Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 02

“They are bonded by their pantsu”

We’re already at week 2 of the Fall season? Things are going by soooo fast! It feels like I wrote my last Tegami Bachi post just yesterday…By now I’m sure everyone is getting more a feel for what to keep watching and what to drop (it like it’s hot)

Lag is now desperately searching for Niche with Connor, running through the streets clutching her pantsu. He asks a juggler where she is. I never thought I’d say this about a hobo, but…the juggler guy is important for later on in this episode<_<. Meanwhile, Zaji is chowing down at Sylvette’s house and asking why the heck everyone freaked out over Lag’s underwear being discarded by Niche. Sylvette explains everything, and that they are bonded by Lag’s underwear…Thank God that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

Niche still feels she is unworthy to be Lag’s dingo but for now…she’s hungry. Niche jumps from rooftop to rooftop in search of something to cook Steak and runs into the (recently) drunk juggler. Or rather, he gets an eyeful of something he probably shouldn’t and thinks he’s seen a fairy. NO FURTHER COMMENT. Niche breaks into a bread store, which has a nice huge oven to cook Steak in.

Steak obediently crawls through the fire and flames we carry on~ into the fire right as Niche is stopped by the owner of the store. Niche slices up her gun in an instant, but is easily stopped by being picked up by the scruff of her clothes. She’s rewarded for not decapitating the guy with a nice, hearty dinner. She IS just a kid afterall.

How the Tegami Bachi cooking show got cancelled

After Niche laments not being able to be Lag’s dingo (the couple that owns the store have NO IDEA what this kid is saying), Sandra tries to adopt Niche. WOW,DESPERATE MOTHER MUCH? Before Niche can agree or disagree, the stupid drunk juggler causes a ruckus outside the shop trying to tightrope walk. The juggler’s name is Pissaro. PISSARO. Such a man does not deserve to be saved but there’s Lag…telling him to stop being a drunken psycho, right there on the rooftop with him.

Lag doesn’t succeed in stopping him, so the rope breaks. Lag manages to use his scarf as a grappling hook of sorts to jump down and grab Pissed-aro before he dies. The combination of Lag’s/Niche’s underwear floating into the air and Sandra asking where Lag’s dingo is when he’s in trouble sets off something in Niche’s mind. Once again, Niche proves to be the pro of jumping right into her pantsu several stories above the ground.

Whoever makes it to the ground first, wins! 8D

In the end, Lag’s underwear got the most screentime

Needless to say, she saves Lag and the juggler. Lag tells her to come back home with him, and pokes her nose. They quickly make up, and Sandra and her husband finally get what the heck Niche was babbling on about.

Niche, please control your odd fetishes

Now here’s the important part of all that amusement – Lag now has a new method to get back Gauche. The store owner guy makes guns, so he gives Lag a letter bullet. If he can write a letter that’s poignant enough, address it to Gauche, and shoot it at him…it might resonate and bring him back. MIGHT. He only has one shot. Plus, he has to FIND the guy all over again. Although things are far from solved for this little Bee, he’s one step closer to bringing Gauche back.

More Pantsu:

“Bonded by pants? AHAHAHAHAHA..HA…Haaa…I wish my dingo was a cute loli too…”


Steak’s expression is even more badass than Niche’s

I spent the rest of the episode wondering what he would taste like

AWWWWWWWWWW wait, is niche strangling Steak?

End Thoughts: I’m still restless while waiting for the most exciting part to roll around, but this is by no means a bad episode. It’s pretty amusing, afterall, especially Steak very nearly meeting his doom. >w< I really like the characters in Tegami Bachi so I don’t mind watching them run about doing things that don’t necessarily advance the plot much. It was sweet when Sandra wanted Niche to be a part of her family. I like seeing Niche treated nicely after all she’s been through! I wonder if that guy’s right and she’ll be hot when she grows up =O

Hey, Lag didn’t cry this episode! XD I still don’t know how the heck he got onto that roof in the first place, by the way. Or why he’d go and save that bum. Seriously, they should send that guy to some sort of clinic for his problem…Especially since the villagers were like “oh yeah, this happens all the time.” THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT XD

Other than that random rambling, I’m not sure what else to say about this episode. It was nice and amusing, nothing amazing,  but it was good. But I’m still dying for it to get to the serious part AHHHHHH!!!! I’m so impatient T.T

Preview: We finally get back to some letter-delivering, this time involving maids and fancy-smancy people at a mansion. We get to see more of Lag firing his heart bullet again (FINALLY).


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7 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 02”

  1. Xiao says:

    “I wonder if that guy’s right and she’ll be hot when she grows up =O”

    You won’t need to wonder when you see Show ▼

    . xDD;;

    Other thing I’m wondering is…does Niche ever wash those pants? It’s not a big deal or anything but they always look worn out and dirty to me. I know Sylvette does that for her, though. lol

    Hmm, the part I liked best in the whole episode was probably that cute, sisterly scene between Sylvette and Aria. It was very sweet…like a sempai passing on advice to her kohai or something similar. ^^
    Oh, and Niche calling Sandra “Mama” as well. So cute~ <33

    And Steak is such a weird animal. You fry him and his hair stands spike up (if I can recall correctly), you put him in an oven and he comes out with a perm. How much does Niche find him edible I will never know but his fur weirds me out. xDDD;;

    • Overcooled says:

      OH YEAH TRUE. I hope she looks just like her~ XD

      lol I guess after each delivery they wash their stuff. It doesn’t help that the underwear is grey and dirt-coloured XD

      Aria is so nice~ (I wish she would’ve helped Sylvette cook properly, though…) There were a lot of motherly scenes this episode that were just “awww.”

      Poofy!Steak is amazing 8D That’s what happens to my hair if it gets too humid XDDD Still doesn’t explain why when you fry him, his hair does something different though ahaha. Steak just..doesn’t make much sense. I mean, come on, half of his body is a mouth XD

  2. Kyokai says:

    You had me from that first line. Btw, that last screen, DAWWWWWWWW~ :3

    Season one, here I come!

  3. anaaga says:

    i didn’t watched d episode, but whatever. i’m still waiting for those LQ mp4 eps just for the sake of my crappy internet connection. but i think i’ll still watch this episode. there’s lots of niche, and she’s my fav character <3
    oh puhleeze, that's not an underwear. that's a freakin shorts! an underwear should be like-, NEVERMIND. i'm not gona say anything *//*
    btw, i think they forgot to put the dash between piss and aro (should be piss-aro)

    • Overcooled says:

      Bad connection? Must suck. It’s still worth watching the episode too, Niche is really cute in it. But when is she NOT cute? (The answer is never)

      Niche doesn’t have panties, just huge boxers. LOL. I wear that kind of thing to sleep in but not everyday like what Niche does o.o I’d be alarmed to see ehr wear proper lady undergarments though, I’m so used to her massive, man-boxers XD

      It’s probably still supposed to be Pissaro..like Picasso, but with more implications of drunkeness XD

      • anaaga says:

        i already watched this ep, after 2 time re-downloaded T___T niche is sooo cute! and so is steak! now we’re all just waiting for that time when niche’s gona be hot 8D

        niche is probably the only female anime character that wears those kind of boxers. most, wait, all female charas usually wear panties only. with extremely-short skirts too, so when the wind blows, their undies will show =.=’ i guess it’s refreshing so see a proper and normal (except her hair) female chara once in a while :3

        oh, and i read the manga! i was so into it i actually read all of them in straight 4 hours! 8D i think it’s gona be a loong way until the manga ends. i wonder how they’re gona wrap all of that in 12 eps? i hope they don’t mess it up and make the third season if it’s necessary *remembers 07-ghost*

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