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Is everyone enjoying the Fall season so far?  I know it just started, but there’s already so much to watch! One those shows being the second season of Tegami Bachi, which is one of my favourite mangas. It shall be my pleasure to blog about it for the next while *bows*.  As always, I shall do my best to please~ kekeke.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume everyone’s seen the last season. Season 2 starts with a recap of the last episode’s events: Lag’s encounter with Gauche and Roda. Gauche claims to be a member of the Marauders (an anti-government organization that steals letters) named Noir who has no recollection of Lag. Lags attempt to get Gauche to come back result in him getting shot by Gauche’s spirit amber. Roda (now in human form) scolds Niche for being a fail dingo and not protecting Lag. Crying his eyes out, Lag collapses.

After the (OMG SO NICE) opening, Lag’s dingo, Niche is piggybacking Lag to safety. Luckily, Jiggy Peppers just rolls in on his badass motorcycle and offers them a ride. I mean, come on. His dingo is a HAWK and his bike is powered by his HEART. And he has a scar over his eye, which automatically makes him awesome.

Gettin’ Jiggy With It drops off Lag to Dr. Thunderland’s clinic, as he’s still suffering from being shot. Lag has a dream (which is actually one of Gauche’s memories) about how he suddenly woke up beside Roda with amnesia. A man named Lawrence (such an evil man, that Lawrence. Man…what a bad villain name) conveniently tells Gauche that his name is Noir and he works for him. Gauche agrees right away, seeing nothing wrong with this at all.

Worst. hangover. ever.

When Lag awakens, he cries, as per usual, and then has a meeting with some other Bees. He explains how he ran into Gauche, but he lost his heart. He couldn’t even remember Sylvette, or being a Letter Bee. After discussing the Marauders for a bit, they send Lag home to get some rest. Meanwhile, Niche is waiting and still seething over Roda’s half-hearted taunts.

Lag laments over how he’s going to break the news to Sylvette on his way home with Niche. Niche is doing her best to both simultaneously prove she’s a good dingo and cheer Lag up. Lag barely even acknowledges her >_< Not even suggesting to fry up Steak cheers him up!

Awwww Steak…don’t feel bad…*I* would eat you!

For everyone who expected more emo and crying, you’re half right. When Lag gets home he’s greeted by a explosion of confetti. Connor, Sylvette and Aria are all there to celebrate the fact that Lag found Gauche. Because even though his memory is gone, he’s still alive. Lag found him, and that’s what he promised to do. It’s quite a turnaround from Lag’s negative thoughts. He’s suddenly inspired, and Sylvette and Lag embrace each other in a teary, mucous-y embrace. Aww? I think?



Zaji ruins in the fun by coming in late and noting Niche’s disappearance in the form of her discarded pantsu. Suffering from low self-esteem issues, she retreats to the top of a building. And just like that, the episode ends. Already?

Must be drafty…

Extra Deliveries:

…and then I just ripped the panties right off of her

Steak is the cutest mustachioed mascot ever

Wonder if they get paid for overtime…

Noir in black and white 8D

Maybe you would fight better without a huge animal on your head…

End Thoughts: The amount of recap was a bit excessive, but that might just be because I rewatched the last 5 or so minutes of the last episode of season 1 beforehand. Other than that, I like that the season starts right off the bat with such an emotional scene, it was so sad…After all that time searching for Gauche, he doesn’t even remember him. D= Noooo!!

The rest of the episode really isn’t that exciting, but I guess it’s…okay.  The first part is recap, and then the second part is Lag moping and bawwing. I feel like it ended so quickly and not much happened D=  This might just be the aftereffect of watching Panty and Stocking prior to Tegami Bachi, which is so action-packed that anything else in comparison lacks action.

Lag still cries as much as ever, so don’t expect him to suddenly change, hahaha. What I like about Lag is that he’s just really sensitive and cries a lot, but he isn’t afraid to get the job done when it comes to it. He may be a crybaby, but he doesn’t run away. Otherwise, he’d be intolerable.

As always, the animation is simply beautiful. The every-starry skies and the lighting…they really did a good job transferring the manga’s style into the anime. Everything is blue and purple, it gives off such a dreamy feeling~ THE OPENING AND ENDING ARE EYECANDY TOO! Delicious, delicious eyecandy. Plus, the songs are good.

Preview: The next episode is called “Underwear and bread”, which sounds like a very unappetizing meal. Looks like we’ll be seeing Niche regain her confidence with the help of…something bread-related? We’re still establishing stuff before getting into more dark and exciting stuff about Reverse, so don’t get impatient!

I really like Tegami Bachi, so I’ll be continuing to blog about this one~


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16 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 01”

  1. Xiao says:

    Yay! Sequel hit it off better than I thought it would so that’s a relief. ^^

    Aww man, I almost wanted to cry with Lag when Gauche repeatedly told him that he didn’t remember him at all. I mean, yea, Lag is a crybaby almost all the time but just think of all the emotions that must have gone through him when he met Gauche again only to get shot by his hero and come back home empty-handed. And he knows everyone believes that he’ll be the one to find Gauche as well. Poor kid. *huggles him* T.T

    On the other hand, Niche totally annoyed me this episode. Her effort to comfort Lag wasn’t nearly enough to balance out her wanting to prove that she was not a failure as a dingo. Yea, sure, her pride has been stomped on a bit and I get that calls for some immediate ego action but be quiet for a moment, will ya? The boy already has another more important problem on his hands. 😛
    And now she’s gone and run off somewhere without her undies. Such a troublesome kid.

    Anyways, d’aww, I was so happy that Lag was greeted by a surprise party for him when he got home. How thoughtful of Aria, especially since she must be equally as worried about Gauche as any of them.
    The scene between Lag and Sylvette was very sweet, too (tears, mucous and all, lol xD; ). I love how she has so much faith in Lag and that’s probably the reason why I want Gauche to hurry up and come back already so they can be one happy family together. <3
    Haha, also loved the comical bawling breakdown. Aria is right. These two are nice match. lol xDDD

    Other things:
    – Psh, there’s more action in Panty and Stocking than this show and Katanagatari combined. /P
    – Noir!Gauche is so cool~ :woo && Roda is so pretty in human form! x333
    – Jiggy and his bike are also so cool~ lolol
    – Poor Steak. Let’s face it. The little beastie will die of all the threats of being grilled before he is actually cooked. ^^;
    – Bwahaha, Lloyd. xDD;;

    And the OP and ED animation was indeed gorgeous. Can’t say much about the songs, though. I think “Wasurenagusa” by Piko is pretty good but steropony’s still has to grow on me. :/

    Thanks for the review! ^^

    • Overcooled says:

      The beginning of the episode is a real tearjerker…He got rejected by his hero! So much pressure on Lag to bring him back too D=

      Niche has a weird concept of emotions, so she thinks that’s a good way of cheering Lag up. Admittedly, I’d hate to have someone try to cheer me up that way, but it’s cute when you realize that she’s actually truing her best. It’s like when a dog pees in your shoes to try to tell you it loves you 8D She DOES run away a lot though >_<

      Sylvette is so sweet, cheering up Lag like that. She's so optimistic! =D The two of them crying so much was kind of cute, until the noises got a bit ear-grating XD Aria is a sweetheart too. EVERYONE IN THIS SHOW IS SO DAMN NICE.

      LOL Oh PnS…But really, Roda's human form is awesome. I like both of the songs~ Although Hajimari no Hi from season 1 will always be one of my favourites. Kekeke

  2. AppleSauce says:

    Yayaya! That’s right! Continue to blog about it! Awww, Gauche, why did you have to become evil?! You were so cool! No! You’re still awesome! Even when you’re bad?!
    ‘…and then I just ripped the panties right off of her’ LOL AT THIS.
    Aww, I wish there was more episodes like the first season up to 25.

    • Overcooled says:

      =D Yes, yes, I will~!!!
      Evil Gauche is pretty hot though. I mean, look at his smoldering eyes. But that only sort of makes up for completely breaking Lag’s heart.

  3. Kushi says:

    looks pretty good~
    How long is this series gonna be?

    • Overcooled says:

      Right now, ANN says there will be 13…but if one episode is a manga chapter, that still doesn’t cover all of the manga chapters that are out XD

  4. Kyokai says:

    I will definitely check this out but after finishing season one. I am definitely behind on this one! :c

  5. Mizu says:

    Man… Guache broke Lag’s heart. I wonder if Guache will ever become his old self again. I think he is being controlled.

    • Overcooled says:

      *patpat* There, there Lag…D=
      For now, all I can say is Gauche won’t come back unless he somehow regains his memories.

  6. anaaga says:

    man, i’ve never been into letter bee because the main chara is pissing me off, but WHY THE HELL ARE THE BOYS SO HAWT HERE!…should i watch it??? or not??
    screw this, i’m watching this. NOIR I <3 U!!!

    • Overcooled says:

      He may cry a lot, but I wouldn’t call him anything like wimpy or cowardly at all. He’s a good main character! Plus he’s voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro! =O

      Of course, I’m gonna tell you to watch it~ Or read it, since the anime seems to follow the manga really closely. XD Noir is pretty, but I like Zaji more for some reason. Must be the moe fang thing going on.

      • anaaga says:

        i watched only the first two eps of the first season, because lag pissed me off. ooohh and i already watched it (after 4 times of re-downloads. Grrr net connection)!! it was so AWESOME i actually cried really bad ;______;

        ah, gauche is handsome in a gentle kind of way, and zaji is hot in a rough kind of way. so they’re both are my number ones, just in different categories 😉

        • Overcooled says:

          Really? Lag is awesome. Not to mention after the first 2 episodes he gets older and more experienced all of a sudden. Wow, you cried? I wish I had more reactions whilst watching anime lol, I never laugh or cry when I watch anyyything.

          I guess I like it rough then

  7. Teabie says:

    i watched it, and realised i probably should hold this off until i have watched Season 1. is that gonna be better?

    • Overcooled says:

      It will make wayyyy more sense if you watch season one first before season 2. Or at least read the manga, if you think that will be quicker XD

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