Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt 3-4

Dirty, vulgar, filthy and you love it.

Waldo. Carmen San Diego. Shiny Pokemon. Masu. All of these are things that are near impossible to find, no matter how much you may want to. With episode 5 already out, and my obsessive-compulsive “post something as soon as an episode is out” gene is acting up, the result is very simple. Time for me to give you guys a whirlwind tour of episodes 3 and 4. While I am only a half of the whole that is Team M.O., I am hopeful that the next post will be with Masu. I have my master ball ready.


Episode 3 was a dirty one. I have no doubts that Gainax just wanted to push some limits and be outrageous with this one. The first part is pretty tame when compared with the second half, though. Siblings are made to have rivalries, so it’s to be expected that Stocking and Panty are gonna have a fight at least once in this series. The whole segment revolves around Stocking freaking out because Panty ate her pudding. Yeah. Really. Instead of working together, the two cuss each other out and part ways, deciding to defeat the ghost by themselves. Stocking has Chuck, and Panty has Foreskin…I mean Briefs.

Stocking makes a lot more progress than Panty, instantly finding a cute little girl who claims to have been attacked by a ghost. Stocking follows her into a dark alley and…oh boy…that wasn’t a good idea, now, was it? Stocking gets tentacle raped by the big bad wolf and his little red riding hood bait-tail. Just when I thought she would shine on her own *sigh*. Panty jumps in to help, but the two fight themselves more than the ghoul. It’s only until they’re utterly insulted that they team up and kick some ass with the fight scenes we’ve grown to love PnS for. OH YEAAAH.

The next part of episode 3 is just there to make everyone uncomfortable. This is probably THE episode people will reference when stating that this show was so vulgar, they dropped it at episode 3. The first part is ripe with masturbation innuendo, as we see sperm personified as soldiers. Think Axis Powers Hetalia, but more gross. Watching their long journey to overcome those tissues and make it out of the penis alive was…wow…I…Well, let’s leave that for the end thoughts.

The newest problem is that the tissue factory has been shut down by a ghost and men everywhere cannot jerk off anymore. How better to display this than by having Garterbelt’s afro explode into a volcanic eruption of cum? VERY SUBTLE, YOU MIGHT HAVE TO REWIND TO CATCH THAT PART. The lingerie ladies head off to the factory only to be greeted by…sperm ghosts. Thousands of sperm ghosts who want to avenge their fallen comrades who never made it to the other side. Also, Stocking wants to eat them all up. <__< Long story short, they defeat the sperm soldiers and the tissue factory is back in business. Just when you thought that horrible ejaculation metaphor was over, IT STARTS UP AGAIN.

Aaaaaand that brings us to episode 4. The first half = Stocking gets fat. No wait, don’t leave, it’s actually awesome! As stated before, all of the sweets she eats just fatten up her bosom as opposed to her waist. However, in this episode, Stocking starts gaining weight. Most of the episode is spent showing her doing ridiculously rigorous exercises or diet trends to try to keep the weight off. Despite jogging across the planet in a day, she still ends up gaining weight. It’s not until she swells up to the size of their house that we start to smell something fishy.

A ghost has opened up a cake store, making cakes from her..breast…excretions…to fatten up customers. If EVERYONE is fat like her, she doesn’t have to diet! Brilliant plan, yes? No, because Panty and Stocking are here to kill you. In what is now the 2nd best transformation sequence ever, fatty Stocking transforms to the “fly away now” song and unleashes her rage onto the ghost. Too bad her stockings were too stretched to do any damage. Panty, a little help here? After the fight, Stocking goes back to normal-size. Seriously, she was giving Arakawa’s Stella a run for her money for a while there.

The first half and the second half of episode 4 are both great! The second half is all about a very special event: an underwear run!  Panty and Stocking ditch weapon maintenance to go to the party. Everyone in the school gathers together in just their underwear (even Briefs, ahaha). No one can compare to Panty and Stocking of course, who enter with their usual flare and style. The worshipping of the sisters is cut short by Garterbelt (in disguise as Master G) explaining how the underwear came to be. It used to be a show of student rebellion, but now it’s just an event where everyone runs around in their undergarments so Garterbelt can oogle at all the young boys. <_<

The run starts off innocently enough with students prancing around town and freaking everyone out as they should. Daten City never goes a day without being attacked by some ghost, and this week’s ghost is a creepy lingerie thingy! I guess if it had to resemble anything, it would be a figure skater super hero…Whatever it is, it has the voice of Jiraiya and it eats up Panty and Stocking’s underwear. This is what happens when you go out partying when you should be doing work.  Your weapons backfire on you! They manage to make a comeback by using the underwear of everyone in the Lingerie Run, but they all end up turning into useless guns that do no damage. The only underwear that is potent enough is…surprisingly…Brief’s. I think more anime should end in a giant crowd of naked people rejoicing as underwear rains down from the sky.

End Thoughts: This layout is in the spirit of trying slightly different formats for our PnS posts. Hopefully it’s not too weird. ANYWAYS, about the show. I’m not overly sensitive to dirty jokes (or else, why would I be blogging about this show?) but episode 3 was just WHOOOOAAA THEREEE NELLY….It spent far too much time trying to be repulsive and not enough time being badass. I almost wish I could get my time back after watching it, it was just so weird. At least the first half was a bit better. The Ghost’s design was pretty cool.

Just as I was starting to worry about this show, it finally proved itself again in episode 4. Why can’t they consistently have episodes like this, huh? I don’t want to worry over whether the next episode will be a hit or a miss =_= Everything was exactly where it needed to be for episode 4. Please, please PLEASE don’t let things get stale again for episode 5. PLEASE.

OK PNS, here is what I want from you: the fast-paced, in-your-face, something-is-always-happening dealio we got in episode 1. Can’t we have crude humour and senseless violence packaged together as nicely as before? I’m beginning to think showing us episode 1 first was a bad idea. It will never live up to those expectations again, or so it seems. Keep checking back to see which episodes are good and which ones you should avoid!

UNTIL NEXT TIME! Fly away now~


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17 Responses to “Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt 3-4”

  1. anon says:

    Oh, if you’re looking for “fast-paced, in-your-face, something-is-always-happening dealio”, just wait until episode 6.

  2. Captain says:

    “Think Axis Powers Hetalia, but more gross.”
    That statement somehow made me laugh so hard I fell of the chair.

  3. Masu says:


  4. Kyokai says:

    New post, hells yes! ^^

  5. Tenshi says:

    YAY a new post! I have to agree about episode 3, i thought it was a bit too much at the second half. Episode 4 on the other hand was PURE GOLD,

    and on a side note, the images for emoticons aren’t showing up in the comment section

    • Overcooled says:

      Yep! =D Hopefully the front page will be flooded with new posts soon mwahahaha. Episode 3 really pushed it, glad I’m not the only one who thought so XD

      …Yeah, I noticed. It’ll come back when the images all officially come back, methinks.

      • Tenshi says:

        I have to say, episode 6 brings back exactly what i was hoping for from ep 1, it just made up for the rest of the series in one amazing episode. It doesn’t even get lame on the second half. I am positive that everyone who has seen it will recommend you to watch it

  6. Xiao says:

    Urgh, why is it always the last half of every episode (minus the first one) that ruins my amusement while watching this? I don’t mind the utter dirtiness but I’d prefer more ass-kicking. 😛

    Anyways, sibling fights ftw and FAT STOCKING was probably the awesomest LMAO I’ve had for the show yet! ‘specially with Panty using her as a way to run through traffic. WIN. xD;

    And yes, please watch ep 6, it was surprisingly good. 8D
    I don’t remember what ep 5 was but you won’t be missing anything since it wasn’t worth watching in the first place. xP

    • Overcooled says:

      I’d prefer more ass-kicking too. Or ass-kicking wit dirtiness occuring at the same time. Fat Stocking made my day as well. That transformation sequence killed me XDD

      Hato is telling me to watch it too! AHHH but it must wait, I planned to spend tomorrow on homework! DILEMMA!!! XD

  7. Leah-san says:

    Episode 6 is awesome. Go watch it! NOW!

  8. MikADo says:

    I also should join the mob and scream epidoe 6 is AWESOMEE

  9. Dan-go says:


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