First Look: Kuroshitsuji II OVAs

First look on the Kuroshitsuji OVA releases so you won’t be crying when the season’s over~

~For fellow Kuroshitsuji fans, the sadness is slowly settling in as its second season slowly, and agonizingly, comes closer to a finale. What will be left of us Kuro fans? The manga is getting harder to catch up on as more scantilation sites are removing the series, and now the anime is coming to a close! Luckily A-1 heard our cries, and  has decided to treat the beloved Kuro fans with not one, not two, but FIVE OVAs with the release of the second season DVDs. While it is going to be a bit of a wait, it surely worth while as each OVA has its own unique story, with the exception of the first OVA, ‘Ciel in Wonderland’ (which is actually a cliche done in most manga and anime).  Most of the OVAs, so far, don’t have much information other than their summaries and release dates, however all the seiyuus will be the same, and so will our favorite characters, in some sense. ;D

As a HUGE Kuro fangirl myself, I couldn’t be more excited! ^^ Normally I would skip this sort of thing, but when I read the summaries for each of them, I have to say they did sound very fun to watch, especially the ‘Ciel in Wonderland’ one<3. Now let’s take a look at what exactly A-1 has planned for us~.

>>OVA 1 ・Ciel in Wonderland (Parts 1 & 2)

Summary: (Part 1) On one particular day at the Phantomhive manor, while jadedly browsing through reports, Ciel catches sight of a white-rabbit-eared Sebastian. Said butler mumbling, “I’m late. I’m late.” as he disappears down a hole in the floor. Ciel follows and drops into… another world?! “Kuroshitsuji” characters running around in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”?! I’m just one hell of a white rabbit.

(Part 2) Following the white rabbit Sebastian, Ciel wanders into a strange country. Caught up in all manners of “strange”, new meetings await Ciel around every corner. A mysterious caterpillar’s advice, reunion with the Cheshire Cat, and an invitation from the Queen of Hearts during the Mad Hatter’s tea party. While continuing his search for the white rabbit, Ciel heads for the castle…

Release Date: (Part 1) Oct. 10, 2010, with  DVD II | (Part 2) February 23, 2011, with DVD VI

Thoughts: You don’t know how excited I am for this. I’ve been fangirling about this OVA since the minute I saw the lovely character designs! When are you ever going to see Sebas-chan in bunny ears and a cute, white, fluffy tail?! Or see Ciel in the cutest Alice outfit EVER?!<3 UWAH~!! This OVA has certainly flamed my fandom for this series even more.

All the original characters (that means no Alois or Claude, or Trancy servants…boo, and yay at the same time =3=) are in perfect spots! Like Grell as the Chesire Cat, Lau as the caterpillar, and Madam Red as the Queen of Hearts. I’m really loving how Grell looks, by the way. I may be totally in love with Sebas and Ciel’s outfits, but Grell’s is really awesome too. As for the story,  it doesn’t sound too bad 8) What makes it sound so entertaining is the thought of how all these characters are going to act xD I’m already giggling thinking of Ciel’s reaction to all this, heh.

The only thing bad I have to say about this is that WHY did they have to make the two parts so long to be released?! ;A; If it does turn out to be as good as I’m sincerely hoping it will be, I’m going to be on my knees practically BEGGING for the second part. Damn you A-1…I love you, but I hate you!

>>OVA 2 ・Welcome to the Phantomhive’s

Summary: Elizabeth invites the main character, “Lady”, to join her at the ball held at the Phantomhive manor. Welcomed by Ciel, receiving the first-rate hospitality from Sebastian; the story unfolds with the participation of the viewer. An original story with a simulation-game feeling!

Release Date: November 24, 2010, with DVD III

Thoughts:  I have a feeling this might be more of a fanservice kind of OVA, you know? It’s going to have that dating sim game feel, and in my mind it sparks up these images of some of our favorite bishies, heh. I’m more of a fan for the shotas in Kuroshitsuji (though I do love Ronald<3) so for me, I’m not feeling this OVA too much. My fangirl senses aren’t connecting! For the Sebastian and other male character fangirls though, this OVA might be made just for you ;D This does sound quite fun to watch even despite some of these negative feelings I’m getting. I might change my mind once I see a preview or some character designs ~. Or even if it doesn’t turn out to be as fanservice-y as I think it is. I’ll just have to wait and see!

>>OVA 3 ・The Making of Kuroshitsuji II

Summary: From the legendary first season “Kuroshitsuji” to the current “Kuroshitsuji II”, t’was a very long road indeed… Starring Sebastian Michaelis, a behind-the-scenes story complete with special footage and interviews with Ciel Phantomhive, Claude Faustus, and Alois Trancy. An epic Hollywood-style original story!

Release Date: January 26, 2011, with DVD V

Thoughts: When I first read the summary, I instantly imagined Alois totally acting like a Hollywood diva X’D Complaining about his hair or something…oh goodness, that’s hysterical. Anyways, this is actually a pretty unique story for an OVA!  At first I thought it was an actual behind the scenes look at Kuroshitsuji, but then I saw that it’s going to be hosted by Sebastian and that it included interviews with Alois, and Claude and such (I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t though too ;D). I think it’s going to be pretty interesting, and pretty hysterical to see how our favorite characters will be acting. I’m mostly looking forward to how Alois and Claude are, heehee. This is definitely going to be the second OVA that I’m most excited for~.

>>OVA 4 ・The Tale of Will the Shinigami

Summary: Those who hunt for the souls of humans, the Shinigami Dispatch Association. William and Grell are chosen to train the new shinigami students, and while touring the building, explain the rules of the upcoming exam. The last part of the exam requires all shinigami students to find a partner and pass the given challenges. Only those who fully complete the exam can become a full-fledged shinigami. While passing a glance over the nervous students, William recalls back to the time when he was a young rookie shinigami… back to the time when he challenged the shinigami exam with his partner, Grell.

Release Date: April 27, 2011, with DVD VIII

Thoughts: This one is actually becoming a huge favorite among the fangirls; a lot of people have said they wanted to really see this Shinigami-themed storyline and I have to say I do too! We have never gotten an in-depth look to the Shinigamis, or their world, in both the anime and the manga so again, here we have another really interesting OVA! Not to mention the storyline sounds so cute x’D You can predict that there will be some crazy antics. I really want to see how William and Grell worked as partners, and how they looked like as young rookies! I’m also hoping we get to see Ronald in there too!! (I think it’s funny how he quickly became a fan favorite after one episode in the anime.)  Overall, I think this is probably going to be the fan-favorite in this OVA parade because of the fact it’s going to showcase our beloved shinigamis, and because it’s already getting a lot of fangirl feedback. I know I’ll be looking forward to this one as well~!

~Yet, for the fifth, and what may be the last, OVA in this long parade of OVAs,  there isn’t that much information, yet. The only info we get is that it’s going to be released on May 25, 2011 on what might be the last DVD of Kuroshitsuji II.

Now who’s excited for the second season to end so we can get our Kuroshitsuji randomness~?! ;D



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30 Responses to “First Look: Kuroshitsuji II OVAs”

  1. Amutofan123 says:

    They all sound so… entertaining! Ciel in an Alice outfit, Sebby wearing bunny ears, and Grell with kitty ears. xD I can’t wait~ Oh God, the third OVA sounds hilarious. I can totally see Alois being a Hollywood diva! I might be most excited for the fourth OVA though. I love those shinigami. Actually, if it weren’t for Grell, I probably wouldn’t have ever seen Kuroshitsuji in the first place. (I saw an AMV about him and instantly fell in love.)

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I know! For seeing Ciel in his Alice outfit is what I’m mostly waiting for, hahaha!
      I KNOW RIGHT? Alois would be perfect for Hollywood XD Yeah the fourth OVA is so popular right now, especially because of the fact William and Grell are gonna be in it.
      Oh really? That’s interesting! 😀 I actually saw Kuroshitsuji because one of my favorite singers showed a picture of the Sixth volume in his blog, and I was like, “The little boy on there looks so cool! I wanna see it!”

  2. Namika says:

    My fangirl senses are overloaded with this goodness….. :nosebleeds: Just imagining Sebastian wearing a white rabbit ears and tail make me want to KYA so badly!! :cute: I just can’t wait! Too bad there are such a big gaps between the release dates, they are frankly torturing us, fans! :sad6

    Anyway, I wasn’t so hyped over an anime for a long time! Can’t wait to see “The making of Kuroshitsuji”, after “Ciel in wonderland” this is the most desired one….for me. though I’m eager to see them all, as I am a HUGE Kuroshitsuji fan, and I always fangirl about Sebastian[well, 75% at least] so a little fanservise wouldn’t hurt :smug of course if they won’t overdo it or something like that. I get the feeling that this year still has a lot to come, and I won’t let my hands down just yet! [even though it turned out as such a let-down. For me, at least. a lot of disappointments.]

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Seriously, it’s like A-1 is giving out free candy or something, hahaha. When I saw Sebastian have a fluffy bunny tail, I instantly went “PFFFFTTT SO CUTE!<3"
      I know! These release dates are ridiculous! D8
      Kya, me too! I've become an even HUGER fan after reviewing this season, and because of these fabulous OVAs. I'm mostly a fangirl for Ciel |'D
      This year is going to be one of the best, I think. We just have to see how Fall and Winter play out ;D

      • Namika says:

        Yeah, totally. And seeing the releases list, I’m pretty sure that this year still has a LOT to come. Bunny-Sebastian is the most droll-worthy sight I’ve seen XDD I hope they’d give out more of the free candy…. And make us love Kuroshitsuji characters even more![mainly talking about Sebastian and Ciel. I’m still loyal to the king and the prince of Loli-shota ^^]

  3. Bárbara says:

    OMG it sounds so amazing! Ever since I’ve heard about the ciel in wonderland ova I’ve been really looking foward to it, and now that I find out that there will be actually 5 I’m just extatic! The one about the shinigamis sounds pretty cool, especially for someone who adores grell as much as I do :blush2: It will be awfull to wait for the second part of ciel in wonderland though =3= I hate it when they do that, I’ll be literally doing a count down x)

    Thanks for the awesome post Hoshi :thumb:

    • Hoshi says:

      ~It does! I thought it was only going to be Ciel in Wonderland too, but when I saw more info released for so many of these, I was so surprised! I’m excited too!<3
      YES, that wait for the second part of Ciel in Wonderland is going to be torturous ;A;

      And you're welcome<3 Thank you for the comment!

  4. esper says:

    thank youuu for pumping up my mood to watch the 2nd season Hoshi!!
    I am so laaaaaazzy watching the 2nd season (from eps 09), because of Alois, Alois, and Alois!!!!!!! i really want to cut his tongue, and mute his voice (sorry for the fans =p). But because of this post, maybe I will watch it again in order watch the OVA (although there’s a long pause from one OVA to another). Can’t wait to see the 1st and 4th OVA!!!! xD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahaha, you’re welcome! I’m glad that I did!<3 8)
      Yes, I've met a lot of people that don't like Alois xD It's totally fine though, but do watch it! It's good! o3o And of course you must watch it to see these entertaining OVAs ^^t
      thanks for the comment~!

  5. Overcooled says:

    Ohohoho Kuroshitsuji certainly knows how to treat their fans…they know their fanbase all too well~ These OVAs look pretty good too. The simulation-game one..sounds kind of weird though. Personally, I would have a hard time getting into it o.o But Ciel in Wonderland? Oh yeaaah.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Mwuahahaha yes they do! >8D
      Yeah that simulation game one totally throws me off…CIEL IN WONDERLAND ALL THE WAY<3

  6. ichigopocky says:

    OMG fanigliring already I can;t wait at all but they are all so far apart :shakesfist how could you A-1 pictures. either way I can’t wait at all thanks for the post

  7. Kyokai says:

    Hohohoo~ Good stuff, good stuff! :tea

    This is like the energizer I needed to finish the last 3 episodes and be up-to-date with K-II. ^^

  8. Starry says:

    All the OVAs sounds so entertaining! I can’t wait to see more of Grell. The contrast between his roll as Lyner in LOTLH and the fangirly Grell is really stark. Especially if you watch one atfer the other. But nevertheless, it’s still awesomely funny. 😀

    And OVA 2 seems really interesting. I wonder how the viewer will get to ‘participate’ in it. Hmm… And does it shows that Kuroshitsuji have more girls watching than boys? Since the the OVA will be for a ‘lady’. XD

    Lastly, if possible, please post review on the OVAs too! I enjoy reading the reviews down by you guys. 😀

  9. Starry says:

    All the OVAs sounds so entertaining! I can’t wait to see more of Grell. The contrast between his roll as Lyner in LOTLH and the fangirly Grell is really stark. Especially if you watch one atfer the other. But nevertheless, it’s still awesomely funny. 😀

    And OVA 2 seems really interesting. I wonder how the viewer will get to ‘participate’ in it. Hmm… And does it shows that Kuroshitsuji have more girls watching than boys? Since the the OVA will be for a ‘lady’. XD

    Lastly, if possible, please post review on the OVAs too! I enjoy reading the reviews done by you guys. 😀

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Wow that must be hysterical! xD

      I’m pretty sure my girls are into Kuroshitsuji then boys because there’s so much BL fanservice in the series hahaha! I even tried getting guys into it, but it failed. They must have felt this aura of girliness x’D

      I will definitely be posting the OVA reviews! I can’t miss out on not telling you lovely readers on how entertaining they turn out to be ;D I’m glad you enjoy reading the sites’ reviews!<3

  10. Uwaaaah says:

    UWAAAH!! XD and DX I wanna knownof there’s gonna be a 3rd season! There totally should be! That would be SUPA awesome and… AWESOME! A-1 officially sucks if they don’t make a third season

  11. mayareviana says:

    Ugyaaa…. kyaa… can’t wait to see them :nosebleeds:
    The last episode… was really unpredictable (it shocked me!)
    i guest there won’t be another season 🙁 , but i hope A-1 would make the OVAs… not one nor five but hundred of them :aww:

  12. darkangel91084 says:

    Ohhh I’m sooo excited for these OVA’s!! :yippy
    The OVA 1,3, and 4 are the ones that I’m looking forward to. Especially the ‘making of Kuroshitsuji’~ I wonder if they will show us the bloopers in the series because that would be very hysterical~ :XD:

    Thank you very much for posting this~ :bow

  13. […] OVA information has already been reported by Hoshi and now you know about the release dates too. As the music releases would be bundled with the DVD […]

  14. laura says:

    Sounds really greeeat *.*
    Wow, 5 OVAs.. I’m reeeally looking forward to them, especially to the Alice in Wonderland-ones and the behind the scenes ^.^
    but, are they on the DVDs or will they be released in TV in Japan?(or however you say that, I’m german and at the moment I can’t really think, thanks to you! x’D) Because If they are on the DVDs and nobody uploads them somewhere.. this is a problem for me. For us fans in Germany. (In Germany they now have the license to make a german synchro for the 1st season.. grrmblm.)

    whoah, what did I just write here? O.o

    • Hoshi says:

      ~The OVAs will be released on the DVDs ^^ Yes, most OVAs take a while for people to sub, but since Kuroshitsuji is really, really popular, and the Ciel in Wonderland OVA has gotten a lot of buzz, I hope they’ll sub it and upload it quickly.

      Don’t worry I understood! ^^

  15. Nati says:

    OMG the OVA came out like five days ago! I don’t care if I don’t know japanese I’ll watch it RAW damnit! I just have to find it!

  16. jennie says:

    I can not wait for this to come out. i was sad on how it ended but happy at the same time. i will wait for these OVA’s <3

  17. prunella..iwish says:

    *ALSO FALLS OUT OF CHAIR* :nosebleeds: :nosebleeds: :swoon

  18. prunella..iwish says:

    Prunella…iwish :yippy :bow :aww: :nosebleeds: :ohohoho: :woo :swoon :spark …im verry emotional ^_^

  19. Joichi says:

    best combination ever, i LOVED the theme of Alice in Wonderland since childhood and mixed with Kuroshitsuji cast makes it DOUBLE worth it, i might even purchase the dvds if they get translated by Funimation >.<

  20. KittyChan says:

    Ohh man, I am SO SO SO excited for the Shinigami OVA!!! :DD Being a huge fan of Grell, I can’t wait to see how he looks as a young rookie~!! ^^ I bet you he’s gonna be the cutest thing~ <33333 I also can't wait to find out more about his past. And maybe they'll show Undertaker as a shinigami!! ^^

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