Highschool of the Dead – 09

A secret side of Saeko is revealed

I feel like I have a loooottt to talk about for this episode, so I’m going to dive right into the summary (although, this sentence makes that statement kind of contradictory…) This episode is purely about Saeko and Takashi, and how they try to make it back to Takagi’s house to meet up with everyone else. This is not easy when the streets are crawling with undead hindrances, so they go to the bike shop that was pointed out briefly last episode to get a motorcycle.

Saeko tells him a motorcycle is a stupid idea, so they get this weird utility vehicle that can move in water. It doesn’t look as badass as a motorcycle, but it works, I suppose. There is more zombie roadkill, as per usual, and then Takashi takes the vehicle into the water to escape. The result?

FANSERVICE! When is the result NOT fanservice?

There’s a small sandbar/island in the middle of the river where they relax for now.  The whole scene is basically Saeko giving us lots of fanservice while she changes and Takashi using all of his concentration not to look.  We go from “Hey, look at Saeko’s boobs” into trying to be serious, as Takashi asks Saeko if she likes anyone.  Saeko feels odd that Takashi always thinks of her as a woman, and admits that there is someone she likes.

And at that exact moment, a breeze blows. Obviously.

Once they head out again, Takashi has a new plan (he’s just full of plans today) to lure the zombies away. He drives to a park and then goes into a circular fountain (another wet Saeko, woo!).  With some tape, that he found..somewhere…he rigs it so that the vehicle just goes around and around in the fountain.  Now the loud motor will attract that zombies as the two can escape. Brilliant!

You spin me right round, baby, right round~

Now they just have to clear a path.  Saeko is basically left to do her thing, while Takashi sweatdrops uselessly in the background. She seems to be going a teensy bit more beserk than usual, showing more enjoyment then usual. So it’s a bit surprising when she stops her rampage at the sight of children. Zombie children.

Takashi has to jump in and shoot them, saving Saeko from a humiliating death.  He drags her off to a shrine, since it’s getting dark. They spend the night there. Takashi notices how disturbed Saeko looks, so he acts extra nice to her.  Speaking in a soft tone, giving her a real sword he found, giving her a port-a-potty to make her laugh. Takashi was meek. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Sleepover party, like oh my gawd~

After cheering her up, Saeko completely opens up to reveal why she froze.  It wasn’t that the zombies were children, but it was a sudden realization that could’ve happened at any time.  Saeko was once attacked by a man at night, and almost killed him in self-defence.  What bothers her is that she enjoyed it thoroughly.  The power. The experience. The thrill. Before this, she kept mentioning how Takashi always sees her as a woman, well, this makes her feel guilty her because she feels like a monster. Someone like her isn’t allowed to love.

Takashi is shocked at first, but quickly tries to reason with her. “I enjoy killing too!” No, Takashi, that was after the zombies appeared and Saeko was always like this. “Well, I give up. Wanna make out?” And so they do. Is this how he solves all of his problems now…?

It’s bright and early, as Takashi and Saeko tentatively open the gates.  Before there’s even much time to take in the scenery, zombies appear. I should’ve known things wouldn’t be easy just yet.  Like an adamant Pokemon Trainer, Takashi tells Saeko to attack the zombies.  However, she must be at a level too high for her to always obey him. Darn.

If you thought a sudden collision of lips was a bad way to solve your problems…try this. Takashi grabs her boob and squishes it as HARD AS HE CAN.  What he is saying to Saeko are actually very reassuring things that he should have just said LAST NIGHT instead of now when they’re in danger.  He accepts Saeko for who she is and tells her to accept that part of her as well.  Somehow, she can listen to all of this while her milkjug is about to explode. Why do boobs get so abused in this show?


Saeko lets loose wielding a real sword, going into real yandere mode.  She..is..um..having a lot of fun, that’s for sure. To remind everyone that we’re watching Highschool of the Dead, we get a ridiculous shot of Saeko with the words “I’M WET!” in huge letters. I…what? I…there are no words…

I promise I won’t judge you if you use this for your ringtone.

After lots and lots of killing fun, Takashi and Saeko are well on their way home.  Saeko stops to lovingly hold Takashi’s hand and ask him in he’ll keep his word. SO…ADORABLE! She opened up so quickly! Takashi says yes, which we later find out is a terrible, terrible lie.

After the ending theme, our duo arrive safely at the Takagi mansion.  Alice jumps into their arms, and sparkles are everywhere. They’re like a family, aww.  Ruining the moment are Takashi’s thoughts “I did it only to survive.” How long has he been stringing Saeko along, and how much are sincere feelings, huh? MORE ABOUT THIS IN MY END THOUGHTS.


Because we all know this episode exists for the sake of wet Saeko.

I like how Saeko changes facing him, and not behind the vehicle or anything

Wet Saeko #2

So how many times has this changing gimmick been used now?

Am I the only one obsessed with those boots?

End Thoughts: This episode really struck a personal chord with me, because I understand Saeko’s feelings all too well. I’m going to try to avoid mentioning myself so I don’t sound like a psycho~ =D  The feeling of being able to hurt people is extremely empowering and satisfying.  However, there is still something called common sense which stops most people from becoming murderers.  So there is a lot of guilt associated with feeling joy from hurting others, because you know deep down that it’s wrong.  People who enjoy hurting others keep that sort of thing locked up deep inside, for fear of rejection from others.  It takes a LOT of courage to tell someone about something like that, because chances are, they won’t be accepted.  For Takashi to accept her just the way she is, for all of her sins, was exactly what Saeko needed to continue living. Not trying to change her, just pure acceptance.

To have Takashi say that he did that just to survive at the end enraged me.  If that girl finds out, she will give in to those cravings without thought and go on a killing rampage.  To lie about such an important thing…ugh!!! Takashi! I mean, if we look at things from his view, he thinks that he has no choice but to lie if he wants to stay alive.  But is there really no other way to break through her conveniently-timed revelation that she’s a bad person? Maybe you should’ve talked to her in the first place when she poured all her worries out to you instead of just making out with her. -_- Takashi…aren’t you cheating on Rei now? Is this what you’ve become? I am…ashamed.

If Takashi had been honest about everything and just decided to ditch Rei, I would’ve been totally cool with it.  But to lie about something so important and just basically jerk Saeko around…Saeko deserves way better.  Takashi is really going to have to work it to regain my respect. Tch. *fumes*

Bleh, sorry, needed to rant. ANYWAYS, this was a good episode because of SAEKO. Not amazing, but good. Also, is anyone else starting to think the action is starting to get repetitive? It’s good, but not nearly as exciting as it used to be D=

Preview: Seeing as the next episode is called “The Dead’s House Rules” it seems like we’re getting another action rut.  I expect a high level of fanservice and lots of pointless arguing/drama. Also, Takashi rubbing lotion on a naked Rei’s back.


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48 Responses to “Highschool of the Dead – 09”

  1. armando says:

    when i watched the episode too, i thought takashi was an asshole, but i watched it again and it was with different subs at the end which redeemed him. “I accepted her darkness. Actually I accepted everything the end brought. Obviously, i did this in order to survive.” See what he’s trying to say is that since all this has happened he’s needed and will continue to accept things that before he probably wouldn’t have. I thought when the first time i watched it that what he said was so out of place and out of his character so i thought something was wrong there. I really believe has what he said to saeko was genuine

    • Overcooled says:

      Ahh, I really hope that’s the case…He said it so seriously and darkly that I felt I could only interpret it that way. Before the zombies attacked, he probably wouldn’t have had the strength to accept or even start to understand Saeko. So if you look at it in that context, he wasn’t lying to her. The semi-cheating on Rei is still kind of bad, but if it’s for Saeko, then I’ll forgive it~

      I think I just read the last sub, went into a rage fit, and got carried away…-__- Whew…I shouldn’t let emotions get involved when blogging. Bahh thanks so much for this comment!

      • armando says:

        Believe me i was the same, i went into a rage and didn’t want to believe it either haha.

        It looks like saeko and takashi made some noise to attract the zombies, she was fixing her skirt as they left too

      • Balance Of Judgement says:

        What happens in the episode happens in the manga as well, but the lines inserted at the end, as Takashi’s thoughts were not supposed to be there and were probably added in order to continue the tradition of Takashi always saying something about “to survive” or about “the end of the world”. Indeed, i also think that they ruined the moment with that, and got upset myself at the producers.

        Also, about that “Take responsability” part, in the manga it is slightly more obvious that she is asking him to take responsability for her actions, as in “i will do everything you ask of me long as you accept to be our leader”

        • Balance Of Judgement says:

          OW, and the manga creator actually explains that the “take responsability” line can also/is sometimes/ used to be something said in the scenario of a pregnancy, but he did not state that it is the case here. I think he simply wished to confuse us with some ” what if *wink* “. Although i am a strong supporter of Takashi x Saeko, and even associate my character with Takashi’s, I do not believe anything more than “kissing, holding eachother and eventually falling asleep” happened.

  2. jaiger says:

    my rage was not about what takashi did but more on how the screwed the story…they have officially gone rogue!

    • Overcooled says:

      Isn’t this episode just something that happened later in the manga, but inserted somewhere else? It looks like the next episode prettymuch will start following the manga again.

      When Saeko is the main focus, nothing can be wrong~ (YEAH I’M BIASED)

  3. Arakan7 says:

    Takashi’s monologue at the end wasn’t as self-serving as was ‘officially translated’. I think that a more literal translation would shed some light on it (although I’m not the best source on this myself so dont’ quote me!):

    “I accepted it – the darkness of this girl. No, rather everything about the end. Of course I did it for the sake of my own survival.”

    Looking at it like this, one could say that Takashi was commenting that in these times, everyone was going to show their dark side and that he’s learned to try and accept this new ‘darkness’ as a part of the normal human nature as well. In other words, he’s going to try and keep an open mind about it all, especially since he has a dark side of his own.

    He just didn’t think that ‘Miss Perfect’ Saeko was a self-realized borderline psycho and so, to hear it from her was pretty jarring, especially since he was obviously nursing a crush on her. So since she was looking down on herself so much, saying that because of her violence that she didn’t deserve happiness by confessing to the guy that she liked like a ‘normal girl’, Takashi kissed her – to show that she was still well-liked and desireable even with her ‘confession’ to the contrary. That and she just looked adorable staring up at him all helpless and needy. They kissed and kissed some more, touching each other, blah blah until they both decided to call it quits before things got too out of hand.

    Although effective to a degree, it brought on Phase II of Saeko’s BSOD – that if she was going to get worse, that she would be better off dying as a means of ‘atoning’ for her sins and dying with a shred of dignity, not unlike hagakiri.

    I will not comment on the boobgrab, it’s probably the worst part of the episode BUT utilizig it, Takashi has sort of become Saeko’s ‘master’ of sorts. She now has someone who is not only willing to put up with her slash-happy tendencies, but genuinely admire and like her in spite of her faults, and in a way, because of them. Not only that, the same person is also willing to become her ‘moral compass’, to become her return point to humanity whenever she goes off on her killing high.

    • Overcooled says:

      I should’ve been more aware of Takashi’s character when I just wildly made that assumption…*feels bad now* he’s not the type to just hurt people like that. I guess it’s just a personal fear I have that coloured my judgement. =P So yes, by now Takashi has been exposed to so much darkness, he can finally accept it. Truthfully, he has no choice but to accept it. Otherwise, he’d go crazy.

      Hmmm true, I guess the sudden kiss isn’t as bad. I know the whole “actions speak louder than words” thing, but for her to get better she has to accept her own darkness as well. Just Takashi accepting her isn’t enough. It’s hard to convey all that in a kiss, especially to someone who is extremely confused and questioning themselves. Guess I shouldn’t complain since she got the advice she needed in the end though.

      The boob grab…yeah, there’s very little to come up with to make that gesture redeeming <_< It reminded me of the flashback where the man was attacking her on the street, actually. Kind of to incite the same feelings as that time…except now things are different, because he's there to bear the weight of her sins. It probably wasn't meant to be like that, but it reminded me of it~ I really like your idea of Takashi being Saeko's "master" where after however many zombies she kills, no matter how lost in the carnage she becomes; she can always return to someone's arms. And this is what keeps her human.

      Thanks for the comment, by the way!

  4. armando says:

    In the subbed version i watched and also in the manga, at the end when she grabs his hand she says “you’ll take responsibility right?” which apparently, well at least i have heard that it is kind of a joke asking takashi to be responsible for a pregnancy

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh man…I don’t know about that one. Takashi stopped halfway with Rei, would he go all the way with Saeko then? Picturing a pregnant Saeko ruins just about everything XD

      • Kyokai says:

        I think what Saeko meant from taking responsibility was how Takashi reassured her to be herself and embrace the yandere side of herself rather than hiding it. And of course, it’s clear they did it. ^_~

  5. Valius says:

    Hey thar,

    Randomly jumping on the bandwagon here. xD

    Love your reviews of this anime, I’m watching it as it comes online on Madman. 🙂 Us Aussies get an official subbing, plus it’s good that we get it 2 days after airing in Japan.

    Must say that it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen, though I must agree that the fanservice kinda dilutes the srs business at time, but what the heck. It’s all good! xD

    I shall be back to see your views next ep!

    • Overcooled says:

      Jump on, jump on~ =D

      Ahhh thank you! I always try to watch it as soon as I see it come out too. I’m reaaally enjoying it too, to the point where I either ignore the fanservice or end up liking it somehow. Oh well, any show with action and teens in despair is worth watching.

      That’s a promise then~!

  6. Dan-go says:

    say whaaA? i thought they did it like they do it on the discovery channel, cuz my sub, said “will you take responsiblity” which is a jap way of saying URE THE FATHER

  7. Hato-kun says:

    Don’t worry, those boots are awesome.

  8. Setsuken says:

    The whole “I did it for my survival” I hear that its not actually in the manga.

    I believe that they did sleep together. 1, the scene faces out after they kiss. 2. Saeko adjusts her clothes as she’s coming out of the shrine, 3. The whole Responsibility line

    Also, taking responsibility is when you kinda make a girl “impure” or not being able to get married, and hence you take “responsibility” by staying with the girl or marrying her.

    That said… I agree, they really painted Takashi in a dark light. I dunno if I’m taking it out of context, but the literal translation does imply that he accepted and slept with Saeko just for his survival.

    • Overcooled says:

      Hmm, I guess I should play a bit of manga catchup once the anime is done….Or maybe sooner. ^^;

      I guess it just seems odd because he turned Rei down before this and they JUST basically confessed their feelings. I guess when you might die the next day, things move a lot faster…But I’m still a little suspicious about it, because “take responsibility” still seems kind of vague to me.

      I wonder if they purposely did that for some reason to make us see him as less of the great leader he’s been thus far. =/

  9. Namika says:

    Somehow, I’ve got a really bad aftertaste on this episode. Even though I adored Takashi, the last phrase he said ruined basically everything. Maybe he IS right in some ways, because they have to stay connected, together. Their team, that is. Maybe he just didn’t want everything to just crumble around him again, but that way was just wrong…. If Saeko will come to know that, I don’t even know, what will happen…. A go-for-the-kill rampage, or maybe even a suicide…. darn it. They’d better make up for this Sh*t in the next episode, or this anime will get sunk even deeper…. :bleh:

    • Overcooled says:

      That last phrase just had to be worded in a way where he sounds like a total ass -___- But now I’ve sort of revised my opinion after some commenters pointed stuff out to me :3 I don’t think he actually meant it in the cold-hearted way it sounded like XD I really want to see if his behaviour changes at all in the next episode or if he’s still all lovey with Rei too. Because damn…that’d suck for Saeko.

      I…really am not expecting a lot for episode 10, sadly…I think it’s going to be a boring episode. <_< Fingers crossed for a good finale though!

      • Namika says:

        yeah, I’m seeing much more through that phrase too, and in some way I understand. I don’t really think that he’s that much of an asshole to do something heartless like that, but still, the way which he choose was absolutely wrong.
        I’m really disappointed in this anime now, and I’m not expecting anything from it. Maybe I gave up too soon, and I really hope this was the case, but still….

  10. foshizzel says:

    Great Saeko filled episode! strange story with her background but I guess it isn’t to bad, there is a bit of something going on between them two after the night alone together. Three more to go! getting down to the final events!

    • Overcooled says:

      Saeko is instant win 8D It’s less of a “let me tell you about my tragic childhood” and more just learning more about Saeko’s personality, which I liked. I didn’t find it too strange. I..really don’t want to think about what went on that night between them anymore XDDD

      Woooo I’m excited too!! >w<

  11. bakuhasu says:

    Loved the episode but one thing to note though…


    • Kyokai says:

      Hide yourself before someone stones you for being sexist. :dumb

    • Overcooled says:

      LOL well I don’t think most women would want to grab a breast like that anyways, so go ahead. I SHALL WARN YOU! Only bad things can come from a death grip boob grab!

  12. ichigopocky says:

    I was highly confused by a lot of this episode and hurray I can finally read and fangirl.
    School has been so demanding arghhhhhhh
    but I still found time to fangirl and now I can just ponder the many wrong things in this show ….. so many questions as to why.
    Anywhos thanks for the post.

    • Overcooled says:

      Aww, got a lot of homework already? Tests? Projects? @_@ I don’t start until the 13th, so I still get to relax ^^;;Anime is what study breaks are for, though~

      Just the ending was a little fuzzy for me, mostly because it’s being kind of vague. =P Other than that, it was just a nice Saeko-centric episode. :3

  13. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Well I didn’t really rage because most of the rage facts are studio made.

    Some interesting notes and my thoughts: (Warning contains spoilers read at your own discretion)

    1) Show ▼

    2) Show ▼

    3) The line that Takashi said to make everyone rage is either Studio made or something that lost it’s true meaning in translation
    4)fdakjkahjafhsdfja the part near the previews is the true ending Takashi x Saeko plus Alice their adopted daughter xD
    5)Show ▼

    6) Saeko and tank top is GG
    7) Saeko can whack me anyday :-]

    ehehehe Oh Saeko you lil devil :-]

    • Overcooled says:

      Ahh spoilers, I shall save you for reading later on once I am finished~

      Yeah, the rage-inducing line is probably just something that’s hard to translate in a way it won’t be misinterpreted. =p

      Also, yes, this family NEEDS TO HAPPEN. It really does.
      LOL yes, Saeko’s braless tank top was awesome. If they give her less screentime because she had her own episode, I will not forgive them.

  14. SaekoxTakashi says:

    Saeko and Takashi <3 I hope it ends that way and no typical, boring ending.

    • Overcooled says:

      I have a feeling that the ending is going to be some sort of cliffhanger with very little resolved >_< But as long as it's not boring, it doesn't matter much XD Let's still hope for Saeko x Takashi!

      WOW, so, I definitely just noticed your username a second before hitting submit. NICE. *thumbs up*

  15. Legassie says:


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  16. Valharth says:

    Really?!?!?! Pregnant??? My translation said, “You’ll stick by your words, right?” So I’m in doubt that’s she’s prego. Man, if she gets preganant…

    • Tofu says:

      Pregnant? O___O WHO!?!?!?!?! I didn’t hear anything about anyone being pregnant Valharth xD

      And I’m sure she’s not pregnant…not that I know of…

      • Dan-go says:

        my one said “you’ll take responsibility, right?” which has double meanings in japan, used literally, as in “You’ll stick by your words” or “You’ll marry me, if i’m pregnant, right?”

        • Tofu says:

          ahh~ That makes sense… xP But no, Valharth, she is not pregnant so no need to fret ^^

          • Valharth says:

            phew… But it’s sad that they stopped the anime though. I’m just continuing with the manga. Oh and point of inquiry, I noticed a difference with a few sequence of events between the manga and anime (I watched the anime first). How did that go again? When I continued on in the manga, they just left Takagi’s house on the amphibious vehicle to the mall. How did they go to Takagi’s house before that? I got confused there.

            Oh and any news for a continuing series?

          • Dan-go says:

            yup they mixed it up abit, but i’m not going to bother rembering again cuz this was last seasons anime and the manga is on hiatus…AGAIN

          • Overcooled says:

            In the anime, most of the survivors went with Takagi’s mom to get to the house while Saeko and Takashi got split up. They actually just kind of walk to the Takagi mansion after failing with the amphibious vehicle lol. In the manga, Saeko and Takashi are separated later on.

            Basically they just shuffled around when Takashi and Saeko got separated and which vehicles they used. Still no word about a season 2, but there’s an OVA apparently coming out. :3

  17. Valharth says:

    OVA? has there been a release date announced?

    • Overcooled says:

      Supposedly it will be released in Spring 2011~ =D

      • Tofu says:

        WHAT!?!?!! OVA!?!!?!!??! OMG!! YESSSSS~~!!!!! WOOT!!! I want more H.O.T.D man ><! The episodes were too short, WAY too short, for such a good story, the producers of the anime should of at least thought of making it longer, maybe they're discussing about Season 2 as we speak~ nishishishi~

        OC, you better not be lying to me! ^^

        • Overcooled says:

          It’s on MAL, but not ANN. I’m guessing it’s because the date is so far off that it’s not there yet as opposed to being unofficial lol.

          I don’t think they’ll do a season 2 with the manga still on hiatus -_- Sadly.

          • Valharth says:

            hey know where i can download a free uncensored hotd series? torrents probably?

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