Paradox Blue – Ch. 01: Umivozel

I wonder if you can overcome a cruel reality with just a strong will?

You only have one life. If that’s the case… then you might as well enjoy it.

Paradox Blue

Author: Nakanishi Tatsurou

Artist: Nini

Genres: Mystery, School Life, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Shounen

Scanlators: Maigo Scans

Zomg Ryuuko’s doing a manga review @_@! If somehow you managed to click the link and actually ended up reading this I thank you in advance 😛 I was planning to start doing chapter reviews on a manga ages ago but I just couldn’t decide which one to follow! After a little while, this little number somehow dropped onto my path so I thought it’d be the perfect one to use as a guinea pig muahahaha!

I’m not sure if any of you are actually reading it but hey, the art is nice, the story isn’t bad and the themes are alright so you might as well give it a go, like it a lot and thank me later. Maybe?

Moving along ;p Paradox Blue is a shounen manga with supernatural, sci-fi and mystery themes. Going good so far since as far as manga goes this would be my favourite genre… apart from the stash of school-life comedies and yuri manga I follow with a passion of course 😛 Although I’m not quite willing to admit I’m more excited about this because I’m looking for another Ga-Rei haha.

Maigo Scans have 4 chapters of this out all released within the past couple of weeks so I’m hoping to get the first 4 chapters covered quite quickly.  For now however, Metanorn’s Ryuu gives you Chapter One!

Just like being swallowed by the ocean. VS Umivozel

The first panel is a shot of what looks like the main characters with what can be called their life philosophies all in handy single bubbles. When I first read this (at around midnight when I was already pretty tired) I made the decision of posting on this particular manga because the very first bubble I read got me interested. Yes I’m easy. Yes it’s my fault but we’re gonna try and let that go lol.

After the first opening we get the familiar scene of a young guy being bullied. However in this case, the bullies are a couple of the guy’s underclassmen which makes you feel even more sorry for him :S Especially because the money they’re trying to extort is actually money for an errand he’s running for someone else.

The bullies are distracted by a weird looking old guy who they’re about to make trouble for… except they get interrupted by the old man’s splitting open right down the middle and seemingly turning into an alien looking monster as big as a building.

Epic freak ouuuut!!~

… No thanks your true form looks gross and tbh, kind of squishy…

Soon after, a loud announcement sounds out reporting the appearance of an ‘Angel’ (big, alien monster thing) in Aoba city. In answer to the announcement, the Police force and a possibly important looking inspector jump into motion and we find out that Earth is in a battle against supernatural beings.

Well yes… we saw that squishy thing…

We finally get the introduction of the main character, as expected a rather sexy/cute looking girl who is looking for her ‘Hijiri-senpai’ (bullied young guy) who she finds lying unconscious on the side of the road. He finally comes to and the Police Inspector has a go at them for not evacuating fast enough ^^:

Watch this Space! : Lead Female who is really no where near as annoying and much more than she  first seems.

Hijiri also gets a call from a girl, an impressive looking ‘president’ type who nonchalantly states that yes, an Angel may have gone past but no, she didn’t evacuate. However, she did manage to get a good start on the budgeting work!

The feathers… what could they mean?!

Everyone finds out that the Angel is heading towards the school so the main girl states they have no choice but to face the ‘Angel’s Paradox.’ This is a situation where the Angels come down and present the humans with a puzzle question of some sort. If the humans can solve it or answer correctly, the Angel grants them a miracle. However, if they fail, the Angels rain down death and destruction on their cities.

Hijiri believes the Paradox this time around is ‘Grasp my True form son of man,’ and tries to puzzle out what it could possibly mean while the Inspector wants to chase the Angel away while the Army higher-ups just wants to bomb the beast. The main girl explains that since the school festival is coming up, a lot of students have stayed behind after school and are in danger of … well death if the bomb does go off.

Before the Inspector manages to grab her and Hijiri and force them to finally evacuate, Hijiri suddenly turns chess master and declares that he’s solved the Angel’s Paradox.

The next few pages introduce the leader of the Angels who calls herself the ‘last boss’ of the story. Her name is Izanamiel. She explains that there will be five representatives for the human race in the form of a group of youngsters who seem normal but are really something much more.

Izanamiel: Self-proclaimed Big Bad

She also explains that those reading the manga can try to solve the Paradoxes themselves and pass the Angels’ trials through the use of feathers she’s scattered around the pages as markers as well as the character’s moves and decisions.  The chapter actually gives several possible endings depending on the readers choice … much like choosing which girl you get to end up with at the end of an ero-game 😀 I watch too much Seitokai huh? Yeah I know.

The three choices that came at the end of this chapter was:

1 Leave it to the characters

2 Solve it yourself – return to the beginning of the chapter

3 Give up and turn the page

End Thoughts:

It’s no Ga-Rei yet… but at this point my honest opinion is to give this manga a read for sure. It’s at least worth that much and it has the potential to be something quite unique and entertaining.

There are a few more characters left to be introduced, each with interesting quirks and skills that have been hinted at but yet to be revealed so its easy to say this manga has a lot up its sleeve.

I’ll definitely keep you guys up to speed as the scanlated chapters come out but as these reviews can be quite spoilerific you should check the chapters out for yourselves first to see what you think! 😛

Thanks again for the read!



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9 Responses to “Paradox Blue – Ch. 01: Umivozel”

  1. Kyokai says:

    This seems really interesting and as not many chapters are out, a quick read. Would definitely check out.

    Btw, that squishy thing reminded me of some random monster from power puff girls! xD

    • Ryuuko says:

      Lol… the girls from PnS remind me of the PPG’s lol. The quick read thing grabbed my attention too lol. Would be a bit difficult to start on something with a gazillion chaps out already ^^;

  2. gwern says:

    Whew. It looks like a cross of a Key work and _Evangelion_.

    • Kyokai says:

      I agree! I had a Fate/Stay night feel from it. xD

    • Ryuuko says:

      @gwern Yeah a few people from the discussion forums said it was very Eva as well!

      @Kyo Oh man, how awesome would it be if they gave the main girl a sword!

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  4. Chimney says:

    I started reading this one last night and so far I love it! Thank you so much~!

    • Ryuuko says:

      No probs! You have no idea how happy I am that someone likes it that much since I’m so into it myself 😀

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