Kuragehime 02-04

Love triangles, awkward situations, and nosebleeding galore~.

Yo! Its Hoshi here, attempting to do a recap of the past Kuragehime episodes since our beloved Kyokai has been working especially hard and isn’t necessarily able to~. Truly, Kuragehime is too good a show to not be reviewed *A* I have never fallen in love with any anime quicker than this (not even with Kuroshitsuji, which really means something)!

After the sudden surprise that our pretty ‘princess’ was actually a cross-dressing guy, Tsukimi frantically tried to get him out of the house without letting the other sisters see him, which proved to be quite a difficult task.

Life should go on as normal for her, but our darling cross-dresser comes back!

After an awkward hotpot dinner, Tsukimi and Mr. Cross-dresser head over to his house…err, mansion, where they accidently meet up with his older brother. Threatening him with showing his girly attire to their father, his older brother ends up getting them Matsusaka beef, and Kuranosuke (our cross-dresser’s really long name) in turn brings it to the sisterhood, of course as bribe.  The next morning however Tsukimi is shocked as she sees Kuranosuke’s older brother on T.V!

We get to see more inside the household of our cross-dressing princess in episode 3, and find out Japan’s prime minister is actually Kuranosuke’s Loli-con Uncle, and that his family is a bunch of politicians. He doesn’t want to become involved in the Political world, which is one of the reasons why he dresses the way he does.

Warning: Uncles may be subject to becoming Loli-cons~!

Kuranosuke also reveals another talent of his (other than looking like one very pretty girl): he can do one freaking amazing makeover as he transforms Tsukimi into a black-haired beauty. She even ends up getting the attention of Kuranosuke’s older brother, Shu (kyaaaaa~)!

Now for this week’s episode, we (or at least I was) were tricked into thinking it would be a pretty tense episode with Kuranosuke finding out that the nunnery was part of a redevelopment project, but of course the sisters have no worries about it, for now at least.

Kuranosuke has more scheming up his sleeves as he drags Shu with him and Tsukimi to an aquarium she wanted to go to, not before dressing Tsukimi up again. At the aquarium, we see Tsukimi’s happy otaku appearance as she enters the Jellyfish room, her beauty (?) capturing the attention of both Shu and Kuranosuke!

Kuranosuke goes to the bathroom, suddenly removing his cross-dressing attire, and comes out to find his older brother and Tsukimi hugging pretty affectionately. For some reason, it starts to piss him off, and breaks it up, only to find out Tsukimi has been crying over seeing the jellyfish.

No funny caption needed xD

They take her back to the Sisterhood where an emergency makes Tsukimi have to change out of her kimono. She ends up walking past the door with her kimono half off just as Shu walks in to apologize. While Shu takes it a bit calmly, only nosebleeding as he gets into the car, Tsukimi has a mental breakdown, spilling ink all over the final page of Meijiro-san’s manuscript~.


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Dawwwww~!! ;A;

Don’t ask me why…but I want to play this someday |’D

I do this myself but with comparing anime characters x’D

I love Kuranosuke’s face here XD

End thoughts: I smell a love triangle coming on! For me it’s really hard to see who I’d like her to be with (Oh gosh, it’s Fruits Baskets all over again…); she looks really good with Shu, but then again how can we not pair her up with the main character, even if he is a trap?! I love you love triangles, but then again you make my brain twitch so much I have to hate you at times~.

Anyways, I’m so obsessed with this series already; I can never wait for the next episode. From the first episode I was hooked with its amazing animation, and the idea of all these otaku living under one roof, but now with the added twist of a cross-dressing male with a taste for fashion and makeup starting to show himself in Tsukimi’s life and make a difference in her appearance, and maybe in her attitude, has permanently wrapped its jellyfish tentacles around me and sucked me into the fandom. Kuragehime is without a doubt my number one pick for Fall, now until the series ends because it’s just so sweetly good! I love all the characters, especially Kuranosuke because…well, he’s just awesome, hahaha! I’ve always loved these cross-dressing characters (like Aoi from Kaichou wa Maid-sama!), but with Kuranosuke I love his attitude too; he’s pretty carefree and rebelling against what he might be forced into doing for a job (I like rebels too much, heh). Oh, and I like Mayaya a lot too xD She’s always doing those weird hand movements and I love her voice! Akemi Okamura is doing a fantastic job!

I’m really curious as well as to what’s up with Kuranosuke’s mother because he keeps asking for her address and such…She looks like she might be some sort of idol, so I’m getting the feeling that she might have just dumped him there with his father to do her job? I’m not sure; there’s all sorts of twists playing in my brain, probably from watching too many Korean dramas |’D I’m really looking forward to seeing more on that, and as well with this (maybe) new formed love triangle~ ;D

Preview: Unfortunately I’m not able to get a few images for the preview but, it seems like an unknown woman is going to appear, which might bring out some trouble for our Amars sisters, and a serious looking Kuranosuke…in boys clothes?! What’s going on?! Until then~ (hopefully Kyokai will be back by then!)


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19 Responses to “Kuragehime 02-04”

  1. sassy says:

    Hell yeah Kuranosuke and Tsukimi

    How could it even go any other way? Out of the way, Shu!

  2. Yumii says:

    The lady in the preview looks like the one from the opening (when Kuranosuke is marrying someone and Shu see them from the window) or maybe it’s just me lol.


    No bra, no life?

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hmmm, I’m not sure…I love the opening but I always skip it to save time ^^;

      And I didn’t get that “No bra, no life?” thing either X’D
      I guess she didn’t have her bra on when Shu accidentally saw her, but it still doesn’t make sense with the no life part…

      • Kurochi says:

        I love how star wars in is the opening.

      • panda says:

        yeah tsukimi doesn’t wear bras.. i think she doesn’t even own a pair. :3 she just wears the “gross, shabby, old tank top” she wore since high school, under her sweat suit..
        which i would like a pair of.. they look comfy..
        and same pair of sneakers :3

        [spoiler] oh i heard somewhere.. that the girl in the wedding dress in the preview is tsukimi all transformed..


  3. Junko says:

    Kuragehime, you are my pinical of romance anime. Wonderful art style, hilarious characters (that arn’t gimicky! Hoorah!) and a love triangle I could just sink my teeth into (and probably get a tooth ache, so sweet XD).

    I love you Kuragehime, marry me.

    But not the ‘anime character pillow’ marriage thing…

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Uwah, you just perfectly summed up Kuragehime<3 xD
      and you're gonna have to fight me to marry it! (hahaha just kidding XD)

  4. Alynn says:

    Kuranosuke’s uncle is hilarious. pyon pyon~
    Also I love Mayaya too. Her over-exaggerated motions and the way she talks xD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Seriously!! I love he goes from like really serious political type to super cutsie pyon-pyon X’D I always crack up when he does that!

      Yes!! Mayaya is just awesome! xD

  5. Ichigopockysticks says:

    I love this show I had intended not to watch it but need something to watch while painting my nails then bam and I didn’t know there was only 4 epiosde up so I freaked out and screamed at my comp which made my family very confuesed no to go make my friend watch this 😀 love it to much

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahaha XD YESSS go get more people into it! I got my cousin hooked, now she’s texting me every week to see if the new episode is out xDD

  6. Amutofan123 says:

    I have been obsessed with this anime since episode one! It’s so entertaining.

    And I really want to live in the Sisterhood! They get to play fun games, eat snacks, and have bonfires!

    I really love all the characters, especially Tsukimi and Kuranosuke. Tsukimi is so sweet and easy to identify with and Kuranosuke is just… awesome! xD

    Shuu is funny and all, but I’m totally shipping the trap and the jellyfish otaku!

    • Hoshi says:

      I do too~!! *A* All the food they eat looks so good, hahaha! Someone needs to create one for real…

      Uwahh~ for some reason I like Shu and Tsukimi together, but not as much as Kuranosuke and Tsukimi xD

  7. Dan-go says:

    NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWKS, this looks hilarious, starting now

  8. Dan-go says:

    omg this is so brilliant, love the op theme, as a challenge, can anyone guess all the movie references in the op?

    • Dan-go says:

      i’ve got starwars, umm singing in the rain, mary poppins,james bond, kill bill, and there’s a candy candy reference (hell old anime i watched when i was like 4) in the first episode

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