House of Five Leaves OST

House of Five Leaves OST by Kondou Yukio & Konishi Kayou

Who else could be on the cover, if not Ichi-san~ <333 I rather enjoyed following Saraiya Goyou in Spring; a very mellow series with excellent animation. You just need to get used to the character designs, which are unique. Enjoy the soothing Original Soundtrack of House of Five Leaves that is riddled with accordion, piano, well placed mouth organ, flute and a melee of instruments. Also, I totally forgot how much I loved both OP/ED of this series from the TV Size version included in this release.

Let me know if someone wants me to upload the OP/ED Singles too.

Artist: Kondou Yukio & Konishi Kayou


1. Saraiya Goyou
2. Edo Sarasara
3. Taiji
4. Fugaku
5. Hisoyakani
6. Edo Kousaten
7. Nasake
8. Kono Mune de Oyasumi
9. Kadowakashi
10. Amayo
11. Shissou
12. Choko Tokkuri
13. Shiroi Unaji
14. Umaku Ikusa
15. Iikagen
16. Mujou
17. Semari Kuru Kage
18. Sassou
19. Mekakushi
20. Warabe Jidai
21. Konya no Tsukemono
22. Yudan mo Seki mo
23. Nakama
24. Tsuya Iro Emaki
25. Makuai
26. Shibashi no Wakare
27. all I need is… (TV size)
28. Sign of Love (TV size)

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4 Responses to “House of Five Leaves OST”

  1. avner says:

    thank you very much, I love so much this anime.. and music of course.

    thank’s a lot again

    • Kyokai says:

      You are welcome! 🙂

      I loved this anime too and this OST will be queued on my playlist for some time definitely. ^^

  2. AzureKitsune says:

    Whoo! Thanks a lot; I really enjoyed this anime last season, and the music was awesome as well. :oha:

    • Kyokai says:

      Same here! At least with this release I’m getting to know more people enjoyed this series. ^^

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