Shinryaku! Ika Musume – 09

Sanae is the only character I need.

Hi, everybody. You may have seen me lurking around the chatbox before, but for those of you I’ve never met, I’m sassy, one of the new recruits for Metanorn. I’ll be your guide for Shinryaku! Ika Musume this season, so let’s have a good time together.

To recap what’s happened so far in the series for you deadbeats who aren’t watching it, Ika Musume (Squid Girl) has come from the ocean to punish us humans for polluting the ocean with junk like cans, tires, clothes, TVs, oil, corpses, shoujo manga, etc. She’s a fearsome squid with 10 dangerous tentacles and the ability to vomit delicious ink, not to mention if you touch her, you’ll go to jail, pedo. After the well-planned destruction of the property of the beach-house “Lemon,” she finds herself finally making use of her appendages waiting tables as compensation.

So far, the invader has made several friends working at the restaurant, most of whom will appear in this episode. Here we go!

Enter the obligatory glasses girl.

The first part begins with Ika discovering an amazing invasion maneuver from elementary school children: the doorbell ditch. She decides to test out this terrifying power on a random, unsuspecting neighbor, only to be caught in the act by Chizuru, the oldest sister of the Aizawa family. Still traumatized by Chizuru’s superior superpowers from the first episode, the invader attempts to quietly retreat from the situation, instead being caught in a series of unfortunate events that lands her in the park with a girl named Kiyomi.


Ultimately, the conqueror invites Kiyomi over to her home. Except her home is actually the ocean, so she invites Kiyomi to the Aizawa’s home, instead. However, Ika realizes her folly all too late, instead being trapped in the Aizawa’s web of impending punishment and retribution for inviting an outsider to their lair without permission.

The penalty for this is, of course, death, so the defender of the sea prepares herself for an honorable exit from the mortal coil by falling down the stairs and crying for Kiyomi to escape as quickly as she can.

One eye covered at all times or you’re out of the club

Kuranosuke joins the backstage staff for the second part of the episode by painting all the characters’ faces. While lounging around in Eiko’s room because she apparently lives there now, Ika Musume discovers some never-before-used lipstick.

Naturally, the squid girl has to investigate this strange human tool further and gathers information at the Lemon shop. After ditching the lipstick because it’s apparently a Sanae (the Ika-phile) whistle, she discovers from Gorou that makeup can be used to instill fear.

Note: It says Aizawa.

Meanwhile, Sanae discovers that the ditched lipstick was a trap.

Straight out of MM!

I’m declaring the third part of this episode the greatest thing to ever be shown on TV because of the amount of dialog that Sanae has. In case you guys didn’t know, Itou Kanae is the greatest seiyu ever, and her singing is amazing. Anyway, this part opens with some S&M because Sanae is jealous of Eiko and Cindy (the researcher who insists Ika is an alien, for the deadbeats reading this) for their “encounters” with Ika. After a thorough beating, Cindy and Sanae decide that they want to have a deathmatch with Ika like Chizuru did.

He flashed me, so he flashes you, too.

Enter the black guy, the old guy, and the fat guy. I don’t know their names, but I do know they’re top graduates from MIT. Anyway, from now on they’ll be collectively known as the Guys in White because I can’t be bothered to remember which one is which. These guys are Cindy’s minions, so they’re obviously here to harass the aquatic overlord with their inventions. First on the list is a not-suspicious-looking-at-all magic pistol that makes people fearsome. Here’s what it does.

This gun

is freaking


Right, a disintegration gun. So Chizuru is not too happy about this.

And I got flashed AGAIN.



‘Sup, Kanna.

Yoga with stockings.


Per… so… na…!


Those Guys in Whites really annoy me. I know their weird Japanese accents and broken English are supposed to be making fun of foreigners, and I did think their Japanese accents were funny, but seriously, it’s just like watching the three stooges or something. I think one crazy scientist, Cindy, is MORE than enough. I don’t need to watch her minions screwing around. By the way, I’m glad Cindy’s name is realistic as far as American names go. I once read a manga where the stereotypical American girl was named Montana Isaac or something… what.

Kiyomi was alright because she’s a meganekko, but she’s a little too generic for my tastes. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her, though, because her relationship with Ika was so cute. The makeup story was kind of stupid because of the boring and predictable punchline at the end. But really, like I said at the beginning, Sanae, or rather Kanae, is all I need to love this episode! Her exasperated ranting was amazing.

Admittedly, this series is kind of stupid, but something about it just draws me in every time. Hato said it’s the loli, which may be true for him, but there’s something about the humor that just seems different than normal. Like in the scene where the Guys in White see Cindy thrown into the ocean, the next thing you see is an airplane in the sky. I thought the punchline would be that they hightailed it outta the country, but apparently the writers were way ahead of me!

I also love the ED for this series.

Yes, I’m completely biased since it’s my favorite seiyu, but still! You can’t say it’s a bad song. Seriously, you can’t, or I’ll come kill you in your sleep.


The episode names for next time seem pretty obvious this time around. “Isn’t that a Teru Teru Bozu?”, “Aren’t you going to be loved?”, “Aren’t you going to play baseball?” From the pictures I can assume that the second part will involve Sanae… possibly reaching her limit.

I’m looking forward to more Sanae action, but that evil sinister rival baseball team looks promising. I bet Ika goes tentacle crazy on them.

And that’s a wrap for my first Metanorn post. I hope you guys enjoyed it!


Follower of both dark and mysterious horrors and funny and pointless comedies. Fascinated with ghosts and the supernatural. Friendly and talkative, but I will kill you if you get between me and Itou Kanae.
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33 Responses to “Shinryaku! Ika Musume – 09”

  1. BK_201 says:

    Great first post! I love this show. It just keeps getting better and better which each episode. It’s just so hilarious. Nice reference to Persona. I lol’d.

    • sassy says:

      Thanks! This series keeps pulling me back every week because of how funny it is.

      And Persona is awesome ;D P3P was pretty cool, too.

  2. Tofu says:

    Being one of the few who hasn’t seen this anime, I might give it a try one day ^^

    OMG! You know the screenshot with all the scientist naked? My first thought was “what is Mio from K-ON doing in this anime!?!??!” well… more like it was “is that mio!?!?!” xD I’m suddenly very excited to watch this anime now~ Not to mention the weird flashing with the old/skinny/disturbing but hilarious scientist part, even just seeing it makes me laugh!

    Oh the ED was actually good ^^ and also would this be Sassy’s first comment towards his post? xD

    • Tofu says:

      damn! BK_201 took the first comment ><" I was too slow (didn't even realize till after everything refreshed)

    • sassy says:

      Too slow 😀

      To be honest I don’t have a good idea of what Mio looks like, but I don’t think that girl looks like her. Maybe it’s something about that one shot?

      The ED is awesome, and HINT HINT the single is already released. Gogoggogogoggogogoggo downl… buy it.

      • Tofu says:

        ARH!!! Where are the emoticons when you need them!?!?! ><" SASSY!!! Go Google Mio Akiyama and find out how she looks like, NOW! xD

        (All acts are professional performed, it is advised that children do not follow this example)

        Anyways~ I'd rather download it then buy it mate MWAHAHAHHAHAHAH xP (nah basically I can't buy anything on the net so i have to download)

      • Dan-go says:


    • Dan-go says:

      loli enough to appeal to me i’m dling it all tonight

  3. Alynn says:

    I watched the first episode, but didn’t end up watching the rest. D; Maybe I’ll pick it up again. LOOKS CRAZY.

    I LOVE the ending theme to this also, and I have to agree, Itou Kanae is an awesome singer. xD

    • Tofu says:

      I don’t even know who Itou Kanae is xD I’m sorry guys… but yeah I heard her, shes pretty good (not as good as Yoko though I’m afraid) Alynn, let’s both watch it yeah? I haven’t seen it at all, hope I won’t get disappointed

    • sassy says:

      You should pick it up! It’s one of my favorites this season. The premise is really stupid, but it’s definitely funny.

  4. MikADo says:

    Oooh congrats on the first post 😀
    metanorn is finally reviewing ika musme !! good thing
    b/c i love this show XD oh and i also like the OP too
    gd luck with your postings ‘ㅅ’ /

    PS. i loled so hard on persona 😛

    • Tofu says:

      I feel so out of place ><" Am I the only one who doesn't know what Persona is? (would this be a official declare?) Sassy!! T~T

      • MikADo says:

        hahaha persona rox thats y everyone knows it 😛
        jkjk i just love the series that Atlus gives
        including persona 😀
        that was like the parody of persona 3 and you can
        just type that in youtube to know what we mean 😀

      • sassy says:

        Watch this.

        • MikADo says:

          thats the one im talking about 🙂
          Persona 3 rox 😀 big turning point for Atlas

        • Tofu says:

          I just watched it and… it was weird no offence, seemed alright but since that’s just a cutscene I might need to know more before I can really judge this anime/game

          • MikADo says:

            tis just a game and yes the story it self is quite twisted too so don’t worry your not the only one who felt like that 😀

    • sassy says:


      Oh god I hate the OP so much, don’t even talk about that.

  5. Liza says:

    I love this anime. ^_^. The whole thing is adorable and kind of reminds me of Yotsuba from Yotsuba& only not if that makes any sense. Lol.

    And I also made the persona connection when Ika was going to shoot herself in the head. I actually asked, “Wonder what Ika Musume’s persona will be?”

  6. anaaga says:

    dun dun, one of the new members is revealed! *offers cake*


  7. Overcooled says:

    Woooo nice first post, Sassy~ You’re no longer a posting virgin here at Metanorn ;D Keep up the good work, underling!

    • Kyokai says:

      Posting virgin… Pffft.

      Good first post. ^^

      • Dan-go says:

        If Sassy just broke his posting virginity….what does that make kyo??? some kind of redlights district posting night worker?

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Loved this episode! made for some great laughs, mostly due to her epic face paint lol…and a bit of Awwww with Ika’s new friend 😀 so cute.

    Great first post Sassy! nice work 😛

  9. Dan-go says:

    Great first post sassy, lookin forward to whatver you do n future

  10. Hime says:

    This show looks crazy, I think I might just pick it up. 😀 awesome first post! Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment xD

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