Kuragehime – 06

Shoo shoo is not enough for our Shu-Stalker Maneater

Kyokai: I’m finally back in the groove! I sure missed blogging while I was shuttling off to different cities weeks back. Though I didn’t have much time to think about it as the site was giving its own unique tantrum. Anyway, things have settled down for good and that means I’ll be busy judging the applications this weekend with my team. Let’s see how things go and if there is a need for a final round of opinions. Also, thanks to our Hoshi-chan, who covered this amazing series when I wasn’t around so I’m actually relieved that I don’t have to do any recap.

Hoshi: It was my pleasure Kyokai to do a recap of the amazing, hysterical Kuragehime! Not only I’m I excited for my first tag team post with the ringleader extraordinaire of Metanorn on one of my newest, all-time favorite shows, but also for the weekend judging we’ll be doing *rubs hands together*. I’m a bit sad that now I and the others won’t be considered new blood anymore, but then again, we get the privilege to call the others new blood and show them the ropes! It’ll be a tough decision with the amazing apps we’ve received and our own attacking opinions, but we’ll manage and pick the best for the site~

Kyokai: Continuing from episode five, Kuranosuke’s in charge and on a rampage to one helluva makeover. He swears to give the Amars a new image and a way to save their building from being demolished for redevelopment. The Before and After are fabulous and everyone gets their own bijin sparkle.

Left to right, Three Kingdom’s otaku turned chic soccer mom, Older-men stalker turned modern career woman, Jellyfish otaku turned beautiful girl next door, Doll groomer turned rich traditional lady and Transportation freak turned Lolita~ Even Artemis Fowl would not raise an eyebrow on me using a slang adjective here because it’s so appropriate: WOW.

Kuranosuke takes the transformed Amars on a girls-day-out to a café and even when it’s one of those locations and scenarios where they freeze up like usual; they are urged to normalcy by their image change. Not to mention, FREE FOOD. He sure knows their weakness and shows a trump card to win more familiarity points. He orders everything that the girls liked to gobble down and keeps a watchful eye on Tsukimi. He can’t really help himself from liking her every endearing trait.

On the other hand Shu is being openly trapped seduced by the witchy-woman Shouko. In order to have an upper hand on him she mixes a dodgy drug into his drink, causing him to pass out. She goes to the lengths of undressing him with pleasure and snaps many angled pictures for further blackmail. On waking up, he is too shocked to show any kind of emotion except for his woman-phobia taking over. It was rather satisfactory to watch him shove her out of his way. I would like to see an encore of this on the next episode. >:D Sadly, this is not going to be the last time we see her. She still has Shu’s glasses and another chance to lure him.

Sakurota’s Kura-pyon is always funny and during the usal kidding around, he imparts a clue about Shu’s past. On threatening Hinamori about it, he finds more about his brother’s phobia, which arose from seeing his father with Lina (possibly Kuranosuke’s mother), when he was a kid. Meanwhile, Shu fights with his emotions and decides to give Tsukimi a visit to test out if his phobia would resurface when touching her. The handshake mission was successful and he abruptly runs back home after that, leaving behind a very confused and flustered Tsukimi.



OLE~ Tsukimi to the rescue~



You better be ready to be more than fascinated, kozo~

Where are you looking, pervy jiji?

*Add bishie sparkle here*

He did WHAT to that little hamster?

End Thoughts:

Kyokai: So, let’s get cracking on the end thoughts. It was another brilliant episode of course

Hoshi: Of course! Even if it had that awful woman in it…

Kyokai: Yes, witchy woman *CURSES* She was there to snare Shu, who’s totally gullible

Hoshi: Yes poor Shu! ;A; I totally clapped when he pushed her down when he was leaving!! I was like “YESSSS!”

Kyokai: SAME HERE. She so deserved it!

Hoshi: Seriously~ And she’s freaking taking pictures of him with her phone too…

Kyokai: So wrong; all over him. I was like, take your hands off him woman! Though, I laughed like hell on his deadpan looks even when she was kissing him so noisily. So funnyyyy how he just stared on without any feelings

Hoshi: I know!! xD He was in complete shock, the poor thing. And he left without his pants too hahaha!!

Kyokai: I know right? He couldn’t believe his virginity was gone without him knowing. Poor guy doesn’t even know the truth… ;-;

Hoshi: Uwaahhh~ seriously ;A; For some reason though, after this episode, I’m starting to like Shu x’D

Kyokai: Of course, he was molested. You can’t call him all bad as he has his traits

Hoshi: Yeah, he’s just…dense |’D

Kyokai: For some reason, this reminds me of Sabrina. Have you seen the movie?

Hoshi: No I haven’t, ahahaha

Kyokai: It has the same storyline. Two brothers; one serious, while other one playful. Both end up liking the ugly duckling who bloomed into a beautiful woman. Though, one of them knows her truth, while the other just likes her for her new image. So, Kuranosuke likes her just the way she is, while Shu likes her improved image.

Hoshi: Yes yes~ Oh I love how Kuranosuke freaks out every time she finds her cute!

Kyokai: I loved his reactions like that bathroom scene

Hoshi: Oops, I meant HE lol xD

Kyokai: HAHAHAAA. This is so going on the convo!

Hoshi: YESSS it is LOL

Kyokai: He is sooo good, you imagine him as a girl

Hoshi: He does it pretty well too

Kyokai: Every episode a new image, he should be a pro stylist; but of course, he is

Hoshi: Definitely *A* I’d go to him to style me up out of my otaku look, hahaha

Kyokai: Lol! He would do an awesome job of it like he did for the Amars. The transformation was amazing! 0__0

Hoshi: IT WAS! They all looked really good!!

Kyokai: Yep, Chieko-san ftw~

Hoshi: seriously. Bamba’s and Mayaya’s looks were my favorite. AFRO-SEALED! hahahaha

Kyokai: LOL, mine too. They looked too good. Tsukimi as cute as ever

Hoshi: Of course~!

Kyokai: I DAWWW’d when Shu came to visit her


Kyokai: I can bet it was to check his phobia of women applied to her or not and it did not

Hoshi: Oh I never even thought of that o.o

Kyokai: Oh definitely, he came for that reason. That handshake and all that blushing was definitely a very DAWWWW moment

Hoshi: That makes it so much cuter<3

Kyokai: Even when I am pro KuraKimi pair. I can’t hate Shu >.<’’

Hoshi: Yeah me too~ I still can’t pick a favorite pair because of this episode |’D I’m like, she’s cute with both!

Kyokai: Oh I know, it has become very difficult. Not to mention, she spaces out whenever Shu touches her so there is definitely attraction. She still blushes when he gets near but I guess, it has been happening since first episode

Hoshi: Yep and with Kuranosuke…well, she’s a bit calmer now

Kyokai: She has gotten used to Kuranosuke

Hoshi: Yes she is~ I still love the OLE! thing too, even if they’ve used it a lot xD

Kyokai: I do too. I always laugh. Especially I have that high jump screenshot, it was too funny to pass up

Hoshi: OLE~ YES! That’s a definite screencap moment xD

Kyokai: Going back to Koibuchis, there is definitely heavy past, traumatic even

Hoshi: Ohh I almost forgot…

Kyokai: It seems Kuranosuke is the rebel type because he joined the family late or was shipped off to the current house because of some reason or his father just likes sons or something

Hoshi: Yeah his past getting very mysterious indeed…

Kyokai: Shu and Kuranosuke are not from the same mother for sure

Hoshi: Yep so that could mean he’s a…illegitimate child o___o

Kyokai: Yep. That is the conclusion I arrived at

Hoshi: I predicted that from the episode where he talked about his mother. I’ve been watching too much dramas…

Kyokai: Hahahaa. It happens in manga/anime too :3

Hoshi: Yeah and being in the fandom this long makes you almost pro at guessing hahaha

Kyokai: I hope Shu recovers from his phobia; a thirty year old virgin, man!

Hoshi: I know!! D8 The Uncle had to blab lol

Kyokai: Uncle is hilarious. KURA-PYON~ I WANT TO MARRY YOU. *Add some BL joke here*

Kyokai: Humour aside, he clearly cares about Kuranosuke

Hoshi: Yes yes~ Good Lolicon Uncle~ xD

Kyokai: Even this Hinamori character is mysterious

Hoshi: Wait I forgot who’s that…|’D

Kyokai: The driver plus bodyguard, voiced by SISTER <3

Hoshi: OH YEAH LOL That’s a epic win right there 8D I didn’t even notice until right now LOL Im such a fail with seiyuus

Kyokai: Lol, no worries, you’ll get there ^^

Hoshi: I shall! >D Gahh I’m actually looking through the episode right now and Kuransouke is just loveeee!

Kyokai: I can’t fangirl over him enough

Hoshi: I can’t help but fangirl about him all the time xD

Kyokai: HAHAHAAAA. Almost same meaning. Hoshi, our fangirly side is identical xD

Hoshi: Oh yesss~ xD

Kyokai: We should do that DBZ salute like Saiko and Takagi

Hoshi: WE SHOULD. I should draw that xD

Kyokai: Hahahaa~ that would be AWESOME! I am so glad I’ve artists and a special manga QUEEN in my team xD

Hoshi: Heehee yeah 8D On my last Bakuman post everyone was like “Let’s see Hoshi’s artwork!” And I’m like “SERIOUSLY? |’D”

Kyokai: You should do a post for your artwork and showcase your stuff

Hoshi: WOAH *A*

Kyokai: Why not? Best platform ever xD

Hoshi: Uwahhh~ that’d be nice 8’D

Kyokai: DO EEET

Hoshi: I SHALL…I’ll have to dig and find my best stuff then hahaha |’D

Kyokai: Anyway back on topic; the witchy woman has Shu’s glasses

Hoshi: D8< I know I was like “NOOOO damn her..”

Kyokai: So there’s definitely going to be another encounter of her trying to lure him >.> While Kuranosuke still has to dig up a plan to save the building

Hoshi: Yep…I wonder how he’s going to react…

Kyokai: I think he is going to be very uneasy but knowing him, he would hate her rather than get into her trap, unless she drugs him again >.>

Kyokai: Also, preview looks very interesting as usual

Hoshi: Definitely, especially with Kuranosuke getting close to Tsukimi *A*

Kyokai: Hells yessss. I want them together!!! But I can see Shu has a same chance. It all depends upon if he sheds his superiority complex. He reminds me of Kyouya from Ouran – have you read/seen it? Almost same personalities too

Hoshi: Yes I have and YES HE DOES! I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE…I need to pay attention more hahaha |’D

Hoshi: I think I’m too busy fangirling over Kuranosuke…

Kyokai: Hahahaaa, FABULOUS TRAP!


Kyokai: I can’t wait to see what he’s up to in the next episode. Seems like he has some sort of plan

Hoshi: It does seem that way~. I hope he does something to save the nunnery!

Kyokai: Yep. And I hope Tsukimi’s nunhood is short-lived :3

Hoshi: So a lot happened in this episode with Shu being molested (that’s his excuse and he’s sticking to it xD), Kuransouke’s growing feelings for Tsukimi, and the girl’s epic transformations. Like I said earlier, I hope they figure out how to save the nunnery and that that witchy woman fails!! Bring her down Kuranosuke and the Sister’s! Great, now I’m starting to sound like Mayaya, hahaha~

Kyokai: So finally, we have rounded up yet another Kuragehime review. Hope you enjoyed our conversation. This is one of those times when I’m not really sure which pair to support as you can’t really blame Shu but I love Kuranosuke more and don’t want him to sacrifice his feelings in the end because he cares about his brother. It’s quite clear that both brother have childhood trauma of their own and are trying to overcome them. Who would Tsukimi choose, that is the big question.

Preview: A lot of interesting stuff will be happening from more scheming by Kuranosuke to he getting closer to Tsukimi. But Shouko would be doing the same but sadly not so constructively… >.>

PS: has anyone else realized that this series has gone over the half mark?


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31 Responses to “Kuragehime – 06”

  1. Amutofan123 says:

    I loved the girls transformations. Banba’s was my favorite~
    The whole cafe scene was very funny.

    It was so adorable seeing Kuranosuke battling his emerging feelings for Tsukimi. I really hope they end up together. I like Shu and all, but I like Kuranosuke better.

    I was shouting “Go Shu! Go!” when he pushed over Shoko and ran out without his pants on. xD My mom thought that there was somethig wrong with me.

    While, I am a total Kuranosuke x Tsukimi shipper, I will admit that that hand holding scene was very cute.

    Pfft, the uncle is so weird! xD Did anyone else have a nosebleed upon seeing Kuranosuke in a bath, seeing his butt, and watching him run around in a towel?

    It looks like some very interesting stuff is happening next episode. I’m totally looking forward to it. It makes me sad that there is only, like, five episodes left. Of course my favorite anime this season is also the shortest. I’ve already got my fingers crossed for a season two.

    • Kyokai says:

      This episode had WIN written all over it. Though I like Shu as well but I am more of a Kuranosuke fangirl. I mean, he does everything with such oomph. He won me over since he said (in an underwear no less), “I am just a normal guy!” Hopefully, he gets Tsukimi in the end!

      I hate Shouko, which is quite clear. I hope Shu’s phobia acts out on extreme whenever she’s around.

      Uncle is one henna yatsu for sure but he knows a lot about the brothers’ past and thus a very important lead. I can bet many fangirls went kyaaa~ like the uncle seeing Kuranosuke all bear and macho. xD

      I am not starting the countdown because I don’t even want to think about the end in next five episodes. Baah! I hope so too that there’s another season. But it’s Brains Base and they are very notorious with second seasons. ;-;

  2. anaaga says:

    OMG. I DIDN’T KNOW THERE’A A HOT GUY IN THIS ANIME! i gotta start watching this anime! *start DL-ing*

  3. sassy says:

    Like I said before…

    Kuranosuke x Tsukimi

    Outta the way, Shu, the nunnery is no place for a virgin.

    • Kyokai says:

      I am definitely a KuraKimi shipper. Let’s see how things go with Shu though. I pity him for sure.

  4. Captain says:

    I recognized the driver’s voice almost immediately. I was like, *points to screen* “IT’S SISTER.”

  5. wonton jr. says:

    Haha you’re right, that picture of Shu really needed a bishie sparkle~

    I was like HELL YEAH! When he shoved Shouko out of the way like that we need more of that!

  6. Junko says:

    Another wonderful episode of Kuragehime. A little dissapoint that they didn’t cover more fashion styles but WHATEVER they looked great~

    Loved Banba just slurping up that meat (yep, that came out wrong..) and Tsukimi being ADORABLE blowing on her tea. Don’t worry Kuranosuke, everyone in the world thinks she’s adorable. Just go with it~

    I watched this with a friend who hadn’t seen an episode in her life. However, she got quite into Shu’s story and was leaping up and down, cursing the witch-woman with a new found hatred (fueled by her understanable megane obsession). It was all very amusing.

    Has the ED for this come out yet? I need it.

    • Kyokai says:

      The transformation was definitely amazing. I love how Kuranosuke’s grooming the Amars and without any ulterior motives. I like Shu but I hope Kuranosuke ends up with Tsukimi in the end.

      I bide you success in your mission of trapping a friend to watch anime with. Always damn interesting to do. ^^

      Also, I am waiting for that ED too. It’s releasing on first Dec so would post it as soon as it’s out. Both OP/ED are just too good; Brains Base sure know their music.

  7. Namika says:

    *_* I’m starting to love this series even more ^O^
    I’m SO in for Kuranosuke+Tsukimi! Because, he loves her for who she is, unlike Shu, whom didn’t recognize her without makeup. But I can’t hate him, because he’s just a walking ‘DAAAWWW!’ So cute! ^^
    Finally, Kuranosuke takes a step forward….or backward….idk, just moves on! Next ep. in the studio!

    • Kyokai says:

      I am a KuraKimi shipper all the way now. I mean, he was the one who discovered her after all. Though I can’t hate Shu as he was brought up with many responsibilities on his shoulder.

      Kuranosuke definitely would be stepping up and he should be more honest about his feelings towards her. ^^

      • Namika says:

        But now I got kinda nervous about all the girls finding out that Kuranosuke is a guy….. O_O And that mysterious woman mangaka locked upstairs really bothers me ==”

        • Ness says:

          Yeah the mysterious mangaka locked in her room makes me curious a little and its funny how they kneel and bow to the door asking for advice haha. KuraKimi GO GO! It was funny when Kuranosuke was pounding on the wall in the bathroom haha, he’s so polite when apologizing.

          • Kyokai says:

            @ Nakmika, That big reveal would be dreadful indeed. I just hope by that time the Amars start liking Kuranosuke for who he is rather than his gender. >.> Though I don’t think we’ll be seeing the mangaka anytime soon. She should remain mysterious and continue doing what she does best (write BL). :3

            @ Ness, The Mangaka-san sure has respect~ And Kuranosuke is so growing on me! I just hope KuraKimi (hells yes!) is the final couple!

          • Ness says:

            Yeah I agree. KuraKimi all the way!

            But that mangaka, wouldn’t it be funny if she was some hawt chick instead of some geeky looking person like the rest of the house? haha.

  8. Dan-go says:

    DON’T SHU, SHES A TRAP (see what i did there? it could be tsukimi OR the slutty business woman, but neither in the traditional sense of “a trap”)

  9. ichigopockysticks says:

    I love this show too much I go back a re watch parts for past episodes. I even watched an episode in spanish with my friend once.

    • Kyokai says:

      This show is definitely one of the best of Fall. Only five more episodes? Bubuuu! =3=

  10. Vivi says:

    As a lolita, I have to say that Banba’s look isn’t lolita at all, but I liked it anyway. She’s so cute and little hehe

    It was funny how the witch lady had to retake the picture just because it didn’t turn out right XD

    I would also like a post showcasing Hoshi’s artwork! Also, I’m glad you’re back to blogging, Kyo ♥

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol, I was going for something petit but yeah, her look in actuality is not lolita at all; cute nonetheless. ^^

      The witch needs to be burned in a bonfire. Damn that woman.

      And Hoshi would love some more encouragement for sure. xD
      And thanks for the welcome~ <333 I'm just feeling guilty I'm unable to take out time for Sekijitsu. ;-;

  11. jj says:

    isn’t the nunnery full of nunz though? lol.

    it was a very daawwwwww~ moment ^^~

  12. Dan-go says:

    Ahaha, you’re sub is actually retarded 😀 “and mama didn’t name her boy Meat for nothing” lolololol fail, he says “and stop calling me meat (niku)” but he uses the impolite male version of self referal (ore)…which is also how tsukimi turns it into Ol’e, cuz japs cant say “R” 😀

    • sassy says:

      I’m sure the subbers know that, but they’re just working under the assumption that not everyone knows ;D
      Since they can’t just add notes at the end like they would on a manga scanlation.

      • Kyokai says:

        @ Dan-go, I put this cap there for lulz alone. Of course, I knew about the Ore and Ole~ insertion. xD

        @ sassy, Not to mention, these subbers work strict hours and little things like these, which is pretty much understandable by the fandom is usually ignored.

    • Namika says:

      Yeah, I also noticed that, but the main thing is that WE understand the real meaning, so what’s the harm?….))) Let’s have sympathy for the subbers))))

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