Togainu no Chi – 04

Hide ya kids, hide ya’ wife, hide ya’ husband cuz Shiki is coming to get ya~.

~WHOO! Hoshi’s first new post on the brand-new site! *throws confetti* The whole time I was waiting for its unveiling, I was on the edge of my seat at school, at home, at the library…but phew! It’s all good and done thanks to the awesome Will and our amazing Kyokai ^^ Anyways, it’s back to business for us, and LOOKIE HERE! Togainu no Chi is actually out on time! WHAT?! Did the U.S stop making hamburgers?! Did Kpop songs stop saying ‘I love you’ fifty gajillion times?! (please imagine a sarcastic tone if you will) xD.

Sarcastic tones aside, episode four begins with Rin finding Akira in an alley, telling him that he was looking for him. They then depart to go to a hotel (no really, it’s not what you think) where they’ll meet up with Keisuke.

On their way however, they run into a group of guys who recognize Rin. One of them goes up to him, and tries to talk to him but Rin doesn’t reply, keeping his serious composure. He soon walks away as the guy who came up to him yells out something about him selling out his friends and running away…

The two continue to walk on, Akira acting non-nonchalantly as if nothing happened, not even asking Rin what happened between him and the group. They arrive at the hotel to find Motomi, and then Keisuke as he comes back from his search for Akira.

Rin disappears for a bit, then quickly comes back with a large bag of water and food, a result of a trade-off by trading in his worthless tags for other items. He then suggests that they should all hang out together, and doing so, head up to the roof where they all eat together happily.

Good times…good times….

Later in the evening, we see the return appearance of the man with the sword, slicing another victim…

Gosh this screencap is gorgeous (No sarcasm intended) 8’D

Meanwhile, Rin and Akira are talking about Bl@ster as Keisuke sleeps, Rin going over bittersweet memories of friends and such. The two also end up getting a bit too close for comfort, playfully-speaking of course. (We don’t want Akira cheating on Keisuke now would we?)

Trying…not….to…squeaalllll…!!*holds breath*

Yes, very much actually.

Suddenly, a frantic cry goes out saying that Shiki is here. Rin suddenly gets serious at the sound and takes off, Akira chasing after him in confusion.

Akira stops at by a dark alley, calling our for Rin, and then suddenly a staggering, bleeding man comes out from the darkness, then falls dead. After him pops out (the ultimate bad-ass) Shiki.

-insert epic music for a bad-ass to enter to-

The two instantly go after each other, taking our their weapons and battling. Shiki finally gives a kick into Akira’s chest, sending him through a glass window.

BAM! You just got your ass handed to you heheheheh~.

As Akira tries to get up, Shiki grabs him by the neck and pushes him against the wall, choking him, threatening to end his life. Akira tells him to, but he ends up letting him go. He tells him they’ll fight again once he’s ‘in better shape’, then walks out (like a BAMF), leaving Akira alone~.

Now…RIN SPAM~!! 8D

End thoughts: Why do I ever doubt you A-1? I review an episode of one of your shows, and I complain about it, and what do you do? You prove me wrong! You FIX it! OH YES, that is why I love you so A-1 pictures~. This episode was really a big step-up from last week with less Keisuke-whining and more Shiki-epicness going on. It was so much more interesting as well with more bloody action coming along, and with a mysterious past and obsession(?) of Shiki coming from Rin. I didn’t really like the beginning of this episode however, and not because it showed more of Keisuke’s pathetic attachment to Akira (Oh gosh, I sound too mean now…), but it just started off quite randomly. I thought maybe something happened that pissed Akira off, and that’s why they were looking for him, but it didn’t really say. That was my only big complaint for this episode.

Another thing A-1 fixed was the face animation! Last week I thought that the faces looked really weird and were pretty still, but this week they ALL looked gorgeous, especially Rin and Shiki! Rin, I will forever think, has a weird head and face to begin with, but this episode they actually camouflaged it and brought out some really cute expressions from him (hence the mini Rin pic spam). Speaking of Rin, I really want to see more of his past. It looks like something went down because those guys were pretty ‘BLEAH’ to him, and he looked a bit ashamed of something himself. Plus there’s this thing he has for Shiki, no? In the last episode he had the picture, and then when they called out his name he took off! (Where in the hell did he go actually?! Akira sure as hell didn’t find him!) It certainly is pulling at my curiosity~. Gosh, I’ve become such a fangirl for him now after this episode x’D I was trying hard not to squeal, so instead I’d spin around in my chair going, “WHY SO ADORABLE?”.

Now I’m not going to end this without talking about my bad-ass man SHIKIIII~! *does an imaginary high-five to Kyokai* HE IS SO AWESOME. I love it when he battles Akira, and even though I do like Akira, I love seeing Shiki kick his ass |’D I’m like, “CUT HIM DAMNIT! I WANNA SEE BLOOD!” (Hoshi is getting a little psycho now…). The battle in this episode though was almost like a repeat of their first meeting, which bummed me out a bit. Akira did do more this time around, and so did Shiki, but eh, it was too short for me :/ I do hope I get to see more of my bad-ass Shiki quickly because if I don’t, I’m just going to be writing a whole rant about Keisuke being a wuss~.


It looks like our other useless character, blue-haired eye patch guy will be back, plus our freaky drug lord Arbrito, and Rin! You’re too adorable to be holding a knife sinisterly! Until next week then~


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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13 Responses to “Togainu no Chi – 04”

  1. sedra14anime says:

    This episode was more interesting, I felt like it had more action in it. And how come there aren’t any female characters? I feel like its beginning to get a little yaoi-ish.

    • kiwicki says:

      I agree, it was more interesting! Things are heating up! Who doesn’t love more action?! 😀 Also, I’m pretty sure Togainu no Chi is a shounen-ai based anime. And for some reason, women don’t seem to participate in Igra… or be in Toshima in general, haha. I’m not sure as to why, though. D: But I feel like a woman in this would kind of ruin it. Maybe just a little? Aside from Emma, the person who introduced Akira to the game Igra, I’d be totally fine if no women showed up in the rest of the series. However, that may be my fangirl side talking… haha…

      • Hoshi says:

        ~Seriously!! 8D
        I think I’d be pretty irritated if a woman character just showed up in Toshima, hahaha. I don’t think they will put any because A-1 does treat its fangirls well, and probably knows we’d have some very mixed reactions about it x’D
        It is the fangirl side in us talking, hahaha!

  2. urina says:

    When i watch this ep, i just thought that Shiki really looks like Kaname in Vampire Knight and Akira looks like Zero :ohohoho:
    Shiki…really so adorable “nosebleed” :nosebleeds:
    I hope they will choose Shiki route since he is the most favourite character for all gamer, of couse me too :yippy

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahahahaha! I didn’t really notice that, but now that you’ve said it, I can’t totally see it 😆
      I hope they choose the Shiki route too! He’s just so awesome, and is definitely my favorite character :thumb:

  3. anaaga says:

    i’m skipping everything here, i’m waiting for the LQ version to come out (bcz my net sux). it amuses me how they convert things like yosuga no sora into mp4 in a short period of time, but not with togainu no chi 🙁
    btw, i was the 10 commandments of metanorn in the about section, and there’s a pic of shiki and akira! <3

    • Kyokai says:

      Fufufuuu~ Shiki and Akira make a far better impression, when it comes to rules. ^_~

  4. aihara-yuki says:

    lmao, hoshi… TnC *is* based on yaoi game =\
    but i don’t mind, lol
    and with this publicly advertised anime, it should be on a moderate shounen ai between Akira x allchars, 🙂
    altho i do worship ShiAki :3

  5. Yourmother says:

    I was pretty satisfied.
    As much as I like Akira, I was just smiling through the entire fight. I was practically telling Shiki ‘kick his ass a little more’. I know that I’m being impatient about it and it’s the fourth episode, but I can’t wait till they start revealing secrets and all that jazz~ It’s my favorite part of most animes.
    Kisuke wasn’t that bad in this episode. Hell I’m not sure if he even got five minutes of screentime. Most it was focused on Rin(who I am starting to love) and Akira.
    Rin is probably one of the best charaters on this show. He’s funny~ And I love his man-loving ways~
    I laughed every damned time he was harrasing Akira. It’s funny~<3
    As long as they don't show that really creepy dude with the mask and pedo ways, I am okay.

  6. bakuhasu says:


    So being a guy living in San Francisco, where things usually get happy in every corner…. Christ… THIS EPISODE IS GOOOD!@!!!!!! (*sarcasm)

    WE ALMOST HAD A STRAIGHT SEX SCENE w/ Rin and Akira!! I mean hell for a Shounen Ai anime things get pretty interesting….. VERRY interesting. Alright we finally get a guy girl relationship and what gets better is Shiki! Aka Midorikawa Hikaru. Rin is the main heroine that is all… THE ONLY GIIIIRRRRRL in the show!

    • Overcooled says:

      Denial is a scary thing.

      • DarkCesia says:

        Denial is a scary thing.


        ohh my….and I thought Keizuke was the girly girl…LOL

        Anyhow, cant wait for the 5th ep summary…
        why?? bc, I think you will have fun with the caps…since the animation is going from good/decent (meaning ep4) to really bad…

        This ep was such a lift up in quality… every fangirl had an urgasm w Shiki (if you deny it…Kiriwar will make meat out of you!!) I just hope the best for this show…hopefully, I wont get depress next ep..thxs to this marvelous animation *sarcasm*

  7. Overcooled says:

    I don’t know why, but my favourite part was when Rin scrambled down that building. Like, he BOLTED. I really want to know what’s going on between him and Shiki. I originally thought they were working together, but you wouldn’t take a candid picture of someone you see all the time…<_< So now I'm not as sure... Mmm Hikaru Midorikawa. I thought he was going to rape Akira, but maybe that's just

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