it’s really not my type of anime at all. However, I am very glad that I watched it. It was hilarious! And Beelzebub was so freaking adorable, I want to eat him! I loooove babies. I’m definitely looking forward to more.

  4. Kushi says:

    This looks hilarious. Yeah I agree Sassy, for some reason delinquents and comedy does go well together (like cromartie high school XD). Originally I thought the baby was going to be a stupid addition, but this show looks like fun~ with the fantasy and comedy elements mixed, I also see good potential in the characters (oh yeah, are they gonna give Beelzebub a diaper or something?)

    • Hime says:

      I wonder about that too. I thought they left out the nappy because of the piss joke at the beginning, but once it was over surely they could have covered him up >_<

  5. Elyon says:

    I wasn’t expecting this to be so funny XD For some reason, the way Furuichi is always screaming reminds me of Ric from Arakawa.

  6. Overcooled says:

    This is one of those shows where the manga seems quite a bit funnier than the anime. I didn’t find this that funny at all :/ Shame, since the whole baby+delinquent thing sounds lolworthy. I think I just got pissed off at the overuse of the Beelzebub electrocution scenes, like Sassy mentioned. Way too long -.-

    For all my complaining, it’s actually good. If I don’t watch this, I’ll end up reading the manga :3

  7. wonton jr. says:

    This was actually funnier than I expected it to be…. =-= but the kid really needs to wear some clothing or else I stare at him the whole time.. gawd i feel so wrong.

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Awesome show so far really love the crazy comedy! and that baby LOL so damn funny. But seriously put on some pants please…

    Great stuff so far! even thou this screams hey human type Pikachu and “bad” boy fight random people.

  9. anaaga says:

    i am in rage. OGA’S FRIEND SOO DOES NOT LOOK LIKE ZERO. zero is a perfect tsundere human being. oga’s friend is far from perfect >:D

    the story is actually nice, i’m liking it. the animation style here reminds me of those gangsta japenese who got those submarine hairs xD

    the jokes here are pretty funny too. BUT i don’t really like the idea how the baby gives shocks every time he cries. it’s so repetitive it’s not funny for me anymore =/

    • Hime says:

      Zero is the perfect tsundere vampire, I agree. But Furuichi does have the same hair colour/style and greyish eyes 😛 He can be Zero’s replacement brother, sorry Ichiru xDDD

      The shocking thing is dull, but it looks like it’ll be happening again next episode 🙁 I don’t even get it anyway, since when was electricity a demonic power? Shouldn’t he set them on fire or something?

  10. xochandaox says:

    lol, omg, screenshot comments are hilarious <3

    But yea, I like it soo far 🙂

  11. Tofu says:

    This show reminds me of Crow Zero but animated and involved with demons and a baby xD I’m following it

  12. Captain says:

    Aww, I was actually pretty disappointed by the anime. It’s not as good as the manga, somehow. But it’s nice to hear Oga’s voice xD

    I swear, the baby’s like a human-Pikachu with unrealistic genitals.

    • Hime says:

      I really should read the manga…everyone’s saying such good things about it. But if I read it now it’ll spoil the anime xDD DILEMMA!

  13. cassi says:

    I don’t know the manga, so I don’t know if it’s funnier than the anime but the episode was definitely funny enough to keep watching. A few less electro shocks wouldn’t hurt the show. It’s getting pretty old after the tenth time.

  14. iNasu says:

    At first i thought this was a bad anime… I gave it a shot with it later and then i realized it was actually really FUNNY!! And man this anime reminds me of a movie i have watched before (Crow Zero) from all the gang fights and the high school’s state .

  15. Goking says:

    I was really excited about this before, since I loved the manga..but after watching it, it didn’t feel as good as the manga 🙁 The OP was awesome though 😛

  16. Bear says:

    The comedy in this doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it’ll get better when it finds its shounen roots. Their attempt at comedy just made me want to dig up my Cromartie High School DVDs. 😛

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