Bakuman – 13

You win some, you lose some~.

~Since I don’t have an interesting rant or news piece to talk about, here’s a doodle for your amusement. I really wish I could grab a bag of Bakuman Enthusiasm Injections and just pump myself up! Lately this huge, HUGE cloud of laziness and procrastination has come over me and just WON’T…GO…AWAY. So I apologize for the delay on this post because originally I had postponed this to combine it with Episode 14, but it seems as if it won’t be coming out this week. And I’m sorry for my laziness; I think my Winter Break lag is still on. Anyways, on a happier note, IT’S MY FIRST POST OF THE NEW YEAR! *throws confetti*

This week’s, or technically last week’s, episode has the boys already working diligently on their manuscript for NEXT, despite the fact Azuki is moving the next day. Of course, Kaya isn’t going to stand by and let nothing happen between them and she barges in the studio asking why he hasn’t given Azuki his address. Well, he just forgot to email her. Kaya pushes him to email her, but Saikou wants to wait until he’s done with the manuscript so he write her a nice, proper email instead of something random. Surprisingly, Kaya understands (for once)! She even decides she’ll tell Azuki that she told him about her moving.

With that, the next day the boys get their manuscript checked Hattori, who approves it happily. Instead of celebrating at a restaurant though, they decide to head home and catch up on some rest. Saikou though starts coming up with an email to send to Azuki as soon as he gets home.

I swear I look this intense when I’m calculating how much manga I can buy at the bookstore with my saved up money…

Yet trying to find out what to say and actually trying fit it all in one email/text turns out to be tougher than it seems as Saikou ends up staying up the whole night until the morning! Just as soon as he sends it, he gets a quick and short reply from Azuki, delaying his sleep even more. After another joking text from her that said he should be drawing, Saikou turns into a boss calls Shujin up to think up of title for Money and Intelligence just in case if they do get first place in the questionnaire.

LIKE A BOSS, SAIKO. Tell your bitch what’s up

Soon after Shujin, Saiko, and Kaya are on their first day of high school, finding out they’re all in the same class and trying to figure out a pen name for NEXT with Kaya’s help. Then the boys finally get their copy of NEXT, where they are met with excitement for their debut, but also a bit of jealousy for Eiji’s manga. However Hattori keeps their confidence intact, and tells them about the Early Results and Real Deal of the questionnaires.

As the boys leave the office, Saiko asks Shujin if they could draw manga while in school. They both know that Hattori wouldn’t them get serialized until after high school, even if they make it to first place, so Saiko wants to start drawing amazing names to win Hattori over. With Shujin agreeing, they quickly start working on it, and after finishing one chapter, they get a call from Hattori saying that they’re first in the Early Results!


As soon as they finish all three chapters of names, they call Hattori for a meeting. At the meeting however, they receive the bad news that they ended up finishing in third place in the Real Deal results of the questionnaire. Saikou is too shocked by the news that he decides not to show Hattori the names.

On their way home, Saiko makes the decision to try out mainstream manga again to reach the other readers of Jack. They head to the river (ARAKAWA RIVER I BELIEVE HEHEHEHEH) where Saiko shreds the names and lets them fly from his hands, making the declaration to be number one. The epic moment of bro-ness is disrupted as someone catches them, and they take off~.

End thoughts: Now I had originally wanted to combine this episode with episode 14 because really, nothing much happened in this episode (which is also probably why I lagged in finishing this). Yes, we did get the sad results that they only managed to make third place, and we FINALLY saw some improvement with Saikou’s and Azuki’s relationship, but all in all, it wasn’t very exciting to me. What I am happy about though is the fact that the anime has FINALLY caught up the second volume of the manga, which I own and have re-read over twenty times, so I will without a doubt have more fangirl-y end thoughts now (which is SO GOOODDDDD).

My absolute favorite part in this episode was when Saiko started freaking out over how fast and short her texts were, because I CAN TOTALLY RELATE x’D My friend texts me back literally in ONE second when I’m doing something (like making posts), and I’m sitting at my computer like “LET ME REST WOMAN!”. This is why I don’t text back, and wait till school the next day to tell her what I wanted to say |’D Anyways, I thought it was hysterical how he acted! I couldn’t help cracking up because of his face, and spazzing out saying, “OMG HAPPENS TO ME TOO BRO!”

Now that the anime has finally caught up with the second volume of the manga, I’m extremely excited for the next episode. I’d been waiting and waiting and now my wish has been answered! Luckily, I won’t be spoiled by the manga anymore since the third volume doesn’t come out till February in the U.S, so there’s no temptation for me to buy it. Like I said earlier, expect more of fangirly end thoughts ;D One last fangirl thought before I go: Takagi looked DAMN sexy when he was half-asleep after Saiko woke him up. I was like, “Oh yeaaahhhh~”. Okay I’m done with my perverted ways….


So unfortunately for me they didn’t sub the preview, so I don’t have much to go on with but pictures. Eiji looks as if he’s having a MAJOR freak out, and there’s something sports involved with Kaya and Shujin. MORE COUPLE MOMENTS? I hope! Anyways, until next week then~!



A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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12 Responses to “Bakuman – 13”

  1. wonton jr. says:

    Nice drawing. Haha I’m also looking forward to fangirling next episode…

    Lol I’ve also been procrasting a lot, but it’s mostly on my school work =-=

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Thank you, and I haven’t been really since I read some of the manga, and it spoiled it the anime for me |’D

      Oh same here ;A;

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Eiji looks as if he’s having a MAJOR freak out

    Yes, but he always looks like he’s freaking out.

    I was disappointed by their attitude. I know they want to be pros and number one, blah blah, but honestly, how many people submitted something and were outright rejected? It seemed there were about 20 stories accepted, so number three is pretty damned good, especially for their first time in print. Crying about not being number one is acting like a baby. Waah! I didn’t want third place. Waah! Give it to me now!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Seriously!! I shouldn’t be so surprised, hahaha.

      I agree. If it were me, I’d be sad a bit but then again, how many teenagers get THIRD place AND have their work published by a famous manga magazine?! I’d be happy enough just to know I was published. It’s the whole rushing-to-get-an-anime-at-18 that’s making the guys all anxious to be serialized quickly.

    • Namika says:

      Yeah, that’s totally right. But if they Mashiro didn’t complain about not being on the 1st place would be too good to be true LOL
      At least, I think so ^^

  3. Tofu says:

    Could I say something that I couldn’t say beforehand? I’m so glad they got rid of those black and green uniforms… they were so… ugh… Dx Well at my school we have maroon blazers which also look disgusting… Oh well~


    Epic shine is epic, but seeing Hattori’s face when he opens it to take a look I’d say was more epic xD Too bad it didn’t end so well for them but then again if everything went good then it would be way too… easy or non realistic I should say…

    Question of the day: Would you get annoyed that the person you loved didn’t send you a long text? ^^ I wouldn’t

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahahahaha yeah I actually prefer their high school uniforms now. But all in all, I love their regular clothes the most specifically Takagi’s pinstripe jacket x’D

      OH YEAH~~~!!!! *EPIC HIGHFIVE* XDDD This will never get old LOL.

      Shine is SO EPIC, and yes, it was too bad they technically lost, but then where would we get our spike in the plot?

      Well~ I guess not, hahaha xD Though I would NOT want them texting something like “K” or “IDK”; that pisses me off SO MUCH. (Tofu, why are you so much like Saiko?! LOL)

      • Tofu says:

        Wait… what!?!?! :O I’m like Saiko? xD How so? LOLS (Don’t tell me it’s the whole wanting a longer text from a girl.. O___O) Or could it be that I’m very cautious and always think of the bad points of a situation? 😛

        Hoshi, either way, I thank you for point this out, after seeing that new banner I was wondering what male character suits me the best ahahahahaha! xD But first, I want to know why~~

    • Namika says:

      It’s quite the opposite. I think too long messages are ANNOYING. Though too short ones are a bit….. discouraging)))))

  4. Dan-go says:


  5. Namika says:

    Whoa….. Takagi and Mashiro actually meet with Eiji in the next episode…… O_O Well, at least, I heard so. My Japanese is still REALLY poor, but this much I could get. No, wait a sec… Whya didn’t they sub the preview?! oO” There’s no logic in the person subbing this ep. And the text was all piled up most of the time….. BAD SUBS!
    But anyway…. I think, those three will meet in Jack’s editing department, where Takagi and Mashiro have meetings with Hattori-san all the time lately. Man, that’s interesting! O.O
    It won’t air this week??? O_O I haven’t heard about this!!! > T_T expression off my face for a few days already. @[email protected] darn it….

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