Shiki – 08

Please stop inviting vampires into your houses T.T

Episode eight was definitely a good episode to watch alone, in the dark, with only the moon as light. I actually want Shiki to give me nightmares, but no luck as of yet. A Shiki nightmare would be awesome. Maybe Tohru would be in it.  Then I could tell you all about it, pretending that you’re actually interested in my dreams. =D

Sunako and Muroi are having their unusually deep conversation sessions, in which they start analyzing each others personalities.  They both seem to be “forsaken by god;” Sunako because of her illness, and Muroi because of the despair he writes of in his essays.  In fact, he doesn’t quite know why he should feel forsaken by God.  Muroi seems even more uneasy than usual, and you would too if you suddenly realized your creepy companion is an okiagari. FINALLY, HE KNOWS.

Muroi…This is why you need a stronger glasses prescription

Picking up from last week, our trio of teens unearth Megumi’s coffin.  But before that, Kaori finds a present that should have been buried with Megumi’s coffin. Well, good job there, now we know the coffin is going to be empty for SURE before they even open it.  Sure enough, when the coffin lid is tossed aside, there is no Megumi.

Foreshadowing for the next 10 seconds

It’s already dark by the time they start piling the dirt back on the grave.  Darkness means something bad is going to happen.  Like….maybe..Kaori getting dragged off by an okiagari? Bingo. Remember ladies, if some strange man grabs you – FIGHT BACK.  Don’t just let them whisk you away while you comment on how cold their hand feels.  Luckily, when Kaori takes out the good luck charm she meant to give Megumi, the okiagari jumps back in surprise. Hmm…why would a charm have this much effect?

As Kaori is freed, Natsuno jumps in and hits the okiagari with his shovel! GO NATSUNO! At first, they kind of freak out because they think Natsuno killed someone. They’re still fairly calm considering Kaori almost died in a dark, spooky forest though. <_< ANYWAYS, upon further inspection, the body is cold to the touch, and was never really alive.  Assuming him to be dead, they drag him to Megumi’s grave and cover him only partially in the hopes that some adults can find him.  They decide to come back next morning to see if he’s still there.

As our protagonists struggle to sleep, we see the okiagari just get up and dust himself off.  So..once again…I know what they’re going to find before they actually find it. The grave has been returned to normal, further frustrating everyone (well, maybe just Akira).

Akira brazenly suggests they just raid the castle during the day and bust open all of the coffins.  This is why I know this boy is going to get killed somehow, or at least screw something up. Natsuno calmly explains that they might not even be vampires, they could be zombies, and that Tatsumi was awake during the day.  Not to mention that there’s around 10 of them, judging by the death count.  The final decision: let’s think this over first.  His library research actually paid off?!?

lolwut is that Hiromi in there?

A new gravedigging plan is formed, thanks to some old lady who recently kicked the bucket.  Why not dig her up and stick a stake in her heart before she rises up?  Sounds like a good idea, right? Not dangerous at all! The three of them follow the funeral procession, but it goes on until the sun is kissing the horizon. Akira decides they should just do it another day…the old lady won’t rise right away, right?

Meanwhile, Muroi contemplates Sunako and her illness.  As I thought, he believes Ozaki-sensei, and his shock isn’t from the concept of okiagari…but what horrors it will bring everyone if this is true.  Poor Muroi, he thinks too much.

It’s dark out and Natsuno, Akira and Kaori are headed home for now.  What should be a lull turns into what I would call the “edge of the seat” part of the episode.  That, or the “NO DON’T IT!!!” part. A creepy young girl in some sort of preschool-looking uniform appears at the Natsuno residence, asking for Natsuno.  That would be creepy enough, but no, she has a huge geisha puppet that’s even bigger than her, and uses ventriloquism for all of her speech.

Knock, knock.

Every normal parent would have shut the door immediately, but Natsuno’s mom is convinced that the murderous intent pouring from this child’s eyes are surely just her imagination.  I’m hoping at least one of you jumped from your seats when the doll changed from a geisha to a FANGED DEMON when she wasn’t let inside.  Or maybe when she threw the doll at the dad, or started using some face she drew on her hand as a new puppet. Baww, I want to be scared.

Once inside, she demands that she waits in Natsuno’s room. Uh, ok…Creepy.  She even slyly adds that her brother will be coming later, and the dad accepts, not thinking much of it.  STOP INVITING PEOPLE IN YOUR HOUSE. Just when you see Natsuno getting closer to his house and you start to get anxious…the episode ends.


Bonus Horror Show:

For the last time, no, we don’t want any girl scout cookies!

All dressed up, and nowhere to go

Nothing sets the mood for a murder flashback quite like purple and sparkles

Kaori looks so cute with her hair out~!

Moe for necrophiliacs?

End Thoughts: Ahhhh, that was a really good episode.  Our teens have encountered a live okiagari! And they know it’s an okiagari too! Wow! You know you’re enthralled when you finish it and think “oh man, done already?”

It would’ve taken something very elaborate for Tatsumi to trick Natsuno and company with a fake body or something, so Natsuno-tachi seeing the empty grave is just a minor setback.  I doubt Tatsumi really thinks three kids can do anything against them. Then again, the okiagari that attacked Kaori was pretty dumb XD  I wonder about that charm…Could it be related to how each day they give us “luck” predictions for the day? The luck predictions have corresponded with deaths thus far, so maybe it’s some sort of okiagari weakness…Or maybe I’m spouting nonsense. Hurrrr…

For a bunch of meddling kids, they sure are doing a good job.  Akira is a very determined boy..I wonder if any of his friends will believe him. I feel bad for Natsuno though.  He even admitted he’s terrified, but it’s something that must be done.  Will he be okay, though?  He internalizes everything, he’s bound to snap soon.  Especially since he just killed someone, and is feeling bad, even though that person already died before.  Shame, because he didn’t even kill the okiagari. Pointless guilt~

Kind of sad they didn’t show what went down at the Ozaki clinic.  Considering that the body should still be in the clinic, I’m wondering if something bad happened.  Did it rise? Will we find out next episode? You know what, as long as I find out what happens to Natsuno when he gets home, I’ll be fine (I doubt he dies JUST YET though.)  Because that was the first REAL cliffhanger I’ve actually felt suspense for in quite a while.  It was harsh.  IT PAINS ME to wait for episode 9. I usually say “I can’t wait for the next episode” but this time I mean it.



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21 Responses to “Shiki – 08”

  1. Namika says:

    Yeah, very intense episode, even though there was hardly any action…. The Geisha doll and majorly that girl freaked me out to be frank,(not as much as I have hoped either…) is this show getting in the pure Japanese horror-movie direction??.. I wouldn’t mind though….
    I agree with you about Akira. He’s a bit harsh sometimes, so that may lead to a quite bad events in the future. Let’s just hope, Natsuno will be right there to cool him down in the right moment. Speaking of which, I think Natsuno will have his boiling point but I’m sure that he’ll overcome that. They showed him as a very strong person so far. But oh man, what will happen when he’ll meet that girl?.. oh, I hate cliffhangers!!!! ><""""
    And I'm aching to know something about Muroi too. So far they revealed pretty much about his personality or even something that you my call spirit, but hardly any facts about his life that would lead us to the conclusion "why is he so depressed all the time?what is hurting him?" and the connection between him and Sunako is something that I've come to adore. And now I believe it's HIM and Sunako in the opening, when the 2 profiles are just about to kiss.
    Oh, I can't wait to see more of Shiki!!!

    • Overcooled says:

      The intensity came from all the plot progression going on~ YAY PROGRESSION! I have no idea what Japanese horror movies are like lol, as long as it’s scary, I’m game.

      Yes, luckily Akira clings to Natsuno so he should always be there to control him. He’s like a puppy…lol. Natsuno is a verrrry strong person, but a teenage boy can only take so much. O.O I probably would’ve gone crazy by now if I were him XD

      Essentially, we know nothing concrete about Muroi…just tidbits about how depressed and “forsaken” he is. I guess they’re teasing so much because he must have some big role. Dunno about him being one of the two profiles kissing, but it’s possible?


  2. Flags says:

    Why does Natsuno’s mum call his dad “Yuuki”. What is she; a bad shoujo character? Only the week girls in the relationship with the top-of-the-line guys still call them by their last name, even after they share that same name. And yes, that is the thing that left the most impression on me after this episode.

    • Overcooled says:

      lol I noticed that too, but was quickly distracted by GIANT GEISHA DOLL IN MY FACE. Flags you are impressionable in the weirdest way, ahaha. XD

      • Kyokai says:

        Ano… just to point out, Natsuno’s parents’ names are Yuuki Koide and Azusa Koide. I’m not sure why Natsuno’s name is not Natsuno Koide rather Natsuno Yuuki but his mom was definitely calling the dad by his first name. xD

  3. Jo says:

    Did anyone see the end credits, towards the end? It looks like a preview of some sort. Shiki is going to get better from the looks of things.

    • Overcooled says:

      Just saw it now…Thanks for pointing it out, I missed it before. ^^ Ara~ it looks really promising too. I don’t think it’s a preview for next episode, but just the future of the series in general. But if that’s for the next episode, it’s going to be the best next episode ever. =D

  4. ichigopocky says:

    It was a good episode and this one I didn’t watch at night :shakesfist
    I really wish I had. Oh well I can’t wait to see what happens next.
    Thanks for the post.

    • Overcooled says:

      Lucky for me, it comes out when it’s nighttime over here~ That cliffhanger has left me wanting more, too. Ahh, this will be fun~ kekeke

  5. anaaga says:

    who’s that hot guy who got hit by the shovel? me likey! i didn’t see tohru in that all-vamps-are-here scene. you know, that scene in blue where the vamps suddenly start posing. i only saw masao and his ugly face. GET HIM OUT OF MY SCREEN!!! he just practically ruined that scene.

    • Overcooled says:

      Ahahaha, your comment made my day XD That guy was rather good-looking for a random, filler character, kekeke.

      I know the scene you’re talking about, i have the screencap in my post. I was worried by not seeing him there too but..there’s no way that can be true…I demand more Tohru…That’s just an image from their speculation, so I’m hoping they just missed Tohru. Then again, that’s just my own wishful thinking *sigh*
      …What makes it worse is that Masao is FRONT ROW CENTRE IN THAT PICTURE.

      • anaaga says:

        ah, i think he’s the one who died gambling. sad way to die for a hot guy.
        don’t worry, tohru will be alive. he’s still in the opening credit! that’s how i know he’s still gona be alive. hehe

        • Overcooled says:

          How does one die whilst gambling? Horrible slot machine accident? Why am I imagining some slot machine mecha stabbing him? Hmm…

          lol yes, the opener is useful for all the foreshadowing in it :3 Tohru~ Please come back soon~

  6. foshizzel says:

    Going good so far! fun show at first I just watched to see the crazy hair! now the story is kind of getting there, and what was up with that kids bed!? still has bars on it >.>; seems odd lmao…

    Also creepy doll and loli scary O_o!!

    • Overcooled says:

      lol you watched it for the hair? Oh my…XDD (Admittedly, the hair in this series is pretty intense) The plot likes taking its sweet time, but yes, it’s getting there!

      I…don’t know. <_< I just think "country people are weird" whenever something odd happens, it sounds like a good thing to pin the blame on XD

  7. Mint says:

    LOL yes those purple sparkles really seem to set the tone for that murder flashback. That’s just a small bit of comfort since I’m way too much of a wimp to watch this but thankfully your summaries are very thorough >.<-b

    I guess I nightmare really easily… since my dreams tonight will probably be plagued by that godforsaken geisha abomination.


    • Overcooled says:

      Kekeke yay for cheesey anime effects~ For some reason it makes me happy that this show scares people >w< Maybe I'm just weird/mean like that. Try not to have TOO many nightmares *puts a geisha doll beside your bed* 8D

      Ahhh and thanks, I'm always so paranoid that I write too much =D

  8. Kyokai says:

    Now you know why I comment here late because I always end up watching Shiki later than you. Btw, I can at least assure you from the preview that Toshio would have loads to record from the patient he has in observation.

    Can’t wait for the next episode and whatever that geisha ventriloquist ends up doing. I just wonder, who her brother could be…

    Btw, this made me LOL: Moe for necrophiliacs?

    • Overcooled says:

      Keke, that’s okay. I hope there’s another preview next episode as well, then I can add a “preview” section to my posts~ 8D I’m excited for the next episode, ahhh~ I kind of assumed Shizuka’s brother wasn’t literally her brother, but just some older boy. =P If she has an equally terrifying sibling, I will be impressed.

  9. Elyon says:

    Anyone else think Natsuno’s dad has sexy hair? (Just watch, as soon as I hit “submit” I’ll realize that someone else did, in fact, notice this and mention it already.) XP
    The only thing I missed in this episode was Misao’s epic-ness. Seriously, he scares me more than any okiagari.
    But this was one of the best episodes so far. I’m glad the plot is starting to move forward instead of just showing people dying, but I guess that buildup is what made the more recent episodes so intense.

    • Overcooled says:

      Natsuno’s parents are really good-looking o.o His hair is awesome, yeah~

      lol yes, Masao was creepy even when he was alive <_<

      Yes, this episode was really good~ Definitely on par (or better) with the episode where Megumi crawled out from under Tohru's bed. I can only hope this intensity continues for a bit longer before the next stretch of building the plot up~ =D

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