Shiki – 12

Naked Tohru easily makes up for the 3 week hiatus

After 3 weeks of waiting, Shiki is finally back. *pause* IT’S FINALLY BACK!!! WITH A NEW OP/ED SEQUENCE TOO! While the song isn’t as creepy as the first opening, it’s still good and backed up by some deliciously eerie visuals. Like the first opening, there seems to be some hints at things to come. Like Seishin with okiagari eyes and Sunako being even MORE of a pivotal figure. Oooo~

Here’s a reminder of what went down in episode 11 if you forget, because the plot just moves right along from last week. After a brief scene showing Akira and Kaori’s dad as the only one left working in the Health office (Except for some temps who only come to work at night. HMMMMM I WONDER WHY), we get to the see one of the scenes from the preview 3 weeks ago.

Natsuno meets Kaori and Akira at sunset to tell them to leave town, showing them his bite marks in the process. They’re shocked, but they refuse to leave Sotoba despite the danger. It’s one of those moments where you can’t tell the difference between courage and stupidity. Even when Natsuno warns them to not come near him, they don’t look all that eager to comply…

Seeing as Natsuno lost about 1/4 of his blood, he’s pretty weak. His mind is still sharp though. He noticed that Tohru didn’t come to drain his blood yesterday and wonders why. Well, we don’t have to wonder for long, because Natsuno waits in the bushes outside of his bedroom window for Tohru. He comes, but is too much of a pansy hesitant to even knock on his best friend’s window. Natsuno reveals himself from the bushes after he’s seen enough.

I guess those bushes are a really good hiding spot…

Natsuno pulls out a cross on Tohru to see if it’ll scare him. It kind of does. His smart plan to test out okiagari weaknesses kind of wanes when he loses it and chucks the thing at Tohru’s head. Time to run awayyy!! Tohru gives chase, trying to explain that no one kills by choice. If they could, they would want to coexist peacefully with humans. Natsuno suggests just taking a little bit of blood from a bunch of people and waiting for their blood to be regenerated, but in the end, such a thing is impossible.

Natsuno’s next attempt is with a stake. But just the sound of Tohru’s pure voice weakens his grip and causes him to lose it. He completely drops his front of wanting to kill okiagari and gives into his feelings for his friend, slowly revealing some skin. No, not like that, just his arm. Desperately clinging to their friendship, Natsuno suggests he sucks his blood and that they run away from Tatsumi somehow. Tohru knows they can’t escape Tatsumi, and lets out a maddening scream as he fights his hunger. Once it cuts to the Kanemasas casually discussing how they wish they could fight their insatiable hunger, you know Tohru is going to lose it.

Megumi is wandering about Yamairi, a small area that has been completely overtaken by the okiagari. Or rather, everyone in that area is pretty much dead. After some bitching, which is what she does best, Tatsumi gives her the job of attacking Kaori’s dad. All it takes is the mention of her being all buddy-buddy with Natsuno and IT’S ON!

Tatsumi…stop showing off more cleavage than Megumi…

Natsuno’s dad starts to worry about his son, who is completely bedridden. He even starts to think it’s that epidemic the townsfolk were gossiping about. However, when he brings it up to his wife and then Gackt who he sees on a walk, they just tells him how stupid it sounds. Also, please note that Natsuno’s mom has been BITTEN. SINCE WHEN?? Anyways, that chopping was seriously creepy, I thought she’d murder the guy anytime soon.

Akira and Kaori come over to visit Natsuno afterschool, but Natsuno’s dad is still wary from his last visitor. Again, the parents FAIL at being useful, learning lessons when it’s too late and applying them at the wrong time. Natsuno lets them in so they can talk to him and put up charms all over his room. In his near-catatonic state, he manages to voice out his will to stay alive and leave this village. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Too bad Natsuno’s dad is now brainwashed into thinking the villagers are all lunatics. Once again he takes down ALL OF THE CHARMS. Talk about infuriating.

Akira and Kaori come over the next day too, being the nice, caring friends that they are. Natsuno is even worse, and his mom is barely even able to stand. But the dad, oh, he’s too busy yelling at kids to get out and stop being weirdos to help his son OR his wife. Great guy, huh? He makes them leave, but after an outburst from Akira about saving Natsuno from okiagari, he goes to extra mile and lies to them so they won’t come back as often. UGGGHHHHHH.

The finish off the episode, Akira’s dad sees Megumi on his way home from work at night. They exchange greetings and keep walking. Well, that was anti-climaaaaaahhhh, okay, nevermind, she bit him. <_< Speaking of being bitten, Tohru appears 5 seconds after Natsuno’s dad leaves the room, eyes glowing red from the bushes. As per usual, we’re left hanging! NOOO!!!

Natohru…A Love Story:

Come on Tohru, it’ll be fine! Just a little bite and we can run away together!


Ah, if you prefer if I do it with Megumi…


In the end, Tohru can’t take it anymore and gives into his desires

End Thoughts: Natsuno’s mom got bitten! Nooo! Wait, I hate her…nevermind. I’m beginning to wonder if Tohru bit her on that night where he was supposed to bite Natsuno. It could be anyone though, even Masao, who I am STILL wary about because he’s been away for so damn long. I hope the dad gets bitten for being so aggravating. I swear Gackt hypnotized him as he was walking his dogs (Say, didn’t Gackt get a dog in real life recently…?).

LET US TALK ABOUT NATSUNO AND TOHRU. Natsuno can’t seem to stand that this…this creature who kills people is his friend. If it were some evil being in Tohru’s body, it would be easy for Natsuno to kill it – because it’s not Tohru. Or at least, it wouldn’t be the Tohru he remembered. Seeing him flip-flop between “I KEEL JOO!” to “Baby, let’s run away away from this place!” just shows how tormented Natsuno is. Tohru is conflicted too. You can see streams of tears whenever he bites Natsuno. It’s actually really sad, but it creates a really wonderful dynamic between the two. Will their bond of friendship break in the end, or will they work it out somehow? Because it seems impossible, yet they’re still hopeful…

Oh, and of course, it’s easy to poke fun at how gay they are too, but that’s just a bonus for those of us with active imaginations. I did not make that blood-sucking scene sound like something from a yaoi doujin, I swear…<_< *cough* Like the ED sequence with naked Natsuno and Tohru LOL. Okay, I’ll admit it, even for those of us who aren’t fujoshi things are getting a little…close. XD Not that I’m complaining~

Preview: I have a bunch of preview pictures, but I’m lazy so I only post one 8D Toshio’s wife gets bitten! AH! So we’ll most likely be following the one episode of the kids one episode of the adults thing again. I’m expecting lots of Toshio slipping further along his downward spiral to madness. I also saw Natsuno’s dad again, but really…he’s so annoying I don’t even want to talk about him anymore. See you guys next week!



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11 Responses to “Shiki – 12”

  1. anaaga says:

    oh gaaaawwwd finally shiki is back!! more tohruXnatsuno!!
    seishin with, red eyes….finally he decided to have babies with sunako. YAY. well of course sunako is gona be in the spotlight, she’s like, da boss. thanks to her natsuno and tohru are hooked up now xD
    hmmm natsuno’s parents are really selfish. they don’t give him the proper last name because they think it’s not right (sorta lame). although the dad’s a bitch, i could understand if he thought that the ppl in the village are mad. that red-long-haired woman looks crazy, physically and mentally. but, yeah, that’s not an excuse to him to act like a total bitch (>..<)

    • Overcooled says:

      Yes! It’s still up there as one of my favourite shows currently airing too <3 It has more to compete with now though.

      Lol I hope not, I really don't want to picture little fledgling vampires…Sunako and Tatsumi are doing a good job controlling Sotoba..I wonder what the wife is doing.

      Uh, the last name thing is just because they're kind of hippies, you can't blame them. But really, they do the most stupid things. Ughhhhh I want to slap him, HE CAUSES NOTHING BUT TROUBLE FOR EVERYONE!

  2. Namika says:

    I was almost crawling all over the walls for the past week. The first 2 were bearable, but I missed Shiki so much!!! :sad5 And finally, it’s back with an awesome OP/ED sequence! And more Tohru x Natsuno goodness ^^
    So, Natsuno’s dad is SO irritating! He’s not even bad or anything, he’s just to stupid and ignorant to look further than 3 meters in front of him. man! :kill And Megumi…. I’ve come to hate her even more :kill
    But the appearance of you-know-who totally made it up for me :tea the relationship between these two is so cute… I’m just melting in a puddle of mushy-goo, when I see how Tohru cries while biting his friend!!

    overall…. I WANT TO SEE MORE!! and now!!! ><" I hate hanging!!! :sad2

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m usually pretty patient, but Shiki is one of the few series that makes waiting painful. I missed it too, Namika-chan! TT_TT But it certainly came back just as good as before, ohohoho~ Except for Natsuno’s dad (I can’t even be bothered to ever call him by name LOL) who I want to scream at everytime he does something stupid. Which is all the time. Let us rage over Natsuno’s otousan and the pink-haired diva.

      Tohru cries SO MUCH while biting him D’AWWW!!!! I hope Natsuno enjoys it…BWAHAHAHA

      • Namika says:

        I think, he enjoys it~ :ohohoho: well, he thought Tohru was dead but there he is, a vampire, but still, rather than a beast he sees his old friend and that can’t possibly make someone like Natsuno unhappy.
        Yup, Shiki is a mind-torture alright! I’m dying of impatience!! :sad5

  3. Sabine says:

    ….. I still like that dad though. Must be his hair. 😀

    OhmyGod this episode was just screaming Tohru and Natsuno are meant to be together. If not in friendship then in love. Seriously.
    I started raughing out roud when I read that Love Story thingy you made. That BITCH YOU’RE MINE killed me. :’D

    The new OP and ED rock btw. And the ED animation fo’ sho’.
    I tell you, the people who made that ending are fans of Tohru x Natsuno. Why else would they animate two good-looking naked guys on screen at the same time? 8D
    First step, get them naked together. Second step, get them to move together naked. Third step, the second step on screen? 8D
    Ah, now perhaps I shouldn’t let out too much of my fujoshi-side. Ikanai ikanai. 😀

    Well, I‘m obviously hoping for more Natsuno and Tohru screentime. Bet I’m gonna get it too, if not the next ep.
    And that while I didn’t even like Shiki when I’d watched the first episode.

    • Overcooled says:

      He looks cool, but he’s gonna be the death of Natsuno @[email protected]

      This is getting even more blatant that Natsuno sleeping in Tohru’s bed and being tucked in. XD Ahaha, glad I could make you laugh, those 2 are great to poke fun at ^^ But honestly, it’s hard to resist with that new ED animation. Oh my gosh, “move together naked”…..So many ways of interpreting that… 😆 I can definitely see this getting even worse in future episodes too~

  4. Kyokai says:

    FINALLY WE GET AN EPISODE but wait W00T more cliffhangers. Seriously, this series is getting too good at teasing its’ watchers. =_=;;

    I wanted go and bite Natsuno’s parents myself just because they were being so clueless. Ughhhh, the whole while I was going like, do something worthwhile man! No luck. Btw, I think Natsuno’s mom got bitten by that geisha ventriloquist. The ED is awesomer in visuals than the OP but I still miss the old ones.

    Can’t wait for Toshio’s torture. I’ve already forgotten his wife’s name. XD

    • Overcooled says:

      Shiki knows how to keep us wanting more T.T Stop teasing us, dammit!

      lol yes, please go bite them. That ventriloquist definitely could have bitten her, yes. I forgot about her for a while there. The old opening was godly, but I really like the new one too. The old ED was absolute garbage though, bleh. -_-

      LOL yeah, no one cares about most of the females in this show.

  5. Joojoobees says:

    I hope we get more Muroi next week. Now that he told the little princess that he thinks she’s a vampire, I wonder how their relationship will develop.

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m going to keep my eye on Muroi for a while, that’s for sure. I hope we see him again soon too, his next meeting with Sunako should be…interesting. XD

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