Ookami-san to Shichinin Nakama-tachi – 10

Here comes Trouble…

We open with our three leading chars heading out for another job! Ryoushi gets a bit of the cold shoulder since Ryouko is still a little annoyed from the kiss situation she dreamed up between them. Ah if he only knew what was really bothering her.

With the title of Ookami-san and the Otogi Bank’s Longest Day, this episode seems to promise some troubles up ahead for our characters and the first scene with the President pretty much confirms this. Everyone is gathered in the Otogi Bank office where the President shows them a propaganda flier that’s been posted around calling them an evil organization.

Alice adds that there are bad rumours floating around on the internet about them as well but Ringo and Tarou are quick to point out that the Bank has its enemies and this situation isn’t the first of its kind. I suppose doing ‘favours’ for people does result in stepping on the toes of others ^^;

It seems the main problem lies with the fact that whoever is spreading the rumours seem to have a good information source as even the underground Otogi Bank base has been reported on in the paper. The source was an ‘anonymous call’ which has suspicious written all over it!

The base of course, is top secret since it holds waay too much dangerous and private information about the Bank and its users so the snooping school paper reporters were tricked into looking through the invention lab instead.

The team wonders what kind of info leak they’re really dealing with and the President drops the “Onigashima student council president” bomb. Gah. It’s been a while since Hitsujikai caused any major problems so it’s just about time for him to be showing up to put some bad plans in motion.

Ryouko and Ryoushi don’t react well to having him brought up but both Alice-senpai and the President decide to wait it out and continue to monitor the situation. Meanwhile the rest of the team is instructed to carry out requests. It kind of makes sense, I mean they can’t really go storming Onigashima High School… again. Although I would like to see more of Momo-chan-senpai kicking ass ;D

The President pops a sale on with 30% off on all jobs and even opens the jobs to outsiders from the school since he thinks they’re going to need some loans to call in when they finally go head to head with Hitsujikai. It always feels weird when the President goes into decision planning that makes sense! Since no one can resist a sale, the jobs quickly start piling in.

At first it seems kind of trivial with the girls being used to pick up sports balls and the guys being sent to clean the pool with some additional weird stuff like some reptile pet feeding. Alice-senpai is in charge of delegating all the jobs so the team is pretty well organised and everyone works on jobs to fit their strengths.

After three days the girls are getting a bit of trouble with the menial chores. Ryoushi offers to help but Ryouko is still isn’t ready to hang out with him normally again. He has a couple of flashback shots of her all in nice frosted frames lol. I wondered if this is how he normally sees her.


So Ryoushi ends up a-wandering on his own as he tries and fails to figure out what’s going on with Ryouko’s heart when the character of the week does a few flips off a high tree while wearing a funny hat. He kind of reminded me of Puss-in-boots from Shrek for some reason. He’s a third year at Otogi named Nekomiya Saburou which… sounds kind of cool. Ryoushi isn’t quite sure how to deal with him as he spouts off a bunch of personal information, even the failed rabu-rabu confession to Ryouko and Ryoushi’s phobia.

Nekomiya tells Ryoushi he plans on helping him out but even Kuronarrator is picking up some weird vibes from the guy so naturally, Ryoushi goes along with him after a few sweetly delivered lines about ‘protecting the girl you love.’ He claims to be able to turn Ryoushi into a (permanent) manly man but Nekomiya is kind of that annoying guy at the clubs all the stupid people like because he’s up himself. The last guy I’ve watched call himself ‘Ore-sama’ continuously in regular conversation was Matsujun’s Domyouji Tsukasa!

New character #2 for the episode comes in the form of a beaten up blonde wearing an Onigashima High School uniform who is strategically placed next to where Ryouko and Ringo live. The girls’ motherly instincts kick in and they take the girl inside the dorms and look after her in their own room. She seems really polite and introduces herself as Kokonoo Reiko which seems kind of weird for an Onigashima student. At first I was really suspicious of her and knew that I was gonna feel like a mean cynical person if she ended up to be a good guy.

She then claims to have been chased by Onigashima students after Hitsujikai decided to ‘sell her off.’ Wow Hitsujikai really gets my hate going lol. Whenever he shows up or is mentioned I always get this bad taste in my mouth and think ‘man, that Hitsujikai is such a dickhead!’ Reiko’s story sets off Ryouko who decides to go attack Hitsujikai… on her own. Epic sigh of relief when Ringo stops her!

Ryouko then says that she’ll help arrange for Reiko to transfer to Otogi Academy and save her from the out of control delinquents. She’s such a girl other girls would fall for ^^; For the meantime it’s set up that Reiko will be staying in Ringo and Ryouko’s room at the dorm while the paper work is all set up.

50 requests later and the 30% off promotion only has 2 more days to go before it expires. Ryoushi is summoned by his new master Nekomiya and heads off from the meeting in haste. Ryouko heads off on her own after the usual Ringo tease which gets her blushing since the redhead states she has something to do. I assume she’s off to be all dependable and set things up to save everyone else when bad stuff happens later!

Ryoushi meets up with Nekomiya for some battle training. First off is a meaningful speech about keeping a cool head then it’s straight into… Ryoushi asking questions. Luckily Nekomiya is no mood to chat further and immediately begins some Spartan training.

Ryoushi’s continuous Training Montage

Ryouko gets home to Reiko playing waifu at her apartment and the two have some happy moments.

It turns out being dependable is exactly what Ringo was doing as she, Alice-senpai and the President research Reiko’s past. She turns out to be a chameleon girlfriend who changes herself depending on what her boyfriend is like. *facepalm.

The President says his usual line of ‘keep an eye on her’ just in case trouble comes from Onigashima and the free Otsuu-senpai gets added onto the team. Oddly enough she seems like quite the fitting addition as she gets excited at the stakeout situation her and Ringo are placed in. I thought they were gonna ‘keep an eye’ on the Ryouko-Reiko pair at the dorms but they actually end up holed up in the apartment across the street lol. This sets up Kurronarrator’s best line of the episode for me; ‘Otsuu-san in Surveillance Mode.’ Oh! I get it… she’s like a regular super anime maid! =o

The President seems like he’s semi doing some work of his own as he asked Momo-chan-senpai for help on gathering information but she isn’t able to offer anything new either. But never mind that because she looks best when she’s being serious.

The stake out continues, as does the training, as does the playing newlyweds.

On the last day of the promotion, Usami shows up and asks Alice-senpai to help her with a request from a rich-girl school student. The job turns out to be a fake and both Alice-senpai and Usami end up having to run from Onigashima students. Meanwhile trouble begins as Tarou-senpai and Otsuu-senpai as well.

Even Ringo gets a call threatening her half sister and her younger siblings. The voice changer kind of creeped me out here. Not the kids Hitsujikai you bastard! D: Ringo heads straight to her half sister’s house and all the kids were fine (I counted them all). Unfortunately Ryouko comes home expecting to see her waifu and ends up with a bitch instead.

Ringo reports the issues to the President who doesn’t have any comforting quips! It really is a crappy day for Otogi Bank… Everyone is either kidnapped or… kidnapped. It’s really only the President, Ringo, Majo-senpai and Ryoushi, plus Momo-chan senpai left to save them!

End Thoughts:

Wow. At first I was all relaxed… yeahhh the episode is gonna be fine. Starting out slow, it’ll be another slice of life, comedy, drama type.

Then everything pretty much goes to shit for everyone! To be quite honest Hitsujikai’s planning was pretty good in this one. I guess that’s what happens when you spend all your time brooding in a badly lit room. The bad guy plans must just sort themselves out. Otogi Bank was even half expecting an imminent attack from Onigashima and they still got separated and picked off one by one.

At first Nekomiya was a little annoying but you know what, if he teaches Ryoushi the badass moves he’ll need to save everyone then he deserves to call himself ‘ore-sama’! I’m quite riled up since I didn’t expect an action episode and now I’m all excited to see how the next battles go down!

I started remembering the first few episodes where Ryouko was in real trouble with the Onigashima guys during fight where it actually got dangerous for her. The feeling is the same here which makes me look forward to the episodes to come. They set up a character/group that has control of most of the situations thrown at them so having everything fall apart here is a pretty great set-up for a good climax battle.

Looking again at everyone that’s left I think it might be fair to say that it’s a perfect time for Majo-senpai and the President to shine. Ringo already did her bit this episode and it’s kind of hard to imagine any action scenes from her but an invention from Majo and some cool moves from the President would be welcome here I think. It also seems like Alice-senpai might be able to get away from the Onigashima guys chasing them so they’ll probably have her skills too.

Needless to say, Ryoushi is definitely getting in ass-kicking shape so we’ll see his level up incredibly soon. Episode-wise there are only two more to come after this so it’ll hit climax next week and resolution the week after that.


It’s probably safe to say that we’re going to see a whole lot of battles next episode. The preview picture is of Otogi Bank’s manly men Tarou, the President and Ryoushi looking… a bit weird sitting on the couch together but hopefully they’ll have a lot to pull out of their stylish sleeves! The title is Ookami-san and the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Ah I hope in the long run it’s Ryouko who puts the bullet in Hitsujikai. She deserves it and so does he.


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6 Responses to “Ookami-san to Shichinin Nakama-tachi – 10”

  1. Overcooled says:

    Oh wow, that episode was actually kind of good. I was worried Ookami-san would get a horrible, rushed ending since they’ve been carrying on with pointless shenanigans for so long.

    I forget what episode Reiko first appeared in, but as soon as I saw her sitting on Hitsujikai’s desk with a slutty smirk on her face, I knew she shouldn’t be trusted! Seriously, Ryouko’s so gullible…Taking in some wounded girl to her dorm instead of being sensible and calling for an ambulance. <__<

    They have a good set-up now. I think the next episode will be a battle episode, too. :3 Yay~

    • Ryuuko says:

      Haha pointless shenanigans are right >.<;; The episodes were mildly amusing but it would have been a waste of a good premise if they just did a final VS Hitsujikai rush in the last episode.

      After everything, I was still sad to see Reiko show her true colours ;_; She should have just continued to lie. I felt sooo bad for Ryouko who put so much trust in her!

  2. Joojoobees says:

    “all the kids were fine (I counted them all)”

    LOL, I did too. I guess that shows they have the ability to catch the audience up in the anxiety of the moment.

    • Ryuuko says:

      I think it also has something to do with the out of nowhere troubles that just popped up for everyone! It really surprised me so I was hit badly lol. Plus.. that disguised voice was hella creepy D:

      If something did happen to the kids I bet both Himeno and Ringo would definitely grow fangs of their own though!

  3. Kyokai says:

    With only two more episodes to go, about time to pull up the game and get ready for a grand finale!

    Nekomiya sure gave me the Puss in Boots vibes, nyaa~ :aww: (kawaaaiii~) XD

    • Ryuuko says:

      I really liked Nekomiya in the end! Was like YES whip Ryoushi into shape so he can save the girl, do it!

      Can’t wait to see Ryoushi kick ass since it looks like it’s going to be more than slingshot stuff. Hopefully he gets some hand to hand with Hitsujikai. That’d be awesome o.o!

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