Kuroshitsuji II – 09

Did Sebastian just…lose~?!

~It is now Episode 9, and that means only four more episode left before our beloved Kuroshitsuji II comes to a close. How this mysterious, sinister, twisted storyline will come to a close is anyone’s guess, especially after this shocking episode. I just hope this closes with a BANG; you know what I mean? Of course, it’s still too early to talk about an ending, since we’re just barely getting sucked into another twisted plot from the butler everyone hates, Claude (please proceed to throw paper wads at him *__*). Now onto another sinister episode…

It looks like a casual meeting amongst the servants of the Trancy household, but we see Claude bring out the ring that now holds Alois Trancy’s soul.
In a little guessing game, the servants try to figure out what Claude is going to do with his soul. With a correct answer from Hannah, Claude does a…twirl(more like a ballerina twirl if you ask me), as he begins to explain that Alois and Ciel’s souls both share something in common: their pasts.

Meanwhile, Ciel is up at night, still pondering the fact that he wasn’t able to kill Alois (Oh if he only knew…). Yet before he can try and go to sleep, Sebastian brings word that the queen has sent a letter…

It seems that there have been reports of someone, or something, gauging young boys’ eyes out. Ciel and Sebastian make a trip to the latest victim, and ask him questions. The boy says the person who took out his eyes was a young boy like him, and dressed in a way a noble would. Meanwhile, Claude begins to stitch something carefully, narrating that you must steal something properly, and he’ll do it stitch by stitch…

Ciel and Sebastian have heard many more testimonials, and they all say the same of a young boy dressed as a noble. Ciel smiles however and says ‘”They’re making fun of us.” He then starts to draw on a map as he connects his estate to the Trancy estate, and then connect the crime scenes. On the map is…a spiderweb.

They quickly figure out it’s the Trancy family’s doing, but Sebastian suggests that it might be just the butler doing it independently. Ciel seems depressed at the fact Alois is still alive(as we know he’s not *cries*). He suddenly senses that Sebastian might not be telling him something about Alois, but Sebastian just smiles and says he isn’t. Suddenly there’s an explosion, but it doesn’t seem to be Claude’s doing.

Crap! They found us! Told you we should’ve done this somewhere else…!

Sebastian proceeds to put Ciel in a box (yes, AGAIN), and heads off to go fight off another megane shinigami, Ronald.

Their battle is quickly over as he jams Ronald’s lawnmower Death sycthe. Sebastian then says that the Reapers are having an issue with movement of many souls, including not being able to collect Alois Trancy’s soul. That’s when our favorite shinigami, William, appears!

Meanwhile, back to Ciel in a box, he begins to feel that he’s been forgetting something, and that Sebastian and Alois know what happened, but he doesn’t. He suddenly gets wave of flashbacks, and we see Sebastian kneeling over the trunk he had placed Ciel in. Ciel runs out of the box he was hiding in, and tries to find Sebastian.

On his way, he suddenly sees Alois running about! Thinking it’s him, Ciel follows him till they end up at a wall.

Just as Ciel looks like he’s cornered him, some sort of authority in a carriage stops behind him, calling out to Alois. Ciel points him out to them, but they suddenly go for Ciel! He tries to tell them he isn’t him, but the Alois that he followed is now gone and then Hannah appears.

Hannah begins to tell the head man that Ciel is Alois Trancy. He seems confused about his identity because of the abuse of his father, and he has such a hatred for the mark on his eyes that he gouges out other young boys’ eyes out. He apparently even did it to her as well, Hannah tells the head man.

She says the proof is on his eye, which is something he can’t hide, and the men take him away.
Back to the battle between Sebastian and the two Reapers, they continue to battle until Ronald almost hits William. Just as he stops, Sebastian throws a knife and cuts William’s glasses in two just as he’s scolding Ronald about the glasses.

WILLIAM! You just….made a fail.

Meanwhile, it looks like Claude is done with his spider web, and his plan…

Ciel, meanwhile, has been taken to a building, a psychiatric hospital maybe, trying to explain he isn’t Alois. Believing he is just plain confused, they knock him out and start to give him a special treatment.

Sebastian, leaving the Reapers finally, appears at the top of the building Ciel is in. From below, he sees the dead hospital workers, gold silverware stuck in them. Suddenly Hannah appears from the buildings tower, shooting a machine gun towards Sebastian. He, of course, doesn’t get hit by the speeding bullets as he tells Hannah he knew they’d be there from the map. The centre of the spiderweb was the building they were now standing on.

Ciel, however, is going through a rough mental state as he keep muttering that he is Ciel Phantomhive. In the distance, a man tells him that yes, his mansion burned down, but so did the village he grew up in. As the conversation goes on, Ciel’s and Alois’s pasts start to come together. The man, Claude as it turns out to be, puts Alois’s ring on Ciel’s finger, still twisting Alois’s past into Ciel’s.

Back to their second battle, Hannah keeps firing her gun at Sebastian, but he manages to subdue her while she rips her shirt…AGAIN. After taking away her gun from between…well, you know, he grabs her by the throat, saying that he has a contract and Ciel is his young master whether if they take him or not. He even manages to say that they aren’t even fit to lick Ciel’s soul. Hannah smirks however, saying yes, they aren’t fit to lick it, but that’s if it’s his complete master.

Ciel is still sitting in the room, with Claude still twisting Alois’s past into his. Claude tells poor Ciel, that his ‘brother’ Luka formed a contract with Sebastian, and burned the village they had lived in. The only relatives he had were killed, and we see Sebastian in amongst the deadly flames. Ciel then begins to scream in terror…

Sebastian hears his scream, and rushes to his young master, but Ciel backs away from him.

Ciel looks terrified of him, and asks if Sebastian had killed his parents. Sebastian is shocked, and looks behind him at a triumph-looking Claude. It looks like Hannah was right as Sebastian tells him that he didn’t think Claude would’ve gone so far as to muddle up the taste of Ciel’s soul. He asks another questions, but Claude smirks, asking his ‘master’ if he should answer it.

Claude then goes over to Ciel, and whispers something into his ear…
Ciel, with an angry expression and a firm point at Sebastian, orders him to disappear from his sight..!
Sebasitan backs away, shocked (and looking very hurt in my opinion). Claude taunts him even more by saying a master’s order is absolute to a butler.

Sebastian, the perfect butler that he is, obeys his master, and walks away. As he leaves, Ciel feels faint and begins to sleep in Claude’s arms.

Outside, Sebastian walks off into a sunset, talking to himself about dinnertime as a dark, demonic, and pretty scary aura of blackness surrounds him. He says that he mustn’t serve dinner late, but as a Phantomhive butler, he must clean out the spiders first…

Someone’s pissed…

In the last tidbit before the next preview, we see Claude arrive at the Trancy mansion, a sleeping Ciel in his arms.

The servants are all there, welcoming their new ‘master’. Claude tells them to prepare a bath for Ciel, calling him the young master as Sebastian would have done, with a smirk on his face.

End thoughts: Oh jeez, where do I start? First of all, HANNAH I HATE YOU. I actually stood up for you, felt sorry for you, and you stab me in the back by lying so that they’d take Ciel, my love, to that horrible place! ;A; You hussy who rips her shirt every episode because you like to place your guns in your…guns! I really dislike Hannah now as you can tell, almost as much as Claude. She’s just a fanservice character anyways..! This whole episode made me really mad at all those servants. They used poor Alois, you know? I know, they’re demons, and that is their nature, but this whole situation is so cold-hearted. (I still love you Alois~).

Okay, Sebastian fangirls, admit it: Sebastian LOST. He actually LOST. I know I’m going to get killed by dozens of Sebastian fangirls right now(I have been killed twice today already), but HE DID. BAM. He lost to Claude too, which is such a huge insult. I actually felt so sorry for Sebastian. That look on his face…it was as if his black heart broke! I think it was pretty funny how they had him actually take a few steps back because of the shock. Poor Sebastian. Yet, we all know Sebastian is gonna come back and kick some ass and win, because…come on, it’s Sebastian x’D

Anyways, this whole concept of ‘muddling’ Ciel’s soul with Alois’s was really…strange. I don’t really like it, nor understand it too well. It’s just too random for me, but it was pretty entertaining. I got a great shock from that~. Claude is just going to be hated forever, and ever, and ever till time has passed and even fangirl’s children will be hating Claude (I know mine will xD). He’s become the mega…bastard of this series. Everyone who loved him, practically hates him now, and I’m thinking especially after this episode (Sebastian fangirls are gonna be like GRAWR).

I am just really loving where this storyline is going; it’s sinister, it’s twisted, Sebastian LOST for once, Ciel is now Alois(?), and Claude has Ciel. At first I was really iffy on how this second season would play out, but after a few misses and a lot of hits, I’m just blown away. It’s making me so anxious to find out what’s going to happen next! I haven’t been this excited to see the next episode to an anime since Durarara!! 8) Even though there are certain elements I hate (HANNAH’s shirt ripping, some lame fight scenes, etc.), I’m mostly loving it. This episode in particular was like a shock wave through my body. When Ciel told Sebastian to stay away from him, I was like, “WTF NO WAYYYYYY~!!” I actually yelled out loud, heh. I just hope A-1 doesn’t mess this up, because so far, it’s just been a hell of a good ride.

Preview: Not much on the preview, which means some more serious shit is gonna go down.

A bad-ass looking Ciel, a blushing Ciel, a scared-looking Claude, some more demons vs. demons battle, and, I’m pretty sure, a pretty pissed off Sebastian. Let’s see what Kuroshitsuji brings us next week, shall we~?


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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20 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji II – 09”

  1. Toma says:

    I’m seriously pissed 😡 at Hannah for lying about Ciel identity but i still like her because shes hot :cute: . Were is the screen shots of Sebastian feeling up Hannah chest for those guns :sparkle i was looking forward to it :shakesfist . But this episode was really really frustrating :kill . I can’t believe Ciel got his memory back :oha: but a few minutes later he gets taken by Claude and has his memory messed up AGAIN!! :wah :orz And to make things worse is that Alois memories were combined with Ciel and know Ciel thinks hes Alois!! :pfft :sad4 I hope Sebastian comes to the rescue next week and kicks Claude’s butt. :punch :rage: :thumb:

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Gah I know I didn’t catch that screencap on time XD I did get some of it though…I believe.
      Yeah it was, poor Ciel is getting all confused! I really don’t want to see Ciel acting like Alois *shiver* That’s gonna be creepy:Haaa?
      thanks for the comment by the way<3

  2. Yourmom says:

    I almost like cried when like Ciel told Sebastian to get out of his sight. It’s so wierd to see Sebastian lose, but that just pumps me up for when he kicks Claude’s ass. 😀
    Do you think Ciel is going to start wearing those little shorts? I just hope he doesn’t start acting like a little bit*h like Alois did (more than usual anyway).
    All in all, I have nothing against Hanna, cause Sebastian kicked her ass.
    I still can’t get over Sebastian’s hurt face. I love Ciel and all but that was mean -__-, even if he has some serious memory problems.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~That was so sad…But YES it makes me pumped up too! >:D Sebastian is gonna be super pissed so that means some serious ass-kicking!
      OH LORD I HOPE HE DOESNT. GROSSSSSS ;A; I bet he is gonna act like Alois a bit though.
      I know, poor Sebas-chan x’D He was so broken-hearted.

  3. Amutofan123 says:

    GAH!!!!!! I hate Hannah, I hate Claude! Poor Sebastian, he really did look hurt. I am sooo ready to see Sebby kick some ass! RAWR!!!!! I WANT CLAUDE AND HANNAH TO DIE!

    On another note, Ronald Knox! <333 And William~ And looks like next week there will be some Grell too! You gotta love those shinigami!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Wheee~ yes, Ronald!<3 That was some serious megane goodness there hahaha<3 Ah, I forgot it looked like Grell was coming back x'D

      GRAWR YESSSSSSS THEY MUST DIE D8< Stupid Hannah and Claude! 😡

  4. ichigopocky says:

    I am still sitting here like this and I just finished watching it. My God noooooooo Seby. Noooooooooooooooooooooo and Cluade you stupid meh bad words …….. :dot
    so sad and I can’t fangirl with my friend till tuesday about this…… I am so sad
    But that was sooooooo good the whole time I was on the edge of my seat. Argh. and I was right near the end when Claude was brainwashing Ciel and my mom said we had to leave…. I was so depressed……
    I need the next episode not just want anymore I need it. I am so sad now but Seby will come back and be all on no you didn’t and kick some butt….. hopefully…
    Thanks for the post.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I knooooowwww ;A;
      These next episodes, to wait for them is just complete torture. I find myself in class contemplating what’s gonna happen next and sometimes I’ll have a mini freak out |’D

      you’re welcome<3

  5. anaaga says:

    man, i didn’t even watched it but i don’t want to watch it anymore, seeing that sebby will get dumped and all that ;__; i’ll just DL the episode for the sake of collection :'(
    CLAUDE YOU SON OF A )(*&#$*!!!!!! *the rest of the sentence is cursed because it’s just too inappropriate* MAY YOU DIE BEING EATEN BY A BIRD WHEN YOU’RE IN YOUR SPIDER FORM!!! wait, maybe i should step on u!!
    i feel bad for alois the most though. poor kid, all he wants is someone to be with him. come here alois, i’ll let u stay in my house:’). don’t start bringing boys though.

  6. Zenbaka says:

    Have to say, I LOVED YOUR END THOUGHTS. I basically completely agreed with everything you said (especially being excited for the next episode. IT IS Durararacitement all over again♥). And I was also laughing my ass off. HOSHI YOU’RE AWESOME.

    Oh god when Ciel told Sebastian to disappear I was literally like ‘NO CIEL NOOOO YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOINGGGGGG’ but then again I’m happy this plot took a huge turn, because it unlocked pissed-beyond-mortal-understanding!Sebastian. CAN’T WAIT till he kicks the crap outta Claude (AKA butler who dances every episode he’s in).

    And Hannah is a whole other story. She is 100% only there for fanservice. The only people I like from the Trancy side are the triplets and they don’t even get voices DDD:

    Looking forward to the next episode~ (BLUSHING CIEL WHAT)

    • Hoshi says:

      ~asoidhfaskhgkasgaso;<3<3 YOU'RE TOO KIND<3 ;A;

      I know right?! I think tons of people are just waiting for Sebastian to kick some serious ass. They've battled in the past, but now we want to see some BLOOOD *3*
      Gahhh I love the triplets too<3 I wish we could get more info on them ;A;

  7. Krys says:

    I was about to cry at the part where Ciel was tortured and cried fully when Sebby was asked to get out of his sight… :'( This episode is freakin sad and I hope the next one is better…

    (I’m never this sadist…)

  8. Dizzy says:

    Okay people, start hating me. I still do have a love for Claude that grows bigger at each and every episode, even now.
    Good lord, he’s a criminal GENIUS. I mean, I love Ciel, I love Sebastian, and I love their “bond” together as well, but the fact that Claude was smart enough to actually brainwash Ciel into doing whatever he wants just makes him even more AWESOME.
    Also, Hannah’s just there for the guys who thought Kuroshitsuji was BL. Her two only functions: Showing her boobs and taking guns out of… unusual… places… [A.k.a under her skirt. Really deep in there.]

    • Hoshi says:

      ~That’s so weird, the other day I was talking to a friend and I was like, “Practically everyone hates Claude, I want to meet someone who doesn’t!” And…I did! xD Even if I hate him with a passion, I do find myself thinking what an evil genius he is!
      Yeah, Hannah is only there to get more boy fans :/ This season to me just has a lot of BL innuendos hahaha.

  9. LawlLawl says:

    Was I the only one that noticed that really annoying glasses thing that Claude kept doing? Seriously, I miss his expressionless look, smile too creepy for my tastes.
    Can’t wait for next episode!
    Sebastian kicking ass, Ciel, Sebastian kicking ass and Claude getting his ass kicked.
    I swear, I thought Claude was just there for decoration in the first few episodes, but as much as I hate to admit it, he kicks ass. Who else could really outsmart and form a plan that even Sebastian fell for?
    Doesn’t stop me from hating him though! ^_^

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol! I noticed that too and if you watch Occult Academy, that is exactly what Kozue does with a nekomimi face: megane… megane…. XD

  10. Hikaru says:

    well for me 😀 I still love claude .. no it’s more like Im loving him more and more now xD
    I mean come to think of it a demon butler should just act like that! cuz he’s a demon!!!
    I still like Sebastian but in this season =_= I didn’t like how he just get so touched to ciel ! he almost looks like he gave up his demon self! honestly ..

    Im not even liking the two li’l kids xD maybe cuz Im not into shotas ! but yah I feel a bit bad for Alois ! to die that soon

    anyway Im looking forward to how this season gonna end ” though Im pretty sure claude will die orz” ;;_;; sorry but Im one of Claude big fans now!

  11. eerikoko says:

    OMG.. i so cried when i saw sebastian was shocked..

    by the way,


  12. iloveyousebastianandcielandaloishahahaha says:

    hannah is a demon! she had a contract with Luca -___-” and when she was gonna eat his soul he said: thank you for full filling my wish (bad english sorry ^^’) and she was like : O_______O and then TTT_____________TTT
    so she felt all Lucas feeling when she obtained Lucas soul so she went to the trancy mansion when Jim (alois) had a contract with claude and she wanted to be close to him and then she started to work there and something..

    TELL ME IF IM WRONG!! O___O i dont wanna tell people the wrong story : S btw i skipped some things, so it wont be much XD

  13. iloveyousebastian says:

    [SPOLER][/SPOLER] :angel2 :dead :angel1
    hannah is a demon! she had a contract with Luca -___-” and when she was gonna eat his soul he said: thank you for full filling my wish (bad english sorry ^^’) and she was like : O_______O and then TTT_____________TTT
    so she felt all Lucas feeling when she obtained Lucas soul so she went to the trancy mansion when Jim (alois) had a contract with claude and she wanted to be close to him and then she started to work there and something..

    TELL ME IF IM WRONG!! O___O i dont wanna tell people the wrong story : S btw i skipped some things, so it wont be much XD

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