Beelzebub – 03

What the hell timestamps, Leopard Raws you have failed me.

sassy: Oh snap guys, I (unintentionally) got like 7 hours of sleep last night so I am ready to roll. It’s almost the weekend again, which means it’ll time to catch up on animeeeeeee. Plus there’s karaoke tomorrow, all I have to say is they had better have chatmonchy songs. I have this crazy urge to make a fool of myself belting out Cosmo Town. The song just makes me feel so happy.

So! Episode 3 starts with a grown-up Beelzebub wreaking havoc in the city, while Oga is unfortunately still tasked with taking care of the kid.

Just kidding! It was a dream.

Anyway, it actually starts with Oga having to deal with one of the most annoying things involved in raising a child: feeding. Seriously, even if he didn’t get electrocuted every time, I bet he still wouldn’t be able to stand feeding the baby 5 times a day.

Do I… need to say anything else?

Meanwhile, Furuichi has found himself in an interesting predicament. That big muscular guy (Alaindelon? Arandron? ANN uses Arandron so I’ll be defiant and use Alaindelon) has forced his way into Furuichi’s home much like Hilda forced her way into Oga’s home. The problem? Well, you see, Hilda is a girl and Oga is a boy, so their parents treat them like a young married couple. On the other hand, Furuichi is a boy and Alaindelon is a man, so… yeah.

Oga is strong, but he’s an idiot, so he’s managed to lose the milk that Hilda gave him earlier within like 10 minutes. Because the baby provides a very simulating incentive for Oga to make sure he is properly fed, Oga runs off to desperately find some sort of replacement milk. What’s like milk that can be found in a vending machine…?

Yogurt! After thrashing some random punks, he feeds Beelzebub a wallet’s worth of yogurt. By chance, those punks were also looking to get some yogurt for their healthy boss, Kanzaki. Apparently, Kanzaki is a strong, fearsome, ruthless third year who rules his minions with an iron fist. He also likes yogurt a lot and will make Oga pay for cleaning out the vending machine. Oga’s response?


Yeah, he’s still trying to dump that baby on someone else, and Kanzaki sounds like he fits the bill. Moments later…

Oga tracks down the boss, only to be a bit dumbfounded on what he should actually do. Through an odd series of events and Furuichi’s meddling, Oga ends up fighting this big guy with pigtails (???).

Soon after dealing with the speed bump, he decides that Kanzaki needs some air time, too.


What the…?

It fits the pigtails nicely, if I do say so myself…

Launched into another dimension.


sassy: Oh man, Furuichi’s family was gold. That part where they were like “Onna koto? Konna koto? Sonna koto?” made me laugh so hard, especially given the circumstances. Including a little sister in that scene was a pretty nice touch, too. I doubt we’ll see much of them ever again, especially since I can’t even find their CVs anywhere or even the characters’ names, but at least their 90 seconds of screen time were the best 90 seconds of the episode.

Luckily they seem to be cutting down on the amount of time it takes Oga to get electrocuted and recover and moving on to different jokes. Kanzaki’s whole character was more amusing than intimidating to me. Even if he’s supposed to be terrifying and ruthless, the guy freaking drinks a ton of yogurt. Even if he’s just being health conscious or something like that, he even includes the yogurt in his signature kick. Does he have a nickname? Because I’m going to call him Yogurt from now on. You see, Kanzaki is the character from Index, and I won’t recognize any other.

Oga is great and all, but the proportion of screen time he gets compared to everyone else (besides Beelzebub of course) is ridiculous. This episode was basically Oga’s solo adventure with Hilda and Furuichi popping up every now and then to advance the plot, but there’s only so much you can do with a man and his baby boy. At least he gets to wade through tons of disposable delinquents, who are hilarious characters in their own rights, but I kind of want to see more of the others. Maybe some actual villains, too, because Kanzaki was fail. And where is that dark-haired girl (Kunieda?) from the OP? Next episode?

Hime: Furuichi stole this episode for me, and since we haven’t seen the lunch lady since episode one I’m going to go ahead and say that he’s now my favorite character. I just find his horror at the whole situation endlessly funny and when the big mustache’d guy (forgot his name, ARG!) announced that he was basically his equivalent of Hilda I was nearly on the floor. The whole thing was so awkward and hilarious. A far less welcomed lodger than Hilda was to the Oga household. Poor Furuichi always gets the short end of the stick. Bwahahaha, I hope it continues…

Kanzaki was kinda disappointing, though. I was looking forward to seeing him in action since seeing him in the OP and I mean, he was AWESOME during the build-up, seeming really tough and badass. And while I love seeing Oga be badass, that’s kinda already been established a few times now so I wished Kanzaki hadn’t gone down so easily. I mean, he’s a bad guy and obviously unsuitable for raising Beel, but I thought he coulda been a cool antagonist to hang around. Now he just won’t feel like threat. And he seems too cool to waste lame jokes on, so I hope they don’t go down that road.

I was kinda worried about the jokes based on the bodily function of babies. The breast-feeding stuff was okay, but it was a little too Full Metal Panic for me, throughout that show I was cringing awkwardly as much as I was laughing and that’s not really a good thing. It’s just kinda uncomfortable. Considering the next episode looks to be an entire fountain of piss-jokes…I am somewhat…how can I put it? Not looking forward to it ^^”. I just don’t think babies and “motherhood”, I guess is one way of putting what Oga is going through, is really that funny. It’s just gross, nasty toilet humor that doesn’t do it for me. Having said that though, there are generally enough of the other kinds of jokes to keep me entertained. All in all it was another good episode of Beelzebub!


A picture is worth a thousand words…



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8 Responses to “Beelzebub – 03”

  1. Elyon says:

    The reaction of Furuichi’s family…was priceless *w*

  2. Namika says:

    MAN! The scene where that mustache guy invades Furuichi’s family was worth a whole episode, I swear! “Anna kotto?..Konna koto?..Sonna koto?..” I was almost rolling on the floor when I watched this! XD
    I can’t get enough of this anime, really. It’s really dumb, but the situations and reactions are so hilarious!! XD Furuichi is now my favorite character after Oga. His reactions amuse me to no end, srsly )))
    Yogurt anyone? :3

    • Dan-go says:

      GOD freaking hilarious that one “i felt it the other day when you were inside of me, such burning passion” LOOLOLOLOLLOLOOLLOLOLOl oh god i was in tears laughing

      • Namika says:

        “Atsui mono..?” XDXDXDXDXDXD
        GOD, that was crazy! XD And the girl was a yaoi-fan, I swear! XD

  3. foshizzel says:

    Great episode here! Loved the fighting and action so far that keeps me watching more. Agreed this series is hilarious! Right up there with LevelE and Zombie for comedy.

  4. Kushi says:

    I lol’d when the portal guy showed up at Furuichi’s house. The comedy’s getting better but the fight scenes are 😛 meh…

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