Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 03

You gotta watch out for those maids

I am so tempted to complain about how busy I am…@[email protected] I guess I already did just now though.  Well then.  <_< Anyways, I watched Tegami Bachi as a study break and I’m glad to say things are slowly picking up~

As wonderful as it would be for Lag to just scribble down a letter, stuff it into that bullet he got and run off to find Gauche…it’s not that easy. Lag struggles can’t even figure out what to put in his letter. He complains about it to Sylvette in the morning. It seems like his other friends (who have suddenly joined him) haven’t written many letters before either. Wait, so, why are they such freeloaders again?

Lag sets out on his first real mission of the season to a close-by mansion in order to deliver a letter to Ray Atlee. In other words, don’t expect any Gaichuu this episode. He runs into a very tall, sturdy maid named Kimidori who lets him in. An older, more strict maid leads Lag to the see the master of the house, who wants to talk to Lag. It’s obvious how cruel she is once she starts interacting with Kimidori, not even showing sympathy when she falls down a flight of stairs.

It turns out that Ray Atlee is actually a woman who looks a lot like Gauche. She opens the letter in front of Lag to show him the beautiful hand-painted letters inside. Apparently, some unknown sender has been sending her these letters for a while now and she wants to know who it is. She tells us her “I’ve heard this a million times” backstory about being chronically sick and having to move from her hometown. The letters remind her of back home, and give her the strength to live on through her pain.

Gauche, there you are! My, you’ve…changed. O_O

Lag sets out to find the sender of the letters. He considers firing a shindan, but feels like that’s an invasion of privacy, as if he hasn’t gone around shooting letters before <_< Luckily, he finds another lead in the form of a hideous watermark on the paper. Except that lead is a dud too, everyone uses that kind of paper. Time to go ask about the paint! Apparently it’s hand-made by a special flower that isn’t found here in Central. WOW, that was helpful. Good thing this isn’t a detective show.

As Lag heads back to the mansion empty-handed, Niche runs off all of a sudden. Lag gives chase only to spot Kimidori tending to some Blue Romeo flowers. You know, the kind that wasn’t supposed to grow here? Lag shouts out to her, revealing her as the “culprit.”

Kimidori admits to everything, humbly stating that she just wanted Ray to be happy. Awww. Plus, she doesn’t know how to write XD Lag promises not to tell, but that nasty witch has been eavesdropping, and we all know that can’t be good.

…Damn, if she sat on me I’d be crushed to death.

Lag is in for a surprise when he goes to see Ray. She is grinning ear to ear, filled with joy that her wonderful maid Colbasso sent her those letters. AKLXJEKJHJBHE GTFO!!!! AHHH!!! *regains composure* ANYWAYS, Lag is frozen in shock as the old hag tries to extort the poor girl for ALL OF HER LAND. He can’t exactly break his promise with Kimidori, but he decides shooting the letter with his shindan is a loophole in the arrangement.

This is what you should’ve done in the beginning.

Now all shall be revealed. We get a nice flashback of how Kimidori and Ray met as kids in their hometown. Ray decided to sneak away from Colbasso (no wonder) and hide in the closest building she could find, which ended up being a workshop where Kimidori makes paint. They instantly become friends, and Ray even gives her one of hairpins before she has to leave.

“Now maybe you won’t look like a slack-jawed fatboy 8D” “…thanks?”

Later on, we see Kimidori in financial troubles, having no choice but to sell the apparently really expensive hairclip to pay off her debt. Feeling guilty, she decides to go to Central to try to find Ray, bringing a Blue Romeo plant all the way there. Now that’s dedication.

Once the truth is revealed, Ray goes to the garden to see Kimidori tending to the flowers. They have an overly dramatic moment with a lot of crying and touching and sappy words, and all is right in the world. Lag runs home, deciding to try a picture letter too but things don’t go quite as well as expected…

…Don’t quit your letter bee job <_<

Extra Pics:

…And then she died because of her unnamed, incurable disease.

*sings* Bllaaackkk Rooockkk Shooootttteerrr~

I like how Steak got dizzy just from watching lawl

Is that a…a…MUDKIP???

Same old fishbone-leek-mashed potato-egg-pink blob breakfast as always

End Thoughts: I enjoy these little deliveries that don’t advance the plot much, I do. I like watching Lag deliver letters and do his thing, because the whole premise is really cool. The plots for these little one-offs are usually pretty simple, but it’s fun to watch. Every time I see a preview hinting at some action though, I get excited. What can I say, I will always gravitate towards violence. I think I just want Lag to get out there on a big journey again.

There’s really not much for me to say about this episode (maybe I’m just tired…ugh) except that I love seeing the flashbacks in anime form. I mean, they look good in the manga, but in the anime omg, it looks awesome. I wish i LIVED in Yuusari, minus all the giant bugs. I’d love to live in constant darkness, under a starry sky <3

Niche did like nothing this episode. Lag, keep on working at finding Gauche! You can do it~

Preview: I always feel like I’m cheating somehow since I really know what’s going to happen. Next episode covers a particularly intriguing delivery involving none other than JIGGY PEPPAH! Lag ends up staying a very…odd. lighthouse for a while, and ends up in more danger than he thought. UNTIL NEXT TIME!


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3 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 03”

  1. Xiao says:

    I thought this sort of a canon filler (made the term up) was pretty touching. It’s not asking for much and gets itself over really quickly. Glad that old lady got fired, too. 😛

    And please tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought that Ray really isn’t a bright person if she didn’t find Colbasso’s demand for all that land suspicious. -_-;

    Anyways, bwahahaha, Lag can go for gag comics if he tried. xDD;;

    And awesome that we get Jiggy next week. Other than that…well..yea. *don’t want to spoil* ^^;

    • Overcooled says:

      lol yes, Tegami Bachi has nice canon filler XD It has just the right amount of dillydallying and some actually good plot. I realllyyy hope Ray wouldn’t have agreed to Colbasso if Lag hadn’t have stepped in @[email protected] Because yeah, that would be VERY stupid.

      XD Oh Lag…ahaha. Yeosh, I’m excited for next week toooo!

  2. anaaga says:

    HOMFG JIGGY THE SMEXY MAN IS GONA BE IN THE NEXT EPISODE!!! W00T!!! jiggle, jiggle, jiggle…
    the girl reminds me of the human roda instead of gauche. gauche is prettier than that girl. and dahmn that maid is HUGE. she needs to share some of her height to me, srsly.
    and yeah, when lag’s eye shined, the first thing in my mind was “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER!!!” except that it’s a dude, not a flat-chested girl
    anf of course, niche’s expressions always amuse me <3

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