Kuragehime – 07

Mission Amars on the GO. BUT, who is with us to scream KURAKIMI FOREVER? <3

Kyokai: Ah yes, another busy week (I must apologize for delay, strictly on my part ^^;) but Hoshi and I specifically took out time to watch this together and bring you the love of Kuragehime. Yes, we simply love this series to pieces. This month our mascots are Kurakimi after all. Hope you enjoy our blabberful review, while we watched this live.

Hoshi: A very blabberful review indeed~. I ended up watching this in the morning when I’m the most alert, so that explains my serious, caps-lock, fangirl craziness. We do love this series way too much to pass up on an episodic! It gets better, and better and more addicting each episode. I’m already pounding my hands on my desk, chanting for more! Now onto our review filled with our love for Kuragehime~

Kyokai: I love this chatmonchy song so much

Hoshi: I do too~ Which reminds me…I need to download it xD

Kyokai: Single is out and I’ve released it already. Fufufuuu~

Hoshi:Yeah I remember I just keep forgetting |’D

Kyokai: It’s soooo goood

Hoshi:Mhm~ It pumps me up for the episode!

Kyokai: Yess, I never skip it

Hoshi: Closet holds secrets…

Kyokai: He was soooo cuuuuteeee


Kyokai: No wonder, he is so fascinated with clothes because his mother was an actress. He even copies her hairstyle if you look closely.

Hoshi:o.o Oh yeah that’s so true now that I think about it… MEGANES FTW<3

Kyokai: GEEK MEGANE. Btw, I LOVE THIS SEQUENCE! What childhood trauma… Even the very blunt Kuranosuke can’t ask his brother the big question about his being this.

Hoshi: Hahahaa, seriously, HIS FACE! XD

Kyokai: I hate the damn witch


Kyokai: I would like to add here, “Honey, nobody wears dark purple lipstick in this day and age. Anybody who does in an office environment is called a slut; pardon my language.” Also, man! Amars are always eating something xD

Hoshi: I know right? xDDD

Kyokai: Damn I love the banba scope! Clara’s voice sooooooooo cuuuute too

Hoshi:She isssssssssss~ I wish I had plushie of Clara. I’d squeeze that like crazy hahaha

Kyokai: Same here! I was just thinking the same thing. Btw, doll Chieko ftw~

Hoshi: I wish I had Banba scope~

Yes, now you do, Hoshi~ :3

Kyokai: Ahemmm! Whyyyy oh why Tsukimi likes Shu? ;-;

Kyokai: Oh man, I love this rapping

Hoshi: What the heck?! LOL XD I love Mayaya, she’s just a total FTW character

Kyokai: They all are awesomeness!

Hoshi: True! Go Tsukimi ;D

Kyokai: Finally speaking for herself xD Get her out of your room!

Hoshi:Oh, Kuranosuke! (On his entry to Amamizukan)

Kyokai: Dun dun dunnnn. LOLOLOLLLLLL


Kyokai: Kinda did?

Hoshi:Oh, I thought he liked totally elbowed her. I was like HECK YEAH! XD



Kyokai: Kuranosuke, I love you xD

Hoshi: The salt throwing, LOL XD

Kyokai: It was so good, like getting rid of ghosts and evil spirits

Hoshi: Seriously…

Kyokai: I so love the random humour. Tsukimi, you pure hearted girl……..

Hoshi: I knowwww ;A; So cute

Kyokai: DAWWWW~ ;-; (Kurakimi <3)



Hoshi:I’m like swirling in circles in my rolling chair lol!!! TOO CUTE!

Kyokai: Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa. ROTFL. DYKES!

Hoshi: Lesbiansssss LMAO

Kyokai: Kids of today *wipes a tear* If only they knew :3

Hoshi: Seriously, I love how Tsukimi said “Oh I guess you are a guy” LOL

Kyokai: She better realize soon! Look at Kuranosuke have a go at the Amars’ saving

Hoshi: Poor Kuranosuke XD


Looks who’s talking! =.=;;


Kyokai: SADAKO… kowaiiii ooo~ so many dolls!

Kyokai: OMGGGG… What a head butt…..

Hoshi: NICE

Gives a new definition to a plushie…

Kyokai: Awwww, Kuranosuke is going to get it

Hoshi: Mhm~



Kyokai: Why does she always do that xD

Kyokai: Ohohohohooooooo




The wrong person is wearing the lipstick but oh well, still good~



Kyokai: WHY DID SHE HAVE TO COME THEN… Hanamori is such a bishie~ SISTER



Hoshi: Sexual relations, LOL. Shu, you are so innocent too

Kyokai: Poor innocent soul

Hoshi: Poooor thinggggg

Kyokai: He believes her….



Hoshi: LMAO. Kuranosuke can’t deny it

Awww, stop breaking his heart, Tsukimi!

Kyokai: He’s in denial…. And so is Tsukimi

Kyokai: Yaoiiiiiiiii. Mmmm~

Hoshi: Heck. Yes.

Kyokai: Lolll, cooperative mangaka

Hoshi: Ooooh, super sudden development XD

Kyokai: Yepppp, but that’s only down payment

Hoshi: My dad totally ignores me when it comes to money too LOL

Kyokai: LOLLL. Listen to this….. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I died of laughter just now

Hoshi: SECOND BASE?! LOLLLL. Im dying right noe *now. I can’t even type XDDD

’nuff said!

Kyokai: Shu is traumatized by second base. Buhahahahahahaaa. Those Benz… He can sell them and get beaten up by Hanamori.

Hoshi: He can sell his harem… lol

Let’s talk about my harem in the next season, ne~?

Kyokai: Lollll. Such a playboy…..

Hoshi:I’m so mean xD

Kyokai: He should. There’s only Tsukimi for him

Hoshi: That’s right!

Kyokai: Huhaaaa. Now imagine~


Kyokai: What was that? YEAHHHH. I WANT MOARRRR

Hoshi: ;A;

Kyokai: For those of you, who missed out on some facts during our conversation-based review; this is what happened. The witch wants the Amamizukan gone and has launched into full frontal attack. However, her opponent is the strong Kuranosuke who doesn’t take NO, like ever. He will train the Amars and find out means to make them the owners of the building. Thus, all his brain cells are overused for this purpose only and not on the fact that he ALMOST kissed Tsukimi. Of course, he’s in denial but sadly Shu is not, who is trumped by the witch in believing that he actually slept with her. Tsukimi does feel for this idiot, will he have the guts to respond knowing the fact that she’s the otaku he disliked on first glance or Kuranosuke will come out as the winner? You know right, you’ll have to keep on watching to see what happens next!

End Thoughts:

Hoshi: Wow…that episode was really…AWESOME

Kyokai: So, few epis left. I want more….

Hoshi:Me too ;A; At least there are going to be specials…

Kyokai: But those won’t be related to the main story. Some hero based story around the same supporting characters

Hoshi: Ahhhhhh~ =A=;

Kyokai: Yeppp

Hoshi: That sounds fun though~

Kyokai: Second season maybe?

Hoshi: *A* BETTER BE…

Kyokai: But it’s Brains Base… They are notorious for no second season. Look at our beloved Durarara!!! My hope for an announcement has died down >.>

Hoshi: Damn ;A; I know! It’s been almost a year now hasn’t it?

Kyokai: Well, not died down but piped down. Yesss, it was sweet winter when it released ;_;

Hoshi: I remember…I actually started watching Durarara!! because of your episodics on it :3

Kyokai: Really?

Hoshi: Mhm~

Kyokai: Wow, old memories

Hoshi: That’s how I got hooked to Metanorn as a lurker xD

Kyokai: When I was a n00b. Oh niiice~

Hoshi: I remember I didn’t watch the last two episodes till you wrote the episodics on it XD

Kyokai: Seriously?! I feel so awesome right now

Hoshi: Hahahaha you should! They were really good! I loved the GIFs you would put in them xD

Kyokai: I used to make so many GIFs. I pic spammed like anything but damn, it was such a good series. I used to have 4 page long reviews and I still had things to say. Man, those were some looong reviews! Anyway, our thoughts on Kuragehim xD

Hoshi: Yes, back to Kuragehime lol

Kyokai: Kuragehime 7… Kuranosukeeeeeeeeee. I love this dude more and more


Kyokai: It’s like how I feel for Takagi. After every episode, I love him more and HE WAS!

Hoshi: Same here for both characters~ I SQUEELED WHEN I SAW HIM AS A KID XD I want a plushie of him too. NO a dress up doll of him to keep it trap-esque lol

Kyokai: Lol, have a separate wardrobe for him

Hoshi: Seriously XD So, we can agree we hate the Witch more and more?

Kyokai: YESSSS. HATE HER GUTS. *cough*SLUT*cough*


Kyokai: Stop trapping Shu, damn it! He also got sidetracked this episode

Hoshi: Hahahaha xD I KNOW! Stupid whore-face… Gahhh, Shu, COME BACK TO THE LIGHT!

Kyokai: And he believed her…. I think he will be one of those late risers >.> The witch is only after that contract

Hoshi: Mhm~ If only he can realize that…

Kyokai: It’s too early to say anything. Not to mention…. Tsukimi likes him ;-;

Hoshi: Uwahhh its gonna break her poor little heart ;A;

Kyokai: Exactly. She cried for him… but Kuranosuke’s in denial that he really likes her. Yes, there are many lovely girls fawning over him but c’mon, he likes Tsukimi’s purity and he should realize that

Hoshi: He should =3= You can’t deny it forever Kura-pyon~!!!

Kyokai: Hai haiiii. Also… THEY ALMOST KISSED. I dunno what Tsukimi was thinking then…

Hoshi: I KNOWWWW! I was like, “Yes, yes…NOOOO”


Hoshi: Mayaya WHYYYY

Kyokai: Wrong time to kick down the door. They rolled to the other side like marble balls, it was so funny!

Hoshi: I just pictured it right now and started laughing XD

Kyokai: I’m amazed Mayaya didn’t scream NAKED GUY. It was too good :3

Hoshi: I know!! I just realized that right now o.o I need to rewatch that part…

Kyokai: I guess she was too panicked to notice >.>

Hoshi: Mhm <.< Oh well…hopefully next time!

Kyokai: I wonder when the Amars would find out about Kuranosuke…. What they would do?

Hoshi: Ahhhhhh~! I wonder! I’m guessing they’ll probably turn to stone at first or something…but afterwards?

Kyokai: They should realize how much he helped them out

Hoshi: That’s true~

Kyokai: They should be mad but then accept him. Btw, about the whole money issue, all the ideas look flaky till now. Even if the mangaka dishes out the down payment, paying off the whole principal is going to hurt and dunno worth how many million yen

Hoshi: I think it was 30 million yen *A* That’s about 300,000 US dollars I believe?

Kyokai: I dunno the exact conversion but yeah around that amount

Hoshi: I just know to put the decimal two places forward, hahaha

Kyokai: Lolll. Then it must be right amd that is big moneys~

Hoshi: True that~ I can’t even imagine that amount of money in my procession |’D

Kyokai: You would need to be filthy rich like Kuranosuke’s father, who doesn’t look like he would help out unless something big happens. Also, only 4 more epis to go 0_0

Hoshi: ;A; -SOB- I’m going to cry when it ends…happy ending or not

Kyokai: I think I’ll shed a tear or two for sure. This is so adorable. I kinda did for Kimi ni todoke and I think I have come to love Kuragehime like KnT, this love story is so adorable!

Hoshi: It truly is! You don’t really see this kind of love story with an otaku and a cross-dresser~ It’s really unique hahaha

Kyokai: It definitely is and so many different types of otaku to boot

Hoshi: Yeah, when I first read the summary, I thought they might bbe like anime otakus and BL fangirls and such

Kyokai: There was a reason I didn’t like the fujoshi word because people always take it for BL, when it could be used as a general term of otaku behaviour

Hoshi: Yeah, I was one of those people |’D But now I know so!

Kyokai: XD I’m glad I picked this up when we were doing fall review. My instinct was right, let’s see how winter would be xD

Hoshi: Seriously…our lives would be so empty without it, lol

Kyokai: Yessss. I wait every week for next episode but know that it ends in 4 weeks ;_;

Hoshi: Kuragehime why must you end so soon?! ;A; Anyways, let’s forget about the inevitable…another freaking amazing episode of Kuragehime with tons of laughs xD I just wish we could’ve gotten to see that KISS! I’m going to be cursing under my breath until it happens, but who knows when they’ll get another chance. This is going to be an agonizing wait~.

Kyokai: This was another winner for me. It has been great knowing every character, not to mention seeing Kuranosuke develop into something even more awesome. So, we know he started cross-dressing after getting into college. But why? Is it because he saw the doom of politics coming and to ward it off, he used a mask inspired by his mother’s visage? He definitely doesn’t lack confidence but definitely gets bored of mundane and the usual. He’s the guy of change and thus, he takes up challenges like saving Tsukimi and being more than fascinated with her.

Also, I’m dying to know more about Tsukimi’s own feelings. Why does she like Shu so much? Because he hugged her when she was feeling emotional? Or Is it because he looks at her with puppy dog eyes. Sure, Shu’s emotions are pure but he loves Tsukimi’s made-up face rather than her real self. When would she realize this fact? Not to mention the big approaching DUN DUN DUN of Amars finding out about Kuranosuke. Yeah, you can guess, I can’t wait for the next episode!


Kyokai: I love this ED. I want this single so badly! (Who knew I would actually get it. Here’s a treat from me)

Hoshi: Me too~ ;A;

Kyokai: Tea party…?! Wow, Tsukimi looks awesome

Hoshi: She does! I was just going to say that

Kyokai: They are in the flea market I guess

Hoshi: Yeah looks like that~

Kyokai: So, basically the witch is still wheedling the sex card, while Tsukimi battles her emotions for Shu. Will Kuranosuke realize his feeling for Tsukimi and sweep her off her feet? I hope so. So, till next time, we both say, Sayonara~


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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30 Responses to “Kuragehime – 07”

  1. sassy says:

    Kuragehime is winnnnnnnn. Needs some Kuranosuke x Tsukimi YURI going on.

    Nice tag LOL

  2. Babitto says:

    good episode 😀 I love seeing Kuranosuke in male clothes lol

    • Kyokai says:

      You, me and everybody else! Though he sure looks amazing in women’s clothes as well. xD

  3. Namika says:

    This was a good episode with an awful timing *___* MAYAYA!!!!! Why did you come in when you did?! They would’ve kissed! urgh!
    And notice, how Tsukimi didn’t react to his actions, didn’t push him away, run away, etc. I think she even opened(sounds weird…) her lips a little (if I recall correctly…)…or is she really so innocent? Oh, come on!

    • Babitto says:

      I wanted them to kiss so much TT^TT

      • Namika says:

        Yeah T^T

        • Kyokai says:

          Remember, it is anime and usually the good ones make the fans suffer. Brains Base specifically so… yeah…. T__T

          About Tsukimi, I think she is that innocent. I think she just mind locked or something though her not pushing him away is a sign. There are definitely a lot of things brewing under.

          • Namika says:

            Yeah, I agree with both of statements. Good anime usually is a teaser, which is good, but frustrating at the same time. And about Tsukimi….well….maybe she had her mind blocked, but it was SO obvious that he wanted to kiss her O_O Too obvious! …… I don’t know….. TT^TT

  4. Amutofan123 says:

    MAYAYA!!! AGH!!! Why couldn’t you have barged in just 5 seconds later?

    Kuranosuke was the most adorable thing ever when he was little!

    DIE WITCH DIE! God, I hate her. I laughed so hard when Kuranosuke elbowed her. Tricking poor Shu-Shu… He totally believes her.

    I was d’aaawing so much at the scene with the park. It was so sweet watching Kuranosuke try to comfort Tsukimi. Poor Tsukimi! Hurry up and realize that Kuranosuke is the one for you!

    Looking forward to the next episode! I really hope there is a second season because there is no way they are going to make it to volume 5 with 11 episodes… and I like volume 5…

    Oh, and thanks for the treat Kyokai!

    • Kyokai says:

      Somehow the most adorable moments are ruined by supporting character who rushes in blindly. >.>

      In case of that park scene, while I was DAAAAAWWWWing like you, I went Pfffttt and LOL in matter of seconds with that dyke comment and Kuranosuke’s reaction. This sure has those quick humour moments that I thought were only possible in Arakawa under the bridge.

      Tell. Me. This. How did you get your hands on 5 volumes when even the first volume is not fully translated? 0.0

      I would love another season and more of this goodness and you are always welcome! ^^

      • Amutofan123 says:

        Haha, the dyke comment had me laughing too.

        Well, I downloaded the raws. I can only read a few things in Japanese, but I had a friend translate what happened for me.

  5. Nayu says:

    One of my favorite episodes yet. It’s too bad the WITCH was in it, although I loved seeing her get elbowed by Kuranosuke (made my love for him increase by at least 1000000000%. If it wasn’t high enough already xD)

    I’m seriously looking forward to finding out about the mangaka’s identity. I have a feeling she might be Kuranosuke’s mom :). . . That would be really conveniently awesome. NOW I want a last episode with a tear-jerking reunion~

    This episode officially proves that Mayaya is dense (for not realizing Kurako is a guy, even though he was shirtless >.>). I’m not that annoyed at her barging in. That kiss would’ve happened too soon. Much too soon in my opinion. Mayaya, I love you for this, even though I think you’re annoying.

    And thank you for the treat Kyokai ! I love that ending song 😀

  6. Tofu says:

    Alright, I decided to give Kuragehime a try and guess what, I managed to marathon all the way to Episode 7 and I LOVED IT!!!! THANKS HOSHI~!!! Now I know what I’ve been missing out xD But besides that, Kuranosuke is just so damn adorable! NAWH~~~ I really hope he would be the one for Tsukimi… I still have second thoughts about a Tsukimi X Shuu sort of sequence…I mean, is that even legal!?!?!? She’s like 18 or something and his like 30 or something O_O (correct me if I’m wrong).

    Sadako used LAG ROCKET!?!?!?!? OMG! (Referring back to Reverse post 10) That’s so awesome, but I admire her otaku heart for those dolls although…. my worst fear are dolls… Can’t stand them, I always imagine them with red eyes and a knife coming for you in the dark while you sleep… Oh shit, now I got nightmares ><" (Forgive my language)

    I'm glad I'm following this series, and big thanks to Hoshi who introduced it to me! ^^

    Banba scope FTW~!!!

    • Nayu says:

      I’m pretty sure the Tsukimi X Shuu pairing is legal. Tsukimi is no longer underage so there aren’t any restrictions on age difference I think. Plus, in japan, females can get married starting from age 16, with parental consent.

      I do think that their huge age difference is a bit creepy, but I really don’t think Shuu looks that old. And he’s so innocent, it makes up for his actual age :D.

      But still, Kurakimi ftw !!!! I’m rooting for them~!

    • sassy says:

      I think they said somewhere that Tsukimi is in her 20s, so it’s definitely legal. In Japan.

      Not legal on Metanorn though. Out of the way, Shu.

      • Ness says:

        I haven’t watched the episode yet but i can tell as much from the review haha. Very humorous review~

        In the first episode, Tsukimi says she’s 18 yrs old. Hmm an 18 yr old and a 30 yr old, I find it creepy like Nayu said but hey, its love I guess.

        But anyways.. KuraKimi GO GO GO!

        • Hoshi says:

          You guys find it creepy? I think it’s all right :3
          But who cares anyways because it’s Kurakimi all the way~!! XD

    • Hoshi says:

      I TOLD YOU!! SEE?! LOOK AT THE AWESOMNESS THAT YOU HAD BEEN MISSING XD *calms down* Anyways, yeah I’m just loving Kuranosuke~<3 He's so freaking adorable, and pretty awesome xD

      Ooooo, you would not like my closet Tofu, hahahaha! My mom likes to keep all my sister's and mines dolls from our childhood to see if she can inject some girliness back into us XD But really it's just creepy...

      Heehee, I'm glad you're going to follow it Tofu!! 8D

      • Tofu says:

        Now I know what the “ole ole Metanorn samba” thing is that I keep seeing at the top xD

        A closet of dolls…. T_T

    • Namika says:

      Good for you, because Kuragehime is a really unique show)))) (maybe not, but among those I watched, it’s pretty much unique) KURAKIMI GOO! ><

      Oh, and I share your fear of dolls as well…. But that certain type is especially creeping me out…*shivers* and when all those dolls came into view…..*faints*

  7. wonton jr. says:

    I’m definitely with you guys screaming GO KURAKIMI!!!

    Seeing the Witch get elbowed by Kuranosuke was total win for me! Though I’m still wondering why Mayaya didn’t notice a half-naked guy when she barged into the room…

  8. Junko says:

    More love for Kuranosuke!

    Ah I loved this episode, I swear this series just somehow gets better and better.

    Also, have you heard? BTSSB have released a Kuragehime line of dresses! There’s a dress based on the princess jelly fish, one for Clara and one named after Kuranosuke himself! I’m in love with it all X3

    • Hoshi says:

      NO WAY~!!!!!!!!! *faints*
      T-That’s so amazing!!<3 8'D BTSSB I LOVE YOU<3 I wish I could buy one!! I'd totally get the Kuranosuke one x3

      • Junko says:

        Hnnnng I need that Kuranosuke dress in my life sooo baaad.

        Dammit why does currency hate NZ atm moment, I DON’T HAVE 500 DOLLARS YOU FOOLS /tantrum

  9. Dan-go says:

    Kranosuke’s dad…most epic one liner IN HISTORY

  10. Foshizzel says:

    hahaha nice review xD good stuff 😛

  11. Hana says:

    Oh Kuragehime, why so shooort? 🙁 Anyway, another great epi nonetheless, but KuraKimi shippers I must say, she had like ZERO reaction to Kuranosuke during both the park moment and the near kiss and, rather, was to busy pining over Shu-Shu, so I wouldn’t hold your breath about that ship… 😛

  12. Hanabih says:

    BUT, who is with us to scream KURAKIMI FOREVER? <3
    I! I!
    OMG, baka-Tsukimi! I feel sorry for Kuranosuke~ ( ̄ロ ̄|||)
    But I'm loving Kuragehime! It's so different from the other animes and I love the voice of Hanazawa Kana, the seiyuu of Tsukimi~ (♥ ω ♥)
    Thanks for the post! ☆
    (English fail, english fail~)

  13. ShyBlueAngel says:

    Eh? Am I the only one who actually likes Shouko? 🙁 I mean, in RL, yeah, I would like to slip her those bars that make you get fat really fast, but since this is not RL…I like her. She’s a bitch, but she’s still hilarious, sometimes for being a bitch and sometimes just for being herself. At least she isn’t your typical shoujo antagonist (the rich bitches with like 1000 servants who doesn’t have an weakness at all except for the fact that they’re a bitch).

    I started dying of laughter when you took out some chalk and wrote “THEM BOOBS FAKE BITCHES!!!!!” xD Maybe there really isn’t a character that can go wrong for me if Omori is behind him or her. 😛 So yeah, I like Shouko. 🙂

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