Kuroshitsuji II – 11

Sebastian lost, Claude has lost, so who’s going to win~?

~The countdown has started! Two more weeks, and Kuroshitsuji II will be out of our lives. You would think this rocky road of a storyline would finally calm down, but in classic Kuroshitsuji II style, we’re hit with another huge rock as we come closer to an end. Even Hoshi here was thrown off her chair with this sudden turn of events! Why do you have to end Kuroshitsuji? I’m going to miss these random plot twists ;A; So what went down this week?

Our episode starts with Ciel in a very gloomy place, unaware of where he is or what has happened.

Meanwhile, Sebastian, Claude and Hannah are together, Sebastian asking our mischievous Hannah just how are they going to get the young master back to his normal self. Sebastian nicely thinks maybe if they killed her, but she retorts back with that if they kill her, Alois, in Ciel’s body, will fall off the clock tower.

Hannah continues to say that Alois now has taken control of Ciel’s body, and that his soul was quietly taken over by Ciel until it was time for him to awaken. When he did, he went through a crack in Ciel’s mind, and using his eye as a medium, stole his body. Since both butlers can’t do anything about it, Hannah says they have to take a journey through the labyrinth of Alois’s heart to retrieve Ciel back.

The butlers have to collect the stamps hidden amongst the maze, and see who reaches him first.

Meanwhile where our poor Ciel is at, he realizes he’s been taken over by Alois, and starts to relive the fiery memories of his home burning and the village burning…

In the maze, Sebastian and Claude reach their first question: what is Alois Trancy’s real name? As Sebastian says Jim McCain, he is suddenly grabbed by vines and hoisted up. If the answer is wrong, they are attacked by the maze, but if they are right, then they are free to stamp their booklets.

Claude gets the question right: Alois Trancy’s real name is how it is because he loved the name the old man gave him. Sebastian realizes the truth is what Alois has established as the ‘truth’. As Claude goes on, Sebastian struggles to free himself. Suddenly Grell pops in, fanboying over the stuggle he’s in.

Sebastian of course, isn’t amused, and stares him down until he finally uses his death scythe to set him free.

Meanwhile, at the top of the tower, Alois is excited to see Claude know so much about him in this quiz show style maze. He continues to scratch a mark on his chest, and as Hannah tries to stop him from doing that, he asks angrily if she wants Ciel more than him too and starts to beat her (again).

In the maze, Sebastian and Grell encounter another question with one door marked with a ‘O’ and another with a ‘X ‘. He tests his theory of the wrong answer by asking Grell if he’d fly for him.

Yeah you wish you were Grell…

Grell is so caught up by this sudden closeness that he doesn’t realize what Sebastian meant until he throws him threw the ‘X’ door.

Love is never requited in this series, haven’t you noticed?

Sebastian goes through the other door, as Grell lies surprised and burnt from the explosion triggered.

As Alois is kicking Hannah, he suddenly steps back as Ciel begins to remember the past. He tells Claude to hurry up, even giving him an easy task of saying ‘You’re Highness’ three times to let him get there quickly.

After he completes it, Alois is in tears, trying to convince himself that he’s still his butler, that he loves him too.

However, Ciel quickly starts remembering who was the person he needed revenge on, and about the angel and the queen. Outside, they notice that maze is starting to change because of Ciel’s conscious slipping into it.

Sebastian encounters the question of if Ciel has taken revenge before, in which he answers yes. He notices the sudden change in the maze as well.

The next question in the maze is why didn’t Sebastian eat Ciel’s soul. Sebastian pulls off his glove to view the seal of their contract, saying he lost that particular arm along with the seal. In that small time that he had lost the seal, Claude stole Ciel’s soul.

Alois is mad at why Ciel is messing with this maze, and tries to hurt him by hurting his body. Hannah stops him just as Claude reaches his final question.

Claude’s final question is why did he kill Alois Trancy…

His answer? Alois was only used as a tool to obtain Ciel, so he murdered him. Claude then falls through a trap door as his answer wasn’t the one Alois wanted.

Alois is terribly hurt, thinking Claude has lied but…

Alois suddenly falls down again as Ciel starts to realize more and more of his past. Alois begins to cry, asking why Ciel is struggling so much. He has Claude going to such great lengths to save him and yet he doesn’t enjoy it.

Suddenly Hannah hugs him in sympathy, but he tries pushing her away. Yet he stops once she says that ‘Big Brother is the best.’…

Claude returns from the trap door, and has to redo his questions. His ne t question is why did Luka make a contract with Sebastian. He says that question itself is wrong, and that Luka made a contract with…Hannah.

Hannah begins to tell her tale of how human souls were just boring meals to her, until she met Luka. Luka wasn’t afraid of her, or death, because he just wanted to make his brother glad. She started to change as she saw how much Luka cared about his brother, and she soon started to care for him.

Yet, Hannah could only help him by fulfilling their contract and taking his soul. In the end, Luka thanked her as he died; she had never had someone say that her.

Back to the maze, Claude has another question, asking if he knew that Luka had made a contract with her. He answers with a ‘yes’, saying Hannah had a strong attachment to Luka’s soul, and it fascinated him.

Hannah begins to tell Alois that no matter how much he might have hated her, she was just happy to be near him, that she loves him. She asks of him to make another contract with her, so that he can be reunited with Luka, who resides inside her.

Claude is back to the final question of why he killed Alois, and again, answers it wrong, but skips past all the traps, except for one. He manages to hold on to the edge, just as Sebastian comes along.

DUN DUN DUN you’re in for it now Claude!

As Alois turns more towards making a contract with Hannah, there’s a sudden inner struggle and Ciel finally reappears back into his own body.

Sebastian realizes that Ciel has come back, and Claude suddenly turns happy as he tells him that he had orders not to show himself in front of the young master. He decides to go on ahead since he believes Sebastian had finally disobeyed his orders. But suddenly Ciel starts calling Sebastian, telling him to come over and eat his soul, that until he eats it, he will be his butler.

I love this pose of his xD

Now here’s something we all miss…!

However, Ciel is quickly taking over by Alois again, and goes off with Hannah, the only person who loves him.

Now both butlers are at a lost, clearly knowing they both have a new enemy. Together, they start heading up to the top of the tower.

Inside the tower, Hannah and Alois have a tender moment together…

Just as Sebastian and Claude finally reach the top, and head inside, it is clear that Alois has made a contract with Hannah.

In the end, Hannah then picks up her prize, telling the defeated butlers her contract is complete with both Jim, and Ciel’s soul.

End thoughts: I really don’t know where to start, seriously. I had to make a list of things I wanted to talk about! Well, let’s see, first, ALOIS’S VOICE IN CIEL’S BODY IS SO WEIRD. I had a person who commented on the last post who said that, and when it showed more of Alois’s voice in Ciel this episode, I was like, “That person was right! It’s creepy!” Though I have to admit, I kinda like it |’D Ciel, you’re voice is too serious for a cute little kid like you~.

Anyways, the PLOT. Holy shit, this was such a super sudden development! They suddenly threw all sorts of things at once, and I was sitting on my chair, going “NO WAY…” for like five minutes after it ended. I’m just totally blown away right now. At first I started to have low hopes for this episode beacuse they had that maze that was sort of suppossed to be like a quiz show. I went, “Oh jeez…” and I had this dwindling hope, which got me mad. Yet everything changed as soon as Ciel started remember things, and especially when we found out what Alois was actually doing with this maze thing! I think the main turning point though, was when Claude flat out said he killed Alois because he was a tool to get Ciel’s soul. I literally SCREAMED at my screen, going “YOU BASTARD HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?! ;A;” I felt so, so, so, so sorry for him! Poor Alois; he just wanted Claude’s love, and BAM! Claude stabs him right in the heart (both metaphorically, and literally from the past episodes). He totally dissed him, more than once too. That son of a–BLEAH! All the fans are going to really hate Claude with an even more fiery passion; I know I am!

I also have extremely mixed feelings about Hannah now. I can’t hate her now because she was ACTUALLY helping Alois like I thought she was, but then I hate her because now she definatly messed up Ciel’s and Alois’s soul :/ I have this nervous feeling though that she’s tricking him. She was being way to lovely-dovely with him so quickly, you know? Her story about how she made a contract with Luka was too sweet, but at the same time I do find it believeable. Gah, I’m so confused on what to think. I don’t want to have to say I was wrong, hahaha. I can’t help but still call her a bad name that means hussy though…

I’m extremely shocked at the fact that Luka made a contract with Hannah! In the last episode where they showed the old woman’s memories from when the village burned, I thought it might have been Claude who did. I thought that the fact the triplets were so close to Claude, and that they were at the burning of the village meant Claude had taken Luka’s soul in exchange for that. When I saw that it was actually Hannah, I literally gasped! I never expected that! I also expected Alois to totally beat down on Hannah for eating his little brother’s soul, but he didn’t (Booo~).

Oh my goodness, I have to laugh at the fact that Claude and Sebastian have to work together now! When they looked at each other, and said they must do what they didn’t want, I started busting out laughing. PFFF, what demons do to get little boys’ souls….

Overall, this episode was just a total mind blower, seriously. I haven’t been this shocked since Claude made Ciel come over to him. The only thing I didn’t like about the show, which I did say earlier, was that whole quiz show-type maze.I thought it was kind of dumb, informative, but dumb. I’m guessing they couldn’t figure out another way to release this information quickly, so they did something totally random. And Grell just popped in randomly! I was like, “I love you Grell, but DON’T BE IN EPISODE FOR JUST ONE MINUTE PLEASE.” Yet, the rest of this episode really made up for those indescretions I had. The only thing I DID like from that little maze was the dialouge. Reading some of those subtittles made me laugh. My favorite line was from Claude and Sebastian, when Claude said with his serious face, “The only thing I was to embrace is Ciel Phantomhive’s soul.” and Sebastian goes, “That’s extroadinarly disgusting.” x’D I started laughing my butt off. I wish I could Sebastian a high-five and tell him, “I know, man!”.

This second season is giving me such bi-polar feelings about it! One day I’m excited and happy, and the next I’m hating it and wishing the next one is better. Right now, I am hopeful, especially since it’s now only one more episode to the finale, and you know it’s going to be action, action all the way. Are you ready?

Preview: I love the dialouge Sebastian gives in the preview: “No matter what kind of plot development you’ve waited for, you should weep when you head toward the final episode, I think.” HELL YEAH, SEBASTIAN, WE ARE ;A;

It looks like a battle is in store between Hannah and the butlers in a cave full of green crystals, and it looks like Hannah is some boat drifting down a gloomy river. What does this mean? Let’s see next week, shall we~?


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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11 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji II – 11”

  1. Namika says:

    I am totally blown away right now….. O_O I don’t even know where to start….. oO”
    This episode turned out to absolutely awkward and the storyline headed in a direction that I’m sure, nobody could predict. Claude reached a new level of disgustingness, Sebastian – a new level of adoration,[that line just killed me as well XD “That’s extraordinarily disgusting.” Got to LOVE that character!] and now I’m absolutely in for Alois. I disliked that character from the beginning, but with time, and as they’ve uncovered some facts about him, I feel so sorry for him that it’s even hard to explain!
    Though I didn’t think that the idea with the maze was all that random, if it’s Alois’ doing, then it’s obvious that he made it so Claude could reach him without a doubt before Sebastian. Though his expectations and hopes were all broken by his own butler. After everything that happened, he still hoped that Claude loved him, but it was all in vain. And I came to like Hannah a bit more. Certainly not what I’ve expected, but….

    Overall, this episode was sad. Amazingly sad, but good at the same time. And from the preview…. it’s a really interesting sight I’ve come to see…. For Claude and Sebastian to carry Hannah… If I’m right, then they are giving her a one-way ride to Hell. It’s such an interesting turn of events, really….. And Ciel’s eyes are normal too….
    I hate cliffhangers. :kill

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah, I forgot to mention that in my End thoughts too, how Alois was just doing this all in vain and still got his poor little heart crushed! It was a really depressing episode, and I do hope all the Alois fans actually like him now…

      I think you’re right about the quiz show thing; maybe I judged it too quickly xD

      I didn’t actually didn’t get the boat ride thing until after I actually posted this because I remembered watching Hell Girl and she takes them to Hell on a boat! So I’m hoping they defeat Hannah in some way, but then all that’s left is Claude…

      Cliffhangers are awful… :wah

  2. Lizzy says:

    AJKGWYBSAQFFFFF- ALOIS. That poor boy-! ;A;

    Ho my gawd this episode totally killed me. Poor, poor Alois. Claude, you’re such a buttface! How could you say that to hiiiimmmm?! :sad5

    The whole thing with Hannah and Luka totally threw me for a loop. I really did think that Luka had made a contract with the triplets, but it seems like the were only Hannah’s servants! Ah, one plot twist after another~

    Poor, poor Alois! I’m never going to get over Claude’s total rejection of his love for him. ;A;

    “Does love feel so warm?” I think I died a little hearing that. 😥

    All Alois ever wanted was to be loved… But even with the thing going on with Hannah…she doesn’t love him for him, she loves him because of his blood relations with Luka. I just hope she isn’t feeding the poor thing lies. He’s already so broken…I think I would die if it turned out that way.

    Does this all mean that my epic butler showdown isn’t going to happen~? Aw, poo…

    Now I kinda want to cosplay Claude, only because I want to take a picture of myself doing that hand thing. xDDD

    Though, after this, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Hannah is some super-powerful demon and totally beats down on both Sebastian and Claude. Girl power! >:D

    • Namika says:

      yeah, that line frankly speaking, made my heart feel hot. “Love… it’s so warm….” that poor thing, I even feel sorry for disliking him at the start…. 🙁

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Uwaaahhh yes that line was a killer ;A;

      I couldn’t believe Claude just flat out rejected him too! I was so mad! The poor child!</3 :sad6

      I'm hoping Hannah isn't feeding him lies either! Then I'd really hate her!! D8 I hope nothing more happens to Alois too…

      I hope we get to see an epic butler fight before the series ends *3* In this next episode, I'm not sure though.

  3. Zenbaka says:

    Holy GODS this episode was probably, by far, THE most epic, stunning, awesome AND horribly wrong at the same time.

    Where do I start? GOD THE VOICES. Alois’ in Ciel’s body? And then Alois’ voice in Ciel’s voice?! I think at one point I just couldn’t tell the difference anymore @[email protected]

    Oh and Claude is totally asshole of the century. He actually got me to pity Alois ;_____; But some of that stemmed from Ciel’s face crying. I know it’s wrong, but MOE. MOEMOEMOEMOEMOEMOEEEEEEEEE CRYING!CIEL IS SO CUTEEEEEEE o3o ♥

    AND Oh god I squealed SO HARD when Sebastian FINALLY got to say his line. “Yes, my Lord.” FFFFFFF♥♥♥♥ I was REALLY tired of hearing Yes your highness. REALLY.

    THEN HANNAH AND LUKA. HER STORY. It actually made me pity her. And when she said she only loved Alois’ face that looked like Luka’s and that she detested being around him, I laughed. And then I wondered why the hell Alois was accepting that without beating her up. MAN.

    AND JUST when I started to hate Hannah A LIIIITTLE less, she goes and takes Ciel along with Alois. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-

    I can’t help but feel really bad for Ciel though. Alois is TOTALLY abusing his body (scratching, banging head on ground, being near Hannah in general-before you ask, yes, being near Hannah is NOT healthy- etc)

    Annnd lastly,I love the random things they do in the preview. Like suddenly singing. LOL. Also I don’t really have much hope for the season to have the greatest ending ever, but I’m hoping for the best *cough* more SebaCiel moments*cough* *crosses fingers and hopes for Ciel and Sebastian to FINALLY reunite*

    On a totally different note: now that I think about it, the first few episodes of the anime were SO FREAKING DIFFERENT. From happy CielLizzy moments to BAM- THE REST OF THE CAST DON’T REALLY MATTER. WOAH.

    Again, amaaaaazing post Hoshi~

  4. ichigopocky says:

    OMG I am still freaking out over this and I watched it yesterday.
    1. Claude I hate your guts, and you are weird
    2. Griel you come in at the most random times
    3. AHHH Alios get out of Ciels body
    4. HOLY CRAPOLA HAnnah completely different from the start and she scares me now
    still freaking out and probably will be till next friday. thanks for the post

  5. Kyokai says:

    I finally caught up to this and what do I get, a mind blower! I mean who could have thought, things would go this way? 0__0

    I’m at least glad about one thing that I was right about Alois from the first impression I did. He was indeed a fake Trancy but it’s still sad whatever happened to him.

    I just dunno how things would end. How can A-1 Pictures end all of those twists in one episode or is there another season looming over? With so much happening, that preview really threw me off because it just showed everyone made up and the two butlers and Hannah are taking Ciel to his final resting place….

    I just for another troll from A-1 Picture, and we finding out that either they are continuing the season with more episodes or another season would follow. Give us some closure people!!! :wah

  6. Peter says:

    DOES anyone know what insert SONG is used near the end when Hannah and Alois make a contract. It’s so sad and beautiful 🙂
    I’m a sucker for classical opera


  7. Lilith says:

    Ohhh i love that song too. Please do tell what that song is.

    ~Onegaishimas deshita~

  8. Jester49 says:

    I really love this episode. I want more more more!!!
    @Lilith, hi! 🙂 are you talking about the ed song? because that is titled bird. But if its the insert song, i have no idea sorry 🙁 Maybe someone on this forum can help but i think they seem pretty clueless like me :p

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