Bakuman – 06

Criticism: You either use it, or hate it~.

~(FINALLY I GET TO POST SOMETHING ;A;) So, I’ve finally broken down and started reading the Bakuman manga. I didn’t want to because of the fact I would be watching the anime, and I want to be surprised with it, but in the end, I was tired of others mentioning people from the manga that I didn’t know of yet so |’D Luckily Viz Media has the English version out so I bought the second volume of Bakuman on my monthly manga run this past Sunday. Gosh, the manga art is intense! Compared to the anime, the animation is just straight up simple while the manga’s art is literally like BAM in your face! I enjoy it though; it makes it quite hysterical. Anyways, back to the anime!

Shuujin made the call, and the boys set an appointment at Jack with Mr. Hattori, an editor, to submit their manuscript. The boys head to the publishing company the next day, coming by subway.

Shuujin briefly describes his childhood on the way, and why he wants to be a manga artist. His father had been fired from his bank job, and his mother pressured him (a bit really) into avenging his father’s wrongful termination. He gets angry at the fact that his mother was pressuring him to study so much because of that, and after a rather interesting outburst, gets his mother to accept his choices, including that of becoming a manga artist.

The boys finally head inside the publishing company’s building, and after some nervous fumbling at the receptionist desk, go to a cubicle to await Mr. Hattori. They pass by another person who’s being told about his submission, causeing the boys to get even more nervous.

Mr. Hattori then walks in, already asking for the manuscript. They give it to him and wait nervously as he reads it, then reads it again.


…Tea, TEA, TEA!

Now, the anime actually tells you what the manga is about but I’m not going to explain it because it’s pretty confusing, well, at least to me heh. So here’s some pretty panels  by Saikou for you to enjoy and at least get a hint of what it’s about x’D

He finishes reading it, then tells them it was pretty well done. He offers them coffee (which apparently is a good sign), and goes on asking them questions about it. Hattori doesn’t brush off criticism however and tells them the flaws in their manuscript; for example the story had a lot of narration and explanation in the dialogue. (Heh, I find that totally ironic since *cough* Ohba and Obata’s Death Note AND Bakuman are pretty wordy….Using their own experiences maybe? xD) As for Saikou’s art, it’s good but not for manga standards.

Criticism…it’s a bitch. Trust me.

In the end Hattori likes their work, and gives them his business card with his email address on it, saying he would like to see their future works. He also mentions that he’s going to submit their manuscript for the monthly prize Jack gives to a chosen submission, but them winning the first place won’t be easy.

The next day, the boys discuss plans to make another story before the end of the year, and to have better communication concerning if they have something to say about Saikou’s art, or Shuujin’s story.

As the episode closes, Saikou is hit with a surprise: he and Azuki are now sitting together!

Shuujin is laughing his ass off XD

I hardly think that’s what they should be worried about…

End thoughts: Another pretty wordy episode, but FINALLY we see some hope for our boys :’D This is certainly a big step for them. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I was going to be, thanks to reading the manga beforehand, which also made this episode I bit boring for me. If I hadn’t bought the second volume, I probably would’ve been freaking out and rolling on my bedroom floor out of nervousness |’D SEE? DON’T READ A NEW ANIME’S MANGA! Kills the fun! Why did I break my rule? -sob-

Anyways, their editor, Hattori-san…PFFFF. HIS LIPS. I crack up every time I see his face x’D His face doesn’t move actually! I swear! Even in the manga he has the same expression; I think it’s because his eyes don’t really move because they’re so round, and it bugs me a lot. Other than that, I love this guy! 8D Such a kind editor-san~. I was pretty surprised when the episode actually showed the manuscript; I was curious as to what kind of story it was. I just realized that they probably added that in there to kill the episode’s time |’D They totally timed the ending perfectly with that twist that Azuki and Saikou have to sit together. That’s gonna be cuuuute~! I love how Shuujin was like trying hard not to laugh out loud X’D

I’m sorry if my end thoughts sound really boring, or really random, it wasn’t an episode I could fangirl or rant over ^^; It was really neutral this episode, until the ending of course, heehee. A bit boring this week but hey, Bakuman always has a way of peeking your interests up again ;D


It looks like Eiji Niizuma is going to be brought back into the picture, which is probably going to cause some problems for our duo. Plus, Azuki crying?! SAIKOU WHAT DID YOU DO~?! Until next time then~



A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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24 Responses to “Bakuman – 06”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    I enjoyed seeing what the manuscript actually looks like.

    They seemed to be setting up a rivalry between Hattori and the other newcomer’s editor.

  2. Reeshof says:

    Hello thanks for yet another funny and good post. Where do you receive your inspiration for all this :|? – Tandarts

    • Hoshi says:

      ~you’re welcome, and thank you ^^
      Heh, well, I don’t have many friends who are into Japan’s current anime (they do love anime, but are too lazy to get off the mainstream English dubbed ones), so I don’t have anyone to vent out my rants/feelings/fangirlyness on! Now I sort of build it all up inside me and let it out here xD Plus, I just love anime! And it’s not a cheesy love either; it’s hardcore (not in the dirty sense HAHAHA).

  3. Xiao says:

    I’m going to wait until after the anime is finished before trying the manga. I’ve had too many cases where I got too curious and went ahead and spoiled myself. Then I would sit through the rest of the episodes more annoyed than I have to be so I guess it’s a good thing the Bakuman is holding my interest for it steadily. lol

    Anyways, I liked this ep a lot actually and I really appreciate all the good criticism Saikou and Shujin received from Hattori-san. Too many series with similar situations let the protagonists obtain their goals too fast and too easily so it’s good that they can take something from this and improve on it. ^^
    I’m going to side with Hattori-san and lol, yea, those lips xD; on his opinion about their manuscript as well though I know little to nothing about making a manga. Shujin’s story did seem more fit for a light novel because of all the dialogue and deep themes. And of course, Saikou has quite a way to go at perfect his art style. But they can do it. Yea! x3b

    Erm, what else? I liked Shujin’s backstory, too. Given how strict Asian families or any career-driven parents can be, it was nice to see him opposing what his mother was trying to “use” him for. Not a lot of kids would be able to that but she just cross the line at “Avenge your father”. Good thing she lets him do what he wants to do now, though.

    Finally, kyaakyaa~! at that twist. Especially Shujin trying to hold in his laughter at the irony. Aww man, I wanted to hug him for being so cute.
    And our future couple worries about the silliest things. lol xD;

    Uwah! Can’t wait for next week! Eiji appearing and I think Azuki might have got rejected for an audition or something? Just guessing, though, so plz don’t spoil me~ Haha
    I hope Saikou can give her some encouragement if that’s the case, since he’s gone through the same thing this ep. But more importantly, I want them to exchange phone numbers and email addresses already. Dorks, at least wish each other random good lucks or “Happy Birthday!” if you can’t see each other. 😛

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I HIGHLY suggest you do continue to wait. The manga is very fast-paced; just from reading the second volume I’m probably like five episodes ahead already |’D

      I agreed a lot with Hattori too, and I found myself actually thinking up more criticism than him at some points hahaha (I read too much manga…).
      I SERIOUSLY loved Shuujin’s background! I’m the rebellious/dreamer type so I was like, “Yeah you tell her!!”.

      Yes, next week is gonna be so interesting!! 8D I gotta keep my lips sealed though, gah!

  4. Overcooled says:

    YES HOSHI, THE MANGA IS SO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!! It makes the anime unbearably slow in comparison, however. Finally, Hattori! The best editor ever! I didn’t like him at first because, yes, he looks weird XD But I became so attached to hiiiimmmm.

    I like how you pointed out that Hattori said their manga was wordy when Death Note and Bakuman are all wordy manga :3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~IT ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I CAN’T HELP ITTTTT. Luckily though, the next volume doesn’t come out in English till February so I’ll probably be surprised in a few episodes time HOPEFULLY |’D

      I had to point that out LOL! I was like, “Uhhh, YOU GUYS totally do that!!” It took me almost an HOUR to finish Bakuman Volume 2, and I usually read manga in less then 30 minutes! I started the Death Note manga when I was still slow in reading manga, and the last book took me two hours HAHAHA x’D

      • Dan-go says:

        afraid to read the manga because i’m in love with this anime at the moment

  5. Dan-go says:


  6. ichigopockysticks says:

    HAHAHAHAHA i have finally caught up with all the anime i am watching this season
    I feel accomplished
    i will NEVER be grounded again just because I dont want it taken again
    but yeah
    AND i loved the ending that was funny

    • Hoshi says:

      ~WHOO! o3o *high fives* Ugh, I hated getting grounded. I remember I used to get grounded from my manga collection (which was really dumb) and I’d be on pins and needles, rocking in a corner going, “My m-m-m-mangaaa~! -sob-” x’D
      I have yet to catch up on this season series I’m watching, hahaha. I’m trying to catch up to Shiki, Arakawa Under the Bridge 2, and tons of other anime I’ve been wanting to see for a long time |’D

      • Ichigopockysticks says:

        Yeah… I still had my manga but no computer and my phone was taken for a little while but I reasoned …. Sorta … And got it back early 😀 I have become really addicted to anime and fandom I don’t think it is healthy but I don’t care XD

        • Hoshi says:

          ~Oh gosh…I’d probably have a seizure without my computer hahaha; I’ve become too addicted to it now that I have internet in my room |’D

          Hahahaha! Yeah after six years of being into it myself, I really just don’t care how much it makes me stressed or sad or just plain broke xDDD It’s all fun and I love being a part of it :3 It’s like a secret world in a way~ (At least that’s what I think).

  7. bakuhasu says:

    Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba man you two have turn me broke after spending money and waiting for the next Death Note chapter to come out. Currently reading the two latest chapter….and you two…TAKE MAH MONEY!!!

    Imma actually go to Viz’s HQ to tell them this!

  8. Namika says:

    Now I kinda feel that Akito and I are a LOT alike! XD The ending scene was worth a whole episode, I swear. =)))) can’t wait to see, what happens next!!

    • Hoshi says:

      Uwaaah~ you too huh? XD Akito you are an inspiration to us! (ahahaha)
      It was worth it, I have to admit :3 It’s gonna get so good!

  9. Tofu says:

    Bakuman is such a inspirational anime/manga, the whole chasing after your dreams and what you really want to do instead of what you parents want you to do is awesome! If only my parents were like that… But I’m definitely liking Bakuman more and more especially after seeing Saikou and Azuki sitting with each other~ !

    Kyaa~! Anime love drama is so corny but so sweet… If the world based on that type of love with no criticism it’d be awesome!

    Shuujin you sleazy guy xD Can’t wait for the next Bakuman post Hoshi!!! ^^ Keep up the good work!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~It is! 8D I swear, every time I read or watch it, I get so pumped up to do anything, even if I have nothing to do!! xDDD I think that’s why I always try my best on my Bakuman posts hahahaha~. YES, Bakuman is getting awesome-r with each episode!!

      SERIOUSLY…but like you said, it so sweet, and cute :3

      Uwaahhhh~ Thank you ;A; I’ll be doing my best! *gives herself an injection of Bakuman-style enthusiasm* XD

      • Tofu says:

        ahahaha Drugs are bad but in this case… GO FOR IT! xD *injects himself with some Bakuman enthusiasm* ..woah…WOAH!!! I’m pumped up! xD

        ( I feel like I’m advertising a product from Bakuman~ ) The NEW enthusiasm injection!

        And YES I am a GUY~! xD Just for anyone who’s not sure if I’m a girl or if I’m a trap…

  10. sedra14anime says:

    This was a pretty good episode. At first I was a bit hesitate about watching this anime because it didn’t really appeal to me because it was so different compared to Death Note. I only started watching it because it was by the same creator as Death Note, but now I’m hooked and can’t get enough. One of my favorite scenes in the episode was Shuujin’s mom crying face, priceless 🙂

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Whoo! I’m glad you got into the anime ^^ Yeah, compared to Death Note…wait, can you EVEN compare this to Death Note?! This is a more comedic, real-life-ish series, so it’s going to be completely different from it. It is very good, and does get better so I hope you stick to it! ;D

  11. Dan-go says:

    You know you’re in love if you’re worried about putting off your other with gastromuscular contractions

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