Bakuman – 12

Girls and Romance, sheesh~

~The other day I was asked ones of those questions about anime that you can’t EVER explain, and have to resort to saying, “Well it is a cartoon and not everything is realistic…”. So my younger sister walks in to me watching Bakuman and actually sits down to watch it with me. I was really excited because I’m always trying to convert my siblings into anime otaku-ism, but as she watched it, she started looking at the screen funny. Then she asks me, “Why is Saikou’s hair all weird like? And what’s with that antenna coming out of his head?” I looked her and was like,”….well, it is a cartoon…” x’D Don’t you ever got those questions from people who aren’t into anime? I’m always asked, “Why is their hair blue?” “Why are their eyes like that? I thought Asians had slanted eyes…” and other racists/unexplainable questions. I DON’T KNOW, IT’S A DAMN CARTOON PEOPLE. Sorry, a little rant there ^^; It’s not that it makes me extremely mad, it’s just that it seems no one understands that you can do whatever you want in a cartoon…

So, Bakuman 12! xD Continuing from the excited news that they were going to get published in Shounen Jack’s NEXT, Saikou and Shuujin meet Hattori outside, where he tells them he’s taking them out for dinner since its the tradition to take newly published authors out.

Yet they must get back to work, and after dinner, they start to discuss every single name by detail. The getting-serialized question pops up among their discussion, and Hattori tells them that if they do beat Eiji, they should wait till after high school to get serialized. Of course this doesn’t sit well with Saikou and he asks him to please at least consider it if they do win.

Meanwhile, Azuki and Kaya are having a little boyfriend talk where Azuki tells Kaya she and Saikou haven’t even texted each other yet, despite her giving him her email address. Azuki doesn’t mind, but Kaya is irritated at the fact he hasn’t given her his email address. Azuki also tells her something else…

The next day Kaya meets up with Shuujin, and she tells him that Azuki is moving to Hachioji. Azuki wants to tell him herself before she does move, but Kaya feels like she should tell him since she wants them to go on a date before they graduate.

Through fake tears, Kaya and Shuujin decide to tell Saikou. He takes it lightly, focusing more on their manga, which makes Kaya angry. The two get into an argument which ends with Kaya walking away, a bit hurt.

Shuujin is like “Shiiiiiiit….”

The next day, Shuujin calls Kaya over and the two both apologize to each other. The boys finally get back to work and get their name approved. Before they start on the manuscript, Saikou lets Shuujin and Kaya go on a date. They end up going to the park again, where Kaya is still a bit upset over Azuki and Saikou not seeing each other, especially since their graduation isn’t too far off. Yet Shuujin has a plan for them to create a least some memories together.


It’s a quick fast-forward to graduation where friends wish them good luck, even ugly-face Ishizawa.

Saikou and Shuujin start walking home together, but Saikou is starting to think about Azuki. Shuujin casually tells him that her and Kaya were going to take a verrryy long walk home. With that, Saikou takes off running.

He ends up catching them just before they reach her house. Kaya quickly leaves, telling Azuki that Saikou has something to say to him. They stand there awkwardly until he finally asks, how long would she wait for him?

In a slow, shoujo-style final scene, Azuki replies with, “I’ll always wait for you,” and disappears into her house. It’s more than enough for Saikou, seriously~.


UWAH~!! My favorite part in this whole episode<3 TAKAGI AND KAYA Y SO CUTE?!

Heheheheh, got ya sucka’!

The aura of awesomeness that comes from Takagi…

Takagi: Yeaahhh! Got my bitches back in line!
Saikou and Kaya: Say what?

End thoughts: CUTENESS OVERLOAD *faints/revives* I can’t get over how mother freaking ADORABLE Shuujin and Kaya are! This episode shows one of my favorite things about the anime that I didn’t get from what I read in the 2nd volume of the manga: more Shuujin and Kaya couple interaction. In the manga they don’t show their dates and such in detail, which I don’t mind because the manga is great the way it’s paced. Yet it’s fun sometimes to see them together, LIKE WITH THIS WEEK’S EPISODE<3 Okay I’m done fangirling…I can go on for hours, seriously.

Now with our Azuki and Saikou couple, that last part with the “I’ll always wait for you,” was just too cute as well~. A little corny, but you can’t help but totally scrunch up your face like Saikou’s and go, “AWWWW!”. I won’t lie, I actually teared up a bit! I think it’s because I’m getting sentimental over graduation stuff since I’ll be graduating myself this year (-MINI SOB-). I also can side with Kaya about them trying to go on at least ONE date, especially since she’s moving away! Damnit Saikou, MAKE A BETTER MOVE ON HER ;A;

Such a couples episode this time around! I’m hoping next week is an all-manga-making episode because I need it to recover from this episode, heh. I have to say one of the reasons why I like to watch Bakuman is for more on the in-depth look on making manga and for Shuujin and such. It’s actually quite interesting, and you get to see how hard our favorite mangakas work to create their pieces. Actually, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it makes me feel kinda bad so now I feel more inclined to buy mangas more than ever |’D I SEE WHAT YOU DID THAR OHBA AND OBATA~!


Looks like the boys are done with romantic problems for now, and just need to complete their manga to try and beat Eiji (WHO’S ALSO GOING TO COME BACK NEXT EPISODE YESSS!). Until next week~!!



A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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17 Responses to “Bakuman – 12”

  1. Tofu says:

    BAKUMAN~~~ I can’t explain how awesome it is, every episode it gets better and finally we get some Azuki and Saiko action where he asks her whether she will wait for him and she replied that she will always wait for him… I think I’m in tears again.. It was so SWEET~! A very romantic moment, sure you guys can say it was cliche but I don’t care! It was sweet! x3 Of course Shuujin and Kaya’s relationship is also sweet but… I love those fantasy romance where they won’t actually happen in reality but only in drama shows or anime (if it does happen and if a girl did say she would wait for me I would be a very happy man..) weird? meh.. BRING ON THE NEXT EPISODE!!! BAKUMAN INJECTIONS!!!! xD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~LOL Tofu don’t cry!! xD
      I think I just find it a little cliche because I don’t normally like extremely romantic/sweet moments like that, but I do have to say it was so cute!<3
      Ah I don't think it's weird ^^

  2. Xiao says:

    I can finally say I like Miyoshi. hehe ^^ Took me a while cuz I couldn’t get use to her “my pace” style and always butting in and being pushy about things which was kind of annoying but after this episode, all that kinda washed away. She just cares that much for her best friend and Saikou and wants them to be happy together. All in all, I’m very satisfied with her character development in this short amount of time they let her go into the main spotlight with the two guys.

    And of course, her interactions with Shujin were adorable~! Their married life will never be boring. lol xD

    On another note, urgh, I got so frustrated with Saikou and Azuki as well. I mean, yea, I get that they’re really determined to make their dreams come true so they can get together faster but it’s not like it’s going to kill you to say “hi” once in a while. *rolls eyes* Thank god, that’s settled. Teenagers…lol

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah it did seem kind of annoying to me as well, but once you find out she does have good intentions, you can’t help but love her 😀 AND YESSS! They’re so perfect for each other!<3

      I totally agree =A=; Throughout this series I've just been like, "Okay, at least do SOMETHING! Any tiny thing would work!" I think that's why I don't favor them as much as Shuujin and Kaya x'D LOL

  3. wonton jr. says:

    Lol trying to convert your siblings? I succesfully managed to turn my sister into an otaku….. for awhile =-=…

    shuujin and kaya are adorable! *fangirls a bit * I’d have to say I love this pairing, it’s so freakin hilarious, most of kayas facial expressions are reaalllllly funny

    • Hoshi says:

      ~YES! Who else am I going to pass done my Anime dvds and mangas to?! (Not that I would but…XD) I’m close to it, but they’re still a bit young so I can’t fully bring them into otakuism LOL |’D

      Oh yes definitely~ XD They’re just totally opposites of each other and that’s what makes it hilarious!

  4. Niku says:

    Blue and purple hair were originally used because black does not show up well on TV at all, then it just evolved from there.

  5. anaaga says:

    takagi is getting more and more mature now. he makes a good couple with kaya .<

  6. Namika says:

    This ep was so cuuutee!!!! I almost melted when Takagi poked Kaya’s nose, it was so SWEEEEEET!!!!! *faint*
    Okay…now I’m done fangirling….maybe……yeah ^^
    This was a good episode O.O
    No, really. Changing of the pace was really nice, + because we got some cute moments with both of the couples ^3^ Well, Mashiro and Miho being cheezy and bubbly as always(too sweet for me) =)) but it was still as great as it could be. That’s why I love Bakuman so much! ^O^
    Looking forward to more manga-making(Not Eiji. No, really…)

    • Hoshi says:

      ~OH ME TOO!! 8’D I screencapped that part as soon as I saw it<3 I was like, "S;LDIFJ;LKDJHKG SO ADORABLEEEEE<3"
      (Okay I'm done fangirling now too...)
      It indeed was a good episode~. The anime maybe slow but it is nice to see it change pace, especially when it involves Shuujin and Kaya.
      WOOOO FOR MANGA-MAKING! (And it's all right x'D)

      • Namika says:

        Well, if it keeps being so awesome, I don’t mind the slow pace. I’m all for it! ^3^
        4 days to wait….4 days till the new episode……. can’t wait! ><"

  7. ichigopockysticks says:

    Yes! I finally caught up. All that school work limited me to only shiki and kuragehime but now that it is winter break massive amounts of anime and manga for me. ^.^ I feel accomplished.
    But awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this was so cute i couldn’t help but fangirl a pretty much the entire time. I am still smiling.

  8. Kyokai says:

    Sometimes I wonder at the resilience of Mashiro and Miho. Who can do that in this day and age but their feelings are a touch classic. I need to read the manga now. The slow pace is killing me and I want to know more about Eijiii!

    • anaaga says:

      if you don’t like it slow, then i suggest you not to read the manga. it’s actually slower than the anime. and they have those long-ass explanations in lots of pages, giving me headache :S

  9. Teabie says:

    oh gosh, initially i was annoyed with the couple thing. it felt like it jarred into the shounen-feel of bakuman … but i’m really starting to like shuujin and kaya together! well, i would personally choose shuujin myself, hehe. they’re a great couple together, and would bring some ‘normalcy’ to shuujin and saiko too. leaving them alone to their own devices could be bad once they dive into their work.

    saiko and azuki are … unbelievable. if i were kaya, i knew i would do the same thing as her, make them go on a date just ONCE to have a memory to hold onto as they go about their dreams. i mean, that’s not foul play right? sigh. but well, sometimes it might make things worse since they might have such a great time that separation afterwards (i.e. moving away, graduation) will make it unbearable. they’re amazing though, at such a young age, they’re much more mature than 99% of peeps (including me, haha). i think once this series ends, i’ll be hitting the manga for my bakuman therapy. 🙂

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